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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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this is a movie sake as visionaries and metals when bonnie, the meaning of modern africa is an egg on d. w with this is d w. news coming to you live from berlin, germany transfer all of sholtes visits his canadian counterpart in montreal. both say they're committed to renewable energy and fighting climate change, but need to boost fossil fuels for now to independence on russia. also coming out, russia blames ukraine for the car bombing the kill. daria debina, the daughter of
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a close putin ally, he of denies it had anything to do with her death. the russian resistance group is claim responsibility. and record brain fall in parts of the united states causes severe flooding with many drought stricken regions being hit hardest. ah, hello, i'm terry martin. thanks for joining us. german chancellor o. sholtes is on a visit to canada with the goal of expanding berlin's energy partnership with ottawa. germany is trying to end its dependence on russian gas as part of efforts to stop funding the kremlin war on ukraine. canada currently supplies little if it's possible, fuel energy to europe and long term germany is hoping canada could become a major source of a new type of remote renewable energy, green hydrogen. he's on a shopping trip,
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but there's nothing here to buy. at least not yet. chancellor, olive schoultz is in canada looking for new energy suppliers, as germany reduces its reliance on russia. we are working hot to become independent of disgust supply, and we are doing a lot of investments to make it happen. and we are doing it as fast as ever possible. never such an infrastructure has been built in germany and that a short time there. so canada has lots of natural gas, but currently few ways to exported to germany or prime minister just. and trudeau only promised to remove regulation to speed up for a future gas exports. so we are in a situation in the short term where we will do what we can to contribute to the global supply of energy by increasing our capacities in the short term.
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and explore ways to see if it makes sense to export l n g. and if there's a business case for it to export l n g directly to europe. so no gas for now but may be later. another option, the chancellor is chasing, so called green hydrogen canada is renewable power, could be harnessed to create it the german latest to it will continue with a visit to a remote town in canada as far north east where green hydrogen technology development is underway. d w. as nina houses in canada covering the chancellors visit earlier, we asked her how much help germany can expect from canada in addressing its energy shortfall. yet, canada is not going to play a role in helping gemini overcome add those shortages that are being caused by. of course, the lack of russian gas applies this winter. this is something that nobody's raising
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any expectations for. but what's important is to i intensify already existing bonds and assign memorandums of understanding so that both countries agree that they will work together very closely when it comes to that transformation of the industry when it comes to making that green. and this is of course, a medium to long term prospect, but germany hopes that to 8 can convince canada to use some of its untapped potential and also explore liquids and natural gas on the east coast and then hopefully export that to germany. so and, and also much more importantly, perhaps use and the hydrogen potential in the country. and there is the hope that in 3 to 6 he has time, perhaps the 1st hydrogen can be exported from canada to gemini. russia's federal security service has accused ukraine of carrying out a car bombing that kill daria deena, the daughter of a well known russian nationalist and close bruton ally. keith has denied any
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responsibility in the blast which happened near moscow on saturday. the allegation comes amid speculation within ukraine. the a group inside russia could have been responsible this video, shared by russian security services claims. a female ukrainian special services contractor was behind a car bomb attack that killed jonas dire de geena on the outskirts of moscow on saturday. they say the alleged ukrainian women moved to russia last month and had followed mister keena in a mini cooper. she then escaped to estonia after the blast, but ukrainian officials on denying the accusations as propaganda. good, the richard. it grows the shoe crash really doesn't have anything to do was yesterday explosion because we're not a criminal state. we're not a terrorist state speech, not the 0. but mr. gina's killing has also sparked white us speculation. most of the national republican army, an unknown group, is also claiming responsibility for the attack in a statement read by
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a former russian law maker and now host other ukranian online. you show the group threatened your attacks on people with connections to the kremlin. daria dicky now died at the scene after an explosive device installed in her toyota land cruiser went off and the car caught fire at us. believe her father, alexander dubin may have been the target. alexander dickon was meant to travel in the car but reported the later changed his mind. both duke and and his daughter were on their way to moscow after they attended a cultural festival spread. alexander duncan is a staunch and i of russian president vladimir putin and a far right philosopher and older. his daughter was also a prominent member of the ultra nationalist movement supporting roches invasion of ukraine of his work. he called for genocide ukrainians. she called ukrainians as soft human race. she called for public, ah, public killings all ukrainian prisoners of war, et cetera. so yes, she's
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a good against daughter bought. she is, 1st of all, a very active member of our russian, a fall, right national, his new nazi, our influential scene. meanwhile, president putin has paid tribute to mister keena, calling her death a vile and cool cry. for more honest, our joined by dw, correspond robin a current conser, inca in key. abram, how credible are these allegations by the russian intelligence service that a ukranian woman was behind the car ball? well, one should be very careful with any information coming from russia, especially from russian, a secret services and am, if we are talking about the speed of the investigation. this is something which is very astonishing. we haven't seen in the recent years, maybe am crimes in russia being investigated just within hours. and i'm evidence presented on russian television. so um,
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it is still very on side of the host. the whole case seems very strange. i'm from here in key. if no russia is accusing, you are crying a country which is at war with and m a. russia is presenting so forcible evidence. ukraine is denying and digging himself the father of the victim is calling for vain calling for victory over ukraine. the next strange thing is how quick president putin reacted he. m m sent his condolences and awarded a metal to the victim saying she was a russian patriot. and the russian propaganda is also, i'm running hyde to call for strikes against give and this is something which also struggle. a looks strange for observers. here it would be very advice of ukrainian government if ukraine is behind this to do such an attack on the eve of the ukrainian independence day, which is on august 24th. so or ukraine would know that russia would, could retaliate for that and, and bring many people in danger. and it is very unwise to kill such a person
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a just a few days before you. you mention it about the possibility of retaliation. how concerned is the government in kia that russia may indeed use its version of events surrounding to get his death to strike it? ukraine? well, those concerns are growing by the hour. i'm just a few days ago. you president, president zalinski warned that russia might be up to something bigger than before. ah, we have a report that the government officials are urged to stay home not to book in the government quarter. the public transports the will run only until 21 hours or there will be no celebration. electro canaan used to seeing the past 31 years on this day, which is very special. so there are grave concern that concerns. and there are also reports in the media that western media than russia that russia might strike the ukrainian capital key of something we haven't seen for many,
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many weeks. and the government quarter was not under attack since the russian invasion began. so it's very tense, extremely tense situation here in key if you can release, feel that india roman, thank you very much. shar correspondent, rollin gunter ranko there in keith sketch up on some other stories making headlines to day form a u. s. president. donald trump has asked the federal judge to temporarily block the f b i from reviewing material it sees from his florida estate. he's asking for a special appointee to oversee the review, the f. b, i search of the morrow lago resort was part of an investigation into whether trump illegally took classified documents from the white house. supporters of argentine, as vice president, christina fernandez, the character have rallied outside her residence after a prosecutor sought to impose a 12 year prison sentence on her. he is facing charges of corruption from her
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earlier term as president, which she rejects as politically motivated. a verdict is expected later this year. the italian coast guard has rescued the crew and passengers of a luxury yacht which sank in the mediterranean off the coast of constant sorrow. marina. the yacht came into difficulty 15 kilometers from the coast. all 9 people on board were saved. it was not immediately known what caused the yacht to sing? in the united states heavy rain and flash flooding or causing chaos and parts of the south and southwest. many areas that have been experiencing severe drought have been drenched by torrential rain, downpours, forcing hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. the state of texas has been particularly hard hit with record breaking rainfall in dallas from a historic drought to flash floods. the united states southwest is seeing
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a dramatic shift in extreme weather here in utah, muddy water, inundated straits and shops, while in new mexico national parks were evacuated, texas. so some of the heaviest rain flooding downtown dallas firefighters battled the raging water to rescue trapped residence. there got a hold of me come and rescue me. a tour with dorgan law. have la figure out how to do it. it was built for the current. so probably going bad my home if you can walk away parts of the u. s. have been in a prolonged drought, but sudden down paused, don't help. the water runs off the hard, dry ground, often making flooding even more severe. climate change is making these extreme weather events more frequent. and the u. s. government response to recent natural
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disasters has been repeatedly criticized as inadequate. already, inundated the southwest states are bracing for more rain later this week. it's back to school for many kids around the world in the philippines, the new school year, significant as it the 1st time in the coven, 19 pandemic, that students are allowed back into the classroom. going back to school after a long summer break can be heart. the best of times, but for kids in the philippines, if the 1st time in 2 years, they've set food in the classroom. when the cove at 19 pandemic hit schools who shut their doors and switch to remote lessons on zoom. now students of returning for face to face lessons and they're eager to learn. ah, here again actually enjoy learning and actually that person c,
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c and zoom glasses. and the, when you're learning online, it's just it's, it's, it doesn't feel like fun for the teachers to back in the classroom is where they want to be. i mean them, i was so happy when i saw them nicely, especially when i saw the joy on their faces. yes, i'm on. i'm up on the left campus. this is our chance to give them our best as teachers and focus on teaching them. because we know how difficult it was for them . and for us during the pandemic, i need not be like the island. i made no by. no, no, by them yet. adjusting to life in the classroom won't be easy for everyone, but the teachers at this school hope they'll soon limber up to learn a lot. this year. scientists at nasa have released new images of the planet jupiter . they're describing the pictures as providing never seen detail of the biggest
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planet in the solar system. they show jupiter's famous, great red spot shown here in white, as well as faint rings around the planet. the images were originally photographed and infrared, and then colorized. afterwards they were taken by the james web telescope, which was launched into space last year. saw you news for now? ah, coming up. we've got business for you. i'm terry martin for me in all of us here. thanks for watching. ah ah ah ah. a ended glistening place of long the mediterranean sea.


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