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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work, how they can go in for but how they can also go terribly. watch it new to ah ah, this is d w. news live from bullitt, russia. vito's, a un security council resolution condemning its annexation of parts of you crime, but it's the only no vote on the council. 10 members vote to were beef moscow, russia franklin nations,
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but also on the program. the leader of picking the fastest military hunter is himself ousted in the military coup. army rebels announced they have overthrown, told henry to amoeba, suspended the constitution and dissolved with government and hurricane. he likes land for, for a 2nd time in the us pounding coastal areas of south carolina. research and storm brings heavy rain and flash flooding after leaving a deadly path of destruction in flood ah, anatomy, how'd walk into the program? russia has vetoed a un security council resolution condemning moscow's illegal annexations of 4 ukrainian regents. the vote in the 15 member body was 14, and one against with china, india, brazil, and gabon abstaining. the resolution also called for an immediate halt to moscow's
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invasion and demanded the unconditional withdrawal of russian forces. a western allies were quick to respond to mossop moscow's land grab with yet more sanctions against russian individuals and companies. while the white house national security advisor said another delivery of weapons to geek, rain is coming soon. president joe biden said the us and nato would not be intimidated by letting me put american a shall eyes are not going man, because i said are not going to be intimidated or not going to be intimidated by poodle is reckless words or threats. he's not going to scare us, and he doesn't, in or intimidate is tunes actions are assigned. he struggling with sham routines. he put on this morning as showing the unity and noise people holding hands together while the united states is never gonna recognize us. and quite frankly, the world's not gonna recognize it either. america's fully de period prepared with
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our nato allies to defend every single inch of nato territory every single and so mr. prudent don't misunderstand when i'm saying every inch. the international reaction full as a series of hastily arranged votes last week that have been widely condemned. a sham, the land grab marks and escalation in russia's war against ukraine, and vladimir putin says he will use all means to defend the territories for treat as a big domestic. winford ahem! as will not be putting joined hands. but fittest keeta and officially an exit for reaching a few green the white jot russia in celebration. if, if the ceremony found fitting bump boot and has a clear method for his opponents, adjustable meals lose. i want to keep. and i real masters in the west to hear me
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the way so that everyone remembers this. people living in no hands got donates hassan on supper is here a becoming our citizens for ever lipsy them. the celebration is in stark contrast to district ality. dozens of people killed and wounded in what you korean faith for. method strikes on a civilian conway. evaporation. one of the next st and define ukraine faith. it is asking nato for quick accession my my and what only the path of strengthening ukraine and ousting the occupiers. for my entire territory will restore peacefully, we will follow this path over to the end seems local russia an official announcement has been vitally condemned. it's designed as a step to intensify the nuclear threat or do the rest of the world. the rip union unequivocally rejects intern demps these either didn't sessions date is
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disappointment among ukrainians to her. oh, there it was. these this, this is a terrorist way of violently taking away territories. people that have been formed and attached to ukraine a very long time ago. the want, my reaction to this is sharply negative with arc simone love to supplies. you know, yesterday the mystery deal, i think what is happening is lawless anymore? there is no other way to put it. some moses 91. yes. that that does. what's scary and unclear is what will be next to him. we have no idea how this will and that a sad while in dasha wouldn't if the down deeper allies celebrating to move internationally. he's bound to faith isolation, or d. w has been unable to report from moscow since our bureau there was closed down following russia's invasion of ukraine. so we turned to journalists for yacht cause
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love joining us from reger for mor. good morning till you put in speech, announcing the annexation was an anti western diatribe. what do you make of his rhetoric and what does it tell you about his aims? the initial, as well as the initial idea, i wouldn't to, to keep in a few days and the plan be to take the eastern part of the ring in few weeks in war . so to day, after the very social defeats in the western, in her active region and in the boardman districts with russia, leonard hawkins needs to show to the russians that he has some victories. and he wants to assure this price. so he's trying to tell russians that he has, he has secured the people in the eastern new granite. he was, as he was always telling from the ukrainian nurses and to the west of whitman is trying to show that using the mobilization, the annexation and the,
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and nuclear blackberry. he was to, to tell that he is transmitting the signal of possible military and possible nuclear threat. very serious. yeah. and so it brushes his audience. how have ordinary russians, reacted to, they believed potent, that the west wants to destroy russia. this was the main main idea. returning back to power 2020. well, and he was using all the time, all this disco assisting russian state propaganda. so there was the unofficial crawford between the russians. it meant that the people they get security and they get some right in, extend and they do not inconvenient to policies, but today when they don't have security anymore and even the threats of possible
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nuclear collision. today the russians feel confusion and as relates to feeding bull show that the support and the trunk into the government, the situation is going down and the support of the war is also going down quickly. before we go, you talk about the russian people and have i feel, what about the political lead? do you think they can? they feel that they can still influence food and quickly the police police. they were feeling little so, so assured they were thinking that they are integrated into taking the decisions. but today when the, all the decision, they have been a huge surprise, a threat to the police. you know, it's the feel the confusion and they also appeal the threat so they don't know what to do. and this is the main feeling today. the cause love, thanks so much. to west africa
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now, where became a fast i was later pull henry the me by has been asked it in the military to the soldiers behind the crew said they have dissolved the government and suspended the constitution. according to a statement read by an army captain on site television, earlier explosions and heavy gun 5 were reported near the presidential palace in the capital one due to me, this military winter seized power just 9 months ago. will journalist henry book and joins us from y. good to good. good day to you. what we know about those taking over who exactly is in charge right now. so it seems the person who's behind this is a obscure figure. we don't know very much that each of the national television last night. ready the former president,
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a, in the state on television. the reason for taking out was that made a lot of errors, particularly with regards to security since coming to power back in january. they saw it political miss benches on his as well. so yeah, it seems to be a fraction of the military that's been on the happy with the way things been going on. right. and we, what do we know about the asked the president's way about we know very little about his whereabouts of the moment. there's been a lot of misinformation along a line for his house with surrounded by troops yesterday. at this stage we have no idea where i with this,
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of course, is the 2nd in between a fast. so in just 9 months, what's behind the instability that we're seeing? insecurity, so became a conflict with since 2015 v as the previous that was was back in january. as we said, the justification again was the the democratic government. no job security had been unable to rein in the meantime in became a loss of territory. the country. ready can control about 60 percent of the country's territory of this stage. so, but you know, the,
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the basis for the, for the key to back in january with government would come in. so really help continue to lease territory the continue and then the short term, the launch homeboy basics, while he's going with no phone on monday, which seems sort of triggered this. i'm really to waive that in the short term generalist henry book. and in between a fast i thanks so much. thank you. okay, let's have a look at some of the other stories making use around the world to sell japan as condemned north korea, firing to missiles which landed in waters between korea and japan. it was the 4th missile firing in a single wake fence defense minister said the action was absolutely impermissible. nothing that the frequency was unprecedented. and that they threatened pace on
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safety in the region. iranian authorities of arrested 9. you were pains, they say were involved in anti government demonstrations around blames foreign enemies for protests that have now entered. the 3rd week i was sparked by the death of a woman in police custody for allegedly breaching islamic dress code. hurricane in has plowed into south carolina after carving a trail of destruction across florida. the u. s. national hurricane center has warned that storm surge is flashed flooding and high winds are still posing a thrift at least 30 people have died and numerous homes have been destroyed. surging waves tear into south carolina's coast line. it's the 2nd time hurricane and has made landfall in the us. one of the strongest storms to ever hit the country. the hurricane was downgraded to
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a post tropical cyclone as it crossed south carolina. but the storm surges and torrential rain still flooded many areas. president joe biden has pledged emergency aid to support the response in affected states are directed that every possible action be taken to save lives and get help the survivors. because every single man counts situation in florida is far more devastated. we're just beginning to see the scale of that destruction. it's likely the rank among a worst of nations and worse than the nation's history. the storm fust hit florida on wednesday as a category full hurricane and it's left a trail of destruction. ah, is your how bad is your house? it is demolished, tony. my windows are broken. walls are destroyed. rescue crews are
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still working to save residence, trapped by the flood waters. the damage is likely to cost tens of billions of dollars. president biden said it will take years to recover you're watching t w news. that's it for now. shift is up next, looking at protections against global internet outage. that's coming up after a short break and speaking of don't forget at website as their old times of the day to be found at the d. w dot com. i'm anthony held for now from bill in thanks for watching. ah ah closely.


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