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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  August 25, 2022 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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person to fly solo around the world. the 17 year old completed his 5 months journey and bulgaria with his proud family there to welcome him. brotherhood broke to get us well records on his flight, including once at by his sister. the wanting he w use coming up next t w, news, asia with these stories 5 years of being stuck as a refugee and bangladesh. an unclear future. the life of up to a 1000000 branja encompasses bazaar range of refugees and welcome in india and targeted as illegal foreigners searching for those stories more with a rash. managing i've been puzzling t x out departure fee to the to day. this means flying to a foreign planet. in the 16th century, it meant to be the captain and setting sail to discover
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a route the world famous c. voyage of ferdinand of magellan. i'd rather erase linked to military interests, erase links to political and military prestige, but it was linked to many financial interests and adventure full of hardships, dangers and death 3 years and that would change the world forever. my jillions journey around the world starts september 7th on d, w. this is the, the other news a shot coming up today. they're going get exodus 5 years on up to a 1000000 refugees in bunkerville have been unable to, to todd home to me and bach. what are the prospects they can? and will anyone be held accountable for the genocide primes against them and the flight to bring their refugees in india where they aren't seen as refugees. but
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illegal father does offer, responded, explains ah, ah, i'm british manager, welcome to did up the news asia. glad you could join us. the united states, european union and other western nations, have pledged to support efforts to secure justice and accountability for me and mars ringo muslims. 5 years back on this day, me and mars military began a brutal crack down against the ringer. forcing some 740000 of them to flee to neighboring bung. lavish the you and later said me. and mars actions were driven by genocidal intent. the united states earlier this yard called it a flat out genocide. most of the ranger ended up as refugees near the town of cox's bazaar in bungalow others. it now holds a 1000000 refugees and bunker. this is hoping they will all eventually return to
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their home country. but they will hinder, remain in limbo court, but been an impossible dream to return to me and mar and their reality as refugees and bound rubbish. did others. as robert reports hurrying a children learning the most national anthem, even though the home country does not want them in the school, in a bun literacy camp, the refugees are trying to hold on to their culture and identity. the children also learn subjects such as english, math, and life skills. many fled here after the men mar, military, started a brutal campaign against the ringer in 2017 misha, across the border with her family 5 years ago. when now do i? how do i like life skills the most? i i wake up in the morning and go to school after school. i go home and in the
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afternoon i go play mad i would when i grow up, i want to teach malaria, chevrolet. miss yara leaves with her parents and 5 siblings in a hot, in the heels inside balk holly camp, her mother to smee, the begum is concerned about her keeps future. she recalls what she had to leave behind when she fled. that on there was an would all now that they are growing up. i'm stressed when i think about their future. nobody. when i think about my homeland, i get emotional levered we were well off. we did not have her own land, but we had a cow, 3 goats, and a house on what i hear enough. all i hear her husband moment ship, he used to work in the farmland back in myanmar, but here he hardly has any work. the couple each laws to family members. when the military went on a rampage, you got my letter that
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a glad thirst we did not want to leave london. they open fire and people were killed without batting. we left, they burned our houses to the ground. they only thought there's no point staying here. we should flee to bangladesh at am. lynette, i ye, all of a little mother, mother and a barged into the area and shot my brother to damsel i'm up. then we laughed and they burned our houses. while we were fleeing toward the border, they killed my brother in law and no more than the last year up elder may gladly. there are countless stories like these among chem precedence people here are living in limbo or limbo. that seems to never end 5 years after what has been called the biggest mass, exodus abra, finger to bangladesh. they want to rebuild their lives, but they have limited education and they can't go out of this campus. many of them tried to flee to other neighboring countries, but it, since nobody really wants them bunger this does provide support to the
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refugees. but the also says that the ringer must never forget. they will have to leave one day to come. the mother, heather, tell mother we are giving them humanitarian aid of our girls that they will return to their homeland if for example, in the learning centers, they sing the national anthem, but they're being told that this is not your country that you should go back a more detailed sheffield, this me the say, the know this very well the long for their motherland. but getting back dear will require much more than teaching them a patriotic song. jerome is the executive director of the bama human rights network, a drunk now from london. mister joe, in 5 years on from the exodus from me and mar other bohemia, other worlds. forgotten refugees. thanks for having me today. yes, exactly. this is what's happening to today. would you see up to 5 years,
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these people, the plate of total in your people's almost full because of the different crisis in the world today. but it doesn't mean the range genocide problem. it's all these people said, you know, said survivors, the trauma die, they need help. and i see that the ladies government has helped them. and you know, that's really grateful. but not allowing them that you cation is killing this all the international community need to highlight on that matter, your children, and now growing without education, which is very, very dangerous. i just like to talk about the point of genocide that you did res. i mean, that is a word that has been used by the united states as well. what are the chances you think anyone will be held to account? i mean, this is the political will of international community look international justice system is not the legal system. and in countries, it is most of the politics involved here. so the political will of international
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community is very key here, given to here, and the fact that here. so we need the international company, the need to understand the failure. failure to send this gen genocidal generals to i. c. c is allowing them to commit further crime. as you see that if we take action effectively in 2012, we will see genocide in 2017 but we failed to take any action even in genocide, a general event in 2017 that also allow this general to keep everyone in the country to do like crime against humanity we are committing now. so each event we failed to do to take action. it's also giving a put, you need to do that criminal to take to comment another crimes with more people. and then dec, the crime that will be for making you see that not only one location is a nationwide so that will impact all the regional stability and safety and security
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and stability as well. the, the, me in the government has agreements with the both funding and the united nations to accept the return of the hang gap. but this hasn't happened. do you think it will ever happen? because that is what we human not organization. always crying about international community to tell, try to tell that any agreement the military is come, they'd never commit any, any, any agreement. look how many agreement they have with bangladesh. government to rebut, create the senior people who those who, you know, fled in previous years indicate until it never happened. so do mcclintic diplomatic approach with the military. the game is always great. we cannot, we cannot negotiate with them. these are the criminal pugs. they need to be punished, they need to be properly just if they are not supposed to shake hands with the un
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lead of any international leader. very damaging that we condemned that you're printing a pretty or grim picture. i have to ask you, is that at all? a possibility of a secure future for the ranger? i mean now, as long as one thing we need to understand that growing people, the people who have determination, courage, you know, we have faith, we have a unity. we need to build up these people. these people has been suffered several decades, but even at least 67 decades under the military game, you know, oppressed by them. literally. everything has been taken away from them. so we need to build this community international community, need to do their best to try their best fill up the community to stand on their own . they will find their way to return to home. they have the ability for them. i will have to leave at the for the timing, but thank you so much for joining us today. joe,
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in the executive director of the bama human rights cuz i'm thinking the neighboring india hasn't been as supportive as bung others towards your refugees. some 40000 of them live in india, but officially india does not recognize them as refugees. even if the un does. that's because india is neither a signatory to the 1951 reference convention, nor does it have a national refugee policy. the result constant harassment for the ringer on a ship shelter in southern daily. this is how most excited ro hang your live across india, incense or camps with no access to basic amenities. they're called the most, what's acute in minority in the world by the you and the indian government do has a different name for this community. illegal foreigners from g, they'll be gone. was forced to flee from young mar. years ago,
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she makes it clear that she and her community are refugees. this almera, i'm 29. why and i've spent 22 of those years. as a refugee about boy. i have 2 kids who are often asked me where they're homeless, where their country is. uh huh, but i cannot answer them there, sky edelman, she says it means her when her community is called illegal migrants. and at times even criminals and a threat to national security. these terms were back in the spotlight. recently, the housing minister announced india would be moving the ro hinder to proper flats . the whole ministry quickly denied that was the case. most of the people living here had refugee guards given to them by the you and hcr, the united nations high commissioner for refugees. but those guards had barely had them. it also does not help that india does not have a national law policy to deal with defuses. it is also not
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a signatory to international laws that outline refugee rights lawyer colon gonzales, who has represented rockingham muslims in the past. says it is not entirely correct that the country does not have a legal framework for refugees. we have a perfectly legal framework in terms of the orders of the supreme court of india under our constitution or judgment of the supreme court. operates like a statute that has the same status as a law made by parliament. you have lovely judgements of also. so we have a perfect system. india doesn't want to formalize that system. that is what upsets muhammad haran. he has been living in discount for 12 years. you know, he's close to tears when he shows us his refugee god. and the long dome visa, william of unleaded, the indian government, gave him the reason proof that he has been living her legally. victor, i'm
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a martin, vera and he'd rather have had it. we asked the government to let us stay here, father, for in the way we have been living for so long a day. if the government here and the united nations can help us to get our rights back in myanmar, we will be ready to go back. edwin j adama. i'm dying of of like, i don't many other ruined. yeah. your have nearly given up hope several times there . mean wish remains that at least their children get a chance at a better life. and there's more on the situation and member on our website. rebecca model was you that the bar is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like. will return in the normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult
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with successes are seen in a weekly coping 19 special next on d w. ah, oh, what people have to say matters to us. but me, that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend upon d. w. o . shattered dreams for the future due to the economic crisis that followed hot on the heels of the pandemic. many people lack job prospects that can put a strain on mental health in mexico, an online platform.


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