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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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with her master's thesis on potato, raring to read a turn on. well, it gets more ridiculous from their literature list. truman street. ah ah. ah, this is dw news live from building uncontested and unopposed. sheeting ping is reconfirm for a 3rd term as the head of china's communist party, surrounded by his most loyal allies, he will remain the secretary general of china's only political party cementing his
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place as the country's most powerful leader in decades. also coming up blackouts across ukraine as russia escalates of tax on energy infrastructure strikes, have no doubt, 40 percent of ukraine's power stations, and millions of households are in the dark and security forces make more arrests in iran as nationwide demonstrations inter a 6th week. meantime, tens of thousands march here in berlin, in solidarity with iranian women. ah, i'm jared ray, thanks so much for your company today. china's president, she's in ping, has been handed a 3rd term as leader of the chinese communist party. it's a historic moment that confirms him as the nation's most powerful rulers, since mild said dawn. she's appointment came at the end of the long communist party
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congress with a party's constitution, was amended to enshrine chief position is also made sweeping reforms to the party's leadership and promoted several close allies. she is now expected to be handed a 3rd term as president in march. earlier i spoke to correspondent fabi, unclipped my in beijing, and i asked him how complete she has control over chinese communist party is now that he has secured this historic 3rd term waste definitely more powerful than ever before. it's quite remarkable, especially when you look at the line up of the 7 member am standing committee, it's full of ideological em. loyalists to work seating thing full of yes men i would say and all the more that pragmatic voices, the economic reformers they're out. and i want to point to, especially one politician, namely leach young. he's now the future. a 2nd most powerful men in china. he was the mayor during the shanghai locked on this spring. i mean that was probably the
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biggest cove. it locked down in history and that produced a lot of human suffering. and now he is rewarded, so to speak, by becoming the 2nd most powerful man in the country. that tells you a lot in a m a think it gives an insight in how the system works. he was rewarded by am being very loyal by following the order of beijing in implementing this locked on. so am yeah, it definitely shows her seizing pincus. i am totally in power right now in now fabi and g. now that she has this unprecedented control, as you've outlined, what do you think his plans are when it comes to some of the big issues on his place that like you as tensions and also a tie one where am china's diplomacy under seating thing has changed drastically he m m made the country much more confident on the foreign policy stage and sometimes overly confident. and his foreign policy also
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includes a very aggressive rhetoric. and you can see that clearly by looking at the, for example, social media presence of all the chinese and ambassadors, especially in the west and m all those things of course, are not very helpful when it comes to improving a taste with the u. s. or also the escalating the conflict with taiwan. so i would expect that things might get more complicated, especially china's relationship to the west. now fabi on a lot of people are talking about on the foreman leader who's in tao. he was dramatically led out of the whole during this congress. of course, many people round the world are wondering why, what can you tell us yet there basically 3 theories and am the official one that was spread by a chinese state media, but noticeably only on the english language channels on a twitter platform that was, that is spent in china,
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they say that he is in bad health and that's why he had to be let out. but to be honest, it doesn't really explain why the, the way how he was let out was saw satcher or public humiliation. i mean, if you look at the images, it's really quite remarkable. and m, some analysts say that actually it was indeed a public humiliation. a name be in front of the foreign press who just entered the great hall of the people engaging. and then of course, there's also a 3rd, a theory saying that em hoge and towel was about to voice some criticism. he didn't want to em, except the historic 3rd term of shooting ping. but to be honest, we don't know, and probably we will never know the truth behind it because of the opaque system. but it was clearly historic matter for the images were remarkable. it gave you a sense of the old china personified by huge and towel leaving and making space for the new era under sheeting ping. that was correspond in correspondence, fabi and customer in beijing. fabian,
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thanks so much in other news. now russia is sounding the alarm again. to civilians living in the occupied region of her son, ukrainian forces are advancing on the southern front to retake the territory. the kremlin has been pushing civilians to leave the parts, of course, on it controls, taking them to russia or other occupied areas, but removing civilians from their homes to enemy held land is a war crime elsewhere across ukraine. roches attacks on infrastructure have cause blackouts and water shortages authority say millions of people who are without power and they're asking those who still have it to conserve as much as they can aid workers. and nikolai of prepare food for the cities hungry power and gas outages have left many unable to cook. these meals are going to feed new mothers in the dark and hallways of mc alive maternity. hospital number 3. you
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didn't show any person is al thursday. without electricity, we can't cook with them, but we need to feed the maternity ward the mother's with newborns to pick up. hello . are you in your mom's? it is the ciocca. the donated lunches help a lot. they're saving us, it would have chances, per se, engineers, a racing to repair the damage before winter officials and keith say it could be days or even weeks before power and heat are restored in the capital in the unless city, some businesses refuse to let circumstances shut them down this restaurant, staying open by candlelight and adjustment that dinars are trying to embrace as a sign of resilience. and as a matter of fact, it toughened this up even more. there's been a power cut, but it helps our ukraine to say power. and apart from that, you can feel the mood, but it's very romantic with
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a good m a think what phil walker on the front line say again, for from thoughts of romantic dinners, ukraine's defenders are trying to remain up beat despite the constant shelling from russian lines commander yuri compares the destruction to a famous siege from world war 2. like a stalingrad because lee fell, may be in 90 percent of milton sarah demolition. f like starling island. god. they haven't. they call them solid growth. but it is solid dot i a few minutes down the road from soley door is the city of buck moot which moscow has been trying to capture for months. analysts say it has no strategic value, but the ukranian defenders say the enemy keeps sending troops in droves. release them with al guys, we're fighting with them. their bodies are just lying there. $5100.00 per day,
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daniel. luckily they didn't even take the bodies away. them with him, how guy's going to have a look and took their guns? some other news of it, i can give you a gun if you want. like the civilians whose lives and homes they are defending. ukraine's frontline soldiers are hanging on but at a devastating cost. well, ilia, i spoke with roman, gone to ranko from d, w. russia, and eastern europe service. and i asked him if the attacks on ukraine's civilian infrastructure infrastructure mocked a change in strategy for russia. well, it's definitely a new approach and both things are happening. so the floating on the front line along the front line continues as russia is waiting for those hundreds of thousands men mobilized in the recent fix to get prepared start in your assault, we don't know how long it will take, probably a few weeks. and then russia could start again, major offensive, and you do not know when and we do not know where,
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but it is preparing. at the same time, russia just did the grain in power. and just infrastructure can be relatively easily heat with drones. and we have seen made some major attacks nearly every day, and the tech on saturday was very devastating to the ukraine and power grid, leaving more than a 1000000 people with our tricity. and as we've just caught in the report, and if russia continues on this bos, boston, then the ukranian power grid will be on the verge of collapse. and just in the coming days, probably which is very dangerous and which puts ukrainian government under pressure . and one more thing by attacking ukrainian civilian infrastructure, russia is trying to kick off a new wave of civilians leaving fleeing the country. so it's a new migration wave that could hit europe that could hit poland and germany as well because most of ukrainian civilians are fleeing to these 2 countries. around
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and gone to rancor there from d double use russia and eastern europe service. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world today. a palestinian militant group says israel has killed one of its leaders in the west bank. the den of lions is the newly formed coalition that has been linked to several attacks on israeli troops. tension has been growing between israel and groups in the west bank students and uptake in israeli military, right. thousands of people have taken to the streets of columbia's capital vulgar tom to protest the government proposed tax reforms. now the draft would raise taxes on the upper classes to pay for social programs. president gustavo petros, left, his government has promised to increase spending for education, health and agriculture. her a can. rosalind he is heading for mexico is pacific coast. the category 3 storm is
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full cost to heat several resort towns. later on sunday, the authorities have evacuated. hundreds of people in the hurricane path and their warning of flash flooding and lance lights, strong winds have spread a wildfire on the slopes of mount kilimanjaro, tanzania has mobilized hundreds of firefighters to tackle the blaze. that's burning about 40000 meters up africa's highest peak. go to iran now where security forces have made dozens more arrests, says anti government demonstrations into a 6 week rights campaign is say, the protest is putting their lives at risk. the death of a young woman held by the so called morality police set off the 1st on rest. since then, it's growing into a nation wide protest movement, a brutal crack down by the iranian, the authorities has not stopped hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets. ah, once again around young women took the lead,
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removing their head scarves, chanting anti government slogans. and facing off against the security forces. the 6th week of nation wide protest sparked by the debt and custody of massa meanie. the protest began with demonstrations against the mandatory his job. that they grown into the greatest challenge to the islamic republic. since the 20 o 9 green movement over disputed elections, shopkeepers, students and factory workers are showing their support for the nationwide protests . security forces have responded with violence, barring live rounds and dispersing gatherings with tear gas rights campaigner, say more than 200 people have been killed. public anger about masa means death has gone global from tokyo to berlin. in the german capital, 80000 people joined a rally and solidarity marchers led by a women's group made their way through the city in the autumn sun. so i'm hoping
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that leaders up the free board to hear that voice up eating and people ask for their ambassadors to leave that 3 me not. 7 bad man, not to negotiate with that, can we not government and to have it capable to be a bad to be able to choose the kind of neighbors and governments on life statement to me. i'm amazed. it's the 1st time that our nation that so many people in our nations are, are united regardless of their political beliefs before evolution and after would have shown as, yeah. so i'm really proud to be here today. waving flags and holding signs, criticizing rounds, clerical rulers. they chanted women, life freedom you watching d w news. he's a reminder now of our top story. china as president,
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she's in pin has been handed a historic 3rd term as leader of the communist party. she has surrounded himself with loyalists in his cabinet and for the 1st time in a generation there are no women in the party's top leadership. that's all for me for now. our digital program shift is up next here on d, w. of course, you can always get more and d, w dot com for now breaking news app, which you can download from the apple app store or google play. and of course on social media, please do follow a set d w use. i'm jarrett read and go, then thanks to watch. ah, these places in europe or smashing the wreckers step into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you are to record break.


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