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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2022 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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was the scene of a horrible tragedy. arab terrorists, armed with sub machine guns, went to the headquarters of the israeli team, and immediately killed one man. and that this will be the last time i saw him in life. our worst fears realized tonight. they're all gone. how i witnesses experienced the terrible events and this the world shouldn't forget me, the lo shuttle, the 1972 olympic massacre, start september 3rd on d. w. a . we are living during the most extraordinary time in history of transport.
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we'll go fully electric with red, the auto and mobility show with the skies the limit to how new mobility in the air is becoming reality. make sure what time you spend in transport in quantitative time, valuable time for you know, limits how volvo, hopes it's see. 40 recharge will conquer the fully electric su. copay market the insulation is good as well. so there is nothing to complain about in this car. and beyond the limits why driving a took, took and sri lanka means freedom to this woman. i make my life. does i like the future of mobility in the air on the road all over the world now on red? ah,
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traffic jams, overcrowded subways when things get too tight on or under the ground. the only way to go in south with us. we're here. this is an essential key to future mobility. it solves so many problems with more and more cities are looking at airborne mobility to solve their congestion problems with a fit in north colby. but we want to use our air space because there's not enough room on the streets often as we see every day. they're all ready to bo, if before that is the autobahn project in munich, for example, uses cable cars suspended on tracks 5 to 10 meters high. no stations are needed. the cars can stop and lower themselves to the ground anywhere. people who want to get on or off can tell the car by means of an up.
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the brain child of a munich start up. the pilots project is being built in the northern suburb. deal to bone. the autobahn provides the comfort of individual vehicles for the price of public transport, convince iep and if have been combined, the advantages of today's public transport with the individual convenience of cars are, this is in the dallas. we're in a position to equip a whole city with our network very fast, and that very low cost and some that's this animation shows how the autobahn could be installed at berlin's potsdam or plants. for example, the only question is whether congress will make way for the capsules from the skies quickly. as for video suggests, the on the bus project operates on 2 levels. the cable car can also drive like a ah,
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the concept was developed at our w t h university and often at the institute for structural mechanics and lightweight construction. ah, usually the scientists here work on mobility solutions for space them from mit mit peasant, for individual mobility is also of relevance to us because of all this talk of flying taxi's, transporting people around cities in once we started thinking about individual mobility ourselves. when we came to the conclusion that applying taxis are not the solution in cities, and that got his thinking that's fear lying as a good idea in principle. what other alternatives are there? probably mon tomlin valley and we came up with the adapted cable car even come outside on cable cars aren't familiar site in south american cities in the bolivian capital la pas and the colombian capital bogota. commuters can
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glide over the roof tops and the clogged up streets below. it's a pleasure most of europe's historic old towns have had to go without so far. off nador was of in any unesco heritage or example the cathedral and often or other cultural obstacles. get in the way of the cable car from a mixture we'd like to link the cable car to the central train station. i'm been but most historic old towns don't have enough space for the track and landing space it will find the i from flies walkers through the cable car cannot be built where it needs to go. the steps you and are in bunk in our opinion, which that's why so you cable cars are built on western europe without a visa bind goodness and was on my own b. he's on holmes. i von investor. we'll put so much monica, both him. so how can offends historic center be connected to airborne mobility solutions? do me favor down if the cable car can't go in the air. we'll have to put it back on the ground and cover the last mile of was the original idea,
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did the roach. we then combine with our expertise in satellite technology and chill out the cable car is lowered on to a platform with 4 wheels and can drive like a bus. the current platform are connected by a coupling device that the scientists develop to link satellite modules in space that has with he doesn't try that out of the site to vast, back from satellite technology, the intelligence base connectors, we're confused, we can connect 4 things to an interface, and that's what makes it so smashing. this is tim rashaw. inside we have the mechanical interface or which we use to connect the different modules, your bodies, please pins, conduct the electricity supply meter, right in the middle, we have the data transfer device and this copper ring on the outside conducts heat of its avail move. uh huh. the space connector is the ideal transmitter to connect the cable car with the platform on wheels, which the scientists call the skate. boyd that's all been confirmed in tests. now it's time for the further development of up bus. the concept could transform inner
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city transport and give city folks some of their ground space back with the shopping list by raising the main traffic up a level we free up all the space that's taken up by conventional traffic and give it back to the people without any downsides, we can even reach browse ice locations in the city center by turning the cable cars into buses. this is essential for making public transport more attractive. it will draw people in as opposed to forcing them on to public transportation with traffic bands and other restrictions, so to speak, to an ordinary principal, to speak french car make her sit roy an also drew inspiration from the skate board for this exciting form of public transportation clients can choose from a range of capsules for the platform, like a mobile fitness studio,
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for example. or an exclusive lounge that turns inner city transport into a luxury cruise with give you back access to the city, make sure what the time you spend in transport is quantitative time valuable time for you. the skateboard concept is also key to a joint venture being worked on by the company's ital design and airbus a passenger cab that can be either flown by quad carter or driven by means of a platform on 4 wheels. the project is called pop up and promises a new kind of individual mobility in cities. but it wouldn't work without a connector, like the one built for space by the scientists. and often he's africa that the set us this hug is key to trans modular transport. i see lots of videos of cars
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connected to quad carpenters and flying, but you need a fairy dust to do that and we've got it. what goes up must come down. so airborne transport needs some kind of connection to ground level tube. and that stairway to heaven may well be the key to the future. urban mobility. ah ah no start stop button in this car. instead, you just press the brake pedal, put it to d, or in reverse, and then let's go. the volvo, c 40 recharge aims at the fully electric s u v q pay market. where there are already quite a few competitors. can it match up?
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the see 40 read shot, it's based on the axis 40 recharge and it also has the same drive train to electric engines, one at the front, one at the rear, each 1150 kilowatt. so $300.00 kilowatts in total. and with that, it will make the dash from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in 4.6 seconds. and that fee, it's pretty good for a car that weighs in it over $2.00 times. it can only go up to 180 kilometers an hour, but that is not because it's an electric car. that is a general decision of volvo. so even for the combustion engines, volvo stops their cars at 180 kilometers an hour, for safety reasons. that top speed is at least 20 kilometers an hour, less than most of the competition. the energy for the 2 e engines
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is provided by a 78 kilowatt hour battery. that way you will have arranged of 440 kilometers according to w l t p. if you drive around purely in the city, just like us right now, then you will even get to range of more than 570 kilometers. of course, in a cd, driving rather low speeds, a lot of start soft. that saves energy. the range assistant gives the driver tips to optimize their driving style in order to maximize range the c 40 recharge ethan s. u. v. cooper. hey, as you can tell by the sloping roof line, which looks pretty neat, but it also brings some problems because you will lose faith in the back. yeah, i mean, the space down here is pretty decent. that's absolutely okay. right up here. there is not much space enough,
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of course the ruby sloping down just like i said. and that way. yeah. there is not so much space left of course a little bit because of my hair. but imagine if i was a little taller then i might be sitting like this in here. so better not be bigger than i'd say one meter, 85 maximum one meter 90. let's talk about the interior. it is pretty clean. you don't have a lot of buttons right down here. you have some for the infotainment system. skip for skip backward play, pause, and to heat the windscreen. and that's it. the rest of it is done by the touch screen right here. and that also applies for the climate control which is right down here. it is okay, because you can operate it like that. some competitors have no buttons at all.
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talking about other parts. the steering wheel feels quite ok, but it doesn't really look good this part right here. the center part which is way too big and way too prominent. now that's that's not for me. i don't really like it, but the rest of the car looks really good. of course it takes a little bit of getting used to, the infotainment system is flipped. usually other full time systems are like, you know, from your tv and that a small, like your smartphone or tablet. but that's also a thing you will get used to pretty quickly. what is pretty neat. you have google maps on here because all of this works on an android base operating system. most competitors don't offer that, but still feature good systems also works really good if the voice operation, navigation. all right, where would you like to go? cologne, cathedra, navigating to cologne. cathedral,
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what you look at that, that works really good. nice you can tell right here. it tells me the distance and the timed will take to get there. but it also tells me that it has charging needed because i will not make it there on one charge. so i can add a charging stop. will then show me different ones and also tell me which kind of charging, stating it is very fast, medium, fast, medium. and it will also tell me how many there are if they are free and how long it will have to charge one hour, 15 minutes. that's quite a bit of time off waiting, but guess that's what you gotta do for electric mobility. that function is really practical. and not all the competitors give that much help to the driver. right down here you have to use b. c slots to charge your phone or to connect it to your infotainment system. and
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right below that you have a space to charge your smartphone wirelessly. it's just in the middle, you put it in and then your phone will charge. of course, if it does support the function that kind of charge can be found in all the competitors as well. the trunk of the see 40 recharge can fit up to 1205 leaders which is 85 less than the ex c 40 recharge. the competition came in somewhere around $14.00 to $1500.00 leaders 50 years to full potential. the car has on a regular basis, then you can say good bye to your 440 kilometers of range and you will be close to 300 faster than you can say. see 40 reach off. but that problem is not exclusive. the volvo, every other brand, also faces in the general driving impression them all those see 40 reach out
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is really pleasant. the car is silent, the car is constable. just like, you know, it from volvo, cough and just like you would expect it from ball because of course, you half know combustion engine, which also add to that feeling of silence in here. but the insulation is good as well. so there is nothing to complain about in this car. the, the 40 driving experience is one of the best right here behind the steering wheel. we have a fully digital cockpit which will show the root guidance if you're using navigation . any will of course, also show. busy your speed, your battery capacity, the temperature and so on. what the car doesn't have is head up display and that's a little said. the a thing that is also good about that body type in the rear view. as you can tell, there is only
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a small flat window left which is made even smaller by the headrest of the rear passenger. who would have guessed the other s u, v q pays all have a similar problem. the more like with that much power and the compressor and everything comes. busy and tries, we're talking about a base price of more than 60000 years in germany, and that's quite a bit of money. the question is, do you really need that much power? and i think you don't. as i mentioned earlier, the car is based on the x c 40 recharge and that one just got an update where you can order a version with just one engine weigh less power and therefore. busy also cheaper and i expect the see 40 recharge to also get the treatment some time in the future . so if you don't need that much power, you might as well wait for the other version to come onto the market and then save
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quite a few bucks. to sum up the volvo, see 40 recharges better than its competitors and some aspects, but worse than others. it scores points with things like comfort and a silent interior. on the downside, it lacks a head up display. the trunk is on the small side unit, the blue and the mobile phone phone, the payment for the day. i'm filing a with
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a not really feed on for me because i know on this day but then the home when i want more money, i can no leafy advise me. ah, the handle anything ah no. okay. i replaced this invoice at some papers that they put them on. send many of the she had for me . yeah. yeah. one of the lady took for my son and say, bill, why you guys don't bill lading. you like them all man, go try the morning.
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this is like all i live with the same list for me every, every, every server to really get them back up. and it said, you know, when i said, i like log out if my forgotten was only the only path to lift up. i have the titles here with my life. the beds have made gleams more blank on home and makes mutual garden and read sound. no, actually i wake up early morning, 540 meet late or late work. i mean, morning 8, the fire black with my
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mom pays for law to play like you know, yes. ah, ah, my breath inside there, there in like my me and left like i can go outside. if i want to the we're looking to be friends with me, but i'm back. i like to read them like differently than by. i don't not buy them here, but i'd like to get every one of my friends.
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ah, i actually took brooklyn dot com is my, my it's my life like this. so i'm doing this gum money may be more almost 3 years wanting. so really into doc doc for the thought is. so they enjoyed saw, these are new for their foreigners. so they don't have the doctors from them candy thought they can't, she longer are and look the doctor and get that feeling a license. after that, we give the lesson for the customer how to try the dog dogs on the road, broad ross and everything. with the decision we took to hire a woman is because we saw the gap, women in sri lanka are not really are taken for the jobs as a driving instructor or to drive it took,
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took in particular. so we wanted to change this perspective from a long period of time in sri lanka, or in many as in countries the norm is where the men goes out to work at the women's face behind looks after your kids cook at home. but now things haven't changed drastically. and also this is because of the pandemic, i should say, because women have to step in 1st is clearly i don't have any experience that was there dig been denied. i don't know how to jag, good dan, this good. i love bad all you need to leave below that. i asked from my friend he explain me like this. you need do 40 days, denials, tickets now he's practiced normally
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i get my license. i divide this year. i really i thought i found private, so i not made any to demo something that was a haven't i honestly, i mean by any other job, many most
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of that is really right for the driving on the street. not only book, and there might be a have the best we can try to try and try and try and a one day you can place i made my life. the friend philip, my life is easy. me to come in. a dear relationship is not illegal. mark her a lot of her papers if you're born like limits, like long heard and on for them them life. and if you can help them, you must help them because they need to leave for their happy life. i. i never tried before anyone, but then suddenly i live in my time. never mind
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a mother. i feel like i never say anything for a minute. i boy, i love this live with and we wish you happy travels your next time on red. ah, with
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who eco africa. clean drinking water, hard to come by come odyssey in the slums of nairobi, a possible solution vending machine full time. they are designed to give people access to the pressure 3. so in an easier and more affordable way with everybody is becoming more africa. 30 minutes on
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d. w. images that have been etched into memory. an unleashed mon gives free rain to its hatred of everything for the 30th anniversary on the roster. and then legacy. how could it come to this? the biggest race is, can post through germany, foreigners out, close up in 75 minutes on d, w o. and will interest the global economy our portfolio, d w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market
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dominance, get a step with d. w. business beyond a. hm . ah
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ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin, ukraine on high alert for a round of fresh attacks from russia. u. s. intelligence report say that moscow was planning to strike civilian areas in ukraine in retaliation for the killing of done you do deena, the daughter.


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