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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin to night. ukraine vows to take back crimea from the russian president zalinski, vowing that he will not stop fighting russia until the annex territory is back in ukrainian hands and western leaders. they are promising to support also coming up. germany's chancellor in canada in search of new energy sources, but ending dependence on russian oil and gas is proving not to be very easy. and
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voters in angola are set to head to the polls. the long time governing party facing some serious competition. and where is the water unprecedented droughts around the world connected with climate change tonight will ask, is there an answer to our growing wander scarce it ah, i bring. gov is good to have you with us on this tuesday world leaders. they are joining ukraine's president vladimir zalinski to discuss the future of the annexed crimean peninsula. zelinski to day promised to do everything possible to retake crimea, which was illegally annexed by russia. in 2014 other western leaders have expressed their support during today's summit, germany schanzer, olaf shoulds pledging additional military aid to the tune of $500000000.00 euros.
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as is part of what would lead us had to say earlier today when the russian regime blames sanctions for the food crisis around the world. they're engaging in disinformation. we need to continue fighting russian dis information. that's why canada will create a dedicated team to help increase our capacity to monitor and detect russian and other state sponsored different dis information. the international community also has to engage actively in the long term reconstruction of ukraine. rearing in mind the size of the challenge, we need to accelerate the work that we started the new randall in support of this process, like capacity as president of the g 7. and together with the pin commission, i will host an international high level expert conference for reconstruction in berlin and october. we will never recognize the illegal annexation of crimea and
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save us to poll by the russian federation. we are deeply concerned about the human rights violations in the crimean peninsula. the disappearances, the torture, the killings, the persecution of crimean talked ours, the intimidation and incarceration of journalists, lawyers, and human rights defenders. this is the dark reality of proteins, occupation. the european union will tirelessly work with the ukrainian authorities and our partners to expose these violations, to hold those responsible, accountable, and to support the victims. we are with you over moral dance. i'm joined now by our corresponded mathias berlin. he is in here to night mathias, we have heard reports more military aid being pledged to ukraine. $3000000000.00 us
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dollars from washington, half a 1000000000 from germany. is this coming as a relief for keith? every weapon that arrives in the ukraine is seen as a relief here because the biggest problem of the ukranian army is still that they are, they have less weapons and less ammunition than the russians. this has shifted somewhat or with their western weapons arriving and being more effective actually than the russian weapons being more able to target specifically a targets behind the front line, for example, ammunition dumps and, and, and, and a strategic objects. and that has of course, east the pressure on the ukrainian army that was very high in, in may. but still, russia is a air, has much more ammunition and is shelling indiscriminately along the front lines and her ukraine. things every ukrainian souls i've talked to says we have no more
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weapons, we can defend ourselves better. but it's not enough to eventually start an offensive or to move on fasts and all of this much he is on the eve of a national holiday in ukraine that be independence day. we're going to talk about that in just a moment. at 1st, we want to take a look at how people are marking independence day was to the hosting the national flag. i had a few cranes independence day, a usually festive commemoration, but not this year as it also mock 6 months since russia invasion. me calling. there is name we will never recognize any one slack of our london in our sky. navy is as we are always ready to defend our blue and yellow colors. see, i ask you now to commemorate with a moment of silence the heroes who gave their lives so that roy, gears and c gallery with dully ukraine, his band, bigger celebrations, of
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a fear of fresh rush and strikes in keith, whatsoever. not everyone shares that concern your past. you live with joy, we do feel a bit tense, but it doesn't disrupt our lives. this is our reality. and then the my ethical. no, i have no feeling of insecurity. i come from her keith, it is dangerous there. and keith, i don't have the feeling i've been living here for a month. no, no insecurity. lou vietnam way, of course we know that there can be attacks. but when we are worried, we can hide. tell them about who you dorski. yes. can. we can feel the tension a bank, the road. that's just too much information about. and that has an effect on you would do otherwise. everything else seems to be working them, business and transport. are you for watson, m, suburbia? otto, what else can you do from to your cities that sir hon. you can't hide in the basement for everson, valjean. miss,
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precious. life has to go on. ye. remove the hinge. yes, it is the eve of independence day in ukraine, motifs. over reports today that people are once again fleeing the capital city, fearing there could be more russian air strikes. talk to me about this, this the sense of renewed threat of what have you seen in her. so what we see if you're in the streets of keys and then you wouldn't say that people are scared, people are still out in the cafes and the restaurants out there. they have this, there's this sir, they call it a parade of burnt our tank, sir. they brought to the city center, a burnt old russian tanks and people are walking around. they're curious, taking pictures and so on. but if you talk to people, of course some have left the city some have said, okay, i'd rather spend this week at my mother's house somewhere in the countryside or, or, or, or are taking other precautions because of course,
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the threat is there. this is very symbolic. day and the authorities, the americans are services and the ukrainian authorities have warned that there might be strikes on kia for this weekend. so here in the capitol, people are aware and of course in other parts of the country as well. we've seen that before, that even when the capital was relatively quiet or other cities that were never at the front line or anywhere close, would suddenly be hit with many casualties and earth did. there is definitely a sense that something might happen, but people are defiant as always. it amusement he is girl, a girl reporting to light from keep on the eve of i think we can say the most unusual independence days in ukraine. my dear thank smells, take a quick look at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world, brazil's, for white presidential, your bills and arrow,
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has tried to allay fears at heel, trying to overturn the results of october's presidential election if they don't go his weight, he says that he will respect the outcome as long as the voting is transparent. firefighters in portugal captured a phenomenon on camera to day as they battled a wildfire in the north of the country. fire tornadoes like this. when you see right here, he can dramatically worse and serious blazes, making them spread rapidly, like several european countries. portugal have seen an increased number of wildfires this year. poland prime minister was among those who paid their final respects to tech la union, which to day, which was the world's 2nd oldest person. when she died, she passed away this month at the age of $116.00 german has. oh shoulds and says that canadian liquefied natural gas could play
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a major role in germany's shift away from russian gas import. speaking at a business form today, the chancellor stressed that canada is germany's partner of choice as it tries to end its dependence on russian gas before supplies. possibly dwindle. this winter shows he is on an official visit to canada, which is a major producer of fossil fuels, but has in not so far been a large supplier to europe, businesses with inflation t w's hands brought. he is closely following this trip force. he joins us from our studio here in berlin, a 100 these hopes for liquefied natural gas. ellen g imports from canada. how feasible would that be right now? at the moment is not feasible at all. canada doesn't have a single export terminal to export liquefied natural gas and certainly not on its east coast on the atlantic coast, which would be closest to europe,
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closest to germany. and germany doesn't have a single terminal yet to import such gas. it's busy building some and hoping that they will be ready early in the next year about the other problem is that kind of as gases, mostly in the west of a country, would have to be transported to the east in some way, maybe through a pipeline. one of that infrastructure doesn't yet exist, so it kinda prime ministers us introduce has been very cagey about these wishes. being formulated by solves, he said that a business case would have to be made for canada to be able to consider this. this would have to pay for itself, or in fact make a profit and that is not katie, katie, not the case at the moment. maybe in the medium term, maybe in the next 2 or 3 years. if prices stay high, and if the infrastructure problems can be solved, then there is a possibility of such exports. at the moment, it's not possible at all that we understand 100, that germany can, there are set to, to sign what's known as a hydrogen deal. what more do we know about that?
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well, this concerns what's called green hydrogen. that's a production of hydrogen by using clean energy by using carbon neutral energy. this is thought of something that could happen in the feast of kind of canada, where there's a lot of wind power available. and this hick, liquified hydrogen could then be exported for instance to germany. this is a project that is also thought about as a medium term plan as something that reaches far into the future into an industry that could be carbon neutral and shots to german chancellor saying that kind of could be a major producer of such green hydrogen. but it's something that could only happen at the earliest and about 3 years time. so it's also something that's where the plans are being laid well into the future. nothing that's going to happen very quickly. and it comes in germany, braces itself for the winter in rising energy costs. what are the prospect for this
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country? well, i mean there are 2 concerns here. one is that people are afraid that they might not be able to heat the homes in the winter to soften that. the storage facilities in germany are being sold and are almost full at the moment. somewhere around 80 percent is a possibility of getting through the winter without really getting called industry on the other hand is not quite clear to what extent industry can be supplied by gas at the moment. general government is desperately trying to find new sources, and that's also demonstrated by this trip to canada. the w's tons brought with the latest one here in berlin. huns is always thank you. malaysia's top court has upheld ex prime minister nancy bra zach's conviction for his part in a corruption scandal. rosin was a key figure in the plundering of a sovereign wealth fund,
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where some 4500000000 euros went missing. he has had to pay a fine of nearly 50000000 euros, and his 12 year prison sentence started immediately. the former prime minister, making his way into court inside judges unanimously up held his 2020 conviction on charges related to a multi 1000000000 euro corruption, scandal finance jeep supporters. outside the verdict was a heavy blow for other malaysians welcomed the results from that from from the bottom of my heart, i am happy to appear. yes, this erica justice is served and he deserved it on monday. but the economic center i've been we're be waiting for this type of visit for so long. finally, we get something a st. rosure for all of us. for malicious. we feel that we have the 5th justice
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program, listen people that it's been a years long journey towards that justice with the jeep 1st being convicted of corruption, 2 years ago on to being found guilty of stealing money from state investment fund, one m d b with more than 42000000 ring it or 9400000 euros ending up in his private bank account. just a tiny fraction of the more than 1000000000 euros prosecutor se went to accounts linked to him. the scandals fall to mass protests when it 1st came to light in 2015 land was a key factor in his shock election defeat in 2018. i accept the verdict of the people while the latest ruling cement the ex prime ministers. dizzying full from grace with 4 or the trials underway, his legal was
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a fall from over civil war and oil boom, corruption scandals. these are all recent events in angola on wednesday voters there will go to the polls and for the 1st time in the countries democratic history, the long time governing party the m p l late. it will be facing serious competition . ah, music, dance and good mood. what looks like a massive party is infected opposition, really and, and gulas capital luanda. and despite the good mood, supporters of the opposition party or nita have serious demise. i want to change this time because all billboard unity is that we don't have here. and i'm gonna mentally has young hazel casey, a lot of guys who are forming bod. we don't have opportunity to war. i got it. how it up with just the i'm supposed to have a proper job, but i don't. i have to wash carson motorcycles to make a living. that's why we need change on another emotional doesn't. angola is
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a country of stark contrasts. africa's biggest oil producer has one of the most expensive capitals in the world. yet the majority of an goldens still live in poverty by the former independence movement, m p l. a has been in power for almost 5 decades. 5 years ago president rollin so took over branding himself as a reformer. now he wants to be re elected dollars, gram with orange for ball in is you real man, a load on top of the phone. we had the courage to break it up to and start the fight against corruption. we told the justice system to do what they are supposed to do, and this is what they did say. yes, is this something you'd want quad marriage to do? but many angolan say the promises when not fulfills corruption, remains the problem and the oil. welf hasn't trickles down to the general
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population. people here are expecting the most competitive elections in the history of the country. well, at least at the surface the country doesn't have a history of free and fair elections, and many doubt it will be any different. this time in the evening we meet hammond did obasi one of the was and so on. the blood graduates who lost trust in the system. his mother and father died 2 years ago, but he shows us that they are still in the vote at the time. man. yes, complicated is that it get enough money so i don't know if that process is transparent. if we have minors, not that people in the database, we can't agree with the electoral procedures that say, yeah, not that much money on these. but the government has dismissed these instances as technical issues saying then no reasons for consume making the opposition really main candied it. i'd be up to a junior is confident his father you anita,
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will when this time despite tensions aim it expected tight results so far. the campaigns have been peaceful world wide, more than 2000000000 people do not have access to clean drinking water. that's a result of poor management waste, but also of climate change. here's a look at water scarcity around the globe. drought has ravaged northern mexico. we're farm animals are dying from a lack of water harvests have been disrupted. and fisheries have been cold as the country experienced one of the worst routes in more than 30 years in hungary. lakes have turned into patches of dried mud and low water supplies are putting wildfires at wild life rather at risk. farmers in the region worrying that they may not have enough green pasture to feed their livestock. in a european countries are facing their dry us period on record. and drought is also dried up much of china's largest fresh water lake. the p. o young lake which connects to what is the world's 3rd longest river,
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has been reduced. you see right there to a quarter of its usual size as water levels continue to drop farm lands in. one of china's ki weiss, growing regions are under threat for this year. winds in many countries across europe. there was little rain across the u. k. experts or calling for solutions to make sure that future droughts do not spill disaster for people and the economy. parched fields, it's not what you would expect to find in northern england. but this is a summer of unprecedented heat and now of drought. climate change is making these extreme weather events more frequent. this is something different now this summer, so i think it's down to all of us to think about where water comes from in it. when, when you turn on the tap or you have a shower, that water comes out of rivers like this. that means we're taking it away from the
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barman or taking it away from a farm or that could be using it to irrigate or harvey's crops that we will need. what a scarcity is also an issue of distribution. something that can be addressed through improved infrastructure. we have enough water in this country, it's normally in the west and in the winter, and we need investment an infrastructure to have it in the right place at the right time. so there's enough water for people, food, and the environment. this will not be the last drought. agriculture uses 70 percent of accessible fresh water globally. drawing more and more water from the environment is creating mass, biodiversity loss, environmental as say, it also creates a cycle of less water overall. for people and the environment. we need to bring back the wetlands that we've lost across our countryside around might if center these have disappeared in the last a 100 years. we need to make space for that water. we're going to see increasing
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conditions like this and we will see crops failing if we don't take these kinds of actions. as the u. k registers its hottest sama, every measure will be needed to combat climate change and growing wash as scarcity . on join l by, as it biz was, he's a visiting professor at the university of glasgow. he's written extensively about and advised dozens of world leaders on water management. it's good to have you with us. what is our biggest problem here? are we using too much water, or are we using the water that we have the wrong way? ah, the biggest problem really is it case is in management. we have plenty of water from actually everything we want. but our management last 4050 years have been unsustainable. in an introduction, you mentioned that even land is fitting a doubt. but the fact is, if you look at the english will english and who are to companies 20 percent of the
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water, i've simply lost. so we had the really poor management all over the world. and we had blaming it in water scarcity. if we meant, if we improve our management skill than even with climate change which prolonged out and for on flights, we have enough management expertise and enough water to make sure we get on to the child ears and managed to jo. oh, perfect. my head to flying professor, that's been, that's quite a statement makes it so you're saying bet are despite the realities of global warming, there is enough water on the planet. and if we would just learn how to better management, we would be able to solve this problem of water scarcity. that is correct. and this is the real problem. there is no, no lack of physical resource of water. but what we have is
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a real crisis management report. i would suspect i would suggest that these 2 are very different. and is there a mindset change that needs to happen? i know that you've said that many people don't understand the value of water. well, how do we change that? should we make water more expensive? and of course in water, for example, he mentioned correctly in the beginning of the program, 70 percent of water. he's used for agriculture. i don't know. he even a single country anywhere charges for agriculture, water use, i even for domestic water use, most parts of the war. it is either free or highly subsidized. so unless there is a price on the water, people who never realize its value. and the 2nd thing is throughout our history, we have taken water for granted. we have used the misuse, eat as who as who wish as much as who is now in the population increase higher
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economic activities. and now the climate change. the problem at the escalations have to be different. we have to manage our water better and infrastructure easy. of course important. even look at yuki england and wales as a advanced country is since the structure is creaking right now. and so unless we improve dec loss, this will be tremendous. there are some places now, they're losing 60 percent of water from the cyst. and professor if we looked at water, the way that we look at our energy, for example, particularly here in europe right now with, with the more in ukraine. do you think that would change and stop the wasting of water that we sit? yes, that's that of certainly help. and we have to convene snow are policy makers that water has to be an important issue. he not political agenda. in fact, if you look at history, are politicians all over the war,
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only get interested when there is a long del, what a prolonged flag in a moment, the flood disappears. water disappears from the agenda on the person in the whole was last 30 years. who has been interested in net in water consistently with leak one you and he bought sina horse wired to water management as one of the best in the war in a 20 year period. so we need to political support that to them. professor as it was, was, we appreciate your time in your insights tonight, as you say, unfortunately when it's out of sight, it's out of mind. thank you. that is good. well, amid the ongoing war with russia, ukraine's premier league has started its new football season. all games are to be played in empty stadiums because of the risk involved. several of the leagues clubs are based in territory held by poor russian separatist and have to play in the stadiums of clubs and other regions. for example,
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the season open on tuesday between chucked our don't ask an metalli's car. he took place in the capital key. ukrainian president zalinski addressed the teams from another location. so easy watch and d, w take off is up. next, i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i hope to see them with with
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you a beginning of the story that moves us and takes us so long for the ride. it's all about the perspective. culture. information is d w. d w made from
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mines o on this day it's been 6 months since russia started for us to talk on the summer and name on you crate. we are here. we talk to people on the ground. to politicians, we shed light events and that consequences 6 months that have changed ukraine on the well, on all platforms brought to by g w. departure into the unknown. today, this means flying to a foreign planet. in the 16th century, it meant to be kept him and setting sail to discover a route
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a race lead to military interest, a race linked to political and committed to with finance and adventure full of hardships, dangers and death. my jillions journey around the world starting september 7th on d. w. a we are living during the most extraordinary time of history.


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