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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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ah, you pay won't pay taxation and co tics starts october 21st on d w ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, russia, formerly anthony legally annex is for regions of ukraine. president putin signs decrees to recognize them as russian territory and promises to defend them with all available means. western leaders say they'll never recognize the move. also on the
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program, the leader of burkina faso military jonah is himself assisted in a military coup army rebels and and they have overthrown pull on read. amoeba suspended the constitution and dissolved the government, the west african country. so it's the last who just 9 months ago and hurricane ian makes landfill for a 2nd time in the us pounding coastal areas of south carolina be reserved into a storm. it brings heavy rain and flash flooding after leaving a deadening path of destruction in florida. ah, i'm pablo fully n e s. thanks for joining us. russian president vladimir putin has proclaimed the annexation of 4 occupied ukrainian regions, violating international law and drawing con donation from the west. the move is the
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culmination of a series of hastily arranged votes last week that have been widely condemned as a sham. the land grab marks, an escalation in russia's war against ukraine and latimer putin says he will use all means to defend the territories it portrayed as a big domestic wind production. as we'll have to put in joint hands. precipitous pleaded and officially annex with 4 regions of you green the whole chart. russia infiltration into ceremony of fanfare and pump boot and has a clear method for his opponents at your school meals. i want keith and the real masters in the west to hear me. the way so that everyone remembers this. would you people living in no hands got donates hassan on supper is here a becoming our citizens for ever let see with them. the celebration is in stark contrast to district ality. dozens of people killed and wounded in what you korean
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faith for method strikes on a civilian conway in the apparition. one of the next 310th defined ukraine. save it if asking nato for quick accession my mind would only the path of strengthening you praying and ousting the occupiers from our entire territory will restore peacefully. we will follow this path level to the end seems local. russia annexation announcement has been vitally condemned. it's designed as a step to intensify the nuclear threat or do the rest of the world. the rip union unequivocally rejects intern dumps these either get in sessions, did his disappointment among ukrainians too, sir? ah, there it was theseus, this is a terrorist way of violently taking away territories. people that have been formed and attached to ukraine a very long time ago. the want my reaction to this is sharply negative. isn't that
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act similar to supplies? you know, yesterday the mystery deal, i think what is happening is lawless anymore. there is no other way to put it. some moses $91.00 yet that that, that's what's most scary and unclear is what will be next to the gym. we have no idea how this will and that a sad while in russia put in if the down deeper allies celebrating to move internationally. he's bound to faith isolation. well vitamin putin has, i also said that he's ready for talks with ukraine, though these newly annexed areas are not negotiable, are correspondent mathias billing. i told us about keith's response. well, it's some more of the same. he has said he is ready to negotiate. but then he indicates that it is nothing to negotiate about basically amounting to he would be ready to negotiate some kind of a cabinet to lation by ukraine. so
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a ukraine is not taking, of course, these words seriously and herbs. lensky has been very clear in his address to day that he will be ready to talk to russia only off to putin. russia has vetoed a un security council resolution condemning moscow's illegal annexations in ukraine . the vote in the 15 member body was 14, and one against with china, india, brazil ant gabon abstaining. the resolution also claimed, also called for an immediate hold to moscow's invasion and demanded the unconditional withdrawal of russian forces. short western allies were quick to respond to moscow's land grub with more sanctions against rushing individuals and companies. us president joe biden said the us and nato would not be intimidated by vladimir putin. american allies are not going man, are not going to be intimidated or not going to be intimidated by putting in his reckless words or threats. he's not going to scare us and he does in or intimidate
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his tunes. actions are a sign. he's struggling. shamrock 18. the put on this morning showing the unity and you know, as people holding hands together on the united states is never going to recognize us. quite frankly, the world's not going to recognize it. either. america is fully depress prepared with our nato allies is offend every single inch of native territory. every single and so mr. prudent don't misunderstand what i'm saying. every inch and other news army officers in bertina also have announced the overthrow of military leader pull on read amoeba. captain abraham trial ray has been declared the new head of the west african country. earlier explosions and heavy gunfire were reported near the presidential palace in the capital walk into its per keena fall. so 2nd qu, in just 9 months go monica, army officers address donation,
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the national television broadcast, and the doubts over who's now in charge. the military leaders had overthrown their own lieutenant, turned president, and promised to tackle the volatile security situation. was down to note that as conscious of our historical responsibility, the patriotic movement for safeguard and restoration here by commits all fighting forces to re focus on security and the restoration of the integrity of our territory. and best as we reassure the international community that burkina faso will continue to respect its international commitments including human rights law. prior to the announcement protestors took to the streets of the capital walk, i do go to support the removal of president paul. i read the amoeba, the now ex president came to power in a previous could into in january. but his promises didn't convince to berkener bay law as we won't change here. some of the truly fundamental changes so much about my
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change that will bring paystub aquino father. even if it takes 10 kuda, we will find the right solution. the military officers who seized control of the country have announced the closure of breaking of fossils. land on air borders as well as a night time curfew, but the more measures will be needed to restore peace. many in burkina faso are frustrated with the government's inability to stem islamist violence in the north, in the latest deadly attack. 11 soldiers were killed on monday by g hottest in soon province, while escorting a civilian convoy. so far, almost 2000000 people have been internally displaced by the violence. friday's overthrow as t h successful qu, since burkina faso gave independence from france in 1960 that's have a look at some of the other news from around the world. at least 19 people have been
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killed in a suicide bombing at an education center in capital. dozens more were injured afghan, please say the attack came, the students were taking university practice entrance exams. iranian authorities of arrested 9 europeans, they say were involved in anti government demonstrations around blames foreign enemies for protests that have now entered their 3rd week. they were sparked by the death of a woman in police custody for allegedly breaching islamic dress coat, political parties in bosnia held their final rallies ahead of sundays. general election voters will decide on a new president and parliament amid the worst political crisis is to 19 nineties. as nick divisions between boston, he acts serbs and croats of dominated campaigning. hurricane in has plowed in the south carolina after carving a trail of destruction across florida. the u. s. national hurricane center has
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warned that storm surges flash floating anti winds are still posing a threat. at least 27 people have died and thousands are still missing. surging waves tear into south carolina's coast line. it's the 2nd time hurricane in has made land full in the us. one of the strongest storms to ever hit the country. the hurricane was downgraded to a post tropical cyclone as it crossed south carolina. but the storm surges and torrential rain still flooded many areas. president joe biden has pledged emergency aid to support the response in affected states are directed that every possible action be taken to save lives and get helped to survivors. because every single matter couch the situation in florida is far more devastated. we're just
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beginning to see the scale of that destruction. it's likely the rank among a worst of nations and worse than the nation's history. the storm 1st hit florida on wednesday as a category full hurricane and it's left a trail of destruction. ah, is your heart bows? your house? it is demolished, tony. my windows are broken. walls are destroyed. rescue crews are still working to save residence, trapped by the flood waters. the damage is likely to cost tens of billions of dollars. president biden said it will take years to recover ah, in germany football, defending buddhist niga champions barn munich have ended a 4 game windlass streak in the league by beating buyer laver, chosen for now. some are signing saudi monet was back amongst the goals for hosts.
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barn. the sas striker made a 3 nil just before half time. only one more gulf followed in the 2nd half thomas miller, rambling off the scoring with 6 minutes to go after a slip from the labor. cuz goalkeeper byron had been enduring their worst run of lead form for more than 20 years. but the victory will now ease the pressure on coach you william nicholson. while with climate change and rising energy course dominating headlines globally, making sport greener is a hot topic to german amateur football club. for vats, spo has already taken big steps towards sustainability that may soon become mandatory in the bonus league and beyond. their patch is in the middle of a nature reserve, and the artificial turf is made of sand, not cork. but this is the worst dust vianza. we are aware that we are living together with nature and animals and we want to treat them well. it's wendy and
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legacy of the facility is car, free of excitement visiting teams have to walk the path through the forest. and brian missile entered the majority of our members cycle here. and yeah, i think well, sounds i'm a pdf at yahoo to plough gotten organic drinks and sausages are on offer in the club house. no disposable plates or cutlery are used here. the club has been certified for it. sustainability goals. it's been that is all we're playing and sustainably traded jersey is made from a cycle polyester and switching to fairly produce bomb pad with 32 teen. so that's a lot of balls is labs, as i talked vista does often can none. and it's important to show young people, they shouldn't leisure as it se i thought that we should protect species the dust via and that we have to be very careful with nature. i've been on just on the animals here, p i was there for the sticks. i environment not 20 on the club organizes litter picking days and plans to grow vegetables and house
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b. s. in the near future. a visit to snow, veg tucked soon phone. i think it's a very good move by for of hbo to have the climate friendly initiatives. a mr. kima went cut the distinction. this is an important issue. we can be an example for other clubs. i screen him. i wish when i had them, i don't think quality should suffer as a result. otherwise, i think it's important that my children can also play football in the future and this machine can. the club also focuses on social issues, are setting up workshops on sexual violence and ensuring gender parity on its board . girls and women have a big role to play says on finances and proficiency does the for a club like us, it's important that this is in our dna older than yours, that we all experienced this together and i'm leaving on. so it's part of our philosophy and left a few i
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well, here's a reminder of the top new story this, our russian president, vladimir putin has declared for parts of occupied ukraine to be part of russia, climbing millions, wanted to join the russian federation. western leaders have i've to never recognize the illegal annexation. you're watching d. w. you stick around for world stories after the break. i pablo fun in the us for me on the team here. berlin, thanks for watching. take care that i'll see you very soon with with with interest.


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