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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2022 1:45am-2:01am CEST

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tours and overnight stays. i've sampled several winds to day. now i choose a sparkling wine to her. it begins with beginnings of course, and to look back at the castles history. in yachts known that over 180 years ago, in 1836 saxon wine, gro, as had the idea to bring the bubbly beverage to saxony, north, that was champagne at the time, a trend, new new drink punch, a french cell, a master brought the art of making sparkling wine from champagne year to the elbow, hillsides mala. the tour proceeds to the winery the various types of wine age in enormous tanks. the cell a monster could binds them to produce sparkling wine, did fulton aiden wright, his compliment each other very nicely laced lincoln and pino bronco together to create our classic bottle. fermented sparkling wines in the tradition of augustus the strong. and aku vey through the base wine ages over several years then yeast is
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added for the alcoholic fermentation mikaela, myself. i'm a seller master, says the sparkling wine is perfect. i'm ready for pouring the bottles. go into a wriggling racket with lots of french invention in the front. susie afy, north. the bottles are riddles or rotated daily for 4 weeks. so the lease or debt yeast settle in the neck. and it's done by hand is placing dumbest thing the best part of the many stages of making sparkling wine is the last one, the tasty to the, to the 2nd one routable time for our euro travel sought my caught it because when i was traveling the far north of europe on spits, burden. well in the archipelago is definitely not
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a destination for people who are prone to chill. blaine, but the call was wrapped up properly. ah, it almost seems like the north pole is just over the horizon. a last outpost of civilization and the frozen neu, you may well be wondering where on earth i am. i'm in long year, been in small bard. i'm in europe northern most town. and that is that by far, not the only record long year be in whole ah, valve are lies about halfway between the northern tip of norway and the north pole . longer bean, with a population of around $2100.00 is the largest settlement is on the 78th north parallel. no other settlement with over a 1000 residents lies farther north in time for a 1st look around, but i'd rather go in the company of my guide,
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frederick frederick and his rifle polar bears could be anywhere here real ones this time. this is the best thing to have with you when it go outside this town. no secret trick to scare them away. you know as to the different kinds of bears in the world. the black bear shall brown bash and white bears on that says that the if it's brown lay, though, if it's black fight back, if it's white goodnight due to the permafrost, all of the homes here are built on stilts. it's practically impossible to raise lie, stock or farm. still someone was brave enough to try benjamin bit. martin a chef from the us power some green. finally, he plans herbs and vegetables and his polar greenhouse. mm hm. you can't even taste the arctic. i as i go to
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a guy, benjamin 1st came a small bird back in 2007 and fell in love with the place. the only problem was the lack of greens. i wasn't happy with the food situations. you know, you pay 50 kronos for iceberg lattice. that's a lot of money for an iceberg lettuce, and i'm thinking home, i would never even eat this. i wouldn't even needed. somebody gave it to me. but here i'm like, uh huh. iceberg lettuce on, on, you know, you have to eat because you don't have anything else and i just was so frustrated. so you know, this is, i have to do some either i leave or i have to do something. now he supplies local restaurants like the groove, a logger at with his arms here, fine dining is served up in a former coal mining warehouse. had sat phillips, a hottie, a has served the likes of the norwegian, royal family. with the next morning i prepared to make an expedition
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frederick fro back, takes me to one of the nearby fjords. ah, he wants to show me the wall of the 2, no brain tidewater glacier. ah, every time you come to a small boat or get out in nature, the light is different and that makes it very special because it's like seeing a new place every time it without. i'm truly impressed with long here being the northernmost town on earth. ah! the steamboat takes me now from god, a boy to my son. the shut via is the oldest ship edris white fleet. it was built in 1879.
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but 140 year slater. the engine is still running smoothly. now of a town of mice and comes in sight with its vineyards and castle hill at the markets wherein mason there is also a fountain kiddish of just like and dressed. in addition, narrow streets and lots of wine bars. by the way, the 1st vignette and saxony was documented here and my son 850 years ago. and then again climbing stairs. but i'm already used to beth. oh, the mice and cathedral is 80 meters high. and 800 years old.
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the 2nd attraction up here is the i bleached book the oldest castle in germany. now you might ask yourself the i believe the book. is it a fortress or is it a castle? well, the answer is it is both. first it was a fortress, then it was a castle and later even a factory. this building is more or less 1000 years old and a lot has happened at that time. to day my son's i'll brush spoke might come across as charmingly elegant. but a 1000 or so years ago when it 1st took shape above the elbow, the fortress was designed to be daunting and unassailable. knowing when the noise funds and 929, king henry the 1st henry, the fowler,
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came to this river. i fought against the slobs and took his hill book back. i knew he had a fortress built on it at the time on stilts and bull goes far, and that's really when it all began for the saxons, for that's not his beginning. saxony is rulers lived in the fortress through the high middle ages until the age of fortified castles ended. the nobility demanded housing befitting their status. and so in 1471 work began to convert it into the 1st german palace with ball rooms and living and working quarters. arnold, a vest failure was the court builder there on the phone with fine arnold of visit alia, introduced 3 essential architectural innovations to the castle. with once a, some one is the cell bolting with its fascinating play of light and shade. because the vaulting reaches high into the roof submitted to you in this docking knife and the arched curtain. windows were the very latest fashion, the window shine,
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the elegant round stairway has been copied many times since the windows brought lots of light into the previously dark castle. ah, but as splendid as the castle was hardly any one actually lived in it. my son had meantime forfeited it status as residence of saxony, his rulers, to dressed in the castle, stood empty till augustus the strong, had an experimental laboratory set up for the alchemist. johan fleet wished, put, go, but go had promised to make gold. but the gold he finally made was white. porcelain . in 1710, europe's oldest porcelain manufacturer started production in the outbreak spoke. received the machine, the hub minds will got various machines were installed in north including a steam engine in the 19th century. inside the mongol folk, 2 of them added, frizzy as
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a good 700 people were working here in the castle and host either in the late 19th century, the factory moved down into the town to day mice and porcelain is still hand made there. once again, the albert export was left empty, and once again, it was renovated and painted with several murals depicting chapters from saxony, turbulent history, which began here in my son's. i'll brush, spoke ah, do you know what it takes to make a real castle? exactly. a castle tavern, even if the weather is not very inviting, it's enough for a last look over mice. ah,
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i noticed one thing above all to day, most of the wine here is served directly in the taverns or at the wind growers on side. that means if you want to try some of that delicious wine, you just have to come to the sex and wine route. i have to admit it's a small wine region, but it's got a lot of history and culture cheers. with with
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who i long mediterranean voyage comes to an end the final destination morocco veto on. that's right, shows bellow presenter jafar abdul karim. the country of her answer is both agree
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that diversity is the region true source of well coming up on d, w. ah, they are throbbing, stabbing, pounding windshield, and they make your life hell aches and pains. why do we have any a tool and how do they arrive? what relieves pain and what therapies are available? news from modern pain research, in good shape. in 30 minutes on d, w o. the country that was host the world. i had these once you visit,
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you never forget it up caught in between transformation and exploitation with our combined to modern day present with the traditional past. none of my friends has died. that sort of thing does happen some times between education and tradition, between cosmopolitan fleer and captivating wilderness. the portrait of a desert state full of contradictions. guitar starts november 11th on d, w. o, logan. they get all the harvest sterns are immigrants, like if they were minimal, everything you enjoy eating at home with your family, was harvested by people who are being exploited. then i guess i, ah, we're gonna need, we can keep doing what we're doing for that. we need to be commit sustainable as possible, and that's why your green revolution is,
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can absolutely necessary. europe revealed the future is being determined now how documentary theories will show you how people, companies and countries are we thinking everything and making made a change with stuff. we don't do something. our children won't be able to enjoy fresh air. europe redeemed. starts november 3rd on d, w. ah, this is d w. a news, and these are our top stories authorities in south korea say at least 149 people have been killed in a crowd crossed during halloween. celebrations in the capital. sol. incident happened in a narrow street in a.


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