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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, ukraine, braces for possible attacks for rashanda on its independence day. today also mark 6 months since rush a launch it's invasion, unleashing a wave of death and destruction not seen in europe since world war 2. the conflict
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has sent shock waves around the world, yet the crane has defined all expectations and fights on. also coming up, germany signs a deal to canada to produce and ship green hydrogen by 2025. applying for more sustainable future that does little to use. germany's current dependence on russian gas and drought and tread along italy's river po, one of europe's largest rivers is drying up to calling a ripple effect of loss across the region. and voters in angola are said to head to the poles. the long time governing party faces serious competition. ah, i married evans dean, thanks for joining us. an independence day of defiance and fear in ukraine. ukraine is still fighting 6 months after russia launched
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a devastating invasion. one that has had tremendous repercussions for the world. a refugee crisis for one, the united nations estimate some 5000000 ukrainians have left most of them headed for other european countries. and 7000000 people have been displaced inside of ukraine. the russian blockade of ukrainian ports has led to a massive disruption of shipments from one of the world's biggest grain producers. and that in turn affected tens of millions of people around the globe who depend on that grain. our correspondent monte is building i recently visited with those who lived through the earliest attack on a residential building in key. if up in the sky, they're working to fix the damage at the block. the about it was a rockets. it came from over there like this and sliced off a corner of the building, thought waldo. so
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it was the 3 of the war. this was the 1st residential building and keith to be hit they've started reconstruction, even though the war hasn't yet ended. the city council is paying for most of the repairs, but residents like only natural makeover. oh, so raising funds that had been sent that was available. this was the api center of the explosion. there were 2 apartments here. and if you look over here, this quarter, there was another room here at the rocket chick, the corner of and the whole room. the explosion also hit the 2 apartments above and below. abdulla only was out of all i see it. ruth new
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the destroyed room was the one most families in the apartments use as a kids bedroom. the block was relatively new, built for the key of emerging middle class. the rock had wrecked 4 floors, but no one was killed. they were either in different parts of their apartments or had left the city like one family who had fled to germany. on the video, they had a camera in the room and they could see on their phone, her their flat was destroyed. i can't imagine what that feels like. they were safe, but they still saw this happening. it's terrible. visit office did. don't shift those off. 4 floors for the don't. all in as apartment was an
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damaged, even the glasses intact. still, she's happy. she wasn't home when the rocket hit. some neighbors were there suffered a terrible shock and still have trouble returning. they stay in close contact. at the calamity has united many of us have become friends and we understand how important it is to stick together. and when the war is over, i'm sure we will quarrel again. defines from the people was building was the 1st and key to be hit in this war. with ukraine marking independence day, me and 6 months since rushes invasion. i am the w correspondent, robin gunshot, and go and key of how ukrainians were commemorating these 2 significant milestones . of was mixed feelings. i would say, am, it's
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a war of independence that ukraine is fighting 31 years after it proclaimed independence from the soviet union. and it's a very special day here. you can feel the tensity in the air and it's in the morning, it's a public holiday. the streets are still empty, but there are few people walking down the central boulevard here and key if crecia to just me behind my back where you can see dozens of scorch russian tanks that were captured as russia tried to capture key of the capital in the 1st days and weeks of this war, and this gives of course, ukrainians, the sense of pride. as many people say local. russia has the 2nd strongest army in the world and we were able to fight them back and we're still fighting 6 months on . so they're very proud of that, but on the other hand, there is also sorrow. as i've said, this is a war of independence and ukrainian, a pain, a very high price for that. we do not have official figures, but observers here in ukraine estimate that no tens of thousands of people died in these 6 months. military and civilians are so it's, it's a very m, m,
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a tens feeling here and key of a feeling of pride. the feeling of joy, but also a feeling of sorrow. and people remember those dead. and there is a moment of silence every day he and keith. but life goes on, on the other hand, while the cranium government and has been warning that russia could launch woods calling, brutal strikes to day on this day targeting the capitol. perhaps. how are ukrainians preparing? well the government, the government has warned ukrainians to avoid for the city center to be, to say vigilant. our video, which is on a different from, from the beginning of the war when the war western warnings about the attack. and the government said, well, oh, we don't believe that quite a so there were, there was criticism of the government at that time now it's acting differently. i.
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so our government officials were urged to stay home the whole week to work from home of the public transport. he and kia for him is running only until 21 hours at night. but on the other hand, people are still walking. the streets are in other cities which are close to the frontline, like, for example, ukraine's 2nd largest city hockey. if the situation is very much different, the city is being shelled every day. every hour people are dying. there every day, and there is no train connection with khaki for so ukrainian railways are said on this independence day. it's too dangerous to drive by trying to hark. if so there is a kind of locked down there. i spoke to a young woman who came from hockey to peer and she said, the situation here in the capital so much different. she feels safe here. d w 's, roman gunshot ankle reporting for us from tier from and thank you so much. well, despite the ard, so far, ukraine has managed to hold off the criminal and 6 month ever to take over the
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country. it up a reporter, we have glue. craft, takes a look back at how the war started and some of its major turning points to date. after months of speculation, warnings, fears and a massive troop build up. i'm 3 sides of ukraine. russian president vladimir putin finally revealed his deadly intentions on february 24th. first, let's look at how things were on the eve of the war. now russia already occupied. the crimean peninsula in the south, in 2014, and at the same time helped separatists take control of part of ukraine's eastern danverse region. now in that conflict, the united nations estimates 14000 civilians had been killed in the years since now starting february 24th, put and launched a full scale invasion of ukraine by land, by sea, by air. the russian leader claims the ukrainian government has committed crimes against russian speaking ukrainians. but outside russia, the war seen as
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a desperate effort to stop ukraine's further integration with the west, which putin views as a threat to his power. now in the 1st stage of the war until around the beginning of april, russian forces pounded the capital cave and other major urban centers like hawk ethan maria pope. entire civilian areas were flat, millions of people fled to neighboring countries or to ukraine, somewhat safer western region. but russia under estimated ukraine's resistance and its military couldn't establish air superiority, it tried, but failed to surround keith and decapitate ukraine's democratically elected government. so after several weeks of little progress from the north of the country, russian commanders ordered a withdrawal to concentrate their firepower on the east. that is the wars 2nd face . ukrainian troops are outmanned and outgunned, and they were forced to steadily retreat, allowing russian forces to consolidate gains on the ground. now what you see here
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doesn't mean that russia has full control of these areas. what we can say is that in the south and the east is where russia has advanced the most and exert some level of administrative control. it's these areas that have seen the heaviest fighting. and now we're in the 3rd face. ukraine says it's fighting back with the help of us and other western weapons. both sides have suffered tremendous losses, though it's impossible to put a precise figure on that. same goes for the civilian toll which the united nations officially puts at $13000.00 killed and wounded. but they acknowledge it's likely a gross under count. now it's unclear what putin's end game is here as the war becomes one of attrition. whether ukraine has the strength to push back against russian advances, where the russia has the resources to establish itself as an occupying power. and whether the winter ahead will freeze fighting and force some kind of deal. that was d, w, william glue, croft. now let's have
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a look at some of the other stories making news. this our the u. s. national archives has recovered more than 100 documents with classified markings from former president. donald trump's residence the batch, which totals more than 700 pages, was retrieved from mar a lago earlier this year, before the later f e i search in august were officials removed, additional sets of classified records. the volume of documents was newly revealed, and government correspondence with trumps to the legal team. journalists and mexico have been protesting the death of a colleague calling for justice and an end to a counter of impunity. communist freddie roman was shot dead in his car. he was the 12th media worker to be killed in mexico this year alone, the embalmed heart of brazilian emperor don pedro. the 1st has been received with military honors and brazilian to kick off brazil's bicentennial celebrations. the portuguese monarch, the crown cleared brazil independent nearly 200 years ago. his heart has been
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brought in from portugal for 3 weeks. germany and canada have signed a deal for a future partnership on renewable energy schanzer. all of sean and his canadian counterpart have agreed that canada will supply germany with so called green hydrogen. within the next 3 years. both countries hope the deal will help fight climate change and also kickstart a trans atlantic hydrogen supply chain. cy, now pay later germany and canada having to deal to deliver green hydrogen across the atlantic. canada will get a big customer. germany will get clean energy from an allied. it's a long term project, but chancellor, olaf sholtes is planning ahead. the time to act as know, not only in order to reach or ambitious climate targets and secure energy supply, but also in view of international competition. around the world,
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green hydrogen is developing at an electrifying pace. the technology converts water into hydrogen, which can be transported and used as fuel. it needs lots of renewable energy to create prime minister justin true dose as windy canada is the ideal place for large scale production. we are clear that who and every science teacher can create hydrogen in their classroom. how do we figure out how to scale it up so that we can respond to the not just replacing russian energy in the world. but the increase in energy requirements, hydrogen is already being used to fuel vehicles, which only emit water as exhaust. but there's currently little infrastructure to generate or deliver the low carbon fuel. now the long term pipe dream is getting a new boost rushes, illegal and unjustifiable invasion of ukraine has meant that everything gets
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accelerated, that the pivot to reduce our carbon emissions to replace orland gas from russia for europe. but to accelerate the transition towards cleaner energy is happening now. now can't come soon. enough. trudeau says the 1st shipment, so ju, in 2025 person schoultz will have to wait for the rewards of his right now in terms of politics or maybe an did up the you correspondence in, in a has, i was traveling with the german chancellor in canada. and she joins us now for more . hello nina, welcome back. a. so coming back from this and trip, would you say that schultz is visit to canada was a success? well, there were a few people who thought that this trip was about delivering short term solutions to germany's current problems that are caused of course, by the reduced supplies of gas from russia. and those people were probably disappointed. but it was never about germany shopping gas in canada now for this
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winter. and so after this trip, i would say it is looking quite unlikely that canada will export and, and g to germany in the near future. the infrastructure is simply not there yet. it's a big investment investment that the canadians would have to do, and they're really just not that convinced that germans will even want to import gas for very much longer. they know that germany c as ease gas as a solution for the transition period towards renewables. so that is something where i don't think germany and canada are going to move very close together, but i would say this trip did pave the way for potential success in the future. from a business perspective, folks fung and mercedes, for example, to have germany's biggest country companies, they signed deals with canada for the import of raw materials that they need for the production of electric vehicles. that is also something that is that you can call a business success. and then of course, the hydrogen agreement that is something that her will see in
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a couple of years time. but it's definitely a big commitment. and of course, politically, the trip was successful in the sense that the german chancellor and the canadian prime minister got a chance to really put their unity on display. all right, so you're saying no quick fix for the energy crisis, perhaps a broader cooperation in the future. and, you know, maybe just tell us then what was one highlight for you during this trip in canada were really that intention all working even more closely together. the both countries have identified each other as truly reliable partners as, as like minded countries that each country thinks it can count on the other over the next couple of decades. and the list of those countries is getting shorter and shorter if you look around the world. and one sign for that determination to move even more closely together was of course the fact that to the canadian prime minister just intra jo actually accompanied as
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a gemini counsellor and his deputy claimant. minnesota. will that how big threw out those 3 days of their stay there in canada? so that was a big sign that gemini and canada a very serious they don't want to be divided. they may have a couple of differences when it comes to details, but this is something where canada certainly jumped up a few places on the list of countries that germany wants to invest in the future. did have the political correspondent nina has a nina, thank you. now the drought conditions that have prevailed in parts of europe this summer have left some regions reeling. the lack of water has had a knock on effect that was unimaginable in places which used to have plenty of water for every one. a case in point. the pole river in northern italy, it was once known as the king of rivers. it spreads out far and wide over the neighboring country side most years. but not this year. the river po
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has reduced to a trickle in italy's lombardy region. it hasn't rained here properly since spring stiffened grippy is keeping an eye on the river stand banks which are growing wider by the day. sam, only of a lot of my tissue to water levels. under 3.68 meters mean fairly well. usually it's much higher here at the black line when i last year, the receiver to the signal. now that's where the water was la, put it into the aqua. not only farmers are affected, some 90 percent of the small hydro power stations red line. the robust channels have shut down. tank's empty one of the big plants, either as it, i feeney, close down back in june. there wasn't enough water to power it's turbines. usually almost a 5th of italy's electricity is generated through hydro power. now production has been cut by 40 percent. pharma gen luca tech kini is concerned about the poor
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quality of his cone. the plants on his fields simply didn't get enough water. he harvested this field. well, most 2 months, early green m yards in venice. lagoon and portrait of situation is tragic. we had to harvest her 20 days ago was talking because i ran out of water and everything dry. dock y savish gone in order to save a small bit of the harvest orange. well, i have to cut everything diet where school crystal council, the regents thomas are losing half of that rain and rise crops. all know, so put a v real baby was survivors loss. was he a little or we'll have to close up shop at the end of the year in the book, but i belong to fuel drive. picturesque lake garda is where the river po gets a part of its will to from, but the lake only has 60 percent of its usual water. 1000000000 locals are worried . tourists are making the best of new swimming spots. but if i don't remember that, that you can have a nice holiday it good. i mean,
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it was somebody to say that the quality of the water is, is fine. here there was at least some rainfall a short while ago where the focus to say it'll be september before more is on the way. let's bring in dr. jenny glen voss. she's an advisor on water policy at the stock home international water institute. welcome to the w. so we just saw the report about the poll rival are drying up in italy, in the farmers. there are clearly suffering. do their businesses have the even a future? yeah, well 1st of all, i really sympathize because this is extremely rewarding and there is no way we can predict how the rest of the year or next year will turn out. so the future now is very much about adaptation for those very farmers and all the businesses for all of us used to depend on the food from this region another. but at the same time, we all need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and we need to put pressure on
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politicians to act now because we need change from below to change the climate basically back to what will everybody of course is hoping for rain, but even if the rain does come, are the rivers and lanes going to go back to what we, what they were before or will this drought have a lasting impact? i think it will depend to some extent on where this rain falls and when it comes. and also if the rain comes extreme down, poor switch, of course, parts of germany experienced last year. so with this climate change and the new norm, all that we see already, there is more of those extreme rains coming. and that may impact on ecosystems as well. and we may see some last, in fact, i have to admit, i was quite shocked by the intensity of the drought as i think many other europeans were. you work in this field? were you surprised?
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yes and no. i think many of us are taking a box, even scientists and advisors like myself who do work with these issues. they and i, they out because there's really time as prizes development. it's happening so fast and we are so utterly unprepared to deal with it at all. levels and i think we all hope that there would be a little bit more time to convince decision makers to act and to change their own behaviors. so won't the refills systems this believes and he's a senior and denial of politicians and private fixtures. and even among individuals and then what could europe perhaps learn from other more experienced regions who deal with the drought all the time? i have personally and quite lowe's home in india, from my research. and there i have seen how household everywhere they have their strategies and infrastructure in place for storing water because rationing really
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is part of the reality is there when you have water coming in to your talks, maybe once every 2 weeks for a few hours and hopefully that's going to be something we see in europe, but we can learn some things in terms of behavior and how to adopt the level. but we also need to to find them by our choice. all right, that was dr. jenny, who involved from the stock on the institute international water institute. thank you so much for your insights. civil war, an oil boom and corruption scandal. its recent events have been a rough ride for an gola, and against that backdrop voters are going to the polls for the 1st time as democratic history, the long time governing party and p. l. a is facing a serious challenge. ah, music dance and good to moot what looks like a massive party is infected opposition, really and, and go last capital one. and despite the good mood,
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supporters of the opposition party or nita have serious demise. i want to change this time because of the opportunity is that we don't have here in a gala mentally has young hazel gussy a lot of guys who are forming bod. we don't have a book to read it to war. i got it. i went up there, so i'm supposed to have a proper job, but i don't, i have to wash carson motorcycles to make a living, or that's why we need change on an older emotional doesn't. angola is a country of stock contrasts africa's biggest oil producer has one of the most expensive capitals in the world. yet the majority of an goldens still live in poverty by the former independence movement, m. p l. a has been in power for almost 5 decades. 5 years ago, president ju alden, so took over branding himself as a reformer. now he wants to be re elected, knows the bomb, or is the bus will be real man followed up on the phone. we had the
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courage to break it, had to and stop the fight against corruption. we told the justice system to do what they are supposed to do. and this is what they did say. yes, is this something you'd want law marriage? cindy? but many angolan say the promises when not fulfills corruption, remains a problem and the oil welf hasn't trickled down to the general population. people here are expecting the most competitive since in the history of the country. well, at least at the surface, the country doesn't have a history of free and fair elections and many dollars. it will be any different. this time. in the evening, we meet hammond did obasi, one of the thousands of unemployed graduates who lost trust in the system. his mother and father died 2 years ago, but he shows us that they are still in the vote at the time. the manager. yes.
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complicated executive finance up. i don't know if that process is transparent. if we have minors that people on the database, we can't agree with the electoral procedures that say yeah. 8 not that much money on these, but the government has dismissed these instances as technical issues saying then no reasons for consume. making the opposition really main candidate or that'd be up to a junior is confident his spot. you, anita, will win this time despite tensions a mid expected tide results. so far, the campaigns have been peaceful. you're up to date and did a news thanks for watching with with,
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ah, with eco india. food production has an impact on the environment. but how can we find
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affordable alternatives? i get only gonna be going on the been and it, because it is very expensive. so governments meet the thing, not tire transformation, but then get down to the reality of what's the responsibility of each sector, the future prospects of climate friendly food, ego, india. next on d, w. one like for your sweet and one like for your super amazing holiday. one like, for your impeccable beauty, ah, one like for your perfect happiness. the dictatorship of happiness on social media. stag happy. in 45 minutes on d, w. ah
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mm. music. 50 years ago, the intuition gathering of t sent cooperation becomes the scene of a horrible tragedy. arab terrors, armed with sub machine guns, went to the headquarters of the rally team and immediately killed one man. and that this will be the last time i saw in the night. they're all gone out. i witnesses experienced the terrible events and this, the world should not forget the long shadow of the 1972 olympic massacre. start september, all d w a producing food for close to a to premium people on earth has a huge impact on the environment.


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