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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2022 9:00pm-9:16pm CET

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story about survival. thanks to music. fetched the cello player. well i was the only one. i'm super lucky. music under the swastika starts november 19th on d. w. ah ah . business dw news live from berlin. twitter is being sued by former employees after new boss, last place of nearly half the workforce market 1st is to make the platform profitable, but by it stops the. he's validating the law. also coming up in government plumping
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down on migration as he closed the our ports and titan bought us. you follow that many people trying to enter the through the so called malcolm. ah, i am eddie micah junior and you are welcome to the program. the founder and form i had of twitter apologizes for quote, growing the company to quickly as the new bossy mosque, least of nearly half of the stuff. now the outgoing employees, i filed a class action lawsuit against mosque saying he's broken the law by the billionaire says the lee of when necessary to cut costs. twitter the san francisco headquarters shut down on friday as the lawn masks mass firings got underway. soon former staff were posting messages on the platform about how
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abruptly they were sacked, saying they'd been locked out of their work accounts with little information. some are already suing over the lack of advance notice. only way to go with find out would be not any phone call or any now from their employer or their boss. but just by seeing their for their work, laptop, automatically reboot and just to go blank. that's the way people would find out. but musk has defended the cuts, saying twitter is losing millions of dollars a day. oh, with children and hong before. yeah. okay. sorry. and a root major stops in some cases. it doesn't seem right. oh richard, now offering at all. but while must focuses on saving money,
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critics fear that such drastic cuts to twitters staff will leave the platform used by hundreds of millions, struggling to deal with hate speech and misinformation. while johnny now from london is sar roberts, she is direct our, the center for critical internet inquiry that university of california los angeles, and an expert on content moderation on social media. hello sarah. so how are these layoffs likely to affect content moderation on twitter? yeah. my mom has just claimed in the video share that there's going to be no change in operations. and yet he's just flash the staff that manager the daily functioning of twitter. and that includes people who work in the content moderation part of the company. now based on what i've been told, only 15 percent of that direct production level content, moderation team was cut,
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but the rest of the company is deeply involved in content moderation as well. it's an entire ecosystem, twitter, it's technical policy base. human rights based. there are legal mandates that need to be met. all of those people are gone. now, you know, mosque has talked about making twitter even for free speech. what are the implications of that? the implications of that is that the particular kind of free speech free speech i left the con valley and what that seem to mean is behavior unfettered by any consequences or rules or guidelines. one must complains about losing revenue from advertisers. it's in fact the advertisers who are frightened to be associated with a site like that where rather than free speech, it's really a free for all. when we talk about free speech, free speech can be hate speech. what is the risk of that against vulnerable groups?
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the risk for that a very high over the past few years, twitter had been at great pains to try to make the, the platform, a safer place for all people, which includes people around the world, a global audience. this was an effort that was in all hands, effort required many, many moving parts inside of the company. the people with that expertise have mostly walked out the door. and as you noted in the report, there was really no knowledge transfer. people just kept over and their, their computer screen went blank. so all of that knowledge, all of the learning, all of the improvements to the site that have been happening over the past couple of years. really. it's an asset that, that, that must just really remove from the company. it's a bizarre thing to have done, you know, where does the research twitter and you've now started using a rival platform master, done what from to that?
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well, what's interesting about mastodon is it's not a commercial platform, it's such a doesn't rely on advertising. it's not beholden to the mercurial whims of a billionaire takeover. it's kind of buying for the people. and it's not exactly a twitter or twitter analog $1.00 to $1.00, but it certainly has a lot of that flavor. importantly, a lot of twitter users are trying it out and checking it out for their communities are moving there. and so i followed my community, which is the academic twitter environment we're trying it out because most of us don't want to be a part of what's going on at twitter right now. ok, sam roberts from the center for critical internet to inquiry at u. c. l. a thank you. thank you. let's look at other stories making headlines around the world. for my u. s. president obama has born of a threat to democracy. i think campaign rally in pennsylvania ahead of tuesday's mid term elections. he also told voters the risk for fit and abortion right,
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and access to social security. if democrats lose control of congress or a leadership profession, in kenya, dozens of lights have been grounded at a pilot. an airline staff went on strike a court order. and steve, a walk out there pushing for better the and working conditions. the airlines that 10000 passengers were stranded police in spain see they have seized the largest amount of marijuana on record 30. see the confiscated 32 tons of marijuana bots from more than 1000000 plants. the bast was made during raids in the centre north of the country. police also arrested 20 people suspected of producing and distributing the drag. italy's new far right government has formerly closed its ports to rescue ships run by you may tell you in groups of 3 vessels with more than a 1000 migrants on board,
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you mean stuck off the coast of sicily cruise report worsening conditions on board, including the spread of illness, if it is interior minister, that ships will be inspected at sea before any further steps are taken. the back on route taken by refugees into the e. u has not been in the spotlight for some time, but it still busy and it's getting busier. officials recording more than 100000 people without documentation entering the block from the western bargains. in the 1st 9 months of 2020 to soviet visa rues, make it relatively easy to go from there into the field abuse either or separately went to the orb run about camp near belgrade. sylvia new arrival, said o'brien, of that scamp. they have come from around the world. here they get the medical check off or shower something to eat, and somewhere to sleep. hardly. and if plan to stay north again, we can take around 200 people in our emergency shelters. on average,
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they stay here for around 2 weeks when people come and people go, so we have enough accommodation capacity. other than bill are 2 of the few long term residents in the camp. they both spend years on their old and we're tired of trying to cross dangers borders. they are both a flight for asylum. and here give me it is bag lab saw after i decide that i want to rest here. because here i am, i am little bit peaceful bill has also settled here. he flat the war in syria 4 years ago and can go back. he's hoping to stay and work here. the saudi full in syria. i was a carpenter, a my father was to and i learned the work from him. when i left my country, i plan to go to germinate. okay, but then i decided to stay here. i will say they gave me these machines and working space and everything. i wanted to make some sculptures. i'm stay here to work or
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shutter homes, the last time a space for cricket, yet everyone is focusing on a different game. that's what they call the very serious business of trying to cross the board. there's into the e u. this is where it starts. this part near belgrade, main bar station is where people prepared to travel to towns near the borders with croatia, hungary, and romania, e or countries. thou bay smugglers thousands of dollars to get across the frontier . nikolai camacho, vicious, a bow grade lawyer and refugee activist. what kind of problem did you have with will guardian police bargain? men beating our pupil with one bar, police? police? yes. with a stick. it sticks. dave's name. you said you were search your strip to where they see a future. what is your plan? our plans to go to the country do peaceful. can she?
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lance is the stair say they want to live serbia? not because of violence, but because they see a better chance of finding work in the eel. serbia cannot stop them moving through says collage of each. so be a cannot do anything so nobody can do anything by themselves need. that's the point . the point is that western balkan region, or balkan region, or european union european region, should design a response which is human rights to record your law friendly. that was the people who would continue coming. they are flat from war poverty and persecution, the world over belgrade. it's my station, it's another step, the balkan root it's open and for many, their best thought this winter ah, by and have moved back to the top of the bundles like a table after we 32 victory overhead are berlin. barbarians attack continues to
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impress, but the defense is still struggling to find similar consistency. he's only 19 years old, the jamal marcial, or is proving to be the face of binds attack this season. and he wasted no time adding to his tele against hatter in the 12th minutes. poise and palla, seeing the germany international net, his 8th goal of the season. it was turtle in the 37th minute eric maxine to promoting sliding home. and just one minute later he doubled his tele a large slice of luck, but they all can't. and it was the strike his 5th goal in just fall matches. 3 nill binds defense, however is still prone to slip ups. and dirty luca back here, smack time, a stunner on 40 minutes. just before the break, a had
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a penalty was awarded following the video referees intervention. dorothy selker stepping up to bring the scores back to 3 to the 2nd half was a much tighter affair as by and did just enough to secure all 3 points top of the table, pending sundays results binds attack, now has a total of $41.00 goals and an average of over 3 per game now, bruce endorsement was the other league had to wait in action on saturday, and it was the teammate sensation who stole the show. you see from a call who scored to long range against the 1st was a duty in the left. the power shot gave the tv just 2nd came with some help from the same man, not one to see this because again with
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the 3. now vicki so let's take a look at all the results from the bonus legal fathers weekend. we just saw this last to buy and for to defeat that out, spoke to one, not one beat bull whom light 6 off off and i am 31 who spoke put 3 past minds. bremond took the point against shaka in the late game. glad back. if you just got on friday night, 2 games and sunday, including you on berlin, who try to win back the top sports in the league. several of the bundles, legal saturday games were marked by fun protest calling for a boycott of the got our welk up. banners in berlin, endorsement booth, carried a similar message shaming, organize for the beds of thousands of workers. jew in construction of work, our venues. manners called for funds to switch off the tournament and call it out the host nation for its human rights record.
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this is dw news life from berlin up next dock. so i'm going to look at how migration is redefine in europe. don't forget, you can get your headlines. 247 on our website, stats d, w dot com and on social media at dw news. i am eddie micah junior. thanks for your time and stay tuned for more news to the top of the ok. ah. and he's a starts in germany, a tree lane we're in.


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