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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2022 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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the bed to day residence of a town in columbia have put on a parade, celebrating laziness. participants rolled it through the streets of it, took we in their pajamas to point out the virtues of being idle. the organizer of the annual bed parade says the great thinkers did their best work in bare downtime. and that laziness has led to time saving inventions. so why not switch off and take some time out if we could just skip cade for janelle's, i've next with the business. i come have a g, g county, the highlights you every week in your inbox. subscribe. now. be closely ah,
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listen carefully. don't know, how do you live to get going? ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. ah, ah, european energy prices are surging as moscow plays the maintenance card on key energy infrastructure for the continent yet again. meanwhile, germany's chancellor is in canada to secure alternatives supply also on the
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show could tar detained a dozens of workers for protesting, overly pay. just months before it's due to host the world cop. there says the w business. i'm janelle dumas on welcome european natural gas prices surged again on monday. benchmark gas rose as much as 21 per cent after rushes state owned energy giant gas. prom said it would shut down nord stream, one for 3 days from the end of the month. that's your up single biggest piece of gas infrastructure fears rachelle will keep the tops off past the scheduled maintenance period. have a once again highlighted the urgency behind diversifying energy sources on the continent, especially for gas hungry industry. have you germany the need to seek alternative sources has brought german chancellor, olaf shots to canada for a 3 day visit,
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focused on energy cooperation. here's some of what he had to say be, i'm not really sure, of course, we also talked about the consequences of the russian actions for energy security in europe, but also in the world it. and that's why it's important that we do now what is necessary for the future food. so 1st of all, we have to ensure that we can do business in a climate neutral manner dealer. we developed our economy in such a way that by the middle of the century, our industry will be c o. 2 neutral you met on the industry. earlier i spoke to energy analyst, thomas o'donnell, about how much green energy cooperation with canada can help europe out with its current crisis. canada cannot supply any renewable energy that will make any difference in the current confrontation with russia. and they're spending some time going to a small city near the northern coast of canada. i believe in new brunswick to look
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at where canada says they will in the future produce hydrogen, green hydrogen. now this is sort of one of those things. it's very important to do when you meet a german of chancellor and especially mister, held back the green, super minister of environment and energy. but really, what thereafter, i think in the media is minerals and we can talk about that. we are earths and so forth. and copper, but also l n g. but even then canada can't provide for some years l n g. i wanted to take that up. so today it was asked when will canada deliver alan ged germany and how much he said he was looking for the business case to do so. what does he mean by that? exactly. ah, that means he's not convinced he should do it. there's something i'll admit as the expert here, i wrote some articles on germany's real and g policy about 4 or 5 years ago in
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2018 when the previous coalition decided in its initial treaty under merkel, that they would fund and support elegy import terminals in northern germany, which were purely for liquid for transportation, but it never happened. and during that time, one thing they did is they said they were gonna contribute to half a $1000000.00 in canada on the coast for building a facility that would export it. ellen g, nothing ever happened afterwards. it was, it died and here there again, bringing it up in canada according to trudeau, seemingly isn't yet committed. so it doesn't sound like you think germany said count on canadian, ellen g, but we're seeing european energy prices spike again. this week, after this announcement of a 3 day shut down of nord stream, one at the end of the month. how do you rate germany's chances of successfully replacing, shrinking gas supplies quickly? it's, it's simply not possible and don't take it on my authority. i listen to mr. mueller,
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who's head of the network agency for the natural gas infrastructure in germany. he says, this will be a crisis of 2 years, if potent cuts off the big pipelines. he said this publicly, he's absolutely right. if he cuts off the big pipelines, stuart a will be filled if he cut it off. now b, if he cut her off later, storage isn't enough. you can't replace those huge pipelines. import simply was doors after 23 months. there's a debate now. it would run out and this would be a quite a crisis. and there's no reason to believe this won't repeat for 2 years. it will take that long to find other supplies from other countries. thank you very much. energy analysts, thomas o'donnell there. thank you. now we spoke earlier there about the shift towards greener technologies, a transition affecting many sectors, including the auto industry. teddy austro joins us now. would some market news?
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teddy? so ford says it's cutting $3000.00 jobs and it's citing the transition to electric vehicles. as it's reason, what is the story there? waldron, out of these layoffs are actually in a couple different countries in india, in canada. and here in the united states is most concentrated in the michigan era area. where many of these car manufacturers are base, that's 2000 salary positions. it's 1000 contractor position. so it's quite significant for the company. why is it? well, it's just as you said, it is the shifting of investments, the re prioritization of the electric vehicle manufacturing side of the company. they are trying to compete with tesla, with river and other e v manufacturers. but this is also part of a, a broader trend in the sector to try to cut down on labor costs. of course, we're seeing out billions being invested in the american south shifting facilities, shifting operations down there. because there are locks labor laws and they are
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able to hire non union labor and cut down on those costs. now you've mentioned it's industry wide. you've also mentioned tesla, sophia weeks ago. ted tesla also announced its own a job cuts that was not particularly well received by investors. what's the reaction been to fords words this time around? well, investors aren't particularly happy with ford. we're seeing that the stock price is down about 5 percent, but this could be a confluence a factor as we saw on wall street today, a decline worse in 2 months. but also it appears that the decline in the stock price was more related to another announcement to the jury. verdict in a lawsuit against the company related to a car crash which killed people relating to potentially faulty parts in the vehicle . and now the company has to pay $1700000000.00, so that's certainly scooped investors and other fears across the market plot
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thickens. teddy auster there in new york for us. thank you very much. now to some of the other global business stories making use, the euro has dropped below parity with a us dollar 2020 year low. the decline comes and made rising inflation and fears of a potential energy crisis. as russia cuts supplies of natural gas for the u. that could also lead to a recession in the euro zone. british airways as canceling around 10000 flights this winter. most of the cuts affect short haul roots, but some long haul destinations will also be affect it. it comes after britain's largest airport heathrow imposed a limit of a $100000.00 passengers per day. now there's less than 3 months to go until the football world cup kicks off in guitar. it's a tournament that has been dogged by international scrutiny, especially given guitars, a record of poor treatment of its workers. labor activists say the gulf nation has
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not done enough to improve conditions for them. now reports have emerged of the government attaining a dozens of workers who are protesting over late pay. a football world cup requires world class facilities. back in 2010 katara was awarded the 2022 men's world cup and said it was ready to put on one of the biggest sporting shows on earth. that's meant a lot of labor to get these new playing facilities up and running. many of these workers are foreign born and have fewer rights than to tories. these workers in doha say they haven't been paid by the privately owned al bundari international group. some for weeks around 60, were arrested for protesting, and advocates say some have already been deported. critics are concerned firstly that we have a system to spot all the talk of reforming cato that still punishes workers when they complain about the situation that despite that workers aren't getting paid and
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it's very efficient at punishing them, kicking them out of the country. and yet, and when it comes to simply getting these workers tied is very, very slow. the guitar, a government says it's already investigating outstanding payments. some changes have been made in co tory labor laws over the last decade, including a higher minimum wage and an end to a system which said some employees needed their bosses permission to quit. but critics say it may be a ruse. have these reform is really just been a cover for what is the reality that's not meant to be changing? activists are calling on the government to do more, to protect the workers who have built so many of these stadiums. from the pitch up . it's been a year since the communist lied. government reversed a ban on private enterprise in cuba. the one strict regime has even started allowing for modest for an investment in small businesses. but entrepreneurs are
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hoping even more reforms are on the way thanks to a $40000.00 loan from abroad. ricardo fernandez has been able to implement critical upgrades to his advantage. base tried fruit business. he was able to replace outdated equipment with the state of the art, the hydrating ovens and a packaging machine. and also from again, it's a family business. my brother, my father and i have seen the possibilities of foreign investments. we were able to increase what we're already doing, again, with a lot of effort and difficulty during a year and a half from work. we imported our 1st equipment and export our 1st batch of products to auto work. while oscar fernandez has seen gains, economists say more needs to be done and fast. la, hey, lucky, the rules has to change. you cannot give the private sector the same treatment there was given to the state own company in the past. the new rules with the
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private sector a different fighting, they have to be more flexible and they must allow direct foreign trade and any investment amount in any area. what get audio, that dehydrated and van a company is just one of more than $4500.00 small and medium sized companies. now legally operating in cuba. they're hoping more reforms will continue to fuel their entrepreneurial spirit. and that's her shell for more checkout d, w dot com slash business, and the d. w. news. youtube channel are also on facebook from the end of his team here in berlin. thanks for watching. had been moving team is taking off because of the growing traffic in germany showing dynamic impulsive. that's how global impact, particularly invention for out of phase might play
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a decisive role here on our planet. read on d, w. know how to vacuum in 0 gravity. my ts moga does. he was part of the crew on the international space station for almost 6 months. what does it actually like to live in space? back on earth, he tells us about the everyday life of an astronaut. tomorrow today in 60 minutes on d w. o, a 50 years ago the international gathering of peace and cooperation becomes the scene
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of a horrible tragedy. arab terrorists, armed with sub machine guns, went to the headquarters of the israeli team and immediately killed one man. and that this will be the last time i saw him, our worst fears realized tonight. they are all gone. how i witnesses experienced the terrible events and this the world shouldn't forget the long shuttle, the 1972 olympic massacre. start september 3rd on d w a .


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