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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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one scene to see voyage of ferdinand magellan. i'd rather erase linked to military interests, erase links to political, been committed to with linked to men and financial interests. and adventure full of hardships, dangers and death. 3 years and that will change the world forever. my jillions journey around the world, starting september 7th on d. w. this is the depth of news asia coming up to date. another twist and the power struggle in pakistan. police have now jobs over prime minister in dante han with terrorism. what would it mean for hahn's bid to return to office and how want to support those react? also on the show. this whole road is lined with unfinished buildings,
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one after the other. as far as the i can see, home buyers left homeless in china. how millions of ford life savings into apartments that may never be finished. ah, i'm british manager, welcome to d w. news asia. glad you could join us. we start in pakistan where police have filed terrorism charges against former prime minister in bron con. the other latest in the raft of legal proceedings against the ousted lead up yield of our mach han was thrown out of office, throw no confidence boat back in april. since then, he's been i and go to turn to power by holding a series of mos valleys across the country to fire up. his base con has been steadily turning up the rhetoric and heat. in his speeches. over the weekend he threatened to sued the police and the judge,
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after making accusations that the political aid was tortured in detention. oh, they arrested my aid shabbas gill. ah, they kidnapped him. they took me into custody, stripped and beat him for 3 days. oh, i didn't know. after my lawyers visited him, they explained to me how badly the police had beaten him. hans edition of the government didn't end there. he accused it of attempting to silence him. after part is thunder. media watchdog band live broadcast of his rallies. say he spreading his speech, this is what hon tweeted. i caught the fascist imported government sunk to a new law to day by banning life coverage of my speeches on tv, and then blocking youtube temporarily during my speech at lee or could bog. all
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this, after continuous intimidation of media persons and taking channels off air and gentlemen of a more context on this is sharmen champs from the, the blue asia, sherman iran concord, the government of pakistan, fascist, and according to the police has threatened law enforcement or in the square something coming from a former prime minister. what's behind it? well, i must tell you that in bronze rhetoric is not aimed at promised to ship australia government. he's trying to put pressure on the august on the military because he knows that they are the ones that are on the called the shops. you believe that the army is behind to cracked and he wants to put more pressure on, on the military. the military, general army chief color job, it going to be responsible for a former prime minister con has never been for traditional or dish. so that's why his supporters like about it to listen. and that's what he's trying to do the
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public, really their director, rick. all these things are not putting the military under pressure. so they listen to his to moms. and the demand is that the government holds early elections elections as early as boss. and where does the military stand when it comes to the present situation in pakistan and it's supporting the current government, or is it trying to be neutral? the military is badly supporting the incumbent government, which is the constitutional thing to do because the military is supposed to support the government. but that's not the only thing. the military has huge stakes and boxed on economy and a strategic issue that you want to use. the military believe that can not allow us to do all of these interests,
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and that's why they are trying to rein in the common ground is wrong. iran was ousted because he wanted to influence the military. he wanted to bring in his own military chief, and that is, that has not gone down very well with the pakistani military. doc ross, these terrorism charges that have been, are placed against, or iran con will their effect is chances of redundant power. i think the government runs jamal should be the government is trying to keep it quite for a while. the most important money in fox 20 politics is that when the new army, she will be appointed or the incumbent on which you will get an extension. so until then you will see a lot of political chaos and don't want him focused on. but the government is trying to keep him quite a member of the also do the army so that they can appoint the army chief of their
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own choice. and if that happens, there will not be any elections in boxed on and wrong cons. johnson, due to done to power, will be very, very slim, at least for the coming 2 or 3 years. the scale of is really seems just that he has a lot of support behind him. is the current government. what it about that support i'm wrong hahn remains a hugely popular politician an ox august. no doubt about the red is our huge a census ouster. his popularity has increased the government and government, i'm not sure that already what it about is because they have on these back. and that is the most important being in progress on the ball and it's unfortunately if the army supporting you, then you are safe and secure. and at the moment the army is supporting. graham, this is your boss sharman chums. thanks so much. all is a pleasure talking to you and did other steve international after richard walker
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recently spoke in depth with in bron con about the political tensions in pakistan. you can find that interview on our youtube channel at the dublin years. ah, blue, there's growing tension in china over hundreds of thousands of unfinished homes across the country that have left buyers high and dry. it's prompted many to stop making mortgage payments altogether. further, fueling the slow down in the countries real estates act up. most home buyers are left facing a nightmare scenario, the lack of a home after having invested their life savings in the hopes of owning one. good. as you approach this part of hon and province by train, you see it bears all the hallmarks of china's growing crisis in the distance, unfinished construction projects scattered across the city. this is jew, maddie m. a city of around 7000000 people in southern had an province meacham
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bought a home here in 2018 for just over half a 1000000 new on equivalent of around 75000 euros. the developer was meant to complete the project in 2020, but ran out of funds. lead in want to show his face on camera fearing possible retribution. but he was fed up and desperate to speak out about what's happened to him or do you monumental randall. i bought the apartment in 2018 by our luna and it was agreed it will be ready in 2020 launch another 2 on what they stopped working 2019 issue and they're still not working on it now. the mayor was, and i thought the apartment has been left to rot ever since the law, illinois chandler. how many of the more the day we visit other home buyers come to meet lee as well? among them, an elderly woman with 3 young girls. and so she's their grandmother, their parents are migrant workers and live far away the south savings of the family
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. she looks after them here, one of which she says she fears their home will never be finished and the girls won't have anywhere to live. one of the things that's really extraordinary here and really gives you a sense of a scale of the problem, is this whole road is lined with unfinished buildings, one after the other. as far as the, i can see, the homeowners here say there are thousands of people in ju martine who bought unfinished homes with no where else to go summer even considering moving into these ramshackle buildings. but there are hundreds of thousands of others across china and similar situations who are simply refusing to keep up mortgage payments. that may be a problem on loftus, honored by the rappers as also father, father pans, and also for the economy as well. patrick wong is a real estate analyst with bloomberg intelligence. he says, policy makers mainly to shake up the practice of buyers paying developers before
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completion. nearly 90 percent of all homes in china, our pre sold us in the parties. we really rely on the pizelle conscious haunted sales to funder portrait, the well a man or 2 fun. if under internal financial resources or buying the land, the crisis is power pressure on the government and stud social unrest. many people have expressed sympathy for victims, likely. what do those gentlemen donning up shanghai along? i just want everyone to be able to see that ordinary people are drowning in misery lava. hey, our center, hudson. what other people have nowhere to voice their grievances to withdraw the yoke. who was jose, irma if left unresolved for many, the consequences could be crippling. and john him and also more is steve saying he's director of the china institute of the school of oriental and african studies in london. professor saying welcome, how big of
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a problem is the current home buyers crisis in china? would you say? i think you're talking about buyers or properties in china, which are not yet finished. and some of them are now saying that they will not be paying the mortgage for the i'm finished property. now, that is a significant, very significant issue, because there are a lot of people in this situation. in china, unlike in europe, people do not start a mortgage after the property has been completed and they are both in, in the chinese case, they start to more gauge when they make the payment for a property, which is still in the planning stage, react, and we are to see that as a general is the government, what are the instability here could lead to social unrest potentially?
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yes, the government is concerned about that. a real estate is a very large part of the chinese economy. so if the unfurnished property mortgage issue becomes a general problem for the property sector variable become a general problem for the chinese economy and potentially causing social unrest. so the chinese government, i think, is very much thinking about what they can do to make sure that scenario does not materialize. because there's also a factor, a president, treason, things, plans for the potential, thought tom in power of the coming party congress in the fall. you know, it's, it's very unlikely that it will help actually, jim ping's efforts to get a search and beginning of the indefinite to the office for the simple reasons that
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she jumping will do everything possible. he grew, so everything is to make sure that it will not be a poker. so whatever needs to be done will be done in the next 3 months until his got his party congress. the way he won said, we'll leave it there for the timing, but thank you for joining us today. professor steve saying from so s in london. thank and that's it for today as ever. there's more news and updates on our website . we're back at models. you'll then buy a new tag, a t, this visual hotspots in germany, a d w t around 3 lean. we're in. mm
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hm. with john ah, on a quest for energy germany, chancellor and vice chantelle of both travel to canada. in the latest attempt to secure alternatives to russian gas appliance, we'll get more from our correspondent on the chances of that. also coming up is the current drought in europe, just
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a preview of much more difficult times to come. we'll have expert analysis of chris cova walking to the program. could canada help replace russian raw materials and even some of its energy deliveries to germany? that's what berlin is helping us chance lola charles arrived in ottawa on sunday with a delegation of german business leaders and toe canada is a fellow member of the g 7 economies and most large deposits of lithium, cobalt and nickels. it's also a growing producer of hydrogen. mister schultz is expected to sign a memorandum during his visit on a status in hydrogen supply chains with canada. right as good morning, sir, from melinda crane. d. w. 's, chief, political correspondent, melinda. how important is this trip to the chancellor and the vice chancellor who is going with him? it's very important indeed.


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