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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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these am countries, are we thinking everything i'm making make a change in europe revealed starts november 3rd, and d, w ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. more political chaos in the u. k. as the prime minister analysis. she's stepping down after just 6 weeks in office list process. she's resigning as leader of the conservative party with several candidates trying to succeed. her could former prime minister boris johnson make
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a comeback. also on the program, keith tells ukrainians to conserve pass russia steps up. attacks on energy facility with winter approaching, people are being asked to switch off electricity for much of the day. ah, i'm gather as well come to the program. british prime minister liz trusts is resigning after just 6 weeks in office. or announcement comes after a bruising week of you turns on economic and energy policy and a backlash from our own conservative party. a resignation makes her the shortest serving prime minister in british history. after weeks of chaos at 10 downing street, a moment of clarity less trust spends forensic speculation on her future by telling
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the british people that she is stepping down. i cannot deliver the mandate on which i was elected by the conservative party. i have therefore spoken to his majesty the king to notify him the i am resigning as leader of the conservative party. only 6 weeks ago, trust was confirmed as prime minister by the late queen elizabeth the 2nd. but the disastrous budget from the no former chancellor quasi quartet spelled at the beginning of the end, high tax rates or home secretary swell. a braverman walked after a row over immigration and then a vote to bon fracking. plato to mid chaotic scenes sealed trust his fate until hoards. ha! despite her own failure to vote, she won the ballots. but many tory and peas rebelled amid white spread anger. that such a regime was ever approved by the party. i am livid antenna. i really shouldn't say
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this, but i hope all those people that put this trust in number 10. i hope it was worth it. if it was worth it for the minister red box, i think it was worth it to sit round the cabinet table because for the damage they have done to our party is extraordinary. tore paul anger hasn't been confined to the conservative scott, there are calls from opposition and voters alike for the general election. the tax got gone, so we call have a revolving door of chaos. we can have another experiment at the top of the tory party. that is an alternative, and that's a stable labor government and the public retitled to have their say, that's why it should be a general election. no, any general election does. this is a cycle of rubbish. and they were face rubbish from all rubbish. none of them fit for the job, she something thanks, dana, and certainly the policy decisions that she might not numbers. people also areas in this country on the other side. now we have an,
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an elected government that's not democracies, etc. as a trust says her successor is to be voted in by the party, as by the end of next week. with boris johnson's former chancellor, risha sooner critic of trust, his budget plugged us over among the front runners. oh, with me in the studio is, are you catalyst d w report? alex 1st whiting alex. she was promised her for 45 days. the shortest in the history. um, what she dealt bad a hand or did she bring this on herself? well, she didn't inherit a great set of cards. let's face it cost of living crisis and everything that we've seen has been happening in the u. k. but there's no doubt that she has bought this on herself. she promised unfunded tax cuts that absolutely spooked the markets or whistles sterling to the british pound. falling out we saw i have seen the cost of
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mortgages and so high that people can't get them. and even those being withdrawn from mortgage companies, borrowing has gone up for the government except to excess. there's been a disaster. so they're me seeing you turn off to you turn off to you turn, culminating in an absolutely shocking day. yesterday the home secretary resigning over. she sat watching, not completely sure, and then this fiasco in the house of commons with this vote, an absolute chaos breaking out. so she brought it on herself. however, i didn't think anybody expected her to go so quickly and that it would be over fine to day and that will be it, she resign. now the times is reporting that boris johnston is said to make a comeback. and everybody's freaked vans. i mean, really? yeah, bars, johnson, the former prime minister, the prime minister who lives trust took over from you, had to quit because of scandals in downing street over parties during lockdown. yet,
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room is that he is going to throw his hat into the ring. he's actually in the caribbean at the moment, and he said to be coming back early the weekend so that he can put it as throw his hat into the ring. he has a lot of support still with him parliament. that tape, for example, a tweet from day it james, dr. h m p, who said, i hope you enjoyed your holiday boss. time to come back. few issues at the office that need addressing hash tag bring back boris, and even certainly within the party membership. so those are the $160000.00. also vote is out in the country who are party members. they still very much back, morrison, he is their favorite, but we have now just heard that the new rules for electing the new leader of the conservative party has to meet a very high threshold of a 100 votes. now they're about 300 m p 's. so they have to have a high that person has to have the backing of a 100 m p, so they think they will only be 3 candidates. will boris johnson managed to get
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that number of m. p 's backing him. when so many said, it's time for you to go, boris. we don't know that. and he said he doesn't know that they need a unifying candidate. they need somebody who in by next friday will be the leader of their party and the next prime minister calls for a new fresh general elections getting louder and louder, turned the toys for their briefs. the tories do not want a general election. why? because they are polling so badly and it will absolutely annihilate their party. they are doing everything to say, we don't need bomb, we still go to majority in parliament. however, cause our growing and i'm certainly the labor party will do everything they can to push for general election. but at the moment it doesn't look like they will have to be one. obviously, this is bush's politics. anything can change, but that next leader that next prime minister, whoever he or she is, has got to somehow unify the party and try to persuade the british public that the
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tories are still okay and still okay to govern. i was waiting there. thank you very much for moses ukrainians are being told will switch off their electrical appliances for much of to day. the measure is in response to rushes, widening, attacks against energy facilities. the national grid operator says the curb is limited to thursday, but more restrictions and block house may be needed with winter approaching. preparing dinner in a makeshift outdoor kitchen. 9 year old autumn and his grandma arena hurrying to get dinner ready before the setting. sun plunges their home into cold and darkness . seeing a horseshoe his really cold. yeah, my guess is, i'm sleeping in my clothes in my apartment now. li, issue. russian strikes have cut off utilities in cities and towns across ukraine. and many residents here in the hockey region,
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we have been living without gas, water, or electricity for weeks down to push it move is enough. when you open our windows were damaged to it. now we are only eating here, but sleeping in the next apartment because their windows are not damaged 11, so it's warmer there. any way? don't care. for many people bundling up at night and cooking outdoors is a matter of survival growth. the situations like this is no electricity, no water, no casmer, we're cold. you can see we're building fires. and tom lives with his mother. she's disabled in and is totally dependent on her son's help. william, it's a brother, so it's really cold. now, if it weren't for my son, i would freeze. got you in the homes of residents living in
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villages like these in the half heed region have been thrust into a pre industrial era with no modern comforts authorities. the trying to reassure people that electricity will be restored soon, and that repairs to water and gas infrastructure will come next. that with the war and with absolutely no certainty. people like art him and his grandmother can only prepare for what will likely be a very harsh ukrainian winter time not to have looked at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. these european government says it will take part and peace talks on the 2 year old conflict in the northern tic ry region. next week . the negotiations with to grab people's liberation front and south africa due to take place after a previous attempt failed. earlier this month we're going further fighting a new law tackling the legacy of spain's fascist dictatorship, has entered into force. it overturns all convictions for political origin,
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religious beliefs, as well as for sexual orientation. it also promotes the search for victims buried in mass graves over a 100000 people have disappeared during space civil war dictatorship from 1936 to 1975 german chancellor. all of shows is warned against the global increase of the use of coal as an answer to the energy crisis caused by the war in ukraine. as despite germany, putting some cold pob plans back online in the wake of russia's decision to cut gas supplies. the also spoke of the risks and bulging. involved in imposing you a peon gas price, cal. i didn't still justice moscow's decision to cup those supplies has led to soaring energy prices in europe. you leaders are currently meeting in brussels to address the crisis to w. brussels bureau chief of some of a norman, is there and told us all talks are progressing. so the meeting started with the
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leaders discussing the current energy crisis. and this discussion was interrupted, so they were able to listen to the ukraine in president zalinski. of course, the topic of energy is also on his mind with russia increasingly attacking ukrainian energy infrastructure. and now the leaders are discussing, again, is soaring energy prices and we are hearing that this sir. discussion is not bringing them at the moment, at least any closer to our solution. so we are hearing that there could be even a change of the whole summit choreography with maybe some other issues being now put forward to be discussed and the energy being pushed to morrow. that is, of course, all speculation. but maybe what's also important to note is that the french president melma call a match today with the german chancellor here on the sun, sidelines of the summit, france and germany are always being considered and driving due to
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find compromise consensus. but at the moment, at least when it comes to the energy issue, they are in opposing camps. now with all this strive for you, have been describing all the leaders likely to find common ground and how to handle this quite well, i think when it comes to some proposals put forward by the european commission, for instance, more corporation on enjoined gas purchases. data could be something that the leaders can agree on, but when we come, when it comes to this, a topic offer a price caps on a gas employ. this is very controversial with the majority of member states pushing for such price caps and with germany and some other saying, no, this is not to the silver bullet to tackle the crisis. and actually germany has been under a lot of criticism here for a day or stands on that matter with
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a french president mccall saying that it is not good for you rob or germany to be isolated or with that issue for quite a statement here. any reaction the answer in brussels to the resignation of las stross? well, yes, actually if we heard from some leaders here, the irish leader, for instance, said that on the personal level he had sympathy with list a trust. but he also mentioned that it's now very important for the u. k. to find political stability again, that is also what we heard from the french president that's punish leader sanchez told us that he considered that. so he thinks that her resignation is putting an end to an approach that is an old fashioned approach. how to cope with economic crises. and of course, he was referring to her plan to kat taxes,
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something that she was forced to take back and to that to lead to her resignation in the and probably our brussels purity for example, of phenomena there. thank you alex summer. and that was it from a me and the new steam for today. i don't away though. next hour, documentary series doc fil laws. one of the world's oldest human settlements in georgia and behold, foolish will have a world news update for you at the top of the upgrade office in berlin from me and the team i thought ah a.


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