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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2023 2:00am-2:16am CET

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finds out, thanks documentaries on you to see the world already right now. t d w documentary ah ah, this is data bully news live for lit, no lit up in the fighting in ukraine despite a safe fire proposed by russia. heavy shelley is reported in the country east to keep dismissal bosco's 1st announcement as a ploy to reposition it. soldiers on the program in the us kevin mccarthy inches
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closer to becoming speaker of the house of representatives. republican congressman winced the support of some hot, bright holdouts in the lightest round of voting, had wove renown, conducted a pianist. daniel bottom boy stepped down as general musical director village take abra after 3 decades. ah, i'm anthony. how broke into the program? we start with the latest on the ground in ukraine, where a unilateral russian sci fi ordered by vladimir putin appears to be having little effect. heavy shelling from both sides has been reported along the front lines in eastern new crime. that's despite moscow's claimed, it would observe $836.00 our christmas truce. keith, which never agreed to the cease fire, has dismiss rush as often as the trick skepticism was running high in the ukrainian
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capital. as the start time of moscow's declared cease fire approached people here saw numerous missile attacks over the new year's period and expectations were low. oh yeah, no coil. i think the cease fire is irrelevant as it will only be another chance for the russians to attack ukraine with missiles. 3 gentlemen with alliance, weekly, missouri. you can never trust them, never. but they do nothing. john, whatever they promised they don't deliver them. they said that wouldn't be a war, however, lily may say one thing, one day and another the next of those. we don't trust them when it again, shortly after it was announced on thursday. keith rejected the truce saying it was a stunt by moscow to buy time to reinforce troops before the cease fire was due to
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come into effect. russian missiles rained down on the southern city of his own ukrainian authority, say one rescue worker was killed and for others injured. and in the east of the country, rockets slammed into a residential building in the city of climate. hoist. many of the units fighting for russia in the dumbass said they would not recognize the ceasefire in a message published on line. dennis, pushin the head of the self proclaimed don, it's people's republic roads. there can be no talk of any truce al president's decision. as an orthodox person refers to the orthodox people who go to church to attend the service on the feast of the nativity of christ. for obvious reasons, we do not consider the leadership of the rest of ukraine to be orthodox. and just as the truce was set to kickin, there were reports of heavy artillery far from both sides in the eastern town of
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bach moot. oh, ukraine blamed russia while moscow quickly pointed the finger at keith it's by the end of the beginning, it was like the fact that the russian military observed to cease fire to day january 6 from 12 pm. moscow time. the key regime continued shelling, residential areas and positions of russian troops like if there is, if there was the unilateral cease fire, would have been the 1st complete lewellen fighting since russia invaded in february 2022. but keith says the only way to restore peace in the country is for russian troops to leave ukraine. for more on the situation we asked our correspondence, sonya found the car in chief about the status of this cease fire in name only. it's been a very shaky ceasefire and hasn't really held, you know, i'm in less than an hour after that cease fire was supposed to take hold. we saw this widespread air read alert across almost almost across the country in the cave
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region, but across the entire country. and even though there were no actual missile strikes, these arid alerts can be very disruptive. we. we saw people scrambling to get to airy shelters, and that area a load lasted for 2 hours and also elsewhere in the country. the you created media has been reporting off of incidence that the governor of the city of california in southern ukraine has stalked about one rescue worker being killed after a russian forces. he said, you know, shell, the fire station in come a task in the eastern daniel robins. we've also heard off of russian fire, you know, damaging an entire, a residential neighborhood with many private homes damaged though there are no reports casualties. and of course, as the report mentioned, you know, there's been a, there's been no let up in hostilities on the front line in the east, in the, in the eastern city of back and forth in particular. which, where we're seeing some of the bloodiest fighting in this campaign, residents have told ukrainian media that you know, there has been no pause in the sound of fighting in sound of explosions. citing the
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ceasefire has yet, though it seems to have had absolutely no effect. that was the devil is sonia seneca in chief to other knees now and republican politician kevin mccarthy. as last a 13th vote to become speaker of the us house of representatives, one of the most important jobs in us politics. it follows 4 days of filing to garner enough support. the lens votes have shown mccarthy making progress in his showdown with a group of hardman members of his own party mclaughlin, his election. mccarthy is the 1st candidate in a century to face multiple ballots. the chamber can not move on to any other business. me until a speaker is chose me and they're washington bureau chief unit po has more about mccarthy, struggles to garner enough votes to become speaker of the house. i mean, mccarthy continues to way to become the speaker of the 118th congress. despite
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gaining ground among allowed group of hard drive republicans blocking his path. he still needs to convince several more that he is the right man for the job. mccarthy and his allies have worked tirelessly to get to this point, but he has relinquished a tremendous amount of power to the fringe of his party. ultimately diminishing the speakership, he has promised them powerful positions and to cut defense spending that would impact the war in ukraine. the international community, as well, may be concerned with what has transpired inside the capital this week, leading to questions whether they will be able to re eggs to global crisis. this fight only leads to wonder if the democratic institutions here in the united states will hold up over the next 2 years at washington bureau chief in
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a poll there. okay, now to some other headlines making use this are still in washington. he was, president obama has awarded middles to a dozen police officers, electron workers, and local officials, wars who helped uphold the 2020 presidential election. and the defendant in the us capital, against the fall of not 2 of the metals were headed out of seamlessly to police officers who committed suicide and aftermath of the general 6 attack. and what was all in yemen? thousands of who the supporters had marched through the streets of the capital santa to protest what they say is a saudi lead. economic blockade of country rebels are backed by saudi arabia's. regional rival arrived government and who the rebels have been locked in the conflict since 2014 canyon police have arrested a suspect in connection with the death of a prominent l. g. b, t campaigner whose body was found stuffed in a metal box. earlier this week. it went to lobo was
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a fashion entrepreneur and model human rights groups have to create the killing it was regulated of approved and outside the us drug that's been shown to slow cognitive decline. it was developed by japanese found the company i saw, and us biotech, firm b o g. the doctors worn the treatment comes with potential risks and side effects. or mexican officials say dozens of people were killed during thursday's capture of alleged cartel leader of video guzman. the son of the infamous imprisoned drug, lord, known as of chapel, 30 say 10 soldiers and 19 suspected criminals were killed during the operation in the city of can, you can tell members for with security forces and set up road blocks in a be to prevent the boss, being removed from the city, also attacked army helicopters, with heavy weaponry at the sofa. the local airport
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u. s. has requested goes month extra. lorrie carlson is director of the americas program at the center for international policy in mexico city. earlier we are having a blow. goodman's arrest is for the civil law sinaloa, cato, one of the world's most powerful. first of all, it's very important to mention that o b o, good man. the son of chapel is not a major leader in the seen a lot of cartel and this, you know, a cartel now has major rivals. it doesn't have the hedge a monic strength that it had in mexico in the past. and so this blow on the level of the cartel hierarchy is not the highest ranks of the cartels. he's not the one who was calling all the shots. in fact, his older brothers are really in a far more powerful position as well as other leaders that were left within the similar cartel. so in that sense,
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we don't expect to see an immediate dismantling or weakening of this in a low cartel. in fact, when we look at the overall effect of an act like this of the rest of the video guzman, we expect it to be negative, negative for public security and safety in mexico with no substantial or perhaps even none whatsoever effect on the flow to mr. drugs to the united states, and this is simply because this war on drugs model of taking out the drug lords while leaving the structures, including the huge demand in the united states in place, doesn't work. it never has worked anywhere. it certainly never worked in mexico since it was launched at the end of the year, 2006. and so we really are many experts. and those of us who've been studying this issue for years here in mexico are not expecting a positive outcome from this arrest. unfortunately, that was
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a laura coulson talking to us. the general music director of berlin's steak opera. daniel bottom boy has announced he stepping down, the acclaimed conductor and pianist says his health has deteriorated in the last year and that he is no longer able to deliver the performance required of the roll . the ivy roll began performing as a pianist at the age of 10, before becoming a lead conductor lighter in life. he's truly a man that's been delighting audiences fees. ah, but decades daniel, barn boyd's name has been synonymous with excellence in the arts and a willingness to experiment, and even occasionally break the rules. a polyglot is wonderful citizenship. his musical talent was obvious from an early age. ah, at 7 he gave his 1st consort in argentina. he was hailed as
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a child prodigy. the naval stuck even after his family moved to israel. all the king give phil. i like the term child prodigy. i feel like i can say the prodigy is gone, but the child is still here to believe bad. and boy, him is all passionate about politics. holding both israeli and palestinian passports. he's travelled frequently to israel and the west bank in bus. he has said he hopes his race, that of could serve as a model for peace. in 1999 he founded an orchestra aiming to promote understanding between arabs and israelis. together with edward said, the palestinian americans callo the vest east on divine orchestra, a symbol of reconciliation. yes, there was a game. okay. so every musician in the orchestra has exactly what a human being needs and what doesn't exist in the region. equality, right. everyone in the orchestra has that does, ah, the orchestral remains barren,
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boyens personal and political legacy highlights every year to fully booked concerts at berlin's vault been. ah, in 2017, he found it. the piano bullets on in berlin prays for its excellent acoustics and even better roster of world musicians. despite the criticism of his management style, his musical rank is undisputed. in recent years, barren boy has been struggling with the new to logical illness. despite his resignation as general music director, he is not planning on giving up his butt on completely and says he plans to conduct the art show in the future. and before we go, the world's largest ice and snow festival is under way in china. which are about to say this giant ice block tower is the centerpiece of the winter wonderland in hobbin. for the next 2 months, the north western city will celebrate the cold,
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with theme parks getting reeks and more than 300 ice and snow sculptures. hundreds of thousands of tourists are expected to visit the festival, which was go back in previous years because of covered 19 restrictions. and that is all for now. business news is up next and we have a report on the ground at the tech conference. c, e s. in las vegas, it's matter mobility gadgets and virtual reality. you'll get a close up look after the break. remember this morning that they w dot com and i'll be back in 45 minutes with another bullet. stay with us. he's got any issues with all say will grade, he will be able to.


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