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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2023 5:15pm-5:31pm CET

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but deeply be displayed in st. peter's, especially kind john for 3 days, followed by his funeral on thursday. and that's the news for now. coming up next is a documentary about a balling victim from afghanistan. and don't forget there's more on our breaking news job and on social media, the handle for instagram and twitter is at d. w. news. i'm nick spicer in berlin for me in the entire news team. thanks for watching. ah, what secrets my behind these walls discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating world heritage site
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d w world heritage 360 get the app. now. i discovered stories that can change your mind just to click away. find out best documentary on you to see the world already subscribed no t d w documentary ah ah. 12 year old abdul was badly injured in a bomb attack and afghanistan. he lost both hands and that of somebody. a good medical treatment is almost impossible to find in the poverty stricken country. and
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he and his father, a desperate for help. i was in other hospitals, but it didn't help me. i'm here because i need help for my hands and those but very few children get the chance for surgery abroad. ah, ah, abdul and his father are excited. the german aid organization, clayton's doff international, has come to cobble to enable several children to receive medical treatment in germany. this is the 1st meeting. it has been over a year since extremists bombed the mosque in abdul's home town of jalap, at his hands could not be saved, and he's almost blind in his left eye. the wounds have still not hailed. we have
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changed abdul's name for his safety when they were actually, but that was somebody that before sure, oh boy should cut out the day for years cloudy, pat marla has been flying to afghanistan for the aid organization. she and her team carefully examine all the children and decide who may be eligible for treatment. what is the social worker notes that the situation in the country has deteriorated dramatically since the taliban took power last summer? but we've never before seen so many families come in. a family and a convent is that they were over 2200 families here or it's pretty hot to say you can come now and you later. not knowing if the child will still be live and 6 months on it. so listening, peskin did am hired me of late to know the afghan economy has completely collapsed . millions of starving qualified doctors and most 8 organizations have left the
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country. you haven't swap. i like we have seen badly injured children who would be in intensive care and job mannered man. just lying at home without painkillers or dressings for buttons, mickey and fuck to how the leading after a short consultation. they decide abdul can come. he's lucky with them. but come with the who shall items that is if that there we go. yeah. as a whole did hoshal actually the missouri rose. i will be very happy if my son can get back his hands and treatment for his will under some slip of her afloat until the rest. and i will be very happy if he comes back healthy. he'll column when is you get out of it already. i want him to be able to hold a pen, no book with his hands and the koran. any money that was issued that he was hurt because some one hid explosives under his corolla, lucia was, i will go to wookey, i want him to have an islamic education when he returns was and serve his country with his mud will get a hold of you at 12, the father claudia pat,
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mueller and her colleague from the red crescent, are still arranging the passports without them and the taliban permission, the children can't leave the country. but everything goes smoothly. as it italian, but taliban all men who belong to it are now involved in every thing. men in our experience has been very positive. yeah. hadn't absolute poor the t. therefore we were amazed that they even asked for help from here from the beaten water. a few months later, abdul and other badly injured children from crisis and war torn regions around the world. a staying in the flattens doth international in germany. it's an emergency community where they can recover at leisure from their operations. time for another wound jack medical assistant, isabel book shake has been tending abdul since his arrival. i saw him when he came
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to us a few months ago. there was still a wound here in his chest. no, we pulled up several small encapsulated metal pieces in chrome after they were removed, the wound closed quite well. they would get up to the gun. abdul is due for another operation soon gets not not thought to on. and the surgery should enable abdul to grasp again as m. i let it i'm not scared of the operation yet. i'm glad they're operating. i'm not scared at all as steps that abdul spends the time until his operation playing with his new friends in the fleet and off young patients from around the world become a temporary team fitness quote. i think it's great that the kids show me every day. how life is worth living?
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did they teach you to seized the day to live today? i'll abdul is really the best example dest, as best the bicycle. he has experienced the worst that can happen to a personal posse, and still comes up to you with a smile and a hug. i'll say to 3 weeks later, abdul surgery has finally been genuine. this hospital, in essence, in western germany, specializes in this type of surgery. surgeon feature of halimon wants to see how abdul has come through it. abil even speak a little german. no. how are you feeling? good? oh good. does it hurt? little a little. okay. can you raise your arm? oh, we bandaged it to day under anesthesia. everything looks quite good. i'm pleased.
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we'll have to do that once or twice more and then we'll take the bandage off and you will have to stop moving. okay. so you can grasp things and move them. we are on the alert. we've separated the owner and the radius, so it's no longer a single stumper, but like pincers for, from patricia. she over with these pincers, he can grass electron or wire franklin write a bit at all, or even hold a spoon. oh, so he can get by without prosthesis which is the whole point of a photo in afghanistan. prostheses are quite difficult to gadgets and i have to be changed often or few of except the doctors operated on only one arm. so the other remains as long as possible and serves as a support. now abdul as to rest and looked at a few weeks later there is no more talk resting back in the fleet and off. abdul is
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busy training his new hand to use cutlery. for example, he's been given a custom made fork and spoon may yet be good. can you put it on your cell? i? yes. it again was pinching anyway here. oh hale yard or no. no. yeah. feel here to yeah, yeah, yeah. go. yeah. then let's have you eat this, pretend means what i she said, yeah, yeah. now would i be the 1st to flush? oh good. what on the valve? can you bring it to your mouse? perfect them. good. oh, okay. with good m. classa, can you take this big piece? they are getting mad about acoya and it's great. i can eat and do everything with
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it and for them but and then just let the women abdul also wants to draw and right again, like the other children, he most likes to draw his favorite flower arose, but it does itself ganske and it is also very very important to encourage the children and say it, even if it doesn't look like a normal hand, it's great that you can use that to eat and right that he can go back to school with that jack canal for that for sure. lagoon. time to go home, puts on your jackets, check under your seat of enough room. that means that everyone is excited about going home. kamala lana, i went to see my parents and family again, and go back to school. that's one of them. and then the children say good bye to
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that temporary caregivers many where sunglasses. they think it's cool. ah well how and they had, i had a great time here because i found new friends to play with something a quick group photo as a memento before abdul and the other children bold than flights home. ah! after a 10 hour flight the children have landed safely in cobbled with here the red crescent helps to organize their return soon the
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children will see that parents again they've had no contact all this time said that they wouldn't get to homesick. abdul and his father hug among a horse and what there did o'shaughnessy to that of the 7 months when like 7 years for ash joel gallow it. but now my son is back and i couldn't be happier, did with i wanted to cry, but i stopped myself because i did not want abdul to cry. his on mcglochan went to me to ask ellen jody abdul's father wants to see everything right away. look at the next one, if any, all the wounds on your chest healed. now. booth
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he said, yes, it's all better now it's all gone. she said, i have no wounds any more settle olives, half meal when he laughed, he was hot and in terrible pain wash. allah jaw there! now he is better and healthy, much better luck. i will go down with unhappy to see him like this. so difficult. i live like a day and so much better now. question mark. i couldn't do anything at 1st, but i am much better old sanders darling. abdul wants to stay in contact with the fleet and off the next time cloudy, pet. mila is incapable to select children. he is determined to stop by he wants to become a doctor to be able to help others, as others have helped him. i ah,
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