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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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ah, all we can be, the generation ends it foot. malaria must die, or millions can live. ah, ah ah, this is dw news lived from berlin. russia shoots down a drone over the head quarters of its black sea fleet and crimea. it's the latest attack targeting russian military infrastructure on the annexed peninsula. also coming up a bloody siege. in the somali capital,
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mogadishu comes to an end. the attack leaves at least a dozen dead and tests the country stability. under a new president and south africa's largest ethnic group, the zulu nation gets a new king and that his coronation does not come without controversy. ah, i'm any keeps mckinnon. welcome to the program. russian official then occupied crimea, say they have shut down a drone headed for a key military base. it was targeting the headquarters of russia's black sea fleet in sebastopol. it was the 2nd assault of its kind against the naval command and crimea in less than a month. and it comes as russia claims to shut down drones elsewhere on the peninsula. russia annexed crimea in 2014. however, the international community still recognizes it as part of ukraine in
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crimea, the threat is, again coming from the skies resident and if pottery a film this video suggesting it shows russian air defenses impaction, there were indeed activated on saturday, according to law officials and in service topple a drone was shut down over the headquarters of russia's black sea fleet. police patrol the streets while residence face a new reality ought to run for a walk up in the morning had breakfast and after some time had a popping sound from an explosion. we had 2 similar ones yesterday evening while walking at the sea front. here it was a similar, distinctive popping sound. it's unclear what it was, is that you get nervous because of this noise. vocal attacks and rushes, military infrastructure in crimea are becoming more frequent. on tuesday explosions hit a military base and ammunition to poor. early in august, 1 person was killed and several wounded in a blast at an air base. the fleet headquarters were attacked for the 1st time at
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the end of july. were you scared? now, looking what? i was malice this when you the transfer coming here from time to time to so we were ready for this. russian officials say the peninsula, next in 2014 is safe and the protection of air defense systems. ukraine has remained silent about the strikes, but regardless of who is responsible, it looks like the damage to the russian military and its reputation is likely to continue. c, w correspond mathias spelling as covering this for us in keith. earlier he sent us this update about the latest to turn tax on russian occupied areas. ukraine seems to have more means now to attack deeper into russian controlled territory. crimea is quite far from where ukrainian positions are, where the next ukranian positions are. and they are showing the russians now that
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they can do without a matter of course is not only meant to achieve a military goal in terms of destruction, of military equipment, ammunition, etc. but also psychologically crimea was one of the launch pots of the russian intrusion, a crush, aggression, and to ukraine mathias bellinger and keith. okay, let's take a quick look at some of the other stories making headlines. united nations secretary general antonia good tara has visited a grain export coordination center in istanbul, turkey, he met with officials from several countries that had jointly overseeing inspections of grain and fertilizer from ukraine. so far, $27.00 ships had left ukrainian ports since exports resumed last month. russia has agreed to allow inspectors to visit ukraine's as a parisha nuclear power plant, which has come under attack. both sides are accusing each other of risking
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a disaster. residents have been stuck piling on up on iodine pills to protect against radiation. authorities in east and spain say a major wild fire has been contained. after destroying 200 square kilometers of land, the region is suffering from extremely dry conditions. increasing the risk of fires, and dozens of people are dead after multiple road accidents and turkey, at least 16 were killed when a truck drove into a crowd of pedestrians in the city of mount in. earlier a bus crashed into an ambulance and a fire truck in the south eastern turkey, also killing at least 16 people and security forces. in those, the somali capital mogadishu say that a deadly siege at one of the cities, hotels has come to an end. now, at least 12 people have been confirmed dead so far off the islam miss milton stoned, the hotel, a popular meeting venue for politicians and government officials. the al qaeda
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linked alger bad group has claimed responsibility for the attack. it was the 1st major assault since somali as new president took office in may and journalist basha, max mood in mogadishu told us about a frequency of such attacks. no algebra attacks were recorded in his 2010. but the last one, the deluxe got tag home, you know, i talked to him all an i r is the fastest him is the last one says the nearness administrator, lead by ross and gosh, she had moved into bower and last night. so it, it may have been, is, it will have been if the establish, the 2 kept the follow up for talks are not taken by the government. that was general, especially maxima, reporting from mogadishu. now, south africa zulu nation has a new king, mr. zulu goswell, a teeny, was crowned in
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a ceremony in the closet, a natal providence. but his coronation didn't come without controversy and made a family feud over who had the strongest claim to the throne. now the traditional leader of the zeus is calling for unity. oh, the zulu nation has crowned its new king a year after the last lady died. missile knew causewell, a t neat, was coordinated in a traditional celebration in quad zulu natal province. the ceremony was extremely important for the new king of south africa's largest ethnic group. after a royal dispute over who should succeed is late father. i want you to know officially, i knows or do he is much is wonderful.
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but to day is a symbolic way. the whole nation would show that the one sisters would also accept him. as between the previous monarch king goodwill as well, a teeny was the longest serving zulu leda. he had 6 wives and several sons, 3 of whom have staked their claims to the throne and split the royal family. but it was the mother of miss susie lucas. well, a teeny who held the highest status amongst his father's wives and served as regent when her husband died. in his 1st address, after undergoing a ritual to mark the start of his reign, the new king dismissed the controversy surrounding his rise to power gall in one. 0 one. 0 dear. i know that you're aware of the state of the royal family in recent times about i asked it what have you here in the media?
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any comments being made by those disputing the throne? you should hear them now, but you should not listen to them would, but he in the work meliss bathroom would sugar team. what am i by li, hulu. king is an influential figure in south africa. one 5th of the country is ethnic zulu causeway. latino is now calling from unity, hoping his coronation will come. the royal family feud. ah, breyman make bundis legal history with a stunning come back endorsement and leave a cousins worst at the start to a season is the 3rd loss this time against health and time. in dolton with a minute to go with the home side was leading breyman to know i looked to be
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heading to the top of the bundle, sleek a table until the visitors rocks them with 3 light gulls to an a remarkable 3 to win. but as well as being remarkable, brandon's victory was also historic. it's the 1st time and the bundis legal that a team leading by 2 goals in the 89th minute failed to win. dorman rewarded the latest teen sensation with a place in the starting elephant against breyman. jamie binary kittens was his sites hero on the last match day, but it was one of the older guards who gave them the lead on the stroke of half time. union branch with the precision finish. at the age of 26 branches, a comparative veteran in a squawked features 5 players and a 20 just over 10 minutes from the end, rafael guerrero doubled the home sites lead by scoring some even further out the ball bouncing at just the right time and don't moons look to be cruising thanks to
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just a 2nd short on targets. but then in the 80 nights minute, everything changed. lee buchanan took advantage of some dia, jordan, defending to give frame and hope for the home side rattle breyman sense that chance . 3 minutes later in injury time, a simple cross, a simple header, and if visitors, when level nick my smith, the man on target. and if his coach thought that was good, it was about to get even better. raymond, bright forward again and all of a birth completed the remarkable turn around. dorman flores who's 3 breyman goals came from this substitutes. this from foreman nursing and forrest forward burke was his 2nd stoppage time. gold with season freeman's win, thoroughly deserved it, in tears in his young doormen side, it's a fast to fees or the season ah, all right,
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let's get some brach from that incredible game. starting with brandon's match winner oliver burke, obviously amazing feeling her to scorn of a goal and such a vile goal in so so happy to the team. we were really hard in training and you know, i'm posing for all the boys that will integrate ship today with a great team. go along self believe, uns, as it showed today, we created a lot of chances and we, we could have a load, it goes away to be honest. and you never stop believing. if not, do you want to know down? never stop. believe in this is pools crazy. even though it once a week performance, if you leads, if you do love 80 it's minutes you, you have to finish the game, you have to win the game. and so this is a very annoying, this is very disappointing. but in the end, it was deserved. incredible stuff, and now labor crews and suffered their 3rd loss in the new seasons. first, 3 games losing 3 nell to half in time. things turn bad for labor prison already in
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the 9th minute when sister found gotten a back heels into the net to open the scoring for ha, from time. take a look at how he was surrounded by multiple defenders, but still managed to school. allison labor, thousands worth ever start to abundance lever campaign. and here at the results so far from much day 3 or noon berlin beat leipzig and saturdays late game flood back jumped the 1st place. and now with a win against hatta berlin. as brandon's upset, adornment and labor prisons lost a half in time. wolf spoke versus shy. okay, ended go las mine's beat out spoke with a last minute goal in fryeburg beach that got on sunday, frankfurt, face, cologne, and balsam battle by an now finally feast. your eyes on this in tokyo, food artists are tempting exhibition visitors with sumptuous looking meals. but
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before you talk into this elaborate display of dinner and deserts, there is a catch mouth watering. sushi rolls, seafood, you're meant to see but not touch. calorie free meals and chocolate desserts are a delight for your eyes, but won't fill your tummy. they're not real, but they look so real. it's wonderful. we know these gastronomic teasing are tasteless but made out of corky, artistic flavor and plastic. these dark pieces are very japanese in nature. oh, sure. who hadn't sam, poodle or sample foods are displayed outside restaurants across japan to look like exactly what's on offer. the art began as a way to market meals to the growing middle class a century ago. at that time they were made out of wax. now they are a part of everyday life. and starting this week in tokyo,
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some of the best and creative conditions are on exhibit, host it by the it was saki group, some look good enough to eat other, show the artist, sense of humor on audio tomor using a real food item and making it pose like a human, i thought it would be funny. so that was my concept was of fake food as a multi $1000000.00 market in japan. but it has been hit hard by the cove at 19 pandemic with fewer people going out to eat. still, artist here hope to keep the art form alive with that you're up to date with 15 years of.


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