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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2022 2:00am-2:15am CET

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interested, shallow play as well. so i was the only one. i was super lucky. music stores in the 90s on dawn. ah ah, this is the w knees live from berlin. russian president vladimir putin urgent people to leave the occupied ukrainian city of parasol. it's either the side that russian brushes military may leave the area in the face of the ukrainian at also coming up walking on a fine line on this trip the time that german chancellor all i've sholtes off space
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yang to use its influence to end the war in ukraine and also expand economic ties plus touches, new owner millionaire he long lost flashes, jobs a bit to make a platform more profitable. ah, i'm really mohammed walk into the program. russian president vladimir putin has urge civilians to leave the city of harrison as that ukrainian troops advance in the area. the statement is the latest indication that russia's military may be paling to withdraw from the occupied ukrainian city. it may not look like it, but this river could soon be on the front line. here. russian soldiers are assisting residence from the occupied ukrainian city of her san crossing from the right bank of the disney pro to the left. according to troops here,
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around 1200 vehicles. and 5000 civilians are being transported every day. and its suggested that they may be about to do the same a signal, perhaps that moscow is ready to give up ground in this war. but what's his law? what i think potentially, the russian army is ready for another act of goodwill. regarding the left bank of denise pro, just in the area of a city of hassan. but for this, they will still have to take losses due to the response of our armed forces in moscow, no official word yet on the withdrawal of troops to the left bank. instead, president putin seemed to be enjoying festivities to mark russia's unity day, a national holiday to celebrate a popular uprising against polish and lithuanian forces in $1612.00. this year the
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focus was also on the annexation of ukrainian territories. with some young volunteers, given an audience with mister putin, where he explains why people are being told to leave her son. ah, so foolish with those living in her son should be removed from his own, where the most dangerous military actions are taking place. the civilian population should not suffer from shelling for me, offensives, counter offensives or any of the actions connected to be ongoing military operations director, im love liberating her san city would be a major victory for keith. these ukrainian soldiers digging in for the winter and nearby mc alive know they may be told to head that way soon. but there's a feeling here that any offensive will be complicated, and they will need more supplies and weapons if any assault is to succeed. foreign minister on the g 7 group has that pledge to keep the porting ukraine through the
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coming winter at talks in germany. german foreign minister and alina backpack also criticized iran's crackdown on protests, and called for action on the climate crisis. but russia's invasion of ukraine remained top of the agenda. it's helen in talking. we're counting every day of this router war of aggression. yet russia is waging against ukraine. if i'm every single day is one day to many sock every single day means a brutal attack on innocent people in ukraine in there. and it means suffering, death and destruction. and such doom. a while germany's chancellor has asked china to use his influence on russia to stop the war in ukraine or laugh sholtes made the request during a one day trip to beijing. he met chinese president judging ping and premier liquor chang. he also made a case for stronger business ties, but critics at home say germany's over dependence on its trade with china is risky
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. an unusual reception in unusual times because of china, strict sera code policy, german chancellor, all of sholtes had to get tested before leaving the plain covert protocols. also set the tone at his meeting with chinese leaders. she no handshake, no welcoming gesture. during the talks, both leaders had far apart from each other, symbolic not to the divergence of their political positions. all of shawls said he wanted to discuss strengthening economic ties, but also address differences. c, however, proposed skipping over the differences, urging for what he called a more pragmatic course. after meeting with china's premier leakage chung all of shawl said, suburb president, to use us, i told presidency that it is important for china to use its influence on russia. it's about being in line with the principles of the united nations charter culture, which we have all agreed upon. china so far hasn't distance itself from russia and even benefits from the western sanctions on moscow. lee, however,
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took on the role of peacemaker of those sheila, the 2 sides hope that this crisis can be ended as soon as possible. the situation can be east and it really can not be escalated and our starting point is to promote peace talks. i'm sure. sure. sure, time as human rights record was on the agenda in as far as all of shawls said that he addressed the situation of the suppressed weaker minority. well, let's get you at us up to speed and some other stories making news around the world . pakistan's, former prime minister iran con, says he was aware of a plot to kill him a day before the gun attack on his protest. march con is recovering and hostile ought to being shot and wounded in the leg. his support to say the attack was an attempted assassination and are protesting in cities around the country. protesters and ride police clashed in the northern iranian city of rushed. amateur
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footage shows crowds charging the police, forcing them to retreat and reproof. nationwide anti government demonstrations erupted in iran after the death of a young woman in police custody 7 weeks ago. an indigenous group in peru say they have released nearly 100 river boat passengers, whom they abducted to protest against pollution. the community is calling on the government to do more to combat oil spills in their region. the indigenous group says they will continue blocking the passage of boats until their demands are met. an unexpected detour for these tourists in peru, locals seized their boat to protest, aris, an oil spill effect. this man says he was struck with an arrow during the take over another passenger posted this plea. the milos look, look, that will onto the ship's crew were taken back to the indigenous groups community
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wanted up and we did not know what could happen to them, nor did i know that there was a bundle. we feel abandoned here on the boat. whether it was it made it i did were asking for help, got to see how to find a solution. the indigenous leader laid out their demands from the government. obedient when we are asking ministers to declare a state of emergency in the district of arenas due to all contamination. we asked that a high level commission be presided over by the president of the republic, but peruse, president accused them of causing the oil spills. go remember that some members of these native communities are the ones who cut the pipeline and then demand it's repair, as well as compensation. that is, they cut the pipeline and asked for it to be repaired. the latest oil spill to hit, the community was in september. a pipeline operated by the state own petro peru
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ruptured. 2500 barrels of oil spilled into the river. back on the seas boat fear began to set in as night fell. passengers say they were running out of food and water. among those on board were pregnant women and people with medical conditions. nearly 30 hours later, the group was freed, after talks between local officials and the indigenous group. potter employees are suing the company in a class action lawsuit over mass layoffs, new owner and billionaire in on mosque told employees they would be notified about terminations via email. put your offices are closed for the day and badge access also removed. while there has been no official announcements specifying the number of layoffs you asked me to report, say, half of twitters workforce is being let go. but earlier i spoke to goran collect. he is an associate professor of strategic management at mcafee university in canada
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. i began by asking him about his reaction to the layoffs that twitter. so this is not entirely unsurprising. twitter has never been very efficient. so give me once that there kind of stands out. so snapshot has 50 percent more users and twitter, but twitter has 50 percent more employees. so our per employee basis twitter has never been very efficient. so even before must to cough there was some expectation that there could be mostly ups with water. and how do you see total operating now, since we are seeing these mass laughs. so it's quite possible that what you learned mosque is trying to do is kind of play to his strengths. so he doesn't never really bought a company like this before. he started new companies, tesla space, x, the rolling whole list of companies where he's been able to bring in his own culture. and you kind of see this now with twitter words bring in friends and top executive positions. and he's laying off people and bringing even employees like
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software developer, some tesla. so we could be seeing a cultural change to a twitter, and that could be what he's planning. now what about the state of the company financially, because mosque has said to what's your experience, the drop in revenue since he took over and he's blaming this on activists. pressurising advertises advertises. what are your thoughts on that? yes, i think mosque might be exaggerating there. a little bit, so advertisers are understandably nervous about the change that's going to happen. they care about the brand safety and, and just to be clear, unlike instagram, which is all about inspiration, twitter is about information. so twitter was never an ideal platform for advertising. and this is why it's, it's, it's a slightly more risky than instagram. so advertisers are definitely at this point taking their time and, and see what's going to happen. so this is, this is, i think what's making must very nervous. right? and looking at the bigger picture, what direction do you see twitter heading in under mosque? does he have a viable strategy?
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yeah that's, that's a very good point. so mosque is a trial and error type of type of person. so when he manages other businesses, it's very much like running an entrepreneurial firm. he sets out these master's master plans, but nobody's really certain whether he can or does follow them. he often sets expectations which, which he can't meet, which is on understandable. this is how we achieve says high level of innovation. so nobody really knows is going to happen with twitter. this is why the advertisers leaving, in fact, it, it's not certain that mosque himself knows what's happening with twitter. there's many directions to the company, but i'm not even sure he knows this point. what's gonna happen. and just very quickly looking at the short term, how do you so i think in the short term there will be no change in how content is moderated on twitter. there's already so many things happening at twitter that are increasing risk for the company. like you said, advertises leaving, i think is gonna try to minimize this risk by making no other big waves. current collect. thank you very much indeed, fair insights. now it's
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a 2 weeks until the start of the fee for world come in, caught our criticism of its human rights record by some politicians and rights groups have been picking up liverpool manager. you can club shed a number of concerns about the issue as well as the decision to schedule the tournament in winter. he added that the responsibility to speak out against the choice of host country shouldn't fall on the footballers themselves. i watch it from a football point of view, and i don't like the fact that not plato's from time to time get in a situation where they have that you have now to send a message. you are all journalists, you have should have send a message with, didn't write the most critical article about it and not about because it's katara and things know about the circumstances which was clear. and this is then they are, we are guilty. that's always been all telling players you have to wear this armen, or if you don't do it, then you are not on their side and hold on. if you do it on their side. no, no, it's football us. it's a tournament. we have to organize and players go there and play and do the best for
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their countries. now to some, now to a story, little make some of our colleagues shut up. a report on a live broadcast was interrupted by an animal visitor to lays visions, nicholas croon was on air when a power to perched on his shoulder. after his moment in the spotlight, the bed took off with a souvenir. it's unclear what the parrot wanted with his headphones, but to credit to nicholas for carrying on with his report lying a pro, you'll get by yesterday, the handle gone. it will not go to an village. we've got his reminder of our top story. but as president, that in there, potent has urged civilians to leave the illegally annex the city of harris on as ukrainian troops advance. the statement is the latest indication that russia's military may be planning to withdraw from the occupied region. russia has been faring people out of the area for weeks. it watching the w news
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live from berlin. reminder, you can find much more news analysis and video on a website that is d w dot com. coming up next though is d w business with my colleague from one of the city of i i suffer. i'm skin, that's why we got hard. and in the end, the so me, you are not a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back her.


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