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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 24, 2022 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is d w. news alive from birth. it a show of support for you crime. 6 months after brush as board began late as pledge, billions of heroes in new i'd and weapons for keith. also coming up, germany saw him to deal with canada to produce and ship green hydrogen,
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the to comforts the country's leaders, call it an historic stick. that'll help fight climate change and help germany's dependence on russian gas and voters in angola are set to head to the poles to long time governing party faces. serious competition. ah m. anthony, how does good to happy with us? german chancellor, olaf. shorts has pledged 500000000 euros in additional weapons to help you cried. fend off the ongoing russian invasion. berlin's pledge came as ukrainian president for lamesa lensky hosted a virtual summit of dozens of world leaders to rally support. for the return of the crimean potential, which russian occupied and annexed in 2014 berlin's weapons, pledge came as ukrainian president vladimir lensky said he would do everything necessary re take control of the region. so it was just one of the leaders to
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played support. canadian prime minister justin trudeau was also a man when the russian regime blames sanctions for the food crisis around the world . they're engaging in disinformation. we need to continue fighting russian dis information. that's why canada will create a dedicated team to help increase our capacity to monitor and detect russian and other state sponsored different dis information. the international community also has to engage actively in the long term reconstruction of ukraine. rearing in mind the size of the challenge, we need to accelerate the work that we started to lou randall in support of this process like capacity as president of the g 7. and together with the european commission, i will host an international high level expert conference for reconstruction in berlin and october. we will never recognize the illegal annexation of crimea,
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and so as to poll by the russian federation, we are deeply concerned about the human rights violations in the crimean peninsula . the disappearances, the torture killings. the persecution of crimean talked ours. the intimidation and incarceration of journalists, lawyers, and human rights defenders. this is the dark reality of put in such a passion. the european union will tirelessly work with the ukrainian authorities and our partners to expose these violations, to hold those responsible, accountable, and to support the victims we are with you. well, earlier we spoke today, w corresponded mathias bullying and asked him what this latest round of pledges from western allies means for you. chris. every weapon that arrives in the
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ukraine is seen as a relief here because the biggest problem of the ukranian army is still that they are, they have less weapons and less ammunition than the russians. this has shifted somewhat or with the western weapons arriving and being more effective actually than the russian weapons being more able to target specifically a targets behind the frontline, for example, ammunition dumps and, and, and a strategic objects. and that has, of course, eased the pressure on the ukranian army that was very high in, in may. but still, russia is her, has much more ammunition and is shelling indiscriminately along the front lines and her ukraine, things every ukrainian souls i've talked to says we have no more weapons, we can defend ourselves better. but it's not enough to eventually start an offensive or to move on fast as mathias pulling it in cave where ukraine is
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preparing to market independence day on wednesday. but the event is expected to be muted due to concerns about a possible uptick in russian attacks on civilian targets. tensions a high after moscow claimed the ukrainian spy planted carbone, the kill daddy of de geena and outspoken kremlin supporter and daughter of russian ultra nath nationalist alexander to keep her as denied any involvement but his weary of possible reprisals most hosting the national flag. i had a few cranes independence day, a usually festive commemoration, but not this year, as it also marked 6 months since russia's invasion. me calling. there is name, we will never recognize any one's flag of our land and in our sky. navy is that we are always ready to defend our blue and yellow colored c. i asked you now to commemorate with a moment of silence the heroes who gave their lives so that romeo g as in c gallery
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with dully ukraine, his band, bigger celebrations over fear of fresh rush and strikes in keith. whatsoever. not everyone shares that concern. europe as you are with joy, we do feel a bit tense, but it doesn't disrupt our lives. this is our reality. and then the my, the call. no, i have no feeling of insecurity. i come from her keith, it is dangerous. there and keith, i don't have the feeling i've been living here for a month. no, no insecurity. is normally it. of course we know that there can be attacks, but when we are worried, we can hide away the mcwaters who yeah. dorski. yes, you can feel the tension a bank that's just too much information about and that has an effect on you with her. otherwise everything else seems to be working the business and transports. are you from lots or m? suburbia? are back. what else can you do from to your seized?
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it's her horn. you can't hide in the basement, traverse in for the volume is precious. life has to go on. you remove the hinge or let's take a look now, some of the other stories making headlines, this l. u. s. official, se iran has eased demands that have been blocking the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal. this includes iran allowing un inspections at nuclear facilities. indirect negotiations between the 2 countries have been at a stalemate for more than a year. u. s. is expected to respond soon through a u. mediators. the international criminal court chief prosecutor has expressed frustration over the lack of accountability for crimes committed during the death for conflict in sudan, addressing the un security council by video link. the prosecutor said survivors of the arm conflict needed action, not words. forefathers in portugal captured a phenomenon on camera as they battled
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a wildfire in the north of the country. fire tornadoes like this. kendra medically worse and serious blazes, making them spread more rapidly, like several european countries. portugal has seen an increased number of wildfires, the sea germany and canada have signed a hydrogen energy supply deal with shipments from canada. expected to start in 2025 . chancellor olive shalt and prime minister justin trudeau visited a canadian town where a green hydrogen plant is being developed using wind energy to produce the low carbon fuel. the german leader is on the to a seeking new energy sources to reduce the countries reliance on russian gas and oil provincial or the federal ramp. political correspondent in a hazard is in canada for that signing ceremony. she says the hydrogen deal won't provide a quick solution for germany's problem of replacing russian energy with other sources. this trip was never about delivering any short term solutions to germany's
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current problem of reduce gas applies from russia. this trip was about intensifying the already existing strong economic and political partnership between canada and germany. both countries see each other as reliable partners that they think they can count upon over the next couple of decades. it is not looking very likely that canada will export liquefied natural gas to germany any time soon. canadians are hesitant that germans even will want to import gas for very much longer. but when it comes to the hydrogen agreement, there is a political message. both countries want to transform their industry towards carbon neutrality. so the hydrogen agreement might have happened anyway. but russia's war on ukraine has definitely helped give this new technology a political boost. and it has help canada jump up a few ranks on the list of countries that germany intends invest in, in the future. and as of that, co,
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malaysia's top court has upheld ex prime minister nat geo. browse acts conviction for his part in a corruption scandal that he was prosecuted for his role in the theft of some 4500000000 euros from a chevron wealth fund. he's been ordered to pay a fine of nearly 15000000 euros and begin a 12 year prison sentence. immediately. the former prime minister, making his way into court inside judges unanimously up held his 2020 conviction on charges related to a multi 1000000000 euro corruption scandal. finance eve supported outside the verdict, was a heavy blow for other malaysians welcomed the results from that from from the bottom of my heart. i am happy to appear yesterday, sir, because just as a served and he deserved it by monday. but the ignorant center i've been,
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we're be waiting for this type of visit for so long. finally, we get something, a st. rosure for all of us. for malicious. we feel that we have the 5th justice program. listen, people that it's been a years long journey towards that justice with the jeep 1st being convicted of corruption 2 years ago. after being found guilty of stealing money from state investment fund, one m d b. with more than 42000000 ring it or 9400000 euros ending up in his private bank account. just a tiny fraction of the more than 1000000000 euros prosecutor se went to accounts linked to him. the scandals fault mass protests when it 1st came to light in 2015. no land was a key factor in his shock election defeat in 2018. i accept the verdict
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of the people. while the latest ruling cement, next, prime ministers. dizzying fall from grace with 4 or the trials underway. his legal woes of far from over or civil war and oil burn corruption scandals. recent events have been a rough ride for angola. on wednesday, voters go to the polls there and for the 1st time in its democratic history, the long time governing m. p l i is fighting serious competition. ah, music, dance and good mood. what looks like a massive party is infected opposition, really and angola, capital luanda. and despite the good mood supporters of the opposition party or nita have serious demise. i want a change in this time because of the opportunity is that we don't have hearing all mentally has young. hey look, i see a lot of guys who are forming bod. we don't have
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a budget to ward. i got it. i went up there. i'm supposed to have a proper job, but i don't, i have to wash carson motorcycles to make a living. that's why we need change on and all that emotional does. angola is a country of stark contrasts. africa's biggest oil producer has one of the most expensive capitals in the world. yet the majority of an goldens still live in poverty. why? the former independence movement m. p l a has been in power for almost 5 decades. 5 years ago, president rowden so took over branding himself as a reformer. now he wants to be re elected, you know, but um, i will need you. re on the load on the phone. we had the courage to break it, had to and start the fight against corruption. we told the justice system to do what they are supposed to do. and this is what they did say. yes, this a good one,
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quad marriage, cindy. but many angolan say the promises when not fulfills corruption, remains a problem and the oil welf hasn't trickled down to the general population. expecting the most competitive elections in the history of the country. well, at least at the surface, the country doesn't have a history of free and fair elections, and many doubt it will be any different. this time in the evening we meet hammond jade obasi, one of the thousands of unemployed graduates who lost trust in the system. his mother and father died years ago, but he shows us that they are still in the vote at a time when i'm mannequins is complicated. is that a gather lunch money? so i don't know if that process is transparent. if we have minors that people on the database, we can't agree with the electoral procedures that say ya, 9 dash one ace on these. but the government has dismissed these instances as technical issues saying they're no reasons for consume they can,
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the opposition really main candidate either be or to a junior is confident his part you anita, will when this time despite tensions aimed expected tight results. so far, the campaigns have been peaceful and that is all the news for now, coming up 6 months into its war, the told it's taking on brushes the economy to now, to milan has the details in business that's coming up after a short break. you're watching a date of the news live from further and i'm anthony howard. from now, from man over here. thanks for your company with people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. warner families, please see the reason for these cryptogenic.


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