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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2022 4:15am-4:31am CET

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in total, it's group, it's a great feeling. last we let the fans celebrate on it and they're allowed to sing nova for all much for us. it's just a snapshot in time. tall. it's great, although we have one not as is stuck gordon lisa gibbon and ha, some might argue that 6 straight matches on top of the bin isn't he got table is more than that. and perhaps an indicator of what's to come. you what? she needs the knees life from berlin, coming up next is the w business with my colleague of whites or thesis she music can't be destroyed. you can try that. it's impossible. ah, she performed for her life in auschwitz. he
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was the nazi my strewn to musicians who lived beneath the banner of the swastika of from about the sounds of power and inspiring story about survival. thanks to music fetched the challenge play out. well i was the only one. i'm super lucky user under the swastika starts november 19th on t w. ah ah, a lot, musk slashes, twitter, his work force, as many as half of the websites employees found out on friday they were being laid off, but now musk will be hearing from their lawyers. me while new figures,
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american wages, all rising good news for employees, the not the fed wanted to hear away from the us. germany's chancellors schultz has been meeting china's president. she all the 2 countries reaching of turning point in that trade relationship with the state of your business on robots in berlin. welcome to the program, laid off with next and no warning. the week has ended with twitter employees around the world finding out if they still have a job, slashing the workforce appears to be part of the strategy of the websites, new owner, a lot, musk but outgoing employees. don't plan to live quietly. using the hash tag one team, they're posting to twitter, to talk about getting laid off from the social media platform. twitter employees, or tweaks, as they call themselves, are being let go and a mass lay off. media outlets estimate around half of twitter, 7500 employees are getting the boot. elan mosque has laid off employees of all
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ranks and departments from the head of legal policy trust and safety to software engineers. the reason to cut costs must borrow $13000000.00 for the deal to go through and will have to pay at least $1000000000.00 a year and interest alone. the shakeup has had consequences. so far, volkswagen and other brands have announced their pausing advertising on the platform and a group of now former employees are filing a class action lawsuit, alleging they weren't giving to legally require advance notice. the law must next move is anyone's guess. and former tweets will have to consider there's well, let's take a closer look at happenings at twitter street to our financial corresponding to new york young's quota. yet a lot of twitter news this week it would appear that musk is moving very fast. seeing the, his reshape and guess the company who's well roper, clearly some
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a radical change is said to twitter in just a very short time frame a, by the way, a we also heard from some, as, as a, as from some other group, some calling am all active for from civil rights group, sorry. calling a companies to entirely a pull their m ads from twitter at this point. and if they will do so, remains to be seen. but what we do see is clearly also a clash of a culture already in the summer, when ellen must have talked to employees of a twitter and he called twitter boring. he wants it to be become more fancy, like a tick tock to him, for instance. and obviously it begins with said twitter employees, and i'm also quite curious to see if out of solidarity may be as some twitter employees who are keeping their jobs might leave on their own. is there, have you forming where you are? yeah, and that all these moves that must is making or the right well,
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i guess rob bird time will tell it's a, it's too early at this point. immediately lawn mosque himself already is said that a some company is some, are pulling there and said that this is hurting a revenue at this point. we have to see em, how far that goes. so what isla must also is proposing is some emergency field from $8.00 for very folly to twitter account that's going to work also remains to be seen and also have some a twitter users actually might pull the plaque. so a lot of uncertainty at this point, but as you mentioned, twitter is not being traded here at the new york stock exchange. any more since you must talk good. took it private, a good a week ago of the other stock of 11 musk tesla still gets traded here. that stock went down quite a bit here on the friday session as so maybe investors are asking themselves milan
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mosque is getting a bit overwhelmed with all the tasks coming up to him. risk twitter and also in his other endeavors, against course, with the new york stock exchange for his thanks very much. staying in the u. s. and the latest jobs report shows a slight uptake in unemployment, american employers at it's $261000.00 jobs in october, which was more than analysts expected, but fewer than in september, average wages also grew during the month. the figures, i guess the nothing to car market fears about further federal reserve interest rates rises, the fed says, is waiting for a cooling off in the jobs market before it considers pausing. it's hikes the latest, which came just this week. let's cross over to the states and speak to janelle de milan, who's in washington dc forest. janelle was the situation like for american workers at the moment in particular, american service workers. yes. well,
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it depends on where one is and the kind of a job that one does a vis. next report where we'll deal specifically with tip to workers. so meaning workers who don't make the minimum wage, but rather rely on tip saw to make up most of their income. now here in d. c, there's something called initiative $82.00, which is a ballot initiative that seeks to change that by mandating the minimum wage for such workers. it's not an uncomplicated discussion, as you will see. take a look tipping in institution of the american restaurant industry. but here in washington, d. c, a ballot initiative to enforce a minimum wage for tip workers has divided opinions. there are those in favor. it will add a lot of transparency to a system that's currently overwritten with which served and those against if this initial war to pass, there would be
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a massive exodus of capital from the region. the initiative will be voted on in d. c. alongside the upcoming mid term election, this is a story about what it means to compensate labor fairly and who should really be responsible for that compensation. one side says the owner should be on employers, while the other side says, this is about affording tip that workers more control over how much they ultimately end up making. tipped workers currently get hourly base pay of at least $5.35. if workers don't get enough tips to make the full minimum wage of $16.10, then employers are required to make up the difference. but ballad propose or ryan o'leary says, tips should come on top of the minimum wage. you didn't get to keep all your tips already. so that means if you were to yell at a restaurant right now and spend a $100.00 and leave and i'm expecting, let's say $20.00 on top. and you leave me nothing. i'm going to have to reach into
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my own wallet and pull out anywhere from $8.00 to $12.00 to give to the workers who supported what i did. but i'm certainly obligated to take some of my own money to compensate. you know, other workers who are making minimum wage and making much less than me to that kaufman acknowledges that the restaurant business can be unfair, but doesn't think reducing dependence on tips. is the answer. it's not the only area where the opposing sides disagree. the impact to the restaurant business is another increasing front of the house, wages 300 percent would definitely make people question their current business models. people that are going to renew, leases may choose not to. there would be definitely massive job loss or at least a shift in the actual jobs that are done. and there would definitely be closures where businesses just wouldn't be able to operate anymore. in the end notes are about a vision of the future. but this ballot initiative is
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a revival of an earlier similar measure that was passed in 2018 that was overturned before it was enacted. and the american restaurant industry has been through a lot since then from pandemic induced closures. and now the pressures of inflation . it will soon be clear how this might change the initiative 2nd outing, but in any case, disputes are likely to be on the menu. as you can see, this is quite a new one's debate. very difficult, of course, to legislate according to the experience of every service worker here for what the pandemic did. teach us is that service workers are very important. they're very valuable and their jobs are not without risk. and it is important to treat them fairly the way the initiative is going, it looks like it will pass. there is widespread support for it, but the voice is opposing it are loud in their own right. will only really know. however, on tuesday, when the vote happens,
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alongside the mid term election to know them alone in washington for us. thank you very much. now let's take a look at some of the other global business stories. baking the news i was on is announced. it will temporarily stop hiring new employees for its corporate workforce. the e commerce giant says it's due to an uncertain and challenging economy. it says the hiring freeze will remain in place the next few months. and the jackpot in the u. s . powerball lottery has sought to a world record $1600000000.00. top prize has been steadily growing since the last time. so $11.00 in early august, saturday's draw will be the 40th since the jackpot was last class. german chancellor. allah schultz has become the 1st western leader to visit china. since the global pandemic took hold. germany is becoming increasingly wary of its biggest imports partner with ideological differences becoming ever clearer to see. the
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chancellor's visit showed that their trade relationship is likely to change. german chancellor, old schultz went to beijing for a day trip at a time in china is the subject of controversy in german politics even within the governing coalition. the visit came just days after decision to allow chinese state shipping company costco, to buy an almost 25 percent stake in a terminal at the port of hamburg. there are mountain concerns in germany of an ever growing commercial dependence on china. after reliance on russian energy cost on president n, a turmoil following rushes, invasion of ukraine. shorts wants to increase economic ties with basing. but on the basis of equal treatment. for instance, what is clear for us is that we do not believe in ideas or decoupling from china. but it is also clear that that has something to do with economic ties as equals with reciprocity. and there must be equal access to investment and to be allowed to
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time listen. as part of the non decoupling of an equal level policy, sholtes announced an agreement to let ex patriots in china gain access to the cupboard 19 vaccine from germany's biotech and urge beijing to make the shot freely available to chinese citizens. more than 5000 german companies are operating in china, investing billions there. berlin wants to find a way to still work with china without compromising its values. not so from and the business team, ah, life about underground. here, microbes keep, are ecosystems healthy teams of research or is now want to create these tiny organisms artificially to help restore
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soil words. natural balance has already been destroyed or artificial microbes, really the answer to morrow to day on d. w. a keep sa society together. extraordinary projects from all over europe could provide a clean house is made from recycled waste, 40 energy saving idea and reclaiming. graceful people in they all have one thing of common solidarity 0 max 60 minutes w. o. and we're all
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good to go beyond deal with as we take on the world 8 our i do all the fans. we're all about the stories that matter to you. whatever it takes. 5 policeman follow being a pain deal we are your is actually on fire. made for mines ah, in the 1930s, farmers in the us work, the land so intensively that the soil eroded years of drought resulted in millions of tons of it being blown away. the affected regions were dubbed the dust ball.


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