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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 30, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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i am making india's cosmetic industry more sustainable much in fact that we will free if i just leave me think one for or even 90 minutes on d w. okay. with this is the w news alive from berlin. ukraine launch has a long anticipated offensive to retake this other region of her son. he says it's or says have already broken the 1st line of russian defense. but moscow says it is working advances and inflicting heavy casualties. was coming up on the show.
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a deadly clash as in baghdad, supported by green zone supporters of iraq's powerful shiite cleric, hot outside or storm. the government palace after he says he's putting politics for good. and the international monetary fund approved more than a $1000000000.00 of extra 8 for pakistan as the country grapples with devastating floods. rescuers are still struggling to reach people whose homes are submerged. ah hello, i am claire richardson, thanks much for joining us. ukraine says it has broken through enemy lines at several points through the southern city of hare san as it mounts a campaign to retake occupied territory. the push comes after we of preparation.
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ukraine has been attacking russia, supply routes in an attempt to isolate troops. there are russia captured harrison early on in the war, facing little resistance. now ukrainian president will adhere. lensky is vowing to push russian forces out of all occupied territories. gray le ukraine is returning its own and it will return hockey if lou hands don't yet sk separation, the house on regions, crimea, and definitely the waters of the black and the seas. so is this the start of the counter offensive that the lensky has been signaling for a month earlier? dw put that question to military analyst. justin crump. he ceo of the strategic advisory firm, civil line in the u. k. yeah, the situation is still confused as battlefields tend to be, but it certainly looked like a much more significant defensive operations. but then we can say it does seem to
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fall in line with what the president wanted. and of course, there was a, as we discussed before in the program, a timeline. ukraine of wanting to achieve something in kirsten before any referendum could be held by russia, which is plan september. so, ukraine's had this, this deadline of doing something in, in the region by september. so it does seem to all fall in line with that. and certainly the scale of what we're seeing is much larger than this. ukraine, i think, is all the see, make great use of the western weapon donations up to the high mars. and the m l r. s. rocket systems to disrupt the russians. we've. we've seen that going on. intense fight in the region over the last few days. they're also been husbanding a certain amount of the equipment they've been donated and the limited amount of pictures we seen today show some of the western supplied on personnel car is being used and what appears to be quite a decent combined arms attacked by ukraine. so using tanks, infantry across the vehicle to tillery,
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altogether to have achieved lisa limited breakthrough in the rushing front. as far as you understand it now, obviously driven, i'm sued like everything and warfare. ultimately, it's extension of this glens, but the pity sense that there's a need for an operation and the possibility of succeeding in something in her senate. this time that was military analyst and justin prom. let's go to iraq now where deadly clash is in the capital. baghdad have left at least 15 people, dad. the violence follows an announcement by powerful shade. clara looked hot outside or that he would quit politics, which prompted his supporters to storm a government palace. attentions are soaring amid a political crisis that has left a rock without a government since elections last october. ah, supporters of finance, shia cleric mcdonough and sunday reach, but gods heavily fortified green zone. in india,
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whom do ministries and embassies the soon over and the government palace? aetna, i thought i'd let out on a revolution is selina rocky. was it it's not southwest. no, this isn't a rocky revolution. would any out of the iraq it should be returned to its people with any of the i r y. yeah. come on. how i let what's your plan? oh my, our demands are to the south parliament and to hold the corrupt to account and we say to saddler, we will sacrifice for you victory's house one muscle enough. while you inside many was seen lounging in meeting rooms used by iraqi heads of state and cooling off in a swimming pool in the garden. they were soon driven out by security forces using tear gas and gunshots. the un mission to iraq, as well as the united states,
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called on all sides for restraint. the plan up of violence follows months of political deadlock in iraq looked at others movement as this block was the biggest winner in october's election. but he failed to form a government that excluded his. she arrivals close to iran law, moral marsh. i have, he would do his lawmakers from parliament in june. what was that? while on my anthony, his followers, have since been staging a, sitting outside the parliament calling for fresh elections. well, this isn't the 1st time. the influential carrick has withdrawn from political you thought to know for the cotton deadlock in iraq appears harder to resolve than in the past. daniel, so as a professor at the johns hopkins school of advanced international studies, he spoke to me earlier about what has led up to this unrest election results to make a long story short of mac does southern believe city one,
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the elections in the sense that he be arrival she a group, but he was unable to form a government and he withdrew his members from parliament. you know, boy cutting parliament is never a great idea because in new members are appointed in, in they form a government without you and that's what he's trying to prevent. and he had sought her husband, a long time, major player in iraq's political scene. but it has been more than 10 months since elections. so what is his motive for leaving politics now at this point? i think he's trying to show that he's indispensable. i'm not sure he's leaving politics at all. i think what he's doing is rousing his supporters to make enough trouble that new elections are called and he tells a little bit more context about why it has been so difficult to form
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a government in this period. this is splintering love political groups in iraq and it looked, as i said, it was unwilling to form a broad coalition. he wanted a majority, terry and government. iraq has been ruled by mid but broader coalitions since the american nation of you know, there comes a time for a majority. gerry, in government in a place like iraq, but he didn't have the votes. and that's what really counts. speaking of the u. s. invasion or how much of a role have a foreign interests as such as the united states or iran plate and influencing the current situation? it's hard to tell. iran certainly supports the sheer rivals mcgonagall
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center. i think they're unhappy with him. the americans, you know, they're perhaps content to see the caretaker of go government, the prime minister academy continue in power because he's friendly united states. they probably can't get better him out of either a different coalition new or new elections. so looking ahead, do you think that is what could end this crisis, fresh elections? it's entirely possible that they will go to new elections. that would be frustrating. i think for a lot of the rockies iraqis have wanted an effective government, that one and the government committed to clean government committed to providing services and they're not getting. all right,
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we're gonna have to leave it there. but daniel sir, we're a professor at johns hopkins. thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us on dw news. and meanwhile, the international monetary fund has approved a request from pakistan for an extra $1100000000.00 in bailout funding. as the country struggles with 2 months are devastating months in flooding, the high waters have killed at least a 1000 people and efforts to rescue tens of thousands of others continue. international aid has begun to arrive, but many have already lost everything. joan images reveal the extent of the devastation near pakistan's indus river. the floods have destroyed bridges and washed away many roads, forcing authorities to use boats, military plains, and helicopters to carry out difficult rescue operations. often without a dry spot to land on. the government says $1.00 and $7.00 pakistan. these are
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affected by the floods, but in 33000000 people, many were forced to leave their homes returning only to see what's still salvageable yet by a dig at the honey belly up. when i saw the water coming out, i saved the women and children. uh huh. when i returned here, there was a lot of water then i saved the castle, which i ordered after that. okay. there was no chance to return here yet. there was just too much water. we just need the finally boyar, you the government expects the recent destruction to be worse than the white spread flooding of 2010 people over to the last the complete livelihood orchards. the garden, the leakage of freedoms and crops. have been destroyed. we have lost more than $45.00 books on both horton grove and broadcast on relief efforts are underway across the country. cargo plains, from a broad upbringing urgently needed food. water intense to pakistan. yet many flood
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victims still feel abandoned by the government. louder gall and walter law by a lot of water entered our village. our homes are submerged law, some of our relatives have died and we're not receiving any relief from the government. there are also concerns about what still to come then soon season isn't over yet. more rain and flooding is expected and could leaf a 3rd of the country under water. let's take a look now at one of the world's most ambitious space programs. nath is multi $1000000000.00 artemus mission is aimed at one day, getting humans back on the moon and eventually to mars. but it has gotten off to a disappointing start. the u. s. space agency was forced to scrub the launch of its largest ever rocket after a number of technical problems. and next attempt could happen as soon as friday. the $98.00 meet a rocket and it's unmanned capsule. a ryan were left sitting on the launch pad. as
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the minutes ticked by us, vice president carmella harris had flown into cape canaveral to witness the lift off of the most powerful rocket ever built by nasa. tourists had flocked to nearby locations all keen to get a glimpse of the action. but a whole series of technical problems meant the launch had to be called off. it's yet another disappointment for the ultimate noun program after a series of postpone launches. but nasa says spotting problems is part of the exercise. that is the whole reason for this tough flight to stress it and to test it to make sure it's as safe as possible when the art of miss to when we put humans in the spacecraft at one 0 ram, ram or bio with northern hole to century
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ago, landing on the moon captured the imagination of an entire generation. now the human race is looking once again to return to the moon. if all goes well with this test mission accrued flight could be launched as early as 2024. 1 of the stated ambitions of the artemus mission is to put the 1st woman on 1st person of color on the moon. it's expected to be astronaut, jessica watkins. i certainly would, would be a jess absolutely thrilled to be able to be a part of the effort to, to go to another planetary surface, whether it be the moon or mars. it's the red planet. that's the ultimate goal. but the are to miss mission hopes to 1st build a permanent presence on the moon. it would then use the moon as a proving ground from mission to mars. but 1st, it has to get its maiden test flight, but successfully of the launching pad her. and before we go, let's get
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a reminder of the top story we're following for you at this hour. ukraine says it has launched, it's long anticipated attempt to retake the southern region a her son. moscow says it is thwarting offensive and inflicting heavy casualties. underneath the our dock film is coming up next with a look back to russia in the 19 nineties and why the unpopular boris yeltsin was re elected as liter state for that or check us out on our website at i p w dot com. i'm clear. richardson in berlin for me in the team. thank you so much. watching music. 50 years ago, the international gathering of peace and cooperation becomes the scene of a horrible tragedy. arab tours, armed with sub machine guns, went to the headquarters of the israeli team. and.


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