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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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ah, you won't pay check session starts october 21st on the w. ah ah ah, this is the w news live from building russia vito's the un security council resolution condemning it's annexation parts and cry, but to speak only know vote on the council. 10 members spoke to repeat moscow while bratia friendly nations sty also on the program,
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the leader of became process. military junta is himself ousted in a military coup. army rebels announced they have overthrown paul, henry de amoeba, suspended the constitution and dissolved the government. ah, i'm anthony how'd walk into the program? russia has vetoed a un security council resolution condemning moscow's a legal annexations of 4 ukrainian regents the vote in the 15. remember body was 14, and one against with china, india, brazil, and gabon abstaining. the resolution also called for an immediate halt to moscow's invasion and demanded the unconditional withdrawal of russian forces. western allies were quick to respond to moscow's land grab, and with yet more sanctions against russian individuals and companies. while the
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white house national security advisor said another delivery of weapons to ukraine is coming soon. president joe biden said the us and nato would not be intimidated by vladimir put america's fully de prepared with our nato allies as a friend. every single inch of nato territory, every single and so mister prudent, don't misunderstand what i'm saying. every inch, the international reaction follows a series of hastily arranged votes last week that have been widely condemned as a sham. the land grab moxon escalation in russia's war against ukraine. vladimir putin says he will use all means to defend the territories for treat as a big domestic when for dasha as will not be put in joint hands. but that peter peter and officially exist for regions of you green, the white chart,
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russia infiltration. if, if in the ceremony of fanfare and pump boot and has a clear method for his opponents another night at your company elsewhere i want keep and that real masters in the west to hear me the way so that everyone remembers this. would you people living in no hands got donates hassan on supper is here a becoming our citizens forever. lipsy them. the celebration is in stark contrast to district ality. dozens of people killed and wounded in what you korean faith without strike on a civilian conway evaporation. one of the next 310th defined ukraine. see if it is asking nato for a quick question. my my and what only the path of strengthening you praying and ousting the occupiers for my entire territory, which will restore peacefully. we will follow this path over to the end seems local . russia annexation announcement has been vitally condemned. it's designed as
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a step to intensify the nuclear threat or do the rest of the world. the rip union unequivocally rejects intern demps. these either get incisions. date is disappointment among ukrainians to sir. ah, there was this, this, this is a terrorist way of violently taking away territories. people that have been formed and attached to ukraine a very long time ago. the more my reaction to this is sharply negative with arc simone love to supplies. you know, yesterday the mystery deal, i think what is happening is lawless anymore. there is no other way to put it. some moses 9 union at the does what's most scary and unclear is what will be next to the gym. we have no idea how this will and that a sad while in russia put in if around a pay allies celebrating to move internationally, his bound to faith isolation will occur spawn up with his billing,
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joins us and now from the cranium. capital. keith, how is the annexation barb, russia the announcement affecting the mood and marilyn ye? cremmit is no mood in ukraine is defiant, especially because we have been seeing a quite a few successes on the battlefield in the past few weeks and days. and of course ukraine has said from the beginning that this will not change anything her foot for a for, for the country and for its aims to retake these territories. um, but yeah, we have seen yesterday that to the ukrainian government has even responded with a more defiant gesture. they have filed an application to a be to be a accepted into nato. and that's of course, a clear signal that ukraine is not changing course because of the ceremony happening in the kremlin palace. yeah, the war rumbles on while the announcement came just hours after
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a missile strike in one of those annex regents. yeah, well the missile strike happened on ukrainian control. territory misses were fired on a convoy that was leaving the city of the what is your which is on the ukrainian control in the direction of the occupied territories on these convoys. they have been traveling frequently between the 2 sides. it's the only place where people were able to cross over from the occupied territories into the ukrainian control territories and the vice versa. and this conway was carrying humanitarian goods. 16 rockets were fired on that convoy of on that 8 convoy unless of course, a pretty clear signal at 30 people dead. it's a pretty, pretty bloody answer of russia or a pretty, pretty bloody gesture of russia on that day where they have the next the territories. and next, not only the territories that they control. but also, they claim the territories of these regions that ukraine's the controls. and more
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recently, mateus, he finds military and says it in circles now, russian troops in a key town. what more can you tell us about that operation? a man is one of the major settlements in the don bus region. it's been taken by the russians in may. and jad, the ukrainians have been able to encircle it in the past a few days. this is the 2nd siege in this war. if everything plays out the way the ukrainians are expecting it, and many international observers are expecting it. the 1st one being mary, you put way ukranian troops were kettles by the russians. um, and it would also be the 1st major settlement off the don boss region that ukraine would be able to take back if everything goes as, for example, the institute for the study of what one of the most influential observe is in this war are saying they are estimating that and might take ukraine up to 3 days to take
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back this, this settlement and that would of course b as also just should towards the kremlin, which has just annexed these territories. it is bullying and keeps thanks so much to begin a faster now where the country is later, paul, henry de amoeba, has been ousted in a military crew. so just say they have dissolved the government and suspend the constitution. according to an army captain, speaking on state television, on friday, explosions, and had begun, 5 were reported near the presidential palace in the capitol. i could do the best military hunter seized power. just 9 months ago. journalist henry will contain, why do they told us what's behind this lattice good? yes, it was 2015. there's been a conflict between the, the state and became a leader in security is just
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got worse. it's now we're attacks and so most daily against millions against military, about 60 percent of the territories now on full control of the, of the government for the year with cuba that happened back in january. i mean the . ready whole justification for it was the military where you come in and sort out these the security problems that absolutely hasn't happens. the number of the taxes, certainly not come down. the terrorist taken even more territory in time since since january. and then in the short term, there was a good attack earlier this week, i wish kills at least 11 soldiers and 50 really that was generous henry wilkens, an architect. now let's take
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a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. the cell norway has accepted military aid from france, germany and britain to secure it's oil and gas sector. was prime minister made the announcement as a danish swedish report was released st. recent leaks in the north stream gas pipeline, or caused by large explosions in what looked like at the liberal act. japan as condemned north korea's firing of 2 missiles which landed in borders between korea and japan. was the 4th missile firing in a single week. japan's defense minister said the action was absolutely impermissible and nothing also that the frequency was unprecedented. and that they threatened peace and safety in the regent. great hurricane ian has hit south carolina leaving a trail of destruction. it had already caused havoc in florida with you as president joe biden sang. it could be the deadliest storm to have ever hit the
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state, and that it would take years to recover surges and to wrench rain flooded many areas. iranian authorities have arrested 9. you opinions, they say were involved in anti government demonstrations around blames foreign enemies for protests that have now entered the 3rd week. they were sparked by the death of a woman in police custody for allegedly bridging his lemming dress code or bow gale bulgaria is holding its 4th election in less than 2 years and it's all but certain that no party will be able to win a majority of seats in parliament, the previous coalition government spearheaded by prime minister pitt cove was dismissed after just 7 months. the boy in ukraine and bulgarian historical ties with russia, are dominating the campaign. and our correspondence, funny for shy reports from sophia, and keller feel
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a picturesque field near carlo fare in central bulgaria, surrounded by the balkan mountains. hundreds of people have been boston from various parts of the country to celebrate a will. geary and russian friendship. that relationship dates back to when russia helped bulgaria again, it's freedom from the ottoman empire in the late 19th century. the longstanding rapport is evidenced by a sea of russian flags on sale, sometimes soviet flex to every one here shares a similar view. the shuttle lesson, i love fresh air, i want to express my solidarity with russia. let johnston's come rosier to the people. here the us and ne, 2 are to blame for the war in ukraine and put in should be seen as a guarantor of peace. they tell us items spare into crumbling chiefs, likeness, arab best seller here. oh, so should you book it in it? would you? yeah, according believable jeryn is intelligent and a true patriot. then he must support russia. there was
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a little fulfill bulgarian gearing up for collections. and the people who came to this political festival intent to vote for a pro russian party. they were present some 30 percent of voters in bulgaria. but their support for put in is not always just about ideology, even which economically would be a lot better off if we had a closer relationship with russia. were gary's capital. sophia, is wallpaper with billboards of various pro russian parties. promising to realign the country with the kremlin in return for russian guests. russia's gospel um, used to cover more than 90 percent of bulgaria, gas supplies. it was cut the spring when will gary a refused to pay in roubles. this will be the force general election in less than 2 years and apart from growing distrust of the political elite, there is also growing division. i'm a bulgarian over the question just how closely aligned should will gary a b with russia, the party cold. we continue,
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the change wants to be the pro european alternative. it's leaders, kito pet. gov and us and rusty left headed a reformist government for 7 months before losing a vote of no confidence in june. their party is 2nd impulse. they are poised to govern again. every step, every election, every when shouts bulgaria, ah, gets rid of d, all dre of doing politics, and this endless transition. and that we have been stuck in and step by step. ah, we start turning in toy more social, more normal. ah, european country. currently the party of boy co body, so the very man at the center of corruption obligations which sparked mass protests 2 years ago is leading the pull. he's conservative care party, just like all parties falls short of a parliamentary majority though no matter who wins, it's unclear if
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a stable government can be formed. but the decreasing voter participation down to 40 per cent last year suggests that to pro russian voices could become a sizable force in the selection. you're watching d. w. news. that's all for now. if you want more, the website as they at d w dot com at any time of the day, the handling of the social for twitter and insta is at the w news up next thought is sports life we make the german chain. so quaint it is exactly as it sounds enjoy . that will be jackson degree. tina a saxophone operator who wrote her master's thesis on put potato railing to read. not a turn on well, if it's more would that there was.


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