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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  August 24, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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go beyond the all as we take on the world with we're all about the stories that matter to you. whatever it takes time policeman follow with. we are here is actually on fire made for mines with fisher, the dublin years, asia coming up to date 6 months in how the water ukraine is reshaping the balance of power. the issue most visibly around taiwan. beijing has reaffirmed it has sovereignty over the island, and that it's prepared to use force to retake it by the u. s. s. family back taiwan
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. what next for the island? plus? what of china is bigger? goals in asia. doesn't want to replace the u. s. at the dominant power in the region, and when it's blue started with russia helping to do so. and lastly, india with the biggest democracy in the world, take a stand against authoritarianism as the west hopes or does denny's neutrality suggest. it will follow a very different route. ah, i'm british manager, welcome to the dublin news asia. glad you could join us 6 months since the start of the ukraine bore. and the parallels with taiwan remain in focus. large authoritarian powers with global emissions, claiming sovereign rights over a smaller democratic neighbour. the kremlin has steadfastly dismissed ukraine's right exist as a nation,
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insisting that it historically belongs to russia. likewise, china sees the island of taiwan as an indivisible part of the homeland and as promised, a military response. should it ever declare independence. taiwan fears that it could be next to suffer. an invasion are clearly not unjustified. but 6 months after russia cross the border into ukraine, east china, any closer to doing the same in taiwan recent months have seen attentions across the taiwan strait climb to the highest level in years, spied on by high ranking business, some of the united states. i'll speak nancy pelosi strip to type a just a few weeks ago. drew an angry response from beijing, which launch massive military drills around taiwan. the parallels haven't been lost and russia, the president who loudly support china's territories claim to taiwan and accused as the us of provocation. i mean, when the american adventure in relation to ty,
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one is not just a true one, individual irresponsible politician is part of a purposeful conscious us strategy to destabilize and make a arctic the situation in the region and the world very going from on the bringing d w william yang and type a bureau. william, what is the feeling over there? has the ukraine vol signals, a new phase in china, the aggression towards taiwan? i think there is definitely an added a feeling of urgency over here in taipei since february, especially among the citizens. we have already seeing an increase of people participating in self organized a training for self help. and 1st aid are kind of activities and at the same time, there are also companies, private companies that are offering weapons boot camps for those who are hoping to acquire more combat readiness experience. and at the same time,
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people are also expressing their willingness to be participating in the governments renewed kind of increased intensity for the reservists training schemes. so i think these are all the sign star are compared to the past. when tony's people felt like the military threat from china is still kind of like a distant thing in the future. the ukraine. busy war made them realize star rather than the whole pain, the other countries will stepping and intervene when china prepares to militarily in bay time one. they. tony's people should also have the ability to defend itself because at the end of the day they think and they see what happened to ukraine is the most of the actual fighting is coming from the twenty's people and the twenty's troops really talked warden tomorrow school support let's talk about the ukrainians at a string of higher level visits from euros. officials as the you quinn was strengthened, international support for taiwan. yes,
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definitely. i think we saw a couple different delegations visiting time wine, including the high, very controversial visit of the u. s. how speaker pelosi and even though that visit really triggered a high tend to response from china, including a 7 day military exercise around taiwan. but we are continuing to see different delegations including from the u. s. and currently there is a japanese parliamentary delegation and later this year there is going to be a u. k. parliament's delegation and canadian parliament delegation, and the dentist poem and delegation all scheduled to visit time one in the coming months. i think these are all signs that despite beijing's morning and these very provocative and heightened and more dangerous kind of military exercise and activities around taiwan, it is not deterring the international community to show its support by sending their part delegations to visit time one. thank you. so much for joining us
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beginning hearing dw reporter in february. so well china said it so it's on taiwan . it was from the refuse to condemn russia for the water new crim something born out of the nor limits friendship chinese procedure being and russian president vladimir putin agreed to of the winter olympics and beijing earlier that morning. and since then, china has sought to frame russia's actions in new crim as being the only option. moscow had to push back against us, lead expansionism. you can, we do the, your, the key to solving the ukraine crisis lies in the hands of the united states and nato. yes. or don't we hope the united states and nato, as the culprits of the crisis, can reflect on their roles and the ukraine crisis. take up their due responsibilities and make practical actions to resolve the conflict. and we don't fund yet, and the dresser. and for more on the chinese thinking here, let's bring in read standish. he's a correspondent with radio free europe covering china's influence across eastern
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europe and central asia. and he joins me now from prague. read welcome, this china sea and opportunity with the ukraine war to dislodge the united states from its position of influence in asia. well, there's no doubt that ukraine war has changed things, i think g, a berkeley everywhere. but i think especially in asia and especially in regards to taiwan. obviously, taiwan has present itself as a bit of a foil for everything that's been happening in ukraine over the last 6 months. so i think for taiwan and if anything, i don't know if it's the minute of an opportunity to dislodge the united states from asia. but i think it's quite worried that this is perhaps one of the last windows of opportunity to limit american influence and especially american attempts to reorient its military presence and a lot of its foreign policy making towards the pacific away from europe. this invasion, in a fact has force that the united states to turn attention towards europe at
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a time when american leaders have been talking about china and the pacific dean. the main theatre up the next century. so i think china, steve, ukraine war factor that has really changed things and i think that they know that they have a short window and if they're going to secure their interest to prevent america from, from going to get their right, let's speak about the chinese influence in the pacific and in the, in why that asia does that know limits partnership, it has been russia, give it an upper hand in achieving that goal. well, it is difficult to say, obviously russia is in a lot weaker position today than it was 6 months ago. when she declared, there's no limit partnership in beijing the launch of winter olympics. it's clear that policy makers engaging they are invested in this relationship and given everything that we've seen rush to do, whether that you know, war crimes every day of the violence in violation. 16 on the ground in ukraine.
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none of that had really think of damage that partnership. and the main reason for that is that they know that it needs a super power, like russia, one with specially a security council. and it's nuclear power, nuclear weapons and influence around the world on its side. if it's going to breland influence and especially if it's going to resist what it see that us enrollment on its interest. right. you spoke about taiwan as well. let us talk a bit about that. now there's a lot of views that the way it comes to the lesson, the china is drawing from the ukraine war. but very specifically, read is it is china watching the western response to russia as an indicator of what could be installed for it if it invaded taiwan. absolutely, and i think that that also cuts both way, not only in beijing being as an indicator of how the wes and react type have also been watching very closely learning military lessons from ukraine on the ground
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about how to resist the potential invasion by going back to your original question, i think definitely there's been a lot of especially in regards to things. and i think that the economic response, especially from the european union and the united states and the west, that lard and how unified it has been. how deep cutting has been, i think, not only caught moscow off guard, but also being off guard. and obviously the chinese economy is much larger than the restaurant economy. it's much more integrated globally. and the west is much more dependent on it than say, russia is. so i think that maybe basing that has a little bit more cover here in terms of getting hit by thanks and but see back final respond i think has as we're in china, they've been looking into and exploring different ways about how to protect themselves, especially against sanctions which could obviously hurt their economy, which is the central factor of the communist parties hold on power at china. read, we leave it there for the time being, but thank you so much for joining yesterday. read standish from
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a radio free europe. thank you so much. like china, india to refuse to condemn russia for its invasion. but unlike china, it wasn't an act of support for moscow. but a strategic choice for new delhi. the 2 countries have very strong ties. getting back to the cold war and russia still supplies the bulk of india weapons. it's a time to a friendship that so the foreign ministers of hope sites in debby, in early april, with russia only to keep, to offer india whatever it needed. we will be ready to supply any goods which indeed wants to buy, and i have no doubt that it would be out to bypass the artificial impediments which illegal all sections made with 3. and we saw how, despite the sanctions india increased its but traces of discounted russian oil by a factor of 5 when compared to last. yeah. so does not provide an indication of
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where indian foreign policies now headed did lose delhi bureau chief, i'm into cima. has mall india appears to have found its balance on the diplomatic tightrope when it comes to the worn ukraine. it's no longer feeling diffident or defensive, about refusing to condemn russia's invasion of ukraine. there's now talk about balancing india's interests and india's right to buy cheap russian oil if it wants . now, recently the ukraine in foreign minister said that india must be mindful that every barrel of oil that comes from russia contains ukrainian blood. now his counterpart, the indian foreign minister, as j shanker said, he has a martyr duty to look after the needs of his people. so in this diplomatic churn, you see india's feeling more confident. it, it wants to enhance its diplomatic space. on the international stage, it wants to use leverage for its own strategic interest,
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especially when it comes to countries like china. the 2 neighbors are rivals and half of a tense relationship. not in this situation. if russia in china computer together, things could get very difficult for india because after all, india is very reliant on russia in many ways, especially military hardware. so india might aspire to have a neutral position in a multi pool a word. but if things go the way they might go with russia and china coming closer together, it would not be easy for india at all. i'm without your mother from billy. that's it for to barbara park again of the same time tomorrow for bright on this day, it's been 6 months since russia started on the president to talk on the sovereign member on you, craig, we are here. we talk to people on the ground, to politicians. we should light events and their consequences. 6 months
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that have changed a crate on the will on all platforms brought to you by g w. ah, what people have to say measures to us. mm hm. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d. w. ah, a stark warning amid stifling heaps. china says it's fall, harvest is under severe threat. soaring temperatures and drain scarcity keep battering the country. will get the latest from our correspondence. also the show. a major setback in the fight against extreme poverty to the here from the age of
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development banks, chief economist on the impact the pandemic has been having on the poorest nations and with the world's biggest gathering of the gaming industry. kicking off in germany, we'll take a look at what the sector is making of its most recent book. i'm chris kolber. welcome to the program. china has warned that it's fall, harvest is under threat as the country struggles through the hottest summer since records began 60 years ago, state agencies across china warning residents to save every unit of water as a severe drought continues, especially in the nation south power rationing across multiple provinces has resulted in thousands of factory closures and is being felt in major cities like shanghai. that's good morning. this is from d w's, so song hand in ty paid. so all of this sounds pretty.


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