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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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ah 90 minutes. oh d w ah ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin that more people join the exodus from have san brush alley relocates, thousands of people away from the fighting. 8 months into the war, ukrainian forces are bearing down on the key city. also coming up, uganda and authorities report the spread of an abolla outbreak to the capital camp paula dest whole from the epidemic reaches 40 full half the united kingdom gets its
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3rd prime minister in 2 months. ricky soon acts, number one priority is sorting out the economic chaos left by his predecessor ah, i'm all on soccer. a warm welcome to the show. his son was the 1st major city to fall off to russia invaded ukraine. now it's occupy as a bracing for an assault by advancing ukrainian forces. keith says russia is sending in more troops and preparing the city for urban warfare. russian installed authorities in have san have ordered civilians to leave as ukrainian forces make hard force gains. after months of occupation, the village of fish jenica in her son is free. most of the hamlet's residents fled when the russians came. but
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o leg tells the danish broadcasting corporation that his family stayed behind and were treated cruelly. well, it's a dois. doria believes that it's a long story here. we experienced a lot of things all. one time we got a bag over our heads and got taken away in military vehicles to the school. although then they ransacked the house. oh, legs family slept in a basement for months as fighting around rush, jenika intensified but they stuck it out and were rewarded for their patience neighborhood. but we waited a long time for the ukrainian army. why don't we hugged each other and cried managers when we did on yet. i never lost hope. settlements up and down the hare sun front or waking up to find their occupiers gone. analysts say the russians are abandoning their positions to avoid encirclement as ukrainian forces advanced
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toward the nepa river and the city of her son. if they do reach her son, is unclear if there will be many civilians left to liberate. russia says it has relocated tens of thousands of people as keeps forces. draw nearer a group of hare san residents arriving in crimea. say they had left behind a dangerous situation. i'm from have fun. how was that there now? bad? who is there shelling? yes. while russia is calling this an evacuation, moscow has been accused of forcibly relocating ukrainians to its territory. either way, no one who boarded these buses out of harrison can say when they'll see their homes again. russia is taking its claim that ukraine has pending a dirty bomb attack to the united nations. western countries have unanimously rejected moscow's allegations as baseless usa department spokesman net price warned
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russia against using the issue as a pretext for a further escalation and as war against ukraine. the world is all too familiar with the gremlins. this is a point that we made prior to february 24th. at some point we've made consistently since then, and there is a track record to that up. obviously, in this case, we are concerned that this false allegation could be used as a pretext for further russian escalation. and we've made that concern very clear. let's take a look now at some of the stories making use around the world. jim and chancellor wolf shoals house called on allies to invest in ukraine as a future. e. you remember he was speaking alongside ukraine's prime minister dentist miguel, at a business for him in berlin. miguel told delegates that rebuilding ukraine will cost over 700000000000 euros for grima. a gunman, hass shot dead,
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a teacher and a teenage girl at a school and the u. s. city of st. louis. police shocked at the attacker. he was identified as a 19 year old who left the school last year. the 1st piece talks between ethiopia and rebels from the northern t gray region have been postponed for a 2nd time. negotiations were supposed to begin in south africa after a renewed search of violence. almost 2 years of conflicts have killed thousands of people and displaced 1000000 small uganda authorities say the a bola outbreak in the country has now reached the capital kampala. there are 14 confirmed cases that 44 people have died since the epidemic was declared in late september. compiler is the latest district to be hit by uganda as he bull outbreak. with more than 1600000 people. that capital is also the
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country's most populous city raising fears the number of infections and death will spike. it's believe the virus spread to kampala after an infected man came to the capital seeking medical treatment. he later died. the health ministry confirms 7 of the newly reported infections in kampala are all family members of that patient. with the experience we would as uganda in monday, june got it booked out, but we have booked on all of that. can fix you including restricted movements and if the center to ensure that this uh, current outbreak is wont road the government has instituted locked downs and curfews in districts where the outbreak was 1st report it. it's also place dozens of people under mandatory quarantine in isolation centers across the country. news the virus has reached cam. paula has some worried tough control measures may
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not be far behind. but for people because we'll just, oh go to the look though. oh, well go very. so coming out of vertical on the police, it's been a very big challenge for us. oh, damn of in your. the news is very scary. but like the government says, i think we all should follow the standard operating procedures so that we prevent the spread of this ebola virus soccer. you already saw that our feet are not. what is happening now is people are dying for the doctors are dying. so we all should be very vigilant and follow the government guidelines that do i'm a deep out the virus circulating in uganda is the sudan strain of abolla for which there is no proven vaccine authorities have approved to trial vaccines from the u. k. and the u. s for use in the country. el salvador has long been plagued by drug gangs. last year, police arrested more than 50000 people in
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a clean up operation in the country. many have died in overcrowded prisons and is not just narcotics traffickers who are ending up behind balls. when henry hoyle was taken away by police and april, it was the last time his brother, hey, zeus saw him alive with the foot, the less eagle mitchell, with guttural. with this photograph i started looking for him a little bit. i looked for him in every hospital in prison, but i couldn't find him up. nobody is the annual per night where i would be more risky. henry was taken to prison, caught up in president naive kelly's warren gangs, despite facing no charges. he died b a less than a month later. oh, look up yet on below, i was responsible for my brother and i left my number and address, but they never had the courage to tell me that henry was sick. that henry had died . it really hurts because they even buried him without telling me. sima hazy says his brother was as far from a gang member as any one could be. but with the government, granting police powers to arrest without needing
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a warrant. it's not just gangs being locked up. these women all have loved ones behind bath with no knowing where and how my son is. and having my baby here is not easy. i hope god will have mercy, not only on my son, but on many innocence were in there too. i think since the crackdown began at least icy people, i estimated to have died. and oh, the crowded jails without being convicted of anything. but the government's war shows no sign of slowing all sole upon the it on a fiddler. a single gang member is just one gang, sell in the streets of our country to little will multiply to do that, it won't get because it will bid. i hadn't added berella, we've had as many as 50 people killed in a day. extortion and killings. yona does not deserve lamar bella,
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we need to eradicate this cancer from salvadoran society or doug de la fulton, ethel, bowden. the government says another 30000 gang members remain at lodge the operation to track them down expected to last another 6 months. even innocent, sell the dorians live in fear of being arrested anywhere. any time rashid soon aca set to become britton's 3rd prime minister this year and he is promising a new era of stability. the former finance minister has gained the backing of his conservative party to win the leadership. his predecessor list truss had to stand down when financial markets projected her economic plans. so next 1st task would be to restore confidence in the you case finances the she for
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not receive a warm welcome. at the conservative party headquarters. center will pick over the top job from this trust who quit just after a few weeks in office. but sooner faith is stuffed challenges, such as tackling floating energy and food prices and a deep political crisis. he will be the 3rd prime minister this year. the united kingdom is a great country, but there is no doubt we face a profound economic challenge. we now need stability and unity, and i will make it my utmost priority to bring our party and our country together as finance, minister for knock on prayer for supporting the late off workers and businesses during the pandemic. but as one of the wealthiest politicians in the u. k,
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he has been criticized for his lavish lifestyle. he was also questioned or what his finances in the yuki, some feel a relief to have a new leader. but some are not. so hopefully he wants to take us the sort of american way when all america we have a different economy runs differently. we expect different things where we expect some public service from her, from our government and her. i don't think his methods are going to provide that. if i had to choose from anybody from the tory go, my one monitor or a gun, but he's probably the only competent one. that would i, she trust with the nation's finances. pat sonata victory is walter historic. he is the 1st british prime minister of south asian origin. he's also the 1st hindu to become the country leader and the youngest. the yuki has seen in 200 years.
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archaeologists have discovered the wreck of a 17th century warship in swedish waters. scientists are hoping to learn more about the history of swedish ship building without actually raising the ship from the sea bed. for more than 3 centuries, she was nowhere to be found. now the epithet has resurfaced off the coast of bucks on just 17 kilometers from downtown stock. hong it took archaeologists a few months since the 1st citing. but with what symbols they collected from the rec, they're not positive. they found the long lost sister ship of the vasa. vasa is the iconic jelly commissioned by the swedish king gustavo adult. was it sank on its maiden voyage in 1628. after sailing only a few 100 meters. it's become a famous tourist dejection and has its own museum and stuck on one of the major
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questions his wife also so bad on why did a at that say without yes, we don't really don't know that for sure. yet the applets was built by the same people, but cut off to better style. it served in the royal navy for 30 years. in $1659.00, it was sunk on purpose to serve as an underwater barricade is a shield against enemy vessels. but unlike the vasa, the apple, it won't be leaving her final resting place for the foreseeable future. no, it's gonna stay on the sea bad. we're gonna salvage to history, and they're gonna do a 3 day model, which you can use in a museum. so you can dive in the army and so also with, yeah, the wreck is much better protected at to see, but we know that for short. so despite not being reunited with a famous sista, the applet is not likely to fall into oblivion any time soon. as the
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w news live from berlin up next, the documentary face and voice looks at how a 1st impression is formed by our brains. and by a i, if you want one, you said, don't forget this, the website's d, w dot com, or you can find as an instagram and spits at we are ascii w. news allows ica. and for me, in the entire team here in berlin, thank you. so much for watching season ticket through a vibrant habitat ended glistening place along the mediterranean sea scene of l muster. and to far abdul karim drift along with exploring the modern lifestyles and the mediterranean, he's ready to leave journey this week on.


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