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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  October 8, 2022 4:15pm-4:30pm CEST

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i've already begun. please see the exact number of bodies in the last grave is still unknown. officials have not confirmed whether the dead civilians or ukrainian soldiers. russian troops retreated from the area last weekend. let's get you up to speed on so of the other store is leaking, use around a wild flood waters of stranded thousands of travelers and nigeria, the west flooding in the decade has i've met a major highway. some people have in stock for 5 days. lots of killed, more than $300.00 in nigeria so far this year. the school district in ovalo, the texas has suspended his entire police force pending the findings approve into the mass shooting there. a gun man killed 19 children and 2 teachers last me. families of some of the victims have been demanding accountability after police officers with more than an hour to intervene. noon everyone mowing the island, funerals and prayer services are begun for victims of one of the country's west
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mass killings. a former police officer stopped and shot 36 people and thirsty, including many children at the child care center in northeast and violent to wave games and flash debts. how do you know? but that is being remembered. he is one of the 24 children who died during a my did a strand peach at it, i guess center not money on the day of the incident. i didn't give him a call. i normally do that every morning. it was raining that day and i was in a hurry to go to work, so i didn't call him. i didn't get to say a word to him. i at this childcare center, a former police officer shot and stopped children and details. later, the man flipped and killed his family and himself now gifts and
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service for the little ones bought into the centre barometer, the pile in skiing, the hub. i cheat, i long gone. faith, he shares the family's grief. but as it hancock i've been, i want to give you all moral support to be strong so that the souls of those children can have a sense of relief. when done that, their families will remain strong and be able to move forward with a life with funeral rights and bears a 3 day morning beat. it has begun for a community in grief and shock. now, canada says they will sanction senior members of europe. that revolutionary guard and bond them from entering the country. this comes as international press arc rose only round. oh, by its response to protests triggered by the death of a young man in police custody. a coroner in iran has denied she was killed by blows
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. she suffered in detention but doesn't solve protest as i've died in an and soon crackdown, and many more have been arrested. pouring blood instead of water, at least that's what it looks like after an unknown artist turned these fountains into iran ret, highlighting the bloody correct down on protests all over iran. amnesty international says it has verified that at least 52 people have been killed by security forces in recent weeks. but beliefs, the real death toll is much higher. one of the victims nika shark had i me, the 16 year old disappeared after taking part in the protests against the islamic republic. 9 days later, authorities admitted she was dead, saying she fell off a high building. a claim her mother rejects us. she has her face, cheek bones, and teeth were ruptured,
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which is the back of her head was hit hard and her skull was deformed. this is how she was killed. we received a lot of threats and we were asked to bury the body somewhere else. i didn't accept that, so on the day in the morning, they stoled the body without our permission and without telling any of us and buried it in a remote village on the tight security conditions. he generated wilson in the hospital the day. meanwhile, iran state via at a new video, allegedly showing gina martha armine, the woman who's death sparked all the protests breaking down in police custody without being attacked a story. her family rejects saying her crops too short, clear signs of being bruised and beaten. and so the protests all over the country continued for messiah mika for women, life and freedom. ellie,
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i asked lou fog allow me from jude abuse, fussy program, whether canada's bond on leaders of iraq to leads, revolutionary gods and more functions will affect the iranian regime. of course it has impact because islam republic regime doesn't want the word know what's going on in your, on what's the reason more needed if they care if the other countries care about human lives, including children, at least 9 children have been killed since the beginning of the process and as many express iranian expert lawyers and activists warn, it's not enough to talk and show solidarity. yes and is important and precious to all was, but i think on time is more crucial for iranian people. and a western countries should rec holder in mass of nerves and implements from your own and take further actions to make sure that a, for example, these murders doesn't happen. and i think that they have a date, a should sanction,
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like on the whole layer d. c. and a regime perpetrators to make sure that they can not merge their protesters in cold blood without any serious consequences, as always scenario to protest happening all around the world. did you expect such massive international support? i honestly know what i think that they owe this to the exact iranian to the iranians leaving abroad who organized as great massive rallies around the word in support of their competitors air inside iran. and actually they made their word here, the voice of people inside iran and they called for a freedom for human rights for secularism and gender equality. ok, so protest are not new in iran, right? but by what makes this one difference from previous ones, especially in terms of what it will achieve to 3 weeks
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have passed since the beginning of this process is this nation wide protest in iraq . but not only have to protest ended, but a date or a getting bigger, more and deeper. and as we were talking, there are many protests around iran in big cities in the city, up to iran, and a small, even small town. and this time, i think the great iranians, brave protest, there's men and women are risking their lives. and i think there are using their right of self defense in confrontation with the oppressive, oppressive forces. and even though they witnessed december 2017, even though they witnessed a bloody november of 2019, and all the crimes that the regime in this of for decades did
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a. but actually they are still willing to sacrifice their own lives for a freedom. and that's, that's why i think that it's at beginning of the new era for that uranium fight for freedom. i think human, i'm in my opinion demo, told women a life and freedom is actually a rebellion against them misogynist foundation of this law, mac republic regime in iran. ok. thank you very much, lou, for our economy from did of the process. thank you for having now. germany's national real appraisal, georgia on sas subway charge is to blame for a major disruption to services. on saturday, train services in northern germany were suspended for 3 hours. a fact in cities including berlin, hamburg, drummond spokesperson said communications infrastructure have been targeted. it comes to reset the sub without a tax cost leaks on the not stream. gas pipelines like in russia, germany,
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germany so far right to position party, the alternative for germany or a hefty exploit and concerns about energy prices and the rising cost of living partly triggered by roches war against ukraine. the party has organized the last school demonstration in berlin today on the demo to our country fest a number of counter demonstrations by left when groups trade unions and anti racism groups have also registered to speak out against the the ready people go correspondent and told us what he had to put it as one to the german government to do yes, we see behind me the tail end of the demonstration. the people have just started marching from this square here in front of the. i talked to german parliament that protesting against the rising cost of living against the rising energy prices. and
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they've been organized here by the far right. property list, alternative for germany party. we're just trying to make political capital out of the situation out of the dire situation on, in terms of inflation and energy, energy cost. so the party is saying and the protesters are saying that germany should come 1st in all considerations that germany should buy energy from russia if necessary. that criticism of russia is not so not justified under the circumstances . they have even even been several russian flags flying here. and there is very severe criticism of the german government from the protesters here. and there were reported acts of sabotage against that cable network of the german real waste system. we talked about a just a moment ago, causing major disruption to services. what more can you tell us? could there be a link to the demonstrations you think? nobody knows what the reason for that sabotage was. we do know that there was
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sabotage and there appears to have been a cable cut here in berlin and another cable, a very important cable in the far west of germany, it appears to have been in a coordinated attack. one effect on this demonstration could have been that people that wanted to come to the demonstration from other parts of germany were not able to get here during the course of this morning. that's, i guess, one possible notified as completely speculative. we don't know at all what, what's behind that at the moment? ok, thank you for that notification. thank you. did have you political correspondent, hands front in berlin. now to the german bundle sleeva, and on eagerly at his feet, a class between dogs and bye, and the match is known as the german footballs. classic by and look to have the edge baths. doors won't have found inspiration any talented english youngster. what were you doing when you were 19, if you asked jude bellingham heat provided an assist on his debut as captain for
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but was he had brought money against cologne last week. dot went went on to lose the match. but there was never any doubt about bellingham leadership. it's a dream come through really and i when i 1st saw him for this group it's on from the i never even thought was possible to log in. i met the players and realize that they could give me the believe to one that'd be the captain. bellingham was asked to lead the team once again for their mid week champions. lee clash, the english teenager, inspiring his team to, for one victory over severe by scoring a goal and setting up another hota, he did an incredible job house. it was excellent job. you've seen why he's wearing the captain's arm bandits, even though he so young as a umus. many big clubs have shown interest in bellingham by ona renowned for snatching their competitions best talents. but when asked about the english international, their c. e or oliver con, had this to say, we're not thinking about it at all. bellingham is an outstanding player,
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but we have kimmy. go ahead. scott gavin bet. and david saw the last time dormant one. their classic are in the buddhist league. i was 4 years ago. they've lost every game since they're hoping the youngest ever captain will put an end to their losing streak. are lined off the breaking you starry. we've been following for you . moscow says 3 people have been killed in an explosion that had the only bridge to link mainland russia with a crime in peninsula images on social media. actually lodge blast set part of the courage, bridge ablaze, and vice out to the drinking precedents. treated that this was the beginning. when did not clean responsibility. that's all we have time for, but stay tuned for more news updates on top of the hour up next is 77 percent did of use magazine show for african. you see me on there. i am ready, micah julia,
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i agree with the 77 percent what they was forced to flee when russia attacked nigerian students living in ukraine. the thing that we really got me skate like being with us. how are they doing now? restarting is never easy, but we got to do it. 77 percent connect on d. w. a certain successful with african american business. people in the us employed, they all the 2nd largest community of median and their members growing.
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america has black up applause, reach successful and power including 5 minutes on d, w. a. if you ever have to cover up a murder, the best way is to make it look like an accident. raring to read. you've never read a book like this. literature list under germany, law st. the hello and welcome to your favorites youth magazine show that 77 percent now in definition was shining. the sport light on the african students caught up by the russian attacks and ukraine. i am your host eddie mike, a junior and i'm so excited for what's coming up.


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