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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 24, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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a change and environmental conservation is taken shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing. download it now for free. ah ah, this is the w slide from berlin. the grim count after exactly 6 months of war in ukraine. more than 5000 civilians killed and nearly 8000 injured among those casualties, almost a 1000 children. and yet, on its independence day ukraine braces for more attacks from russia on this sad,
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half year anniversary. we looked back at heart, russia, and least, a wave of destruction that sent shock waves across europe. and indeed around the world. also coming up germany signs a deal with camera to produce and ship green hydrogen by 2025 of plan for more sustainable future. yes, but critics say it's inefficient and does little to east germany is current dependence on russian gas. ah, i'm glad else has welcome to the program. it is to the day, exactly 6 months since russia's invasion off ukraine shattered a long standing piece in europe. it's also their ukraine marks the anniversary of its independence from so that union, but instead of celebrating you for it,
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finds itself locked in a war of attrition against russian forces. who today are seeking full control of the east and don boss and the house on region in the south that been tremendous repercussions on ukraine and on the rest of the world. it's produced the worst refugee crisis in europe since the 2nd world war. with 7000000 people displaced inside ukraine and you are estimating that 5000000 have fled the country altogether . russian blockade has led to a massive disruption of shipments from one of the world's biggest grain producers affecting tens of millions globally who depend on that grain. and it triggered a world wide energy crisis as disruptions to the global energy supply. put governments everywhere under pressure. our correspondence, but he has building up recently visited some key of residents who live through the earliest attack on a residential building in the capital up in the sky. they're working to fix the
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damage at a block. yeah, i was there. okay. it, it came from over there like this and sliced off the corner of the building. oh, so it was the 3 of the war. this was the 1st residential building in keith to be hit they've started reconstruction, even though the war hasn't yet ended. the city council is paying for most of the repairs, but residents like only natural makeover. oh, so raising funds. center . this is the api center of the explosion. there were 2 apartments here. and if you
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look over here, this corner, there was another room here. at the rocket chick, the corner of and the whole room on the explosion also hit the 2 apartments above and below. i've only with us, sir, who is the destroyed room was the one most families in the apartments use. as a kid bedroom, the block was relatively new, built for the key of emerging middle class. the rock had wrecked 4 floors, but no one was killed. they were either in different parts of their apartments or had left the city like one family who fled to germany. on the video, they had a camera in the room and they could see on their phone, her, their flag was destroyed. i can't imagine what that feels like. they were safe,
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but they still saw this happening. terrible visit us did. don't shift those off. 4 floors for the joan, alina apartment was an damaged, even the glasses intact? still, she's happy. she wasn't home when the rocket hit. some neighbors were there, suffered a terrible shock and still have trouble returning. they stay in close contact. the calamity has united many of us have become friends and we understand how important it is to stick together. and when the war is over, i'm sure we will quarrel again. the defiance from the people who's building was the 1st and keith to be hit in this way. so let's go to keith where
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dw correspondent junction of choices standing by until of today at 2 anniversary, really 6 months since the war began in russia and also independent stand ukraine. what's the mood like our ukrainians filling on this day? well, it's definitely very different celebrations this year here in here for as you can see behind me, there are some people on might on square about large gatherings are not a lot of we had to pass several checkpoints to get here and they have been basically buried alerts all day people definitely understand that there is the risk of an attack on such and such a symbolic day. i think in general the moods of the ukrainian ukrainians is very mixed. their feelings are a mix. of course, they're very proud that they have for a fudge of the russian basin so well, but at the same time, of course, they feel the, sorry, that half a year of for war has brought with it. so let's listen ourselves to,
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to some of the statements of the people here. who knows with formalism, a come from hostile, near keith, all the burnt tanks here are from there. my house was completely destroyed, nothing is left. that's why unhappy to see this charred machinery and hope that all those who destroyed my life perished there. i trust ukrainian. army. yes, there is real danger. you can hear it right now. but ukraine, you does, it will wind up with. okay. we others are precise and i shall green withers. i'm very proud of our country's luka. you know, i'm glad that we came back from europe salmon where we had fled to, to celebrate here. now on this day with our fellow citizens. some of the day i believe victory will come back. it's a special day for me today. yeah. yeah. you know, i'm not afraid of it or sure. i believe god will protect us. yeah. are you sure i hope that we will hear more and more that the country that is now become our enemy
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is losing the zachary mc gabriella, with the national board of the blood that we see here. yeah, and paid for the victory. sure. a calls out that growth vehicle was and i hope that there will be fewer and fewer victims on our side. you, i'm not afraid, mentioned will deserve as much revoke the other will use neutral, neutral. i feel nothing, no fear. i traveled almost a 100 kilometers here from near keith. nothing scares me to do so you just have to do it. even in a, it's a holiday after all, it was filled or food. very defined. ukrainian stay on 5th, on a day where the ukrainian government has actually warned that russia may launch new strikes. how are you crying is preparing for this or by avoiding city center and by avoiding government facilities at places close up to the front lines like hockey, for example, has also an all day curfew. and officials have stressed that there should be
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a high level of alertness, not only today, but also in the coming days because it could also be a psychological strategy to attack when some kind of a relaxation sets in. so the moods is tense, you can feel it here in the air. people are careful, but they are not scared. now do you get a sense that that russia's invasion has rather strengthened ukrainian resolve and identity as a nation? yes, it has definitely strengthened the air or identity of the nation. you could say here it in president zalinski is addressed to the nation. he said that the day that a russia invaded the country ukraine was reborn, and there will only be an end to this war. when there is victory, and i think this pretty much reflects the moods in society in general, the mood with many ukrainians. when i went to have a coffee this morning at work us in the cafe were collecting money for soldiers at
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the front line and they were absolutely convinced that they will be victorious. so yes, it has strengthens the national identity and there is not a logic for signs of so called war fatigue here. all corresponded. jumps should it shows their reporting from key if thank you for the time now to have look at some of the other stories about the russian warn you crying that are making headlines today. russia's military is claiming progress in the car . san antonio regions of ukraine claims it has destroyed ukraine's ammunition and fuels. depos. ukraine says it has stabilized the front lines with small troop movements and is entering a new phase with counter attacks. the current president vladimir zalinski denied his country's involvement and the death of the right wing
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ideologues. daria, do you know who was killed in a car bomb in moscow? he said the death of also a nationalist, alexander, duke and his daughter was not ukraine's responsibility. russia and ukraine treated accusations over who is endangering there's up. what is she a nuclear plot? russia called un security council meeting to discuss the dangerous affairs that a damaged reactor could leak radiation across the region. the u. n. has urged both countries to stop any fighting around to measure the power station would target. in a show of solidarity in to mark ukraine's independence day, new york mayor host hosted to trains live next to the stars and stripes. eric adams showed support for president lensky and praise the country resilience on the day that celebrates 31 years since ukraine has left the soviet union,
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germany and canada. i've signed a deal for a future partnership on renewable energy. chance that will of shows and is canadian counterpart, have agreed that canada will supply germany with so called green hydrogen starting in 3 years. but critics say the deal will not immediately immediately ease germany is dependent on russian gas or looming energy shortage. this winter sign. now paid later, germany and canada having to deal to deliver green hydrogen across the atlantic. canada will get a big customer. germany will get clean energy from an ally. it's a long term project, but chancellor olive sholtes is planning ahead. the time to act as know. not only in order to reach our ambitious climate targets and secure energy supply, but also in view of international competition around the world,
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green hydrogen is developing an electrifying pace. the technology converts water into hydrogen, which can be transported and used as fuel. it needs lots of renewable energy to create prime minister just untrue dose as windy canada is the ideal place for large scale production. we are clear that every science teacher can create hydrogen in their classroom. how do we figure out how to scale it up so that we can respond to the not just replacing russian energy in the world. but the increase in energy requirements, hydrogen is already being used to fuel vehicles, which only emit water as exhaust. but there's currently little infrastructure to generate or deliver the low carbon fuel. now the long term pipe dream is getting a new boost rushes, illegal and unjustifiable invasion of ukraine has meant that everything gets
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accelerated, set the pivot to reduce our carbon emissions to replace the coil and gas from russia for europe. but to accelerate the transition towards cleaner energy is happening now. now can't come soon. enough. trudeau says the 1st shipments a jew in 2025 person shops will have to wait for the rewards of his right now in terms of politics or maybe personality. you watching dw sand here is a remind up of the top stories we are following for you at this out era. sirens sound in p ves. ukraine mocks independence day and 6 months since the russian invasion authorities have warned people not to gather and public affairs of fresh russian aspects and video message president, follow them as a lensky has vowed. his country will fight until the act and germany and canada have signed
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a hydrogen energy supply deal with shipments from canada. expected to stop in 3 years. johnston, sholtes, and prime minister just intruders. say it'll help fight climate change and help. and germany's long term dependence on russian gas and that's it from me and the new steam for now, i'll have an update for you. which of you don't go away though? up next business news with chris co by looking at how the current drop conditions in china affect the country's economy. i'm gab offers in berlin. i spoke with you 50 years ago. the intervention gathering of peace and cooperation becomes the scene of a horrible tragedy. arab terrors, armed with sub machine guns, went to the headquarters of the israeli team and immediately killed one.


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