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or if there is any erotic events between them, you'd have to find it between the lines. he w literature. 100 german must reads ah, ah ah, this is dw news lives from berlin a bloody siege. in the somali capital, mogadishu comes to an end. somali forces say they have defeated the islamist militants, who stormed a hotel attack leaves at least a dozen dead and test the country stability under a new president. also coming up the daughter of an ultra nationalist,
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russian idealogue is killed in a suspected car bomb attack. the vehicle belong to person ally, alexander doogan report suggest he may have been the intended target and south africa's largest ethnic group. the pseudo nation gets a new king, but his coronation does not come without controversy. ah, i manuscripts mckinnon. thanks so much for joining us. somali security forces say that a deadly seizure to hotel in the capital, mogadishu has now come to an end. local sources say some 20 people have died since islamist millicent storm the hotel on friday evening. it was a popular meeting, a venue for politicians and government officials, the al qaeda linked to al should bab group claimed responsibility. this was the 1st major assault since somali as new president took office in may. and earlier i
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spoke to d. w correspondent, felix marina, who's in nairobi, and i asked him about the victims involved and the standoff that went on for nearly 30 hours. so about 20 people have so far succumbed to our they attack, they were killed about 10 people as that saturday morning. and i to the re kick our to sunday morning boat reports was saying that 20 people had so fired date. but the good thing is that some forces are why able to get into their hotel and clear and kill. i the various al bob milton's who are in the hotel. so right now as we speak there at the hosted situation is, are over and done with and that's according to a source within the military. so as to whether it's completely cleared. ah, we are still waiting for the official statement from the government which has seed . they'll communicate this morning, but on the statement has not been released yet,
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but unofficial so sissy ah, so far, although sir bob militants have so far been killed and their remaining people. why evacuated successfully from the hotel. now this attack was the 1st in the capital by al chabad, under somali as new government has it shaken confidence in the new administration's ability to main. s a maintain security well, from how they are military responded. it seems not to have shaken it off and are if you can remember during our president mom woods our fast, i mean ne, he was able to add deal squarely with l shop. bob, in fact there influence for much above and that his fast tenure of office actually went really low. and this is just a test for him. but the military has shown that to be able to respond to his intuition albedo a little bit late,
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or we could not have seen are the number of deaths that we've seen. but something else on some of the analyst in somali, i seeing that aside from a, a combat attack where it's their military, i guess they also by been sergeant. the government will need to do more, will need to talk to some of their al bob leaders and see where, where they can actually meet halfway so that some of these attacks are within the city. i can actually, and i saw, apart from the military attack, there will be need i more will need to be done by president one woods governments to see to weeds that i doubt above militants are quite, are silenced once. and for all he w correspondent phillip miranda in nairobi, thanks so much. the daughter of the man described as pu, since brain has been killed in a car bomb attack near moscow, this unconfirmed video is believed to show a distraught alexander dugan at the sight of the explosion that killed his daughter
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daria to get the russian ger unless strongly back the invasion of ukraine, she seen hair and a selfie in the ukrainian city of mario paul, after russia took control of it. her father is believed to have been the real target of the bum. alexander dugan is an ultra nationalist whose ideas have underpinned vladimir putin's rule or russian officials in occupied crimea. say that they have shot down a drone headed for a key military base. it was targeting the headquarters of russia's black sea fleet in sebastopol. it was the 2nd assault of its kind against the naval command in crimea in less than a month. and it comes as russia claims to shut down drones elsewhere on the peninsula. russia annexed crimea in 2014. however, the international community still recognizes it as passive ukraine in crimea. the threat is again coming from the skies. a resident in the of pretoria
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film. this video suggesting it shows russian air defenses in action. there were indeed activated on saturday, according to local officials. and in sever stapo, a drone was shut down over the headquarters of russia's black sea fleet. police patrol the streets while residence face a new reality or thrown for a walk up in the morning had breakfast and after some time had to pop in sound from an explosion. who had 2 similar wants yesterday evening while walking at the sea front. here it was a similar distinctive poppin sand. it's unclear what it was, but to get nervous because of this noise. vocal attacks and rushes military infrastructure in crimea are becoming more frequent on tuesday, explosions, hit military base and ammunition to poor. early in august, 1 person was killed and several wounded in a blast at an air base. the fleet headquarters were attacked for the 1st time. at the end of july. were you scared? you know what?
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i was now listed this when you the transfer coming here from time to time. so we were ready for this. russian officials say the peninsula and next in 2014 is safe under the protection of air defense systems. ukraine has remained silent about the strikes, but regardless of who is responsible, it looks like the damage to the russian military and its reputation is likely to continue. saturday was a tragic day on turkish roads. at least 32 died in multiple traffic accidents in 2 separate locations where vehicles crashed into 1st responders following early accidents. a warning, the following report does contain footage the some view is may find disturbing. her day after multiple crushes on turkish route, dozens were killed at 2 separate sites in the country, south east. in the desi,
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antic province, emergency responders and journalist attending the scene of a crash were themselves struck and killed by a bus. because there at about 10 45 in the morning, a passenger bus crashed here. while the fire brigade, medical teams and other emergency workers were responding to the accident, another bus crashed at 200 meters behind. this 2nd bus slid into the start and hit the 1st responders and the wounded people on the ground in a separate accident just a few 100 kilometers away. a truck hurtled into pedestrians. local media reported that the vehicles brakes failed. emergency workers were already at the scene. they had been called out to a crush at the same spot shortly before turkey has a poor road safety record. and the victims of friday's accident are
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a devastating addition to the thousands of lives lost each year. south africa zulu nation has a new king. mrs. new new garza will a teeny, was crowned in a ceremony in the closet and at hel province. that his coronation did not come without controversy. and had a family feud over who had the strongest claim to the throne. now the traditional leader of the suitors is calling for unity. oh, the zulu nation has crowned its new king a year after the last leader died. missile knew causewell, a teeny, was coordinated in a traditional celebration in quad, zulu natal covering the ceremony was extremely important for the new king of south africa's largest ethnic group after a royal dispute over who should succeed is late father. i was here. if know, officially,
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i knows or does he think he is much is wonderful, but this subordinate ah, where the whole nation would show that the one sisters would also accept him as became the previous monarch king. goodwill as well. or tinney was the longest serving zulu leader. he had 6 wives and several sons, 3 of whom have staked their claims to the throne and split the royal family. but it was the mother of miss susie lucas, well a teeny, who held the highest status amongst his father's wives and served as regent when her husband died. in his 1st address, after undergoing a ritual to mark the start of his reign, the new king dismissed the controversy surrounding his rise to power. long in
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warner almost one. 0 dear. i know that you're aware of the state of the royal family in recent times about peace. i asked that whatever you here in the media, any comments being made by those disputing the throne. you should hear them pretty should not listen to them. what, but he in the work meliss bathroom watch. martine, what dunlab i, li, hulu king is an influential figure in south africa. one 5th of the country is ethnic zulu causewell, a teeny is now calling from unity, hoping his coronation will calm. the royal family feud. ah, in german football, bremond have made bundis legal history. with a stunning combat endorsement, totland looked to be heading to the top of the bundis league table until visitors
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breyman, truly wrought by bo to ask to be seen to be believed. and it's the 1st time in the button to speaker that had seen that was leading by 2 goals in the 89 minutes as to when dorman rewarded. the latest teen sensation with a place in the starting elephant against breyman. jamie, by no kittens, was his sites hero on the last match day. but it was one of the older guards who gave them the lead on the stroke of half time. union branch with the precision finish. at the age of 26 branch is a comparative veteran in a school that features 5 players and a 20 just over 10 minutes from the end, rafael guerrero doubled the home sites lead by scoring some even further out the ball bouncing at just the right time and don't moons look to be cruising thanks to just a 2nd short on target. but then in the 80 nights minute, everything changed. lee buchanan took advantage of some dia, jordan,
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defending to give frame and hope for the home side rattles breyman sense that chance. 3 minutes later in injury time, a simple cross, a simple header, and if visitors, when level nick my smith, the man on target. and if his coach thought that was good, it was about to get even better. raymond bright forward again and all of it, burke completed the remarkable turn around to open floors. all 3 breyman goals came from this substitutes. this from foreman nursing and forrest forward burke was his 2nd stoppage time goal. the season freeman's wins thoroughly deserved, in tears, in his young dorman site. it's a fast to fees of the season. let's get some reaction from that incredible game starting with brandon's match winner on the back. obviously, amazing feeling. i'm to score another goal and such a vile goal and so,
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so happy for the team. we were really hard in training and opposing for older boys to put in a great shift today. wiggle, i'd right seen or law self police uns, as it show today, we created a law chances and we, we could have a load, it goes away to be honest. and you never stop believing. if not, you were to know down. never saw, believe in this is pools crazy. even though it was, we performance or if you leads, if you'll to know up 88 minutes new, you have to finish the game. you have to win the game. and so this is a very annoying, this is very disappointing, but in the end it was deserved. on a game that ukrainian boxer, alexander, u. sic, has retained his heavy weight titles after a thrilling re match with antony joshua and saudi arabia. you sick pay tribute to the ukrainian military after his when the 35 year old was fighting on the frontline and keep until march, but he left his country to focus on his match against joshua. you say one on
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a split points decision after the pair went a full 12 rounds, he's now called for an undisputed heavyweight. well champion ship clash with tyson sherry, and with that you are up to date coming up next. what does google know about u. r. tech show shift aims to find out. coming up after a short break. i remember you can always get all the latest news and updates on our website as d, w dot com. we can follow us on twitter or instagram. i'm any trips mckinnon in berlin. above the whole team here, thanks for watching. departure into the to day this means flying to a foreign planet. in the 16th century it meant being of captain l.


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