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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  August 31, 2022 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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peace and cooperation becomes the scene of a horrible tragedy. the arab terrorists, armed with sub machine guns, went to the headquarters on the really team and immediately killed one man. and that was really the last one was on the night or worst fears realized. they're all gone. how i witness is experienced the terrible events and this the world, so not forget, ah, the long shadow, the 1972 massacre start september 3rd on d. w. hi there, rob love you are. and if this is your 1st time, welcome to the 77 percent show. here on this program, we talk about important issues affecting the lives of african youth. my name is michael duty and i am glad to have you here. in today's program, we had to lagos nigeria and ask people why there is such
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a big gap between the rake and then we meet the king in south, or if we use it, he wants to tackle social problem the later on in. so molly land, i'll introduce you to the countries email naval company. welcome back. for the t in africa is reducing. yes, all financial reforms and open economies have led to businesses and money. but it's wealth is not evenly distributed. now get this africa re wealthy as below ness has more money than the bottom. 50 percent of africans combined. and nowhere is this disparity more evident than in legos. herron nigeria, commercial capital, poverty. if 15 minutes away from extreme wells,
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well come to me, go ask because the biggest city, many believe that's hard walking, just anyone can make it here. that's why thousands of young people are migrating here from west africa. and around niger we are with dreams. the heat, the big, the result i'm exploding population and the green economy was as the economy boomed for the gap between the rich and the poor gifts whiter. this is michael cook, probably the biggest, floating slum in the world. about 250000 people live here on legal. there is limited access to solicitation services, electricity, schools or even clean water. i'm just looking at this one. and he's he has a very strong smell of yes. need to be decades of law. now,
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you mean it's that we've been seen kids leave. what came they showed me the was born and raised in mexico. he has agreed to sure around his home this is actually i slept, i slipped with my. busy son, it is like this is the 3rd this is really big, but this is, this is the good news for what time to take. what i say in this coming. we believe you know, believe my money. but every, every money from the hud, my so 11 through them will be live off of your 1. 1 is good. one might be successful. so we don't have anything disney anymore. that's not that government. i'll do this for 6. the percent of legal shows leave in slums and
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score our communities. many informal settlements, also risk demolition as the government expands the city. but just if 15 minutes drive from michael c league was island, most nigeria and celebrities, and 1000000000 is called the school. for the vast majority of young nigeria through living here is about as unimaginable touching the scrape. yes, that doesn't stop the sky high property prices. illegal score lead poverty and only marginal will exist. we've been driving dispense. what's economists worry the bubble of wealth and ready? c, p cannot last such inequality could was seen insecurity and leave 1000 initial cycle of poverty. what before poor, poor them out of that poverty, you need the right level of access for this is accessing several dimensions. number
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one is access to finance. it won't education, health care. while the reach the sheltered lives on legals island, insulated by their mansions and wealth communities like michael, just about keep your heads above water. what. how long this dynamic will last is anyone's guess? they're going to stay in michael for a little longer. this informal settlement started as efficient village years ago, but today it has grown into a metropolis on stilts. the local state government has threatened to demolish it several times, but us 1st resistance from people who call it home. madry, a hoss, some of the wealthiest people on the african continent. so why does it please like mckoko still exist? that is what my colleague it, it came on you find out. and this week's version of our street debate. ah,
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hello and welcome back to the 77 percent. this week we are in lagos, nigeria, more specifically where in muckle and informal area in this place. and so we're wondering how to those people who live in extreme poverty, live side by side with some of the richest on the continent, and what does that disparity to society? well, i've got here a panel of very good looking people who are ready to speak to me, and i'm gonna start with henry who, what's what oxfam. this is the 1st time that you're here, michael, co. just give me your views so far. what, what do you think? i haven't quite seen if people are impoverished as i'm seeing here today, i will see in an environment asa visited how some scene here today, i will quite seen lack of government present like i'm seeing here today is, is quite disheartening. i must say, all right, let me speak to henry because i wanted to ask him, having grown up, you grew up in local korea and what growing up there was light, so green of him. okay. for me out seeds. a privilege?
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yeah, it's a privilege and it says that i had to, you know, try as much as was you linda, by the through yes. going with parents difference. i to get that and definitely do really want to push you to do more, more in a scenario by your parents to on know really dedicated on even the environment you find yourself are people are not pushing dots, a level of education in h o u, the other yeah, of thousands of children bremner under st. snow. going to school. yeah. so i'm just up what, you know, my parents, i get that and the fright hinuit de la fight for me to make sure that i degree education. right. so what you're describing gays, what academics would say is a cycle of poverty j. daniel, is it something that you also experienced? no, you didn't grow up in mexico, but as an informal settlement as well, what was your experience similar to what? well, deserving minus similar but not this extreme because i mean coming from a place where you have to constantly provide for yourself. you have to constantly
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do things for yourself just like, oh my friend, the police said that the government's are not really interested in our well being. we've seen on government organizations come down to these communities just to take pictures because they want to post on social media. they want to make it look like they're doing something. so i think what is the real problem? it's not that we don't have the resources, but the problem is they really don't see this. people are a bit before before we, before we get to the 2 of you, let me invite to the other daniel. yes, we have to daniel's, and to henry's i hope you can keep up where the gobs every year when the budget is read out, these a lot of money being pumped into the country. why isn't it getting here? it's been a systemic issue for people not to be a butcher for government are supposed to kid before the needs of people living is going to speak, but to take care of their dear you so much greeting so much of a problem of people not on a sunday funding there is need for people to be to be taken care of. so leadership is a major problem and that is all your local. all right? for me, it had something to say to me and then henry all gets, and what's daniel,
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i say this is like this. i'm not developed, not because the government goes on with that they should develop it because the government, the government is bent on commercializing, places like this. so this is like the identified by the government and from right that they are sold, disappears to some government officials on that in 2 years this, this is 115 going to be more used. and then if that happens in 5 years, you are going to see a fancy sta pierre. that is going to be sold them rich people that are buying the sim assets that we have in nigeria. okay, let me ask henry, because having in this community, was that a fear that you had because i've had it said that, yeah, people don't know if tomorrow they went to wake up and their house is going to be under water. some of them though, really once you're in a video house, because you're scared of kid, but smyrna gonna just come on, take all of us, who is so why am i doing this for the morning when i'm looking at it? if governments want him to have up with this, this, what that, what, okay, what at social life you would, how did you want to keep surviving? because this week was fish. i meant, okay. then it's a fish on water. eat yet,
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going to take them out of what is the way i did it. and then 3, let me, let me, let me ask for you for a 2nd here because based on this, on the, in the rooms you sit with is the plan to get rid of informal settlements like mccorkle. i'm not telling you that some of this is are not happening. are you getting me? but we what i know right now d, d, d, present. gov. know we have in lucas did is a very, very, as the plots you. gov know like, you know, he's very emphatic but the question is why hasn't that governor brought schools, hospitals, police stations to this place if you think so highly of it, okay. when we talk about developments, when we talk about said goods, it's just not just an automatic thing or you get to me it's, it's, it's 6 got dropped process. so for me, i have when we are getting rid of these very please, because i know data sometimes in the future, anything can call more or you get to me, i know i don't, i don't understand that. so you don't develop it because of what might happen in
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the future. no, no, no, i'm not saying it's not going to be different loops. i don't even know that the police laid these doors as this. i'm just having the idea to do. okay, daniel, ah, let me, let me, let me come to henry and daniel, you're itching, talk to me, talk to me, daniel. so it is of yours that there is no sustainable plan where government that he gently on how to make this, please. what is supposed to be the only don't get to your government in the news iran cases like this is where. ok, we need to demolishes police look at we need to find it. police or me move even in, in moving to people, there is no sustainable plump henry henry. okay. okay. and what was the time? of course you called rentals are all listed as queues is trust me. and he asked, yeah, i'll give you an thought on your business cuz they're down here while ago. but again, you say you see a committee like this is, is, is similar to the court area where we had last night with project lance, lance,
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we again from the see from to what's asked why can begin this land from this water? and i handed over back to the people, and i give them access to the see when they come fish, because not boardman piracy is because the power to that we're getting for them. so under the, for the on good. think of the big names in that you're already already 5 big below now that the comfortable spend your wealth in the lifetime and did a community existing like this. so, so would it the good kind of wanted to hello to heaven for that out that chelsea yet fortune what jesse area was gonna say something or if you want change, that is consequences for change or you got to me. so it's not like nearby i am defending the government or whatsoever you are going to develop these very please. it is not sonton of to yes. because this place is what are lot. are you getting resort? is something i would take years. i just am time. i listen to it depends on the kind of dilemma latinos, are we talking about diploma in the sense that you want to demolish if they're looking at what cost, if they're gonna develop these very place,
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it has to go done because there's not to for utility nor video, okay, so i'm sorry we have to wrap up and so i'm, i've got to ask for solutions. i need to know what the ne julian government can do, what african government can do to close the gap between the rich and the poor. let's hear from you daniel. we need to festival. the government needs to calm down into this, please, and make them feel loved 1st, they need to be in part. definitely when you talk about the people from this place, the only perceived them to be treats kids to cause vow list of course news as and these things aren't intentional. so for the government to see change for the government to see our progress, the need to bring this people into the system. fantastic, daniel, let's hear from you. okay, so i think going to show some shirts and commitments. mitchell, people you at the moment is levy before them the resources that are meant for them, please let it gets or do make them feel like they belong to the larger society. okay. henry, you said something earlier about the richest man, not being able to spend his wealth in a lifetime,
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but should he give it up the god mentioned with deliberate about it. god bless you, the instrument of tax to redistribute that kind of resources. yeah. such data, the poorest of person can actually have access to the, the most basic of facilities and amenities. what, okay, for me, do you have any ideas of what we can do to end? well, see the quality, the government needs to stop listening to people from community such as the us up stop listening to just while you see a spots was most likely never abducted into this community. so coming to such as this should be listened to. half the all me since, and get to with them. why i good with them. i anything to them, you know exactly what feeds for between each community. okay. thank you. to our panelists, who have braved the board to come here who have braved the whether it's a stay and as speak to us, and also i have to thank the crew to day falls when during the same until you our day of us. thank you for watching i'm interested to know what the legal state government is actually doing for the
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people of michael. that is why i'll be watching a longer version of this debate on our youtube channel. you can also do the same. what we have just seen in mccorkle is by no means isolated. it is happening in several african countries. but perhaps this problem is much more visible in south africa. this is where the world's richest person ellen mosque was born. many of africa billionaires live in that country. the 77 percent takes you to the impoverished townships of sweat all, and the medicines in upper class. they're been me show you how young people navigate this deeply divided society where social class and ways are the most defining factor of once future. south africa is one of the most unequal societies. a black middle class however, it's katie, lead rising in the past 30 years for millions, black south african household left dia, poverty for
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a life of wealth and comfort. national before and 50 of dublin, we met one of the lucky few for made it hello. hello, my name is bria. welcome to my home. 2 months ago because he moved into her new apartment with her daughter. besides running her own small interior decor company, she works as a marketing manager for technology company, who she has lots of plans for her life. and i'm saving money to it's my tuition, i really want to study psychology up to a level where i attain a ph. d, and pursue psychology. so this lovely lady, she's a cyclist. and this other thing, i'm for privilege to get these nice troops. the last go into movies for free, while expenses paid and the previous year was in l. a. the trouble of a walk, the board, but times were not only so sweet today because he lives in another world. it's different because i'm able to do the things that i like at my own time at my own
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pace and for lack of a better word, i'm free to see 500 kilometers and also devon in pennsville. so rico go to her old neighborhood to meet someone who has the same dream of leaving the township behind. i, my name is adam, are from taylor long to show home all by myself. so i and i was the fast in his family to go to university. but 2 months ago he was kicked out. his family could not pay the tuition any more. now i and that he's back helping out as his mother's telephone, a diploma and a well paid job. i now farther away than ever. oh, my boys, mud, legalese, i kid movie, eat central bees of academics in all the subjects is good. he was the number one so
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i think he can do his not fit to be given a chance so that he can, you know, pursue his death and become what, what he wants to become. and she was a big round of his family and make a better life. rancho voice is sir. i yonder lived in a room behind the tavern, 10 percent of south africans, on more than 80 percent of the country's wealth. when i am the, he is this numbers he filled thick though we, i grew up and i feel like go small. like it'll pass a law the fall black parents, they didn't get a chance to fully become who they wanted to become. reason why the environment we circle in now we can be console free book and debbie and lucy takes her daughter to the beach. a year ago, lucy fulfilled a life dream and what a big cup she believes that no matter where you come from. you could make it, ah, it's unbelievable. like it go from people driving and you bring
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in for me. that's like that's power. if you put your mind to anything that you want and you do it and you go after it. it is livery. ah ah. so i feel like this policy will never and unless done years back to you will start seeing ourselves and people who can, who also mean something out there. because i feel like most of the people we feel like we don't value ourselves that much. i over the years the situation is sort of like a huss improved. but still, big goths remain all around a continent. the government's own continent appear to be undertaken policies that fee by the rich. so sometimes it needs to be reminded of its duty to its less privileged population. and that is what the more to kimani is screwed up into. goose asked is widely known and gulf leaves. a brunt of comedy canyons love his
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success on social media and tv has helped him bear break more common boundaries and focus assures, and skiffs on social issues affecting kenyans. yeah. c c comment for me. good. one of the 2 greatest emotional human beings that he's crying and laughing. i yeah. so i think committee for me because it's all good to meet someone. how he may be kimani was born to entertain. numerous and you by his adoring funds. the 30 year old son of a clergyman, new bracing the state was his nice calling. i thought teresa after 1st making a name for himself and tv, be jewish, migrated to social media. and boy, is he successful? with more than 500000 youtube subscribers and an estimated to when 3000000
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instagram followers, it's easy to see why most of his content was viral. just close your eyes. ok. with metro from the forum. q you're funny. just close your eyes and meditates. but that doesn't mean he's above making jokes about the social media. korea may recommend in also doubled in satire from the high cost of living to power cuts to poorly run hospitals. nothing is off limits for the versatile sherman. my government is willing to take this joke too far. to make you see the primary affordable. often his car has ordinary kenyans who draw a light hearted look. one heavy issue is the key. the key is the glass. so not the or 2, but the guys we can have a tie and canyons a tad, it's about 10, somebody started talking, it starts with one person. if it's going to who's going to fat repeat, let's do it. we need to hear this. the come, i mean, if you can,
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company induce creative, limited produces the truth, the can thing show it's a bonds forming there will be highlight talk. yeah. lucky you know, become a grow up on like, uh huh. yeah, i mean who should have been comedy initially, but he maintains it's a rewarding general which other puppy i think we need to to, to realize our power. and if it takes 1234 people are going to be able to do it alone. if we can be able to greet more of us, that these people have influence. if we can be able to do that and i'm so happy guys are doing that. my food, i ought to do good claims. he wants to retire age 45, but he's a ruptured fans might not let him. timothy kim, on his comic genius has even help them laugh over and take note to even the hashes social issues affecting ordinary kenyon. the idea my sometimes yes, you need
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a person like this one who is willing to speak up and that is what change the society. and that is the story of the person we are about to meet next coffins who who fatima. com is the 1st woman to join, so molly lance, coast guard in just a few years, she has risen to the wrongs fighting of pirates and fortune, a pass for other young women like yourself. captain mac is happiest at sea, specifically steering the somali land coast guards, largest vessel in the gulf of odd in not taking any challenges. now with the thought that we out on commission, because i lost my kathy, my so who is the 1st woman to join the somali land coast guard? and in just 4 years, the 26 year old has already risen to the rank of captain. we're going to,
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she's totally capable. she can be on the gun. she can tear the sheep, whatever we do, she can do it to the fall. i'm on an early this year is who, who are lead a successful operation against the legal fishing? for now, the waters off faith, but back on land captains and other women face a different battle. the united nations reports a prevalence of gender inequality and violence against women. in somali land, many women and girls lack access to education and economic opportunities, or political representation at captains or who is home though. she's a hero, especially to his sister layla. well, well, she's a success story, not only for the family, but for the whole family, and we're very proud. she became a captain leader. he wanted to be even more successful. the captain's a who holds 3 degrees in international relations and is now eyeing
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a master's degree in maritime law. ready when i was a young, i was interesting to be part of the 2nd. i was wondering if i can be one of the higher ranks in some i didn't hire and officers. so a 100 left at the moment town part of them. and you know, i can call something which magic above all captain circle wants to serve her people . despite elements of small lance, the site she being opposed to women doing so called men's jobs. i'm glad to see that she is flowing, had dreams and making it big. don't let anyone say to you that you can do something . go out there and con card. that is our show for this week. i hope i've helped you to understand, and we cannot truly rise until we help to struggling in society. right to us on facebook, instagram and youtube. also,
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you can drop me an meal at 77 at the w dot com. remember that i leave you with this beautiful song. here is quickly a traveler by young gagnon music and fish and black. enjoy this june, and until next time. thanks, fortune us cannot bundled up am i know when when you really want to play when i fall and i found is what we fit 20 ah ah, with
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who a caught red handed to massive ships dump poisonous waste water into the world ocean accused and n g o is investigating 1500 cases in you waters alone. but were there consequences, deceitful cover up tactics?
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ensure huge profits for those responsible global 3030 minutes, d w. it's generating a lot of high the members working in virtual world shopping in our digital doppelganger is the avatars are having fun. but is our data safe? and how do companies benefit we put on our goggles and dive into the members in germany in 90 minutes on d, w. making the headlights and what's behind them. dw news africa. they show that the issues in the continent life is slowly getting back to normally where on the street to give you enough reports on the inside of our cars,
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on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the trends doesn't matter to you. t w is africa every friday on d w. departure into the known today. this means flying to a foreign planet. in the 16th century, it meant being a captain and setting sail to discover a route. the world famous the voyage of ferdinand magellan. part of a race for all power between spain and portugal. a race leads to military interests, a race links to political and military places, but also linked to main financial and adventure full of hardships, dangers and death. 3 years that would change the world
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for ever. magellan journey around the world starting september 7th on d, w. ah, ah, this is data, but you news live from berlin. the last leader of the soviet union make held gorbachev has died with a policy of openness and reforms before petrov is widely credited for his role in helping to bring down the iron curtain and end the cold war. also coming up on the show heavy fighting.


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