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modern lifestyles and the mediterranean meeting, people are hearing their dreams ready to re journey this week. do you w ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. russia blames ukraine for a political killing in moscow, raising tensions weekend camp bombing, kill the prominent ultra nationalists daughter. the father is an ally of vladimir putin and supports his invasion of ukraine. keith says it, plato popped pakistan's, former prime minister around con,
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charged with terrorism. police allege he broke the law by threatening to sue officials, support his rally outside cons house bowing to prevent police from arresting him. and good news for game of thrones fans for a controversial end to the fantasy series for years ago. the highly anticipated pre call house of the dragon makes its debut. ah, i've been visible unwelcome russian security services claim ukraine is responsible for a car bombing in moscow. the attack kill daria georgina, the daughter of an outspoken russian hardline nationalist said to be close to vladimir putin. both davina and her father publicly supported russia's war in ukraine, keep has denied any involvement, but in an obscure russian group now says it was behind the attack. they call
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themselves the national republican army and nannan group. that is now claiming responsibility for the killing of daria to ganache from which in a video statement read by a former russian lawmaker, the group threatened to more attacks on people with connections to the kremlin. i see that there are doubts that an improvised movement could have carried out. such a sophisticated attack might seem investigations over the death of doris doogie. now continue, the russian investigative committee says an explosive planet in the vehicle killed the 29 year old t. v commentator, the power of the explosion was evident parts of the toyota land cruiser was strewn across a large area. her father alexander duke in may however, have been the target of the attack. brush and state media said login was intending to travel in the vehicle. but changed his mind at the last minute. both dugeon and his daughter were on her way to moscow after they attended
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a cultural festival that patricia alexander doogan is one of the staunchest allies of president vladimir putin. in a far right philosopher in author, he has been pushing for a revival of the russian empire. his daughter, although less known, was also a prominent member of the altar nationalist movement supporting brushes, invasion of ukraine, e on the be thought, thought he called for genocide of ukrainians. she called greg in so soft human race . she called for public or public killings of ukrainian prisoners of war, et cetera. so yes, she's a dickens daughter bart. she is 1st of all a very active member of our russian far right. nationally neo nazi, our influential scene. rushes federal security service is now accusing ukraine of being behind the blast as spokesperson for ukrainian president follow dimia cilenzo . he has denied keith, was involved for a bit more background on this story. were joined by detail. use horman gunshot
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ankle in cave. what we know about the group that's claimed responsibility for the attack. well, it is still not quite clear if that organization that claimed it was responsible if it was it was real, will receive help more questions than answers. and we have no official confirmation for or no confirmation from independent sources that it exists that such an organization under ground organization. it is not why a clear why now, 6 months after that, and after, after the rush invaded ukraine, not clear why such targets. i'm because i'm digging himself was well known, but he's not a was not i'm, they were active in that war, but on the a propaganda front i would say and, and if you read that letter that that organization published. ah, and it is written in a very,
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very pathetic language. some experts here say it is maybe too pathetic to be true. okay, so what were you saying is that sounds very amateurish. what, what's the likelihood of ukrainian special forces then being behind the attack? well, it is possible, but i would say it is rather unlikely because it will, it will be very, untypical for ukrainian special forces. let's remember in the come in the past months ukrainian forces tried m. m a dress as an 8, a separatist leaders, some military men, some ukrainians in the south, and in the east territories under russian control. people cuba collaborating with the russian forces was russian military administration there, war assassinations. but there were no and no such killings on the russian territory . no killings of women. this is something completely new and i don't see why ukrainian forces should do it. i'm just a few days a few weeks ago. ukrainians,
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presumably they do not say it officially a heat, some military targets on the russian occupied crimea. and this makes sense because it's, it was, i was more military targets. this is a completely different story. and in that letter of that organization, it claims at the it will not hit civilians. and daria diana was a civilian. she was not part of the military. can you tell me what char putin's reaction has been? well, we've heard some reaction a he's a, his oppressed service, a said that he sent a telegram of condolences presumably to digging himself to the father of the victim . or saying that she was a victim. that it was a ah, and a vile act. and saying that she was a patriot of russia. so very short, a short letter of condemnation by president booting, which is also a rather unusual anomaly. it takes time for russian president to react this time.
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he reacted after the russian secret service f as be claimed. there was a ukrainian woman who are killed dead at daria tonight. so it all happens very, very fast. a very fast investigation. where if verse are faster, finger pointing towards ukraine and very fast reaction by the russian president, there was also reaction by duking himself. he was sad and that it was a no terrorist attack by ukraine, and that he would like to see not just revenge, but he would like to see a victory over ukraine, a report of all ankle in keith. here, pakistani police have filed terrorism charges against former prime minister iran con. he threatened to suit pakistan's, police inspector general, and a judge during a speech of the weekend. the media watchdog and since band, the broadcast of live addresses by con, accusing him of hate speech. hundreds of his supporters of surrounded his home in the capital is about to try to prevent his arrest was on
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a barry is a political analyst and human rights activists based in is about how well founded would you say these charges are legally speaking? i think it does hold some grounds, although, you know, he used the word that he would take like a case even though you know they would decide to take a case against a game against the other. you know, i'm a proficiency but i think it's kind of stone was very threatening instead of using that, you know, they may appeal to the high school or, you know, against the judgment of the, of the judge at the scene of the judge. ricky, kind of use the language and ready technique don't. and specially in the context stuff pakistan be that up. so you women who are denied judicially and he named that
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of women jobs and said, you're going to go against a case against it was kind of, i think is sort of brightening. and in that context, i'm sure there is legal people that they can do better that they just qualify as a n d a you know, education as a sort of journalist and edition, which i think probably a bit too much. but i think he the be, he has been threatening the government officials and the state institutions calling the domain he's calling out. i think this many inappropriate as part of put a politician, especially with as a prime, to sort of focused on a case of from what you're saying, extreme reactions from both sides. how would you say the case is being viewed in pakistan? i think this is i just completely finished a total due, right. and because i think this is kind of
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a power struggle which is going within the state and within this political, you know, players. so you will see, you will find the both to be me and on the both sides them and people will see, you know, he should be, there should be a case against him because he has been actually challenging the state and the, especially the judiciary and the facts and i, me a, you know, the country and then there are people who would say this is betty in his and i do, you know, within his right to express and freedom of expression that whatever he wants to see, and he can see that. so i think that is a complete divide within our society right now. and with ben pico seconds as well as for you know, people are concerned. does the current government view, the full a p. m as a threat? absolutely, they do. you know, i think they're also quite really all the kind of sports he's,
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he has and, and his supporters what actually quite violent in the sense. no, not physically, but i think you did keep threatening people and especially in the social media use video, abusive language against those what and against against b t i. so i think in that context also when he was in power, he has misuses baldwood and he has been also putting people in jail and trusting and on that getting his gene that was happening. so i think that the present regime is definitely a 2nd or so by, by him. and therefore, i think it was probably that's why they want to now take action against him because he's keep on crossing the deadlines and all that. or he's saying that it hasn't been happened. i mean, in the,
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in the back is any politics in of you all know the establishment has been very powerful, you know, even when it is a civilian government at the back of that, you know, it's all this establishment who's calling the shots. but i think in this case, now, the situation is that this is confronting is confronting guy just calling out in a different rate that he's calling out in stating that he should continue to sports . and they did, you know, back in 2018. so i think this is actually the situation right now in the country. very interesting analysis there from hosanna barry in islamabad. thank you. a quick look at some other stories making headlines. south korea and the u. s. have kicked off their biggest combined military exercises in years before they drills are being viewed as a response to more frequent and threatening me. sol tests by north korea. anti war
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protesters in, sol held a rally in opposition to the drills after they were announced in lebanon. for the pots of grained silos in bay roots, porter caught fire and collapsed 2 years after they were damaged in a huge explosion. the towns were among the last remaining chunks of the structure. more than 200 people were killed 2 years ago when fertilizer ignited in one of history's biggest non nuclear explosions. former employee, a champion, dennis rodman says he'll travel to russia to seek the release of fellow basketball star, britain rider and has a history of dabbling and geo politics. based on his friendship with north korean leader kim jogan grant. it was sentenced to 9 years in prison. for possessing babe cartridges with a small amount of cannabis oil, you're watching t. w use still to come. good news for game of thrones fans after a controversial end to the fantasy series for years ago. the highly anticipated pretty cool house of the dragon makes it state your 1st can use
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opposition leader rather i didn't get has formerly challenged the results of the presidential election claiming voting. irregularities, accompanied by a crowd of supporters he arrived at the supreme court in nairobi, filing a petition, demanding a recount, owing, as rival william brutal was declared, the winner of the recent vote. several election commissioners have refused to verify the outcome. this is dingus 5th attempt to win the presidency. he's blamed several previous losses on vote. breaking the presidential election results a note last week represent that continues driving, fitting the forces for democracy and the good governess against the corruption cartoons that are so determined that they would stop at nothing to take control of the government of this country. from all his own nairobi correspond felix
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manga. there's the meal leader ala dean. god finally made his threat through to italians, their presidential election. but he thought that was announced last week. so he got to the supreme court around 12 30 pm, east african time flanked by some of his followers who was feel singing and dancing in solidarity with him. he has asked me by these papers to the supreme court. this is that that time the trailer dean got is challenging the presidential petition, presidential results in 2015 italians and the kids were thrown out in 2017 italians and the country went to i read, i know this particular day it will take just about 14 days to know whether that country will be going to another go 1st presidential election in the next 60 days, or the country will swear in the president elect williams some wired rudolph. so these are just some of the supports as who came in drugs to stand in philadelphia do with him. they've been calling for electoral justice,
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and i think that may need just the support. a low dba german chancellor, all of sholtes is in canada to strike an energy deal canada or is a major producer of oil and gas. berlin is under pressure to diversify its supply as it tries to end its dependence on moscow. energy prices have skyrocketed, ju, and pod to russia's board. ukraine with germany fearing supply shortages. this winter law corresponded nina hossa is in montreal. nina. tell us more about the goal of this visit. well, it isn't it? an incredibly big delegation that's here with the german chancellor. he took his deputy economy and climate minister robert harbor with him. then there are lots of representatives, business representatives, the ceo's of many of germany's biggest. and probably also, most vital companies in this energy crisis are traveling with him. this goal,
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this trip is really has the goal of intensifying the already existing relationship between germany and canada. gemini sees canada as one of the last, truly reliable partners outside of europe with which it can count for the next couple of decades. be it in the field of energy supplies, but also when it comes to being faced with geopolitical international challenges. so germany and canada very much intend to intensify this really strong partnership over the next few decades. well, the next few months ago to be very telling many germans award, they won't be able to, he, they, homes were being asked to reduce our consumption of energy. can canada help out? well, and all i've showed, summed this goal of the trip up by saying, canada is very much like russia when it comes to the amount of raw materials it has . but it's got to the privilege and the big difference is that canada,
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unlike russia, is a reliable democracy. so this trip is not about delivering any short term solutions . this really is about am fostering a strong relationship. they as see each other as like minded democracies that share the goals of transforming their industry towards carbon utility. they are canada, essentially is a thinking about producing hydrogen also on the east coast. and that would be something that germany, of course, would benefit from tremendously. and so germany also wants to encourage canada to do this, which is why they're going to be signing a memorandum of understanding to laura newfoundland where they're hoping that canada can use some of its untapped potential so far and use all the wind power to create hydrogen that in roughly 3 to 6 years would then potentially be exported to germany. so this is very much not about this winter, but it is about getting rid of its germany's dependency on autocratic regimes
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around the world for the supply of raw materials and energy sources may nazzo. thank you very much for the analysis in montreal for us. it's back to school time for many kids around the world in the philippines, the new school year as significant as it's the 1st time in the coping. 19 pandemic that students are allowed back into the class. we're going back to school after a long summer break. can be hot at the bus of times. but for kids in the philippines, it's the 1st time in 2 years, they've sat food in a classroom. when the cove at 19 pandemic hit schools who shut their doors and switch to remote lessons on zoom. now students are returning for face to face lessons and they're eager to learn here and actually enjoy learning. and actually that person, c, c and zill glasses and the when you're learning online, it's just, it's, it's,
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it doesn't feel like fun for the teachers to back in the classroom is where they want to be. i can, you know, i was also happy when i saw them, especially when i saw the joy on their faces. yes ma'am, but by me like hambrick, this is our chance to give them our best as teachers and focus on teaching them. because we know how difficult it was for them. and for us, during the pandemic, and in abilene, i made no by no, no, by them yet. adjusting to life in the classroom won't be easy for everyone. but the teachers at this school hope they'll soon limber up to learn a lot this year. well, it's been an epic, white for fans of the fantasy series game of thrones, but now that white is over the hotly
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anticipated prequal house of the dragon hit the small screen in the u. s. sunday evening and was civil tenuously streamed on platforms around the world, said 200 years before events in game of thrones. the prequel is packed with intrigue and politics, battles, and bloodshed, and of course, even more dragons. scott roxborough from d. w culture is here. so is the 1st episode. good? i thought so. yeah, i mean i'm, i'm, for those of us who've been waiting for 3 years since the, the, the last episode of the game of the 1st game of thrones series. i'm waiting in anticipation to see what they would bring out and how they would bring us back to west rose. i was really pleased. i mean, it's got basically everything you want from a game of thrones. it's got a, you know, a palace intrigue. it's got sex and violence, i'm and it's a lot of dragons, which is definitely definitely on my list that was over. i think. i mean, your thing, if i can say one negative thing about it. uh, there are a lot of platinum, blonde wiggs in the series looks
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a bit like an old duran duran video sometimes. but other than that, i think it's, it's, it's, it's quite impressive even though it is. the show is actually quite a bit different than the original original figure. how does it compare to the game of thrones itself? well, if the rituals, here's a mutual series was truly epic, right? you had all these huge royal families fighting each other for control of the m prior of west rose, the kingdom of western. and so, so that was that the sort of core, the story i'm here. this is a much more personal story. it's takes time takes place 20 years before the events and game of thrones. and it's not about a bunch of different warren. apparently it's about one family, the tag, ariens, the, the ones who have the dragons and basically rule over the kingdom. they're not challenged by anyone outside their kingdom, but within the kingdom, things are dissolving, especially story of succession. you have an aging sickly king, and the question is, who is going to succeed is going to be his, his young and experienced daughter or is going to be his sort of violent and temperamental brother or maybe someone else and that sort of internal politics that,
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that's basically, what forbes, the core of the story. so if you're really into that sort of palace intrigue and those type of interactions in the, in the 1st series, i think you're really going to like this one as well. and i believe demand in the u . s. was so high that hbo struggled to keep up. yeah, there are there service, hbo, macs, a streaming service, a crash in some places, some people were unable to access that we're seeing that happen more and more now actually as people are just really all trying to watch online streaming, as opposed to watching on, on tv shows it'll be interesting to see going forward because we're going to have a lot more of these type of, you know, so big, big television shows going out on, on streaming services. if the infrastructure will be able to sort of maintain itself and, and, and hold up to the demand, it sounds like more funds and needs and financing needs to go in to, in to that infrastructure. so how in, what would you say is so is to h b a r for it's incredibly important. i mean, each feel basically wants to do with game of thrones. what disney has done with
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sort of the marvel and star wars universe. they want to create a whole universe of west roast, where they can have a bunch of different series in different aspects of the, of this world that george r martin created the, the original writer of the, of game of thrones. and they've done a 5 year deal. each b o has with george r to create all these other spin off series. but how much happens has a lot to do with how successful this show is. this is the one that sort of kicks off this grand universe of west rows. and depending on how it's received by audiences will depend a lot how much more fans like me. you will be able to see of this incredible world fantasy world. i'm a fan 0 after you. well, there you go. so let's hope this one really had. and then we'll have who, decades and decades of game of thrones to explore that. ok, maybe these got rocks, bro, thank you very much for your take on palace, intrigue. and lots of dragons ah, the bonus legacies, and it's only 3 games olds. and already there seems to be no stopping by munich. a
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bad bow home 7 mill on sunday, with 3 winds from 3 and a goal difference of plus 14. it means by and have made their best ever start to a bonus. they get campaign o last season, bathrooms fans, boston the glory of a 4 to victory. i buy and then they stunned the champions with full fest half goals, but they soon find out what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a humiliation by and wasted no time in taking the lead. a sick passing leave started and then finished by leroy santa fe santa was making his 1st start of the brand as league a season. it was also a good start from its highest elect, the defender, assigning from italy's you've been just heading in on his full debut, the video assistant said there was no handful. and so it was to nail with just 25
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minutes gone. but by it was still no way near don kingsley come or added a 3rd with a generous assist from bookings defense before the inevitable force came on the stroke of half time, courtesy of saudi, or manet. the why stop at milly equaling what your opponents did. she last season. goal number 5 was a man a penalty. and yes, conceding this much really hurts by and 6 went down as an own goal for the happiness christian gamboa. proving it really was in both from the stay boss, at least that misery ended with goal number 7. that one was by substitute. so can every not missing out on the fun, despite and injured wrist? 7 kneel by and the final school the raining champions, looking as imperious and merciless as ever. also on sunday, franklin and cologne battled to a tense one old jewel frankfurt and now windless in 11 buddhist league,
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matches the japan international di cheek commodity, bashed in a free cake with 71 minutes gone. the replay shows it deflecting off it offend his head. a clone responded just 11 minutes later when yon 2 man bullied in from long range to secure a point for cologne, and keep them on beaten this season. you're watching dw news coming up next, and dw news asia pakistan's out the prime minister, iran con, charged with terrorism. what does that mean for his bid to return to power? see you next out. with
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a vacuum in 0 gravity. my ts mother does. he was part of the crew on the international space station for almost 6 months. what does it actually like to live in space?
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back on earth, he tells us about the everyday life of an astronaut. tomorrow. in 60 minutes, blue, 2016 as like a budget, the clean cut wants to see if germany was for me. the last few years have been quite a ride, getting brilliant touch with the pin. and i've already done my homework when it comes to gem a bit. and of course i always look in the eyes, which is, but perhaps the biggest on the new hobby at $900.00 on the record. i'd like to be in the news, very person americans, but when you're feeling altogether, you'll realize it's called just another way of living. are you ready to meet the dad and then join me right to do it on b. w. departure to the one. today. this meet flying to a foreign planet. in the 16th century, it meant being a captain and setting sale to discover a route the world famous c. voyage of ferdinand of magellan. i'd
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rather erase linked to military interests, erase links to political and military christy a certain link to meet and financial interests and adventure full of hardships, dangers and death 3 years. and that would change the world forever. but jillions journey around the world, starting september 7th on d w. this is did up their news asia coming up today. another 1st and the power struggle in pockets thought when he's have now jobs over prime minister, him don han with terrorism. what did it mean for hahn's bid to return to office and how want to support those react? also on the show this whole road is.


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