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hey, won't pay check session. going talk to between 1st on the w ah ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin, ukrainian forces achieve their biggest breakthrough in their source of the country since the war began in pushing forward with our offensive in the strategic southern region of care, san one of the toughest,
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hinting at new gains in the strategic southern region and threatening to circle thousands of russian troops also coming up 32 years since east and west germany reunified. but it's damn all that divides then unites german society today will be putting that question to our chief international editor. and although tries in medicine goes to swedish scientists, a sponsor table, he has been honored for his discoveries relating to the dna of extinct creatures and for his research into human evolution. and as the heavens open with a title on the line and singapore, it's a not so glorious feeling of painting in the rain for formula one content this ah,
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i'm go ahead else as well. come to the program. ukrainian forces are reporting the report it to be recapturing territory in the south, in their biggest breakthrough since the start of the war. officials installed by russia, acknowledged that ukraine has made advances in the fair sun region one or 4 that russia illegally annexed last week. photos shared on social media appeared to show soldiers raising the ukrainian flag and several villages. there they are thought to have advanced by as much as 40 kilometers in a single day. though that is yet to be officially verified. little earlier, i talked to d. w correspondent, nick, commonly in the ukraine and capital keith, and he told us more about ukraine's counter offensive in the south. well, as usual, the teachers are pretty sparse, but we get sense that ukraine's forces are heading towards head. so not from the western direction, which has been the place that seen most fighting in the weeks that have gone by.
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but now heading towards can on from the north, this is a very exposed russian position on the west bank of the new pro river, which is a very wide river. ukraine is basically taken most, if not all of the bridge is out of action that would allow russia to re supply its garrison. they have from the other bank of the rivers, been a really difficult position, trying to get supplies in by pontoon, bridge and by air. and there is a sense that things are happening here. if you look back to the summer, all the eyes were on had sold them to certainly ukrainian officials were talking about her son all the time. but it's turned out to be basically a distraction from their real plan which was hard give. and that kind of amazing lightning counter offensive the so you crane take back so much searching the space of a week, but it does seem like that's on is now the priority and certainly people on the ground that you can fill casey get hold of are hearing more in the way about to re fire and of shooting going around in the distance. but this is always a thing where the are the real details. they kind of filter through to 3 days later after now we just left guessing, looking at social media, looking at russian. well,
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military blog is complaining about a lack of supplies and trying to make some conclusions from that. now, and it will come back to you in a 2nd, 1st, the former u. s. army general david to trace as issued a warning to russian president vladimir putin. he says the us and its allies would respond decisively to any use of nuclear weapons in the ukraine. let's have a quick list in just to give you a hypothetical, we would respond by leading a nato, a collective effort that would take out every rational cont, wrenching, conventional force that we can see and identify on the battlefield, ukraine, and also in crimea and every ship on the, in the black, safe. so make coming a back to you about how has this warning by betrayals been received in a new crime? well, the thing is that he's not the only former us general top level general making these kind of statements. they will say that, you know, speaking in a personal capacity, they haven't kind of spoken directly to the people making decisions now in the
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white house. but it does seem like this is kind of coordinated and that this wouldn't happen without some kind of green light from the current us ministration that really has affect people's thinking here in ukraine who basically we're discounting those threats from moscow, seeing it bases an empty bluff and i think these warnings and these kind of threats of counter measures do make people here in ukraine. think that the russian threats usually happens is more real than they'd wanted to believe. and you do get reports, people, you know, preparing id and tablets trying to work out what to do in case such intact does happen. so additionally, he says this escalation is real and that there is a hot in danger of this kind of thing really happening. nicoli, they're reporting from keith. thank you. nick. today as a german unity day, 32 years ago or 3rd of october, 1990 west germany and the communists east. germany came together and formally reunified. it was the 1st time since the end of the 2nd world war. in 1945 that there was a single german state. again, the fall of the soviet union ushered in
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a new air on for a freshly unified germany, but 3 decades on divisions remain, especially around the country's relationship with russia. oh, the lynn on the 3rd of october 1990. when to germany's became one again, it was soviet leader gorbachev's, policies of glass not than perestroika had thought about german reunification. the whole of the war marked the beginning of a new chapter for germany and the beginning of a new era of appeasement, between east and west, russia and europe. it weighs but 32 years later, putin's war in ukraine has fundamentally changed that relationship. germany has imposed far reaching sanctions on russia and is now sending heavy weapons to fight russian soldiers on ukrainian soil. and ordinary germans attitudes towards russia
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have changed. hats full in my mind hasn't changed considerably because i hadn't quite expected russia to act with as much brutality as it has actually done. now. um meet us as, as a huge machine, as it have anc isn't going to have a good image really. that's not the current version politics or of course not. okay, and i have a personal fi as well sir to so what was really positive for our reunification then now has to be seen in a totally different light on the scene. while many germans support the government's current policies towards russia, there are significant differences in opinion in the east and west of the country. a recent study shows the satisfaction with the german government's reaction to the invasion of ukraine is lower in the east than in the west. when it comes to specific policies like the delivery of heavy weapons, the cap becomes even clearer. while 54 percent of germans living in the west are in favor of germany delivering heavy weapons to ukraine. only 32 percent
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of germans living in the east supported. there is of course a reason for this imbalance to nixa mac it. first of all, there is a different historic relationship to the soviet union slash russia, which isn't the soviet union any more. of course, on this and i, there are stronger ties to central and eastern europe. but if we did an actin, it wouldn't just the ukraine that would probably fall, but also poland, the baltic states, and so on the phone. and that can be in germany's interests can not in the interest of each german, the south fence on, on it to him. i got one of their selections are getting more east than germans on board with the government's russia. policy will be a hard task. more than 30 years after germany was reunited to visions remain between the former east and west. let's go to w, a chief international editor which a walk always at the brandenburg gate, the symbol of germany, unity here in berlin. a richard earl, tell us a more about these divisions between east and west,
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especially with regard to russia. how big are they? well, i mean it, it goes even beyond the rush question again, hardy, it goes into really hard statistics. if you look at economics, for instance, in terms of ged peter economic output, her head in east, in germany, so well below the western german average, we look at a league table of all of the states in germany. the bottom 5 o all eastern german states can be some time before they catch up with the german average. then in terms of politics or you see it in terms of the willingness to vote for the parties that the more extreme ends of the political spectrum. whether it's the left party, which was one of the inheritance of the east german communist party, or more recently the a f d. the far right. a populace party, which is roughly twice as popular nice and germany as it is in western germany. and you also see it in a sense of kind of mistrust of the government. for instance, in terms of the corona virus,
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the vaccination rates in eastern germans states are also at the bottom of the rankings. in fact, there's a, a protest of anti vaccine protest is taking place right. bye. hi me here at the brand of berg gate today. and are a figure this recently been published in the survey by the german government and pointed to a real concern, which is now that only 39 percent according to the survey of people in eastern germany, as satisfied with democracy. and that, that is 20 points lower than in western germany. so that is kind of adding to concerns that democracy itself, that the roots haven't really taken as firm a hold in east germany as you might have hope by this stage. now is this really all so grim or do you also have some more positive science yet will actually get how they really are some more positive side. so we talked about the economy at the beginning. there was some of the kind of biggest economic news in germany in the last couple of years has been made in east, in germany,
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in terms of foreign investment. just recently intel, the huge american chip maker has announced that it's going to open a chip factory in west of berlin in the state of saxony. unhealthy that's huge news, especially in this time of stress supply chains and even bigger news than that. tesla, the pioneer of electric cars opened a factory outside berlin just recently. and that i think is, is seen is passed even more symbolic. because the, the kind of western dominated german car industry is accused of having that sort of been asleep on the wheel on the transition to electric cars. now tesla, the big international pioneer coming into east in germany. so there are certainly some hopeful things going on for east in germany, that nobody is really counting it out just yet. which a walk of our chief of the national editor at the brother gate in central ballad. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines. palestinians have protested the killing of 2 people by israel troops. israel's military said it
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fatally shot. the 2 men during a raid on a west bank, refugee camp. soldiers opened fire on a car. they said was a time attempting to ram them. israel has been carrying on regular rest raids after a spate of palestinian attacks against israeli israelis. in the spring, poland, foreign minister and her son to the blue magic note to germany, formerly requesting reparations for world war 2. being there for hours expected to raise the issue with his german counterpart on alina babel. during her visit to warsaw on tuesday, bolan's ruling nationalist say germany owes the country some 1.3 trillion euros. something british prime is celeste truss is a reverse in her plans to slash taxes are all the wealthy? the policy has sparked a rebellion in her own party and led to turmoil in financial markets. the decision is likely to put the trust leadership and increasing pressure less than 4 weeks
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after she came to car. there's nothing ready. now this year's a nobel prize for medicine has been awarded for genetic research on human evolution . the swedish scientists want a payable is known for sequencing the genome of the neanderthal and extinct species closely related to us modern humans. he also discovered league and his sober, another extinct human species. he showed that both contributed deals with their lives this way, others in modern humans. let's hear what the swedish academy had to say. i, providing genome sequences from our closest extinct to relatives, found the past provided a novel, much more recent reference point for studies of who we are and where we came from. thanks to his seminar discoveries, genetic variance that are shared among all non leading humans. but absent indian detox and innocence have been ident, i'm lodge on buddy
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w. sina signs correspondent derek williams. derek, let's break this down for us. does this a nobel prize post on the paypal come as a surprise? well, they always come as a surprise. i mean, i've been trying to predict these for over well over a decade now, and there was no longer a socialist along this. there's no short list, you have to just gas. and there are ways of guessing you can kind of say, for example, in medicine or physiology, there are they kind of tend to alternate between, between research that's fundamental research into physiology. for example. last year it was given for, for certain stells that sells that, that transmit stimuli to the brain and, and also, and then they'll flip at the next year sometimes and they'll, and they'll do something that has a major impact on, on health care. but this has really kind of come out of left field because it's really biology, it's really, it's a field called evolutionary anthropology. and it's, i think, probably taken
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a lot of people by surprise. i mean, the, the, as i said, the one thing that's really predictable about the nobel prizes is that they're unpredictable. now tell us a little bit more about the science behind with what, what does he do with the science really, that the research is basically based on, on a modern field of research genome x sequencing. so, so we only finished sequencing modern human genomes. really a couple of decades ago. so we know what we're made of in terms of dna. but the idea people's idea was to do the same thing for these extinct lineages of other human lineages like neanderthals or the dennis opens as we, as we just heard. and to compare those stand that by doing that, that's a much more difficult thing to do because that d n a is an outer coming out of fossil that's been around for sometimes a couple 100000 years and contaminated over the years. it's degraded, it's disintegrated. and he came up with methods for basically putting it back together. so we have an idea of what those gym that genetic sequence looks like.
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and that then and term has allowed us then to compare our own genomes to those genomes. and um, it's his kind of the founder and away of a field that's now called paleo genomics. and, and at a press conference for the award, a member of the academy explained what kind of an impact that's had and how we define ourselves. so listen, st. the pair boast, groundbreaking discoveries allow us to address one of the most fundamental questions of all. what makes us unique, like us now under tongues had the big brains, they lived in groups and they use tools. but these changed very little during hundreds of thousands of years until the neanderthals for unclear reasons disappeared. homo sapiens, on the other hand, rapidly developed complex cultures, figurative art and advanced innovations. they crossed open waters and they spread
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to all parts of our planet. the basis for this dramatic development must lie in genetic changes that occurred after we separated from me on detox anthony 7th. not so long ago. well, not so long ago. his pretty relative, actually in evolutionary terms, were talking about something that happened hundreds of thousands of years ago, but never listened every time. that's not so long ago. ok, so, but what kind of an impact does this work have on us today? well, unlike other nobel prize is i think it's, it's, it's really interesting because this isn't for, this isn't about a new treatment. it's not a new treatment that was developed because of this work or, or a new product that was developed because of this work. this is really kind of st in time scientific terms. it's really more mind bending. it's about who we are, it's about human beings and comparing us to our distant relatives that, that,
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that died out and when extinct. and, and why did that happen and, and some of the answers to some of those questions are going to lie in our genes. and if so, if we can read and can compare those genes than our genetic sequences with those of species which have died out. it's going to teach us a lot more about homo sapiens, sapiens us and why we were successful and why maybe they weren't why they fell by the wayside. so it's really in a way, kind of answering really some of the biggest questions. i'm a little help us to avoid falling by the wayside as well. thank you very much. doug williams. d w, a science senior correspondent. thank you. brazil's presidential election will be settled in a 2nd round voting on october 30th. that's off the know canada took an absolute majority of votes on sunday. nearly all of the ballads counted the former president leftist lewis in our fuel. lou silva has 48 percent incumbent president,
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the rifling populace tables in our received an unexpectedly strong, 43 percent moderate. sim. only a tablet is trailing. with 4 percent lula spoke to support us in the commercial capital. sol, paula, let's listen was, is that you know that the economy is not good, that your quality of life isn't good, that the job market isn't good so that the health system isn't good. we want to make our country better again, including our international affairs. it, i always believed we were going to win those electrons and i want to tell you that we will win these electrons. now the rise has proven tighter than most surveys, suggested revitalizing incumbent president, j bowles. and ours campaign after he insisted bowls couldn't be trusted. is surprising showing dash clueless hopes of a quick when was it similar me today?
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we overcame the light. i was out of appalling institute, predicted something around 50 percent and 30 percent. we overcame that light. we have a 2nd round of voting. there will be a level playing field for both sides and will bring you more updates on brazil's presidential race throughout the day. there's also a lot more on a website, d, w dot com. now let's turn to iran where the parliamentary speaker has warned. unrest could destabilize the country as anti government protest continuum. clashes erupted overnight between security forces and students at terrence sharif university. video 7 social media showed dozens of riot police surrounding the campus. local media reported police beating students and firing tig, germany's foreign minister on a leader burbock condemned the regimes brutality as an expression of the fear and power of education and freedom. now state media is reported that more than 40
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protest as simple as f officers officers have been killed since the protest began. more than 2 weeks ago. other estimates put that figure at more than twice that you'll never get rid of us. we are here. the women chant daily on the streets of command shall in kurdish west thereon. and in the holy city of my shout in the east, in spite of brutal repression across iran, thousands of women are demanding self determination and freedom. oh, more and more people have been detained, including many seed, and some university professors have suspended lessons until all students are released. the regime is playing down the unless b as they blame iran's enemies abroad. if all me connie barrel. yeah, i meant to follow me. the united states of america is inciting these misguided
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young people to rise up against the islamic republic body by end of all endorsement, but they will not succeed. more adduced, rather than the general promised retaliation for every attack on the regime's forces. the authorities rely on violence and propaganda in parliament. ultraconservative hard liners rallied round the men. ah, we give a lie to you, our leader. they shouted but no plans have been presented to deal with the grievances of their own citizens. even the regime supporters think that denying that there are problems is no solution that's growing criticism of the rigid enforcement of the head scarf flores, i guess a shot and i'm not for over against the morality police, but they all the reason that many women in iran suffer to fall, what's your failures by mom?
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even if the headscarf is compulsory, it should not be enforced in such a brutal manner and they're holla, ban as i am available. other, some supporters of the regime, think the headscarf protests, could be the beginning of the end for iran joy, those bit, they attack ambulances knowingly that just because of the heads, garcia, muscles next, they will burn the koran and then the mosque while i'm out of the more tissues aid all down the pushy for women, life and freedom. that's why iranian women returned to the streets. it's putting increasing pressure on the conservative regime and indonesia, president joe covey daughter has ordered an investigation into a riot at the football stadium on the weekend. when fans of the losing team stormed the pitch police fire tear gas triggering. a stampede for funerals have been held for the 125 people that were killed. the death toll was revised down by officials.
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i indonesia correspondence sharon margaret. so milan gave us this update. i think on stadium and my child's agency, people behind coming to face ponder lenses are the victim sunday tragedy. previously, i went ahead and press print a device where they said they have pocket videos and it will show up and also voice. know that show the wiring yes and the accepted support. they also asked everyone involved during the match, including the belief and ability, of course, now to be transparent and open throughout the investigation. is they to, after? it is faster and they're still looking into the cost of it. so if you haven't come into any conclusion yet, they have service agreed that the q a guest speaker, to panic. a mom, the supporters, according to people regulation, no fire arms or process until guy should be carried or use by the stewards or
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police. yes. okay. when do they always ask for police obvious java or whether it fits their critical or not or not? he declined to comment, but now the investigation is on your way to know who is responsible, who gave orders. they also looking today. so we still have to wait until the rest of it. and i have some sports news for you now in formula one. red bull says you'll, pettis has won a very wet single pole comp rate. the mexican driver took the lead at the start and didn't look back temperature. believe that much for stopping could only finish 7th and we'll have to wait to clinch his 2nd to straight driver's title with the rain pouring down in singapore. the drive is new. they rain for slippery evening for policy to charlotte class that came at the start. while he started sergio perez got
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to wait cleanly edging ahead of the ferrari man. that how they stay behind them. championship lead imacs for staff and had fallen even further back down the great. he described the race, his messy, 5 safety ca periods made it very stop start. because forget singing in the rain. this was more like spinning in the rain. ah. even while champions weren't immune, lewis hamilton slate off the track before offering this apology to his team. a. and then for stoppin, who'd worked his way up to faith did the same. by now any chances of him clenching a 2nd title this weekend had long since evaporated. much like the drying track, the 2 man who can catch him in the standings. cantering off into the distance. perez crossed the line in 1st. he was late adopt 5 seconds for breaking safety car
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rules. the camps is victory. with, with phil, how been it been a long day celebrations then for red bo, but the biggest celebration is still to come and that's it. from me on the new seem fun. i'll update for you at the top of the hour. don't go away. you go. india is up next gab office in berlin for me in the new stream. thanks with with
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who he can india. the 0 race freak is as robust concrete and confess trash foundry dust the main recycled material away. ready product from metal production,
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which is usually dumped into nature, mixed in a bit of plastic waste and it's done eco, ah, next on d, w. ah, in not just another day. so much is happening all at once. we take time to understand this is the day in depth look at current news, events analyzed by experts and critical thinkers. not just another new show. this is the day weekdays. on d, w, a migrant habitat ended go listening place of long the mediterranean
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sea. it's waters connect people of many cultures seen of almost rock and jaffar. abdul karim drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and mediterranean where has history left its traces, meeting people hearing their dreams, metty to me during this week on d. w. ah, with our cities, i'm growing what is new buildings rising to the skype? so i don't know emissions notion and waste.


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