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atomic energy agency says one of its team a says, one of its teams is that having to that region, nuclear power plant, carry out inspections later this week on russia, ukraine, the fuse each other of showing close to the size of growing international fears of a nuclear disaster near is asia ace. next we've had bearish, prodigy, and brought gulf. we'll have more world news of the talk of the out. every day. 3 munich, 15 years ago, the international gathering of peace and cooperation becomes the scene of a horrible tragedy. arab terrors, armed with sub machine guns, went to the headquarters of the israeli team and immediately killed one man.
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they're all gone. how i witnesses experienced the terrible events for one shadow of the 1972 olympic massacre starts september 3rd on d, w. since march 2020 to chile, his had a president gabrielle breech, 36 years young, a former student later the latin american country is now undergoing major political change from bryce to left. the former conservative president sebastian pineda has been replaced by a young progressive left his leader who's not from the party establishment. but from the student movement, he helped to lead to student protests that began in 2011 with thousands demanded educational reform.
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ah 56 percent of chiles. electric voted for breach and now they're expecting him to deliver. ah, we would have thought of it. the youngest president in chillies history has promised social justice, equality and action on the climate. his cabinet is made up of more women than men for the indigenous population, for each has promised a fair dialogue to resolve centuries old territorial conflicts. and the l g b t q i community is expecting him to put an end to the discrimination they face. can the new president live up to people's expectations? wonder why we need to redistribute the wealth that is produced by the men and women of children by all the people who live in our country. would it be if the wealth is only restricted to a small number of people?
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it's very difficult to have. peace are all going to have even recover. the gap between chiles rich and poor is one of the largest in the world. in his pointers is proud of her new home. it's the 1st time in her life that she has had a place, a parent, although it's not legal, she's never had it easy in life. she comes from a poor farming family and had to work even as a child. i comalla men in the classroom setting myself up in a small room and learning how to access water. the gonna are all things that i learned from my mother. she was a seem stress. so she was always turning one thing into something else. when i moved in here, i didn't have a single piece of furniture. for example, when the yellow thing i get any of that book on white in us only
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had a tent and a mattress when she decided to occupy this piece of land 2 years ago. what our and this is my water reserve in the tank. it's half empty, i still need to fill it. i built this wall with my own hands. that's why like me, my house is small but nice over there my go. when the number of illegal settlements has doubled in chilly over the past 3 years, alongside the nurse, more than 2000 families now live here. the plot of land they occupied is 40 heck, toys in size, and was once covered in debris. they cleared the land and began building houses, and so far, the private land owners have not sought legal action. if now the biggest illegal settlement in santiago de chilly,
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it was built in 2020 while in other parts of the capital paper were in lockdown at home. it's nearly 10 years since i last visited chile, south americas wealthiest country in terms of per capita income. but despite good economic growth, extreme poverty is still wide spread 30 years after the end of august, or pinochet's military dictatorship, actually has the lowest tax revenue of all o e c d countries, and the greatest inequality. the corona virus exacerbate of the problems. i arrived to find people queuing for their full shot. at maxine, chilly, has one of the world's highest vaccination rights for cove at 19 the previous government took care of that. but economically it let many people in the lurch, business owners were given free reign to suspend employees and not pay wages.
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gabe was joking. most of the elderly are unable to live from their pensions, pension funds in chile, a managed by private sector companies, that invest the money according to gums and guidelines to help people manage. during the pandemic, workers were allowed to withdraw 10 percent of these pension savings. in his who enters was living with her daughter in a small municipal apartment. when she noticed people beginning to occupy the empty piece of land opposite, she immediately decided to join them. when the, when you, when you push ya, once i was able to withdraw 10 percent of my retirement savings. visually i bought wooden boards for the walls. this all. and i was finally able to afford material for the roof and other things. yeah. company each and when i bought everything 2nd
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hand, the hotel coffee, douglas, if you dial out there's a one them a bit of anus gave the illegal settlement. the name on the waiver amana said for a new dawn, it's also doubt the 10 percent town, because most of the residents paid for their new homes by drawing out 10 percent of their pension. the withdrawals boosted inflation and further diminished workers may give pensions. but ines doesn't care figure la fleur theory. in that sense, the start of the pandemic was a stroke of luck, yada, yada. we were able to occupy this area so you had it and then the option to withdraw 10 percent of our pension savings. many, many families were able to build homes for themselves, lena, which i think in the future, many people lost their jobs because of the pandemic in here. on this land, they were able to reduce their living costs, which is the pressure that the increased price of food and rental payments,
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coupled with high unemployment force, people to seek alternatives. you pull up on them a lot of because of the pandemic, we lost our job. so for 8 months we weren't able to pay our rent. okay. have you come all? yeah. so our landlady kicked us out, having elizabeth on, that's when we occupied a piece of land here for c. l free. at 1st we just had a simple hut made of wooden planks. it was really cold, foreseeable, but then came the opportunity to withdraw 10 percent of our pension. my husband and son were then able to build this house, now were protected from the rain and the cold. you, me the lead you viable. i have to admit, i didn't notice this poverty during my earlier trips to cheer. hey, yes, i get the one i think in the past, chile managed to keep the poverty hidden again. but now where people have started raising their voices, i'm not even this government will silence them again. will they will demand what is due to them. they actually him then again,
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i got one me on international labor day protest is marched peacefully, calling for workers to be given greater rights, our cameraman, pablo silas has filmed many such valleys. in 2019, he witnessed in film street battles here as protest turned violent. that is edible chivalry. the violence came from the government that was in power. then the establishment at the elite wanted to continue as though nothing was happening. they did everything they could to suppress the protests with the army and tanks. the yearning had been in the 1st month alone, demonstrators were attacked with over 2000000 rubber bullet. the repression was terrible, but the uprising was unstoppable yet. i think, by now, oh wow. it began in october 2019, when high school students protested against the increased ticket process on public transport. the demonstration soon spread with people from across chilion society
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venting their anger of economic and social injustice. the protests turned into riot . the conservative government cold in the army, more than 30 people were killed and hundreds sustained bullet wounds. i am a woman and a young 22 year old man went blind as a result. they lost their site forever under the damage is irreparable. san banging right out of their i'd say, the repression under president vignette. i was as brutal as under the dictatorship, them without my resume, it today and pavlo solace knows what he's talking about. in the 1980s he filmed protests against the re, jean val castile pinochet's, who came to power and a u. s. backed military, too old resistance against pinochet's, neo liberal policies, was brutally put down. ignoring
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the protest, the dictatorship introduced the constitution that shrunk the state to a minimum relinquishing many rights and responsibilities to private businesses. the education system, the health system, and the pension system, were all privatized. more than 30 years later in 2019, the protest is called for that constitution to be abolished. they demanded a dignified standard of living for all, and attacked symbols of a late rule patriarchy and colonialism. the focal point for the protests, a square, commonly known as plaza. italia has been renamed dignity square by the protesters, lorena, with it, unlike us adults, the young people dare to demand justice at a glen maddie and preferred an exit. he only then did we older people think if the younger generation can do this lot. so can we when thought they,
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they held at us to lose our fear. dunphy i gave, i can't bear em. but we had a needle. the popular uprising was inevitable, says political scientist, david outman, he told me it was only ever going to be a matter of time. a university professor, an expert in direct democracy. he took part in the protests himself young standing side by side with the students. a ton of wiggle gravel. no one called for these demonstrations to happen here. that's why they referred to as a social explosion. she will in duluth bushy. there were various groups, various people taking the streets for various reasons. the one common denominator was there longing for a more just less cruel system of society. and i mean them, horton, all men are gruel. louise dyer, there was a desire to put limits on the brutality of the unrestricted market economy. you know, a little dot ago,
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but if you had asked each demonstrator which political measures should be taken, you'd have gotten a huge mishmash of ideas. but in the former congress building, the results of the uprising was soon evident. work began on a new constitution. for me, it was a unique opportunity to see such a document in the making. i discovered very dedicated people immersed in their work . they were given one year to re shaped chiles foundations to negotiate the legal framework for social justice, equal opportunities, protection of minorities affair economy, the rule of law and democracy. this hugely important mission was not entrusted to lawmakers. instead, an assembly of citizens directly elected by the people worked on the constitution without political intervention. half the delegates were women, if passed, it would be the 1st gender parity constitution in human history. minorities that
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have traditionally suffered discrimination such as indigenous peoples were also part of the assembly. i spot elisa lon con. the 1st president of the constitutional convention in the federal, cowen, elise is a linguist and she belongs to chill his largest indigenous group. the more from chip after centuries of discrimination, her election was a huge cause. the celebration amongst the indigenous population look at you. what we have witnessed is a deep crisis of political representation getting the government and congress were no longer representing the interests of the people. today, we know that power must be shared by that. women need to be in government and that indigenous people and the regions must also be involved in the democratic process. so they will that add people. her people, the map who chair and demanding the return of their ancestral lands in the south of the country. president gabrielle bol, reach has made efforts to resolve the conflict through dialogue,
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but so far without success. i said, are you, we've been fighting against the state for more than 200 years, but new generations come and we see peoples are able to liberate themselves in human history. teaches us at repression, can't last forever. that gives us hope elected answer get any of the new president wants to involve the indigenous peoples in the political process as equals his voice support for chile becoming a so called cleary national state, where different groups have certain rights. and i think they're my poacher are like us people of the land. they are fighters and bold. they defend their views and traditions their laws and their rights. that's why i can identify with them and them, i put a women are definitely fighters. you them will get him up with you from get ah,
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appearing national state would recognize the existence of different groups within its borders. affording them political rights and autonomy in certain territories. but the idea is facing a lot of resistance in the capital santiago and not just among the elite or in conservative circles. ah, even former president ricardo lagossi, the socialist party, is skeptical about its inclusion in the draft constitution. when you think you, they see the solution to call it a plural national state, if you must. but strictly speaking to be true to history, that one should add while we were in origin of poor national statement. but since then, there's been a lot of intermarriage and mixing it with did they can, you know, have you ever seen a difference between she lands when the national team qualifies for the world cup of the football ballot? where's the plural national state then
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a little bit. do you see any group that's not on board? gonna play that with no, that we're all united behind our team and we fight together against our neighbors, the argentinians, but equally m. o. they were provoked at them when the look to lift the lid work and bingo know it to seek g official. so what is this actually, are we a poor national state or a state that has found a common national identity called the chalet and nation m. let us really actually ah, when acquisition that, that illegal marcella. it's good to recognise and understand the differences between that she lands or rather between the people who live in this republic, in this territory. oh, that the nest but to apply different legal systems depending on a person's ethnic origins. who now i don't, i don't know about that. ah,
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i've come to the coast. the strongest opposition to the new constitution is in conservative and far right circles chiles. congress is in the port city of val powder e. so here are the arrange to meet with a senator who's known as the closest adviser to president vo reaches far right rival, who he narrowly defeated in the last election. jose manuel russell edwards is a firm believer in chiles. neo liberal system inherited from the dictatorship. he passionately upholds the ideal of a privatized world, in which the state has hardly anything to say. no thought of lead, i will have to under tuttle in law. we are leading the movement to oppose the new constitution well, soon and better in our eyes. the constitutional convention is not acting in the interests of the people. you look, he goes, it's proposals are strongly ideological and that will,
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that's why it's lost credibility. acoya, but it's gone from an approval rating of 80 percent that are now just 30 or 35 percent laguna because the delegates have distanced themselves from the people i left out today and she lay all tower is being transferred to the state about these rights and freedoms don't belong to the state law, they belong to the people. i like the right to education well to health and to we're in the ritual power. if the lever slona the new left us government is facing an uphill battle, although it has a broad alliance, it doesn't have a majority in congress. emilia schneider is a member of congress. her party belongs to gabrielle breeches governing coalition broad front. she often criticizes sen, roha edwards, and his right wing policies accusing him of hypocrisy. yes sir, i'm a woman who firmly left wing with that also. i don't believe we leftists are in the majority, but i do think people's use a general are becoming more cosmopolitan,
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more progressive and less conservative. i think once had been, i question how senator ross conservative outlook, which allows the state to interfere in our private lives. and our 6 lives alone can be reconciled with the arguments of freedom that he so cries as the right wing actually wants to restrict everyone's lives. and freedom of the lee had said that had said that blue 26 year old emilia schneider is the 1st transgender lawmaker in chiles. history. president bo rich believes and diversity. and that's reflected in his cabinet. 2 of his ministers, homosexual. ah, if in i'm a transsexual will made it. we're witnessing the dawn of a new era until now. chile was considered very conservative, but it's becoming more open. we're just experiencing turbulence because of this change in momentum bubble books are now no justice,
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no peace. schneider began her political career as a feminist spokesperson for the student movement, rejecting the old country uncle system has become one of the cornerstones of the new government. who would get em. we come from the popular protest movement. we mustn't forget that. but we're moving forward slowly because we want to go far to what give i'm only what you the sure. oh boy judy the current generation in power. and sheila believes it knows about everything from juliet again. it was sheila helen only slowly. are they beginning to realize that being in power is different? it's not what they expected. indeed, months after being sworn into office, the new left us government is now getting pushed back from all sides. i happened to
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interest straight. that's cordoned off by the police. it's yet another protest by students over the conditions in their school. they plan to spend the night here. they say they will hold out until they complaints a hood. what is the 22nd of this month? we can't though, that we've been pointing out the problems for a long time, for decades actually, under previous governments to them can go to law, the conditions are intolerable. and we have to keep making that clear. you did that for a while ago though, even though i let us unbelievable, but i'm oklahoma, we hope that progress will be made under the new government and the fact that they come from the student movement themselves as no guarantee if they're offering no solutions, no bad and nobody fun enough other at the labor day rallies left wing protest is, are also critical of the new president. many workers he has said the increase to the minimum wage announced by gabrielle bal,
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reach is laughable. maybe you know, without a new constitution the young ambitious government was struggling to change anything . almost every one he agrees or not, but it will be the people, not the government who decide with the constitution is made into law. a referendum is set for september. the 4th, i'm amazed to learn that only then will the working week, for example, be reduced to 40 hours, as well as many other protections for workers that have long been established in europe or in the little city ariel. the new constitution will put an end to the subservient saying it, it'll, instead we'll have a welfare state based on the rule of law with social and political rights guaranteed. and will it be? workers will have a right to strike and a right to collective agreements to participate in company decisions live. there will be the right to housing the little i v and then the right to fair working
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conditions and a suitable place to live is something in his for winters could only ever dream about. and i believe she too is hoping for higher wages and access to better health care thing. go and i have a problem with my elbow. it's probably come from working. i don't know what will become of me. maybe they'll insist i retire early up africa. it's painful for me to steer the forklift truck that i drive. the doctor touched the spot here and it was immediately painful. it's like a shooting pain of like a jaeger here. he, you do your arms a painful get out of and they're like an expression of your life. you have so many symbols tattooed on them down to the sea, but yes, this one has a meaning. if you go, yes ma'am, this is my mother. if she died 8 years ago on august 31st 2014. you know that what
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i let me cut off? and on the other arm, i have the phoenix because this bird always rises up again, like even when it's dying and it rises up from the ashes. i've been this away. i'm but again then, the waiver amanda says settlement where she lives has also risen from the ashes. many here hope the new government will improve their lives. but it's not an all clear whether the new constitution will be approved by the people here. but what i felt that all my life i was in, i had been in glen innes knows every one here. he. she's always try to ensure that a degree of order is upheld. so residents chose her to be president of the community. does she make sure that people build in a responsible way so that fire engines can drive through? for example, the authorities have done nothing here so far. the people are just left to their own devices. artist, an act of as thomas events,
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volunteers in the new neighborhood, he helps in is acting both as an advisor and a technical assistant plymouth hopes the new constitution will improve the living conditions in this remain skeptical, but to law says he will definitely vote in favor of it, in a gonzalez' grandma, under the new constitution, we would get access to water, electricity, and garbage collection. you could get, it would be written into the constitution. so the state is forced to pass laws to make it happen. it is better the battle must do you really think it will work? oh, so sick as a little constitution gets adopted. yes, but even then change won't happen overnight. the old little, the lee, margaret olivia. i made another activist, 33 year old pamela santiesteban, bought this plot of land for about 600 euros from the previous squatter. she overseas her small neighbourhood in the settlement. when the yo, i'm pamela,
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leading representative of the united nation was that's the name of this neighbourhood, nathan. i'm originally from peru, but i've lived in chile for 10 years and years and i moved here 10 months ago. and i from around 80 percent of the inhabitants of the slum, come from haiti and other latin american countries where life for the poor and social mobility is even tougher than in chilling. in the past that has led to a huge influx of migrants in the previous government imposed a state of emergency to stop the trend. finding a humane way to control immigration is yet another challenge facing the new government park residents here get along fine. despite the cultural differences, as per mill, it tells me a normal chose the name united nations together because the neighbors are from all kinds of different nations. i, argentina, venezuela, ecuador, bolivia, peru,
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and chilly malia and the fatal an aussie label. here we will build our un headquarters as a social, then yell for our neighbourhood, my thought or thought this evening enos pointers, is an especially good mood. she has great news for pamela, where the illegal new dawn settlement is now on track to gain legal recognition. huge news that has to be shared within a few hours in his pointers. his house is full of people. as everyone gathers for a meeting with a special guest. there is a new air of optimism because for the 1st time an official from the local authorities has visited the settlement with an offer to help. their collective will now become a recognized association for you. it's a 1st important step. the official praises the power of community
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day this, we have to stick together. we will have our many conflicts and problems. but what will help is looking for solutions together and not individually but collectively fully fear. ah ah ah, ah, ah, ah, departure into the room today this meas, flying to a foreign planet in the 16th century, it meant between a captain and setting sail to discover
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a route the world famous sea voyage of ferdinand magellan. i'd rather erase linked to military interests, erase linked to political and military, christy, but it was so linked to many financial interests and adventure full of hardships, dangers and death. 3 years that wouldn't change the world forever. my jillions journey around the world starting september 7th on d. w. ah, this week on world stories helping severely injured children and afghanistan and openly gay mom and fran.


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