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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  August 26, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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in portugal, the race linked to military interests, the race linked to political and military prestige, but also linked to many financial changes and adventure full of hardships, dangers and death. 3 years that would change the world for ever. la jones journey around the world. starting september 7th on d. w. and how far as one person walks in a lifetime, research is estimate that over the course of 80 is the average person covers between 12860000 kilometers. that's like working on the earth equator, 3 to 4 times, but it's only possible if our feet are in good condition. so how can we ensure our
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feet stay healthy, all that and more on this edition of in good shape. with our feet provide the ideal habitat for billions of microbes, they're invisible to the naked eye. but when we look at them through a microscope, we can identify 3 main groups. bacteria, viruses, and funky. many hundreds of different kinds of bacteria live in our feet. that's normal, but when there are too many of certain kinds, it becomes a problem. that's when our feet start to smell. one of the guilty culprits is the bacterium stuff ellicott,
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this epidermis. it actually feeds on sweat. as it breaks down the sweat beatrice acid is formed, and that smells, these bacteria also live in other parts of the body, like the armpits. but feet are especially prone to them, because they are often trapped in socks and shoes where it's warm and damp. the best conditions for them to multiply the result, stinky feet. it's unpleasant, especially for others, but not in itself harmful. now to the 2nd group, countless viruses live on our feet, but the human papilloma virus, or h p. v especially like the hard skin on our feet. this can result in unsightly growths, such as veruca, those and other warts feet are particularly prone towards because they're subject to a lot of stress every day. even the smallest entry to the skin makes it easy for the
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virus to infect the skin cells. on the foot, words often form as for rockers, which press inwards. when you put weight on your foot, it can often feel like stepping on a thorn. the 3rd group are filament, is funky, which are responsible for most of all fungal diseases. on the feet. and toenails, they use an enzyme to break down the keratin that your nails are made of, and then feed on it. they tend to take up residence, where ever they find a thick layer of skin filament is funky, can also be found in other parts of the body, such as the crook of the arm. but they especially loved the warm climate provided by your feet. in fact, bacteria, viruses and funky all love, warm moist conditions, so your feet can be a magnet for all of them. to stop the family and friends closing problems,
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doctors recommend thoroughly drying your feet and keeping them dry and regularly trimming your nails. when micro organisms also like to live, sometimes the can cause problems in other areas of the body. you may get back on knee pain due to abnormal positioning of the feet. that's often caused by wearing the wrong shoes. finding shoes that fit really well is not easy. that's an end of our feet are most basic foundation rust on these things. and if our shoes are loose, don't fit right. if they're older, worn down on one side or aren't quite the road size, we don't feel comfortable over all soon. and reading a shafer knows what he's talking about. for 20 years, he's been running a shoe shop for problematic feet. so what can hurt my feet?
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and experience podiatrist like over gather can spot immediately if his patients have been wearing the wrong shoes from hamburger. so firstly, i can see from the callous transformed here, and this is called a hammer toe. see at your age it shouldn't be as pronounced as that. you're honest as rules, cooper sign. this patient also house bunyan known medically as hollis follicle. they're often caused by wearing heels. yours is guns going to be through akin here . you can see very clearly that your entire weight has been on the 1st met, tarza, proline, geale joint larva. and any damage to that joint is irreversible for it can't be repaired, it doesn't even applies one connor's mission america. pompey m many people develop problems with their feet at some stage. lifestyle, age and intensive sports can all play a role. frederick red man plays humble part of his foot, his misshapen hosing pain, and his cough muscles. how can i prevent injury analyzing the way
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a path walks can be helpful? i will. comedic shemaker christoph troutman wants to prevent conditions, likes play foot high arches and flat feet leading to long term problems. and in mid august, the end of the year, i can see how the foot is behaving, will how it touches down and how it pushes off and how it's affecting the ankle, me and hand. ma'am, we don't just look at the feet. we look at the whole person men and work to improve overall mobility and get a few of the mon over to visit. in the worst case is a problem with the foot can cause damage to the knees or hips. so christoph troutman develops, tailor made insults that he produces by hand, but he says training as the best way to prevent problems occurring in the 1st place to privacy and haven't been under windows. stephen's ones is most we have 27 muscles in the souls of our feet that are there to adapt to uneven ground before they waste away if they're not exercised again. so it's good to wake them up every
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now and then by walking around barefoot meeting and was digging low. so will going barefoot help? many experts say yes, because this stimulates the muscles in the foot while in showing your feet up over space they need. but it's not suitable for every one. guns, which is the, it's really important show insurance done safely hold. i wouldn't recommend it for people who already have problems were improved. for those with high arches like this customer and walking without shoes, can increase pressure on the foot. i go right from the even if walking barefoot isn't an auction having foot where that fits well is a huge help is max. i can hardly feel that i'm wearing shoes. they're really light . no pressure pointless. perfect, perfect. if you were shoes and in souls that fit, well, i'm through appropriate exercise. your feet can remain problem free throughout your life with so how about
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a short work out for your feet? try standing on tiptoe, rolling over a bowl, or picking something up with your toes. incidentally, humans weren't the 1st to discover how to walk on 2 legs. birds and their ancestors dinosaurs were around long before we came on the scene. ah, flightless birds like ostriches, have perfected the out of running on 2 legs. they can move at speeds of up to 65 kilometers an hour. apart from us, humans, only a few other models move around on 2 legs. so what was behind this evolution? we development in humans. the upright gate is a characteristic feature of modern humans. there are different theories as to its origin. but most scientists believed that our fest,
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upright steps were taken here in east africa many millions of years ago though, is still lush, rain forest hair. that's why our ancestors lived in trees, which is best done using all 4 limbs on the ground. however, the pre human adi pacific has ramirez sometimes walked on to less. the movement of continental plates created new mountains. fewer and fewer rainclouds reached east and africa as result. this changed the climate. it became dry. 5000000 years ago, the dense rain forest gradually disappeared, and the savannah unmatched. the ability to walk right helps our ancestors to survive. around visibility provides better protection from predators. and it means the hands of free for carrying food and toes, for example. a single passing can provide for a whole group on 2 feet. our ancestors also became foster and could cover more
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ground. humans became long distance runners. so the modern human is built for walking and running. it's often said that $10000.00 step to day is healthy. but it's actually very little scientific data to support that number. however, one recent study showed that people who will 8000 steps a day have a much lower risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases than those who take just 4000 steps. running, have many benefits for anyone who wants to take up jogging here or on top tips for success with you should warm up before every run. infected warm up increases breathing and heart rate and it'll bring the body to something like an operating temperature. ah, eliza, getting warmed up,
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is ideal preparation. it helps prepare the muscles, tendons, and joints for the upcoming strain. after all, you don't want to injure yourself while training can be flexible on planning. ah, ah! after a 20 minute warm up, the muscles are warm and ready to go. keep the body straight and run in a relaxed way. not too fast. before time from now, the 1st benefit of running is it's fun, the more you run, the more fun it is. it also gives you a sense of achievement. you can eat afterwards because you burn a lot of energy and it helps live longer. what more could you wanting a live placement? i mean, it's important to have reasonable sportswear and good running shoes because when you run twice, your body weight goes into each step. and what you have to look
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carefully for the right running shoes. and it's very important that they're comfortable and you have good cushioning form. there should be a thumbs, width of space in front of the foot. i flat, you don't want to peruse your toes and the power line. another important factor or good running style. the trainer, advisors hitting the ground with the whole foot instead of the heel. this is easier on the joints while running the body burns, a lot of energy and loses fluid was like if an off you lose water very quickly when running on. if it's a hot tyler day, you can lose a leader or more in an hour. you can't completely replenish it while running it. having the small water bottle online or leaving one somewhere is helpful. otherwise, rehydrate like quickly after training and now for the body count rehydrate more than $100.00 milliliters water per quarter hour. so how often should you run? ideally, 2 to 3 times a week for between 30 and 45 minutes. and i saw your in warmer places avoid the hot
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times of day or run in the evening or better yet on early in the morning. lots cooler, he'll sweat less and get less hydrated in the morning. it's like having a nice oxygen shower before work and the temperature doesn't causes much strain. money from alaska, regular running keeps you mentally and physically fit. and it's the best tonic against wrinkles because it improves blood supply to the skin. and what about losing weight? enough? i've been meaning to associate, running with losing weight. and it is possible, but you need endurance and continuity. you can burn 100 grams of fat tissue in one hour, which means you have to run for 10 hours to lose a kilogram changed of ah, here again, our tips for healthy running warm up and stretch. drink plenty of fluids. and good running shoes are very important.
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preferably one shoe size larger than normal. do you have any questions, whether it's about nutrition, exercise research, or therapy. just drop us a line or send an email to in good shape at d delta u dot com with a bit of luck. well, answer your question in one of our upcoming shows in 17th century year high heels symbolized masculinity and status. the origin of shoes with heels could go back to riding on horseback by heels helped to prevent that from slipping through the stirrup. since the 19th century high heels have mainly been a part of women's fashion as they give the impression of long legs that is considered attractive. but one thing clear, high heels, i'm not good for your feet. 24 year old tyra sutton loves shopping and she loves high yields. this truck was, was from dana,
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i like wearing heels, especially when i go out. there are certain occasions when you feel better wearing heels will instantly feel more confident, hula, but as many women know from painful experience a day spent in heels can take its toll. tyra wants to know if heals are actually bad for the feet. dr. nicholas groom, pat is an orthopedist 1st, he has his patients walk on a treadmill that measures how much pressure is being placed on the feet. particularly intense pressure shows up, read. does problem with horn upside. the basic problem with high heels is that they place more pressure on the 4 foot focuses for tight. what can be forced, the pressure, the is up to 5 times greater than normal when stomach, the current is the uneven weight distribution with high heels. triggers pain much faster than with flat shoes. on a fluff and troop, and the long term it can cause damage to the feet in the form of alex vargas,
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also known as a bunyan, or claw toes. in a worst case scenario, the megatar, so bone can actually break the kid in the fixture long. tyra's feet look normal so far, there's no sign that her heals are causing any damage. but if she noticed is any signs of strain such a swelling, recurrent pain, or discoloration of the skin, she said go to the doctor straight away. tara would also like to know if different types of shoes can cause different problems. she's brought along a selection to show the doctor. your doesn't go through so much to your fault. yes . yes, we'll put a lot of pressure on the 4 foot for who's as much as 90 percent of your body weight because i will be leaning on the front 3rd of the foot for them. so of course, it will give you some trouble to share the damaging effects of high feels very, according to the height and width of the heel, looked off, voice is not orthopedists like this sort of heal better 3 or 4 centimeters high at the very most. and relatively wide,
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and of course the shoes are much more comfortable if you're doing more walking and standing around. wearing inlaid can also help distribute the pressure on the feet and make high heels more comfortable. much business as a silicon in lay, for example, reduces the pressure on the feet. the hook, whitefish hiding the toes, are often crushed together. so the inlay spaces them out, linger, kicks in, then it feels like the toes are being pushed outward and it hurts a bit in other places because there is no roam stone vicinity. but something else my help in lays can't correct deformed feet, but can bring relief goods as isha. this is either an inlay isn't really therapeutic. it's more about comfort and reducing the pain. it means a shoe can be worn for longer without discomfort, like one. basically, the higher the heel, the more the wearer should make sure she sits down in high. he has,
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its anyone determined to keep wearing heels despite the risks, can take a few precautions to limit the damage. for example, regular moisturizing. this can help prevent cows. this while boosting circulation foot massages also help relieve tension, massaging the area that sore can ease the problem, and a foot roller can also help improve circulation. it's good to remove calluses that take and skin can be unsightly and painful. do foot exercises while you're cleaning your teeth, for example. it won't fix a deformity, but it can help strengthen the foot muscles and improve flexibility. have a footpath softer, supple skin can withstand pressure, better lip balm can also help keep the toenail short. that also reduces shoe pressure ultimately, it's also
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a good idea not to wear heels for long periods. carry a change of shoes with you or alternate heels with flat so you give your feet time to recover and don't develop cash shortening. and ideally, go barefoot when you can our feet are incredibly complex. $26.00 buttons are connected to over $33.00 joints. more than a 100 ligaments held everything together. 20 muscles with that stronger tendon help with movement. instability and feet. oh say center diff, a recognize uneven surfaces and the difference between hard and soft grounds and, but if there's a problem with one of the many bones of joined, it can be very painful. aerobics in the
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garden, oakley defroster can once again move easily. jumping and flexing her feet for a long time that just was impossible. the big joe on her right foot became increasingly immobile antennas as ever belonging at 1st, it was an unpleasant, dull pain. every now and then peter topic. but later the pain grew and it felt like the joint might even break off huskily up. it was really unpleasant on ever what i'm getting. when i rode off the pool of my foot, it was really painful lawyer to do and felt like the phone might break. on. m is cut depression of shooters and she spent years working in retail standing up all day that put a lot of strain on her feet. eventually every step was painful. it was due to wear and tear and her toe joint, a condition known as alex richard us. the cartilage gets worn down to protect the joint, the bonnie developed extra bone. some people have more, others,
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less moving afoot than involves bone rubbing against bone leading to inflammation and pain. the joint becomes increasingly immobile. only defroster also had visible symptoms. the area over her big toe was red and swollen. tongue binge had some odd appealing come. so i went to the orthopedic specialist, even though i thought it was probably nothing to anaheim. as he told me, i had arthritis in my big toe and i'd have to wear in lazy, i'm tongue wooster. she had to swap her high heels for comfy sport shoes. but at some point, she even struggled to fit into them. then the scaling and your last not even if my foot would fit in high to she would press so hard on the joint that a callous started to develop a length which was really painful. and so it was very unpleasant because there was constant pressure on my foot laughed at on the joint force of tingling her
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orthopedist finally sent her to the shelley's because shine university medical center in lou beck, where she saw foot surgeon dominique forked. the aim was to clarify whether an operation could help was come to him off to let us would it always depends on how much the patient is suffering the lunch. she's normally very active and like sports . so the condition was really affecting her. we offered her an operations where we fell down the bone spur. her condition wasn't very advanced, so i knew the treatment would improve her quality of life won't understand even did he was credited to your habitual ovie defrost as joint was still intact. only the bone spur was causing pain. that's why the so called collector me made sense in her case. with this operation, the surgeon shapes away the bone spur that relieves the pressure on the joint. reducing the pain. motion is restored to the toe,
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meaning the patient can then roll their foot as normal when walking. it's a relatively simple procedure, but it isn't suitable for everyone. halleck to me, come to an id like to me, won't work if the patient is experiencing pain even while resting the foot, or if it's painful, when the foot touches the floor, the floor and notches when pushing off them apart. that indicates that the arthritis is well advanced and the cartilage has worn down too far. only 2 for us to still had enough cartilage. so in her case, the operation was worth it to restore mobility to the toe. but even an operation won't stomp the wear and tear permanently to use either to me is a key like to me is generally seen as a way of buying time. hope you can delay the ongoing destruction of the joint, an intense lane that goes with it for a few years. it might last 10 years or even 20. but the deterioration usually continues, albeit more gradually. and lymphoma pushes, po v for faster now,
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massages and stretches. both of her big joe's regularly because she's concerned that her other foot could be affected to. she's hoping to avoid another operation as recovering from the last one was a lengthy process. the fashioning on fred like i like it took a long time and wasn't always pain free. that's high things like going into the shower were problematic. it was i come your foot in plaster as you can't put weight on it. and so it was just difficult, but in the end it all worked out fine yet. oh, i definitely have no regrets. if it's not that i thought the whole process would be much faster. what's the thick of focus dave? now 2 years on omega for ouster is pain free. she can run, jumping, move freely, and she wants to stay that way for as long as possible.
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and now it's your chance to get the new thing. fitness trainer of haley, darman is here to show you another exercise, although it's not for your feet. hello everybody. we have a perfect place to show you today a lovely exercise. we do an easy version of the push app you can be outside inside. it doesn't matter. have a look for a tree, and let's go, really important is as solid ground. then bring your hands to the tree, move to the tree, and then you push up your slow. when it's too easy for you, bring your hands a little bit lower. step a little bit back and then it's more exhausting
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with it. and don't forget to squeeze your stomach. with this exercise is a perfect upper body exercise. you train your arms, your shoulders, and of course it says a fun trying that out at home, and we'll see you next time on in good shape. ah ah, with ah, with
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hero show how their ideas can change the world. with global 3000. on d, w. o, you become a criminal. i already know who's with hackers, paralyzed me to your societies, computers and then i was sure you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work, how they can go in for, and that's how they can also go terribly. watch it now on you to a 5 branch habitat ended glistening place of long the
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mediterranean sea scene of l. musfar. and so far, abdul karim drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and the editor ringing, ready to lead, journey this week on d. w. mm. frankfurt a hot international gateway to the best connection, self road and rail, located in the out of europe. you are connected to the whole world to experience outstanding shopping and dining offers. and johnny alice services will be our guest at frankfurt. airport city managed by frappe, bought lou ah, ah
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ah, ah ah, this is d w and you live from berlin. europe's biggest nuclear power station goes offline for hours. the shutdown of ukraine separation plans, course regional blackouts, and raised fears of a serious incident. also coming up on goal as president heading for a 2nd.


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