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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2022 7:00am-7:16am CET

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experience outstanding shopping and dining offers. enjoy alice services will be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by frappe art. ah ah, ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin reports i have ukrainian president is putting a diplomatic visit to the united states. if true, it would be the 1st time plotting mesa that he has left you train since russia invited in february, also on the program. the taliban restrict the rights of women even further by
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batting them from attending university to what's behind which ladies move and is there anything the international community can do about it? argentina gets a national holiday to celebrate. it's world cock wed team receives the heroes. welcome by the celebrations that turn chaotic, abandoned that bus for a helicopter fly of ah, i'm feel gale. welcome to the program. us media reporting that ukrainian present flooding means landscape planning a visit to washington today. or if confirmed, it'll be his 1st known trip, a broad sensor russian invasion. so she said lonely, go ahead if the security situation allows it, if so, the u. s. will use the visit to announce the delivery of more advanced weapons to ukraine. president zalinski has taken every opportunity to appeal for more money,
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a de military support since the start of the war in ukraine. either when hosting world leaders in the capital key feature or when addressing governmental align parliaments in international institutions with his face appearing almost daily on multiple screens. he wrote, in almost 10 months of fighting though he hasn't left the country. but that may be about to change. according to us, me, d reports. mr. zalinski is flying to washington to meet with his us counterpart, joe biden. and to make an address to congress line you, there's been no official word yet from key for washington in any visit will be fraught with security concerns. but their letter sent by us how speak and nancy pelosi on tuesday, members of congress, were urged to be present in person for wednesday night session, for a very special focus on democracy. the trip, if it does happen, will come just
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a day after the cranium. presidents, unannounced visit to the front line to me, troops in the city of back moves there. he handed out towards the soldiers and was gifted the ukrainian flag, lulu burrell. usually the enemy is increasing his army, and our people are braver and need more powerful weapons. we will pass it on from the boys to the congress, to the president of the united states. you are grateful for their support, but it is not enough like united to with them. but washington is one of ukraine's biggest supporters. and what happens here now could be crucial with us politicians preparing to vote on a special spending package that includes around $45000000000.00 in emergency assistance to ukraine, straight to washington. then we can join us
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corresponding with morning mckayla. are you seeing any hints there's a zelinski visited imminent? well, the clearest tint so far in addition to what a p is reporting, they are saying that they actually got confirmation from an official. is that nancy pelosi, the still speaker of the house, urged in the letter those members to attend this meeting on wednesday, saying that would be a very special focus on democracy. so that is seen here as code that go to me as the lensky indeed is already in the air. and on his way to washington d. c. to address numbers of congress as they are expected to push through the next budget. because there is a winter storm arriving here and they will want to get back for christmas. so this
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could be a big decision day here on wednesday in washington, i'm what's likely to be the impact of a savanski visit to the u. s. look, this has very symbolic meaning its stresses once again that the united states is the most important. our ukraine has at this moment in time both when it comes to defense, a to a political backing, but also to funding 50 billions was over the sent that in us taxpayers money and probably around the same in that potential next budget. and that continued cool coming out of ukraine for war weapons in particular the patriots system. there's been a lot of rumors here in d. c. over those past days. whether that would get more concrete and more imminent, until the mid lensky for the 1st time, leaving an active ward and taking that risky. he didn't address the munich security conference in person. last time he sent his wife here to congress. with only that
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one message, send a small weapons, and this is expected to be the very same message. again, with a probably much stern warning now that russia could step up its efforts over winter, and that the u. s. could face a more critical situation there, which would require even more funding, more taxpayer money and more weapons in these mikaela mikaela in washington. i to afghanistan, where are the countries taliban rulers of band university education for women? it's the latest blow to women and girls who have been stripped of many basic rights since the militant group seized power in august. the united states and the u. n. have condemned the move saying it will further ostracize the at the taliban. but they appear indifferent to the international outrage. the news comes as
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a huge disappointment to thousands of afghan women and girls, especially those who took their university entrance exams just 3 months ago. it further restricts woman's access to formal education. after already being banned from secondary school, at the united nations, there was condemnation of kenneth sans representative. they're not the taliban pick for ambassador, criticized the band. i regret to begin my remarks with the very unfortunate news about the tolerance directive. just announced banning all woman from attending universities throughout afghanistan as if the situation was in dire enough. this announcement now marks a new law in violation of most fundamental and universal human rights. a spokesman for the un secretary general said that taliban was failing to keep their word what
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it is. it's clearly another broken promise from the taliban. and we have seen since their take over and it also in the past months, just a lessening of the space for women. not only in education, but access to public areas of their non participation in the public debate. after the taliban took over last year, universities in afghanistan began separating classes by gender and introducing separate entrance points. now the right to even attend has been taken away. the united states says it will do its best to hold the taliban to account any way it can condemns in the strongest terms. this unexpected, unacceptable stance will have significant consequences or the taliban and will further alienate the taliban from the internet community and deny them. legitimacy they desire. afghanistan is struggling economically and has repeatedly called for international assistance,
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but without the participation of its female population and society. a lot of outside assistance may be hard to come by and recon joiner journalist, alan tiffy, and the afghan capital kabul. morning ali. and what reason? i have the taliban given for this band and why now? and they haven't given a reason as far as we know, anyone who has tried to contact any official within the government, all they will get is an answer of yes, it's true, but nothing more. no other comment? no reasoning, nothing of the lake and you know about now why now, the timing itself was as you know, a came late in the evening last night around. we eat dirty, that every one come came to find out about it. on a came, you know, essentially on the day when most people were ending the school year,
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most boys and girls and they were receiving their grade and their results for the year. and we're trying to figure out, you know, what, what happened next for them. obviously for young girls who were finishing the 6th grade in $32.00 of the $34.00 province as it was already as adhd, because they had no idea what they would do yon that um and now for all of the other ones is yet another blow because now it means that essentially in 30 to 34 provinces, you can only go on to the 6th. you can only hope to go up to the 6th grade i, if you are a young girl in school, right? so 6th grade about about his girls up to what age? 1213. right. and so given those restrictions on, on those young girls that, that were imposed her earlier and said at the time to be temporary, i guess these latest restrictions and she should come as no surprise. and i, as i suppose people are now wondering what, what else are is going to happen. what is the next move against women?
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i really, yeah, obviously it, none of this comes as a surprise just given their track record. and as you said, given what they've said and done thus far, but that doesn't make the blow any less powerful or any less sad. you know, last night i was with my family including, you know, 2 young female relatives on 22114. and they will this actually turn to me and said hello, we're done. this is it, there's nothing left for us. ah, you know, any chance any hope that they had of doing anything of making anything in these. these are the daughters of female educators of female and male doctors, male government workers of, you know, business like good day entrepreneurs. and yet now they feel as if they have no future and their younger sisters. obviously also, you know, yesterday received top scores in their school, but, you know,
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they kind of looked at them and wondered if they realize what the impact of all of this was. wow, so terribly fab. and yet we have a country who's economy has crashed and they thought about clearly need international assistance. a moves like this reduce the chances of out assistance arriving at the time. i don't seem to to care no, because the shoes is the sanctions don't affect them in any way. you know, they are still able to travel around the world. they're still able to go to meetings around the world. they still meet western and other officials in avalon astound they're still, you know, several at regional and neighboring embassies that are still active in this country . so they haven't felt any of the blow from these impacts or rush i from, from the sanctions or restrictions you know, they are living great lives, living in other people's homes, taking private jets all over the world to different meetings are still being invited to meetings, a in the world and they are still receiving guests,
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so they have as much as they talk about these sanctions, the true that doesn't affect them in any way whatsoever. so it seems that they don't really care or his, the obvious fact of all of this just gave on, given the response to this and other sort of restrictions is that it's very clear what the about government needs to do to lift these restrictions in the sanctions. and yet, they don't, i mean, they say themselves, whenever we have international meetings, they constantly want to talk about women. why they always want to talk about women . but right. anybody who knows anything about the history of that on would know that. that's going to be the number one issue. anybody wrong with you at any time? okay, i'm an attorney for and cobble assad's the day. i'm thank you so much for are learning about sir. clearly for us this is d w, as i look at saw stores that making headlines around the world will start in the united states for a congressional committee. has voted to release a report on donald trump's tax returns. it's expected to shine a light on the form of presidents finances, including the amount of fighting tax
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b. mr. trump has a for, to long battle to keep information about his finances, confidential, ala must says, he'll step down from israel, the c e. o of twitter. once he's found a replacement attack billionaire had promised to abide by the results of a twitter pole in which more than 57 percent of users voted for him to go at the changes a say at the changes he's introduced to the social media platform. have been heavily criticized by uses and advertises. ruth congress is batt plans for early elections in a bid to defuse the political crisis back by asking a president petra castillo at the unrest. proctor has rocked, peru followed his removal and arrest. the person still needs to be ratified in a 2nd. and the largest tina hundreds of thousands of fans have turned out to welcome their national football team. following their studying woke up victory in
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ketta. but as heiress was flooded with people waiting to see little massey and his teammates in the streets was so pat that the place of forced to disappoint many fans. swapping the planned open top to prostrate for a helicopter flying at its you're up to date. i'll have more well news of the top of the hour up next on the w documentary about the dangers posed by volcanoes around italy, bay for the day sheesh unskilled that i knew that had in the editor me, you are not a lot of to you anymore we will send you back her are you from.


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