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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2022 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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this is d w nice from pill. then you can find a lot more details on our website to be found a d, w dot com ah, across all of ukraine today, wash and rockets, rain, dale, the broadest area will salt the country since the invasion began. almost 8 months ago, russian president vladimir putin confirming he ordered the attacks payback for this, an explosion over the weekend, taking out the only bridge connecting russia with crimea. to night putin's act of revenge, that many are calling an act of desperation. i'm broke off in berlin. this is the day. ah, i am shocked by this vicious attack on p. f and other ukrainian cities. it's an answer to terrorist to destroy the bridge. no mercy for terrorist playground,
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children's playground with his museum, was it an altogether? it was a veteran crossing. was it down? no military targets him? no, it's not right. you've got bumpy. supposedly. can you fresher, once again, as shown to the world with a sense for carol and also coming up condemnation from germany as well after the missile strikes and the promise of aid. but is it the kind of help that ukraine wants most? the chancellor assured ukraine's president of the some, a diety of germany and the other g 7 countries. he said, germany would do everything possible to mobilize additional assistance and in particular, to have prepared destroyed civil infrastructure such as electricity and heating sources. ah, and to our viewers watching
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a p b s in the united states into all of you around the world. welcome that we begin the day with russia's widest ariel of salt to date on you, craig to day from the city of love, even the west to the capital key. across the entire country. sovereigns sounded alerting people to the broadest attack from the sky by russia since the invasion began. almost 8 months ago. to day the kremlin confirmed, the attacks were ordered in retaliation for an explosion over the weekend. that took out a bridge, connecting russia with crimea. moscow blaming, heave, calling the explosion a terrorist attack. but how do today's air strikes, make military sense? nothing has changed on the front lines of this war. perhaps the missiles were sent to deliver a message instead, world that in just a moment. our 1st report tonight takes us to you cri, the chest after 8 in the morning. a russian missile finds its target a glass bridge, a major tourist attraction in the heart of the ukrainian capital security cameras,
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showing just how close one morning commuter comes to being caught up in the blast. across the city, a giant crater created by another strike just meters mature drains play area. many here are lucky to escape with their lives who should alabama. elsewhere, residents race to bomb shelters. among them, alayna, who recently fled the capital from her son, hoping it would be a safer environment. they want to destroy our people, our infrastructure, everything i will know and soon and we know by out here. so people shooter, cecilia, i don't know how to say why the strikes on the capital of the 1st since june and come after russia's president putin blamed ukraine for a blast on a bridge. lincoln crimea with russia. the weekend speaking on the streets of keith
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. he crane's president accused moscow of trying to wipe his nation off the mouth. robert, bang you the one a creep, panicking chaos. not they want to destroy our energy system, right? the 2nd target is people. we can overall they deliberately chose such a time and such targets in order to cause as much harm as possible. but we are ukrainians. we help each other, we believe in ourselves. we will restore everything that was destroyed. and cave was not the only target. dozens of russian rockets or so cause chaos and destruction in cities right across the country. several regions across ukraine have been left without power after the strikes destroyed, key parts of the countries electricity, great. but despite the apparent russian escalation, in this war, it appears to have only strengthened the spirit of the ukrainian people. and instead, the depression is this attack have doubled different her emotions of all as it is.
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people is angry, angry, and want to defend our ha houses, defend our families. our children are disability right across the ukraine. count the deadly cost and assess the damage of this attack. they know more maybe to come until such is a member of the ukrainian parliament for the opposition voice party. he told us more about the areas that were hit in keep today. i'm not sure that everyone is familiar with the geography of queue, but i recently had a discussion with one journalist from united kingdom and i told him so if fur to have to make an ipad at all with, with london, for example. so the places of attack him give to date was something like a hyde park corner in london. meaning that is actually the heart of the cd. it's a part of zone though, the cd in just next to to university buildings and to the university library. where by the way i was studying years ago,
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so it is absolutely sandra diesel residential area of the capital of you. great. which has, for the moments about, i think 2.5 are almost 3000000 people inside regular civilians who was just on the street were killed. so regular civilian cars was durned, and it is definitely an act of terrorism based on international law. so if it were stacked on the rules of international order, and if a respect international law, we shall did very, very clear. it was the act of terrorism, other international and the act of international crime. or more now i want to bring in marina maroney. she is with the defense studies department at kings college, london. it's good to have you back on the program. these attacks that we sold today . they were the broadest aerial assault that we have seen so far in this war. we were wondering the, what was the military thinking behind this assault?
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well i, i think her, 1st of all, we have to understand as put in has the clear and they, and it's a real tally free attack as a response to the bomb bang of the courage bridge, which is very, very symbolic to russia. it has a logistical function which is important to the military operation, but it, it is also something very symbolic. so the response, according to the russian side, is asymmetric. in order to show that the zalinski government doesn't have the monopoly violence in ukraine. and that's russia, despite the setbacks on the battlefield, still has the capability to strike. he targets such as civilian infrastructure. i believe one of the buildings hitting key of was say, in building a were european leaders were meeting. so those targets are also
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symbolic in a way, and in the korean side has described it as terrorism. and the idea of terrorism is to create chaos, to terrorize, and to deter specific actions. and why know the actions that put in seems to deter, with these strikes are strikes on russian infrastructure is or have been reported strikes from the russian side in the course area that has, that has been south of the north stream pipelines. and so the russian population has been waiting for a decisive staff from russia for some sort of response. and this is a kind of response. and you know, obviously these kind of attacks will also complicate the ukrainian military operation. because all the efforts will have to go to restore and the regime to restore internet and to care for the citizens, which is not an insignificant factor. and it looks like an act of revenge by russia,
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but also an attempt by putin to plaque kate. these angry hardliners in moscow who look at the war and, and think that it's not going as well as it should be. was he able to turn down the volume of criticism? i think it was very much needed both for the population and obviously to pacify those hardliners who have accused putting of naming red lines for a while, but not doing anything about it. and so that was the one thing that it was important to demonstrate that the, as a thing is appointment often you hard line general who was known for his successful counter terrorist operations in syria. so wouldn't came under a lot of pressure from both the, the leader of the wagner group as well as the chechen leader or us mancha there of
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. and so he had to do something to demonstrate that, you know, even if the bear is hurt, the bear can strike fact and strike back in the ways that em. let's say the cranium leadership hasn't predicted yet. you said that a putin had to do something. he was forced to, which would mean in implies that he's really not in control of the entire situation . i mean, that brings me to the topic of who is controlling the narrative right now the, this air strike to do. was it inevitable? considering the explosion on the bridge, you said it was a symmetrical, but does it tell us that the ukrainians are now controlling the narrative about this war? i think from the very beginning i'm the ukrainians were very good to intro himself, conducting information warfare and controlling the information space especially i
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was in ukraine and in the west. russia has a curtailed it, its efforts to try to fill the information space, and there were a lot of reports from your russian telegram channels criticizing russia for not being able to control the narrative. and to basically dominates information space both within russia and outside russia. so most of the russian propaganda was targeted to, to the middle east and south east and south west asia in a way, but this key information center that is ukraine. and then obviously the western countries, it remained ironically neglected despite the fact that, you know, prior to the war, russians were very, very active in their efforts of propaganda. and information warfare pulls within the european union and in the united states. and in the u. k. especially during carvette or during brack said or the preceding
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a u. s. presidential elections that are based on your experience and just looking at what happens in military conflicts. when you look at the explosion on this bridge, who do you think is by it? does it have to be ukraine or what bring for your bod? well it's difficult to say because, you know, there were some pointers and there were a lot of opposed twitter pose from ukrainian official saying, well, we'll get to that ridge. so obviously the rent of martin to strike that bridge from a military point. of course it makes sense to strike the courage bridge because it's a very important logistical supply line for the russians. lexi fleet, for the russian was stationed there. and by flooring that bridge or taking it
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out of corporation order, it puts a lot of pressure on another note which is located in the operation. now what we have to know about is a breach of front b, ukrainian forces are at the front line. they're sent sending more reinforcements, however, there has been no activity. so that's the only part of the battle fields that have been stable for a while now. and in the operation as a matter of fact, the route of city, i think it's called term up where the railway node is and so that railway node would be then all the power it because it couldn't carry all the logistics. and so if the explosion would take the bridge out of order and then the ukranian forces would launch an offensive ins operation. that was kind of the, the main easy idea. then they would cut off the,
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the crimean um part and the whole logistics and supply, which would make operations for russians. very, very difficult in that region. and considering how negative events are for the russian military on the ground right now, we see a new commander of this special operation. sergei shuttle became i think, is the name. he's a new commander. he's accused of using chemical weapons on civilians in syria. is this an ominous sign for ukraine? i think in it's very interesting to the timing of the appointment of this commander because i, a lot of experts were saying we need to supply ukraine with more weapons to be able to resist russia. but essentially it's down to leadership, to command them and to morale officer troops and not so much their equipment. and that's one thing that russia has been lacking from the very start,
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because they had 4 commanders in ukraine which they switched the round, the april general like 100 or nickel, became commander or i think of the of the 1000 group. he was also in syria. however, whatever was happening on the battlefield, it had to go to higher military ash alarms and then be reported to the general staff. and so the decision making was complicated and they were losing time. and there was a complete chaos when it came to command. and now today, as a new general gets appointed, somebody who has a very interesting track record in terms of what he did in syria at the same time. this new general is also good friends of cut their off and of precaution, so that that makes things less complicated for put in because that was another move to appease those hardliners. because this general is known for his hard line
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approach and he executed it in syria. he was successful and, and other important wind is in syria. he was conducting a counter terrorist operation. now, after the annexation, russia has said that the special military operation in the newly annex territories will switch to counter terrorist operation. and now they are appointing this new general to command all for grouping of the forces in ukraine. so centralizing the command and making of the decision making that that would be taking place on the battlefield in a way quicker, because then they can report directly to put in without having to go through these higher echelons of military command through this old rock receive. and so i think it's both symbolic for ukraine because he's been long to be hard line. but it's
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also going to facilitate russian maneuver capabilities on the battlefield in terms of you know, their operational planning. and obviously this is somebody who is not shy to bump and as her and what part of the population into submission as we have seen in syria, that's basically the key to his success. and that's it. i think somebody who was needed there, where we know unfortunately we are out of time. but again, we appreciate your time and your excellent analysis tonight. thank you. thank you very much. lou, we're just as ukraine is being hit by the broadest ever ariel will sought from russia, the german government has concluded that it should speed up deliveries of long awaited air defense systems to ukraine. a case of better late than never or too little to late alaska. member of the german parliament's foreign affairs committee
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in just a moment. but 1st here's more on the weapons in waiting. this air defense system, the iris t, s l m, can intercept any air attacks within a 40 kilometer range and up to 20 kilometers high and can protect a large area on the ground. germany promised them to ukraine and june. and keith has been waiting ever since. but now the 1st system is about to arrive. german defense minister christina lambert, said it had become a matter of urgency. germany will deliver the 1st of 4 iris t. s l m ad defend systems to ukraine within days. the renewed miss, i'll fi on keith and many other cities. so how important it is to supply ukraine with air defense systems quickly. but the other 3 units will only be delivered next year, crushes a tax on civilian targets across ukraine, drove home to germany,
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just how important its support for keith is foreign minister on a lena bear book called the attacks vile and promised berlin would do everything possible to strengthen ukraine's air defense, chancellor of shots also offered solidarity and support. the chancellor assured your friends, president office on the devotee of germany and the other g 7 countries. he said germany would to everything possible to mobilize additional assistance and in particular, to help prepare destroyed civil infrastructure such as electricity and heating saucy in response to russia's missile strikes. the group of 7 countries will hold a virtual meeting with ukraine and president viola deem it is the lensky on tuesday . germany currently holds the g 7 presidency and rebuilding damaged infrastructure is expected to be on the agenda. but the leading industrialized countries will be looking to agree on a coordinated response to further increased weapons and defense system deliveries
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to ukraine arna ringing. now, mr. rigg, he's a better. he is a member of parliament for the opposition. christian democrats here a germany. he's a leading foreign policy expert and a former colonel in the general staff of the german armed forces. mister keys of it is good to have you with us. again, what did you make of what we saw today across you creed? is this a, is it a sign of strength or weakness for the russian military? well, i believe that this new intensified war is a new face in the atrocities of the russian forces. and it is the political will of who tend to break the defense will of the ukrainian people. and we will see more intensified war against civil infrastructures since august. for more than 300 military objectives were attacked, but more than 15000 civilians. so we will see
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a focus more or less on the civilian infrastructure. and this is the beginning of a new phase of this war. and on the very day that ukraine sees the biggest attack aerial attack so far from russia, the german government says it will speed up delivery of air defense systems to ukraine. what's the message there? is it better late than never are, or too little too late? well, it's just the root tissue off an announcement of may in may, they announced to deliver one system of iris t by november this year. this is a system which was a wizard for egypt. and then for the $3.00 to $4.00 systems in the course of the next year. so this is nothing you, it's just re announced and repackage. but it is not a new development in the german assistance. you have said that germany needs to apply massive deterrence to prevent russian attacks like the ones we saw today.
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what would that look like? well, we need to increase a u. p and coordinated support. as regards our armor protected we because for example, i compet tanks on also i'm a protected legals for the infantry. this means so definitely the delivery of martin tanks and of leper things. together. there are 13 european leopard countries having 2000 leopards, 2 tanks and already spain and poland asked germany to deliver some months ago, but germany denied. so if there is an idea to do that, germany has to lift. it's a baron barriers against other countries. and to allow them to give the permission to deliver this, it would be best if this initiative would be back all 30 countries to show us the
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deliberation of the european union member states and and together, every country in each country might deliver about $10.00 to $15.00 we would have 3 battalions which could be delivered, and this would help also, the ukrainian forces to attack. let me ask you a about before we run out of time tonight about russia's hybrid warfare and defense against that, do you see russia's hand in the explosions of the nord stream gas pipelines and the possible sabotage on the german rail infrastructure that we saw in just a few days ago, one has to be a very sofa and we need to analyze that it will take several weeks because russia is pumping and thousands of tons of gas through the destroyer pipelines so that it is impossible to get a forensic analysis on the ground of the baltic sea,
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but all hints arm pointing to russia or so some movements in the baltic sea as well as the combat combination with hybrid this information regarding the united states from the russian side. but let's be very sober. who has interest in it. it is russia and also the attacks on german infrastructure. so we need to be to increase our resilience. we need to better inform our population that we are a target. we are not participating in the war, but we are a war target of russia. and therefore, we need also a better public diplomacy towards o pollution. really briefly, mister keys of the german public. do you think that it has an accurate picture of what it should be doing to help ukraine, but also what is at stake right here in germany with this war? well, i believe that our population is under inform because the public
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broadcast, as well as the public t, v is very reluctant to show all the horrible atrocities and the german population needs better insight these atrocities. and also the preparation is not very good because there are a lot of money, 295000000000 euros will be invested to come down all the, an oppressed unrest and so on. but a germany is spending only one percent of the some about 3000000000 euros to ukraine or military means ok. therefore we should also explain to our population the relationship, the relations of the difference, of course. and there is a lack of information you are very right, missed he's a bit around the time, but as always, we appreciate your time and your analysis. thank you very much. thank you, mr. john. good evening. well, the day's almost done, the conversation continues online,
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you'll find us on twitter. you can follow me on twitter at britain golf t v. i remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day. we will see that with with a pulse with the beginning of the story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's all about the perspective culture
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information. this is the w. w. made from mines a used to rough weather, but now things are getting really tough. for shrimp fishermen in northern germany, they faced price fixing by the dutch competition. then the pandemic. and now the rising price of diesel red gold, germany trim fishermen and prices close on in 60 minutes on d. w o a i might.
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