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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2023 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is the pulpit to unleash on violet pass and re imagine that these teachings for relevance to gandhi's legacy starts january 28th on b, w ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, an angry mob. storms congress in brazil, supporters of the ousted former right wing leaders, shots are not all 20 babies supreme court and the presidential palace. u. s. president joe biden arrives on the mexican border in texas as his administration
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. the steps of checks on migrants trying to enter the united states and a disastrous start to the winter sports season in the alps. scientist rest war and the lack of snow puts a question mark over the future of skiing and snowboarding. ah, on pablo foley, as welcome to the program, we begin with events still unfolding in brazil. hundreds of supporters of the former president, desirable to nato, have stormed the national congress, little in the capitol, brazilian. they've been protesting since the immigration a week ago of a successor. rece ignacio let the silver one november's election run off. both scenarios, followers broke through police barricades. they've also invaded the presidential
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palace and the supreme court. lula has described the unrest as barbarism. things like a pool. oh, let's cross over now to brazil. washington post journalist mac margolis is in rio de janeiro and is following the story force. mike, thanks for joining us on t w. what's the latest? he can tell us about the situation in brazil. yeah. well, after a very tumultuous day, it looks like orders. so the beginning to be restored in the brazilian capital, but it took quite a while for that to happen with armored cars and riot police. move again. they were very reluctant to do so. but now we have the crowds dispersing and we're saying that they, the crowds invaded not only the congress, but the presidential palace and other government institutions as well. tells what reaction there's been, am from lola. we've heard that he's colder sad barbarism. but,
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and what else can you tell us about the reaction and from inside present? what present lula has only just spoken to the nation. and decreed a federal intervention in the federal district, the capital procedure of brazil, and including by naming a caretaker to, to intervene. that is over writing the elected governor. they're elected governor being a, an ally of outgoing prison president shire bull sonata. so he was the. ready president lewis spoke he compared to the writers 1st to start with us, but he corrected himself and see these are fascists and terrorists. and therefore that the government had to act decisively and swiftly. it did so,
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but it took some time for them to react that way. mike, what about from a shout of bolts on how to do we know where he is right now? has he reacted to what's going on in brazil? yeah, well, it's a great question. last i looked, i saw no reaction from both on our, on his very, very hyperactive twitter feed. there's nothing only from a few hours ago today. his twitter feed, by the way, are still bears his identification as the president of brazil. so there's, there's a lot of denial isn't going on and that's certainly one of the beliefs loyalists in the people storm the capital today. cling to. but last we knew he was in orlando, in florida, in the united states. quite interestingly, the public security secretary of brazil who was both on i was former justice minister was also reported to be in orlando and perhaps in the
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company of also not himself. so we can expect a lot of fireworks over there. thank you. mike mack, marconas washington post journalist in rio de janeiro. but you moving on u. s. president joe biden has arrived in el paso in texas. as his administration, grapples with a growing migrant crisis, biden is inspecting one of the busiest ports of entry on the us mexico border. he's already announced tighter rules to tackle illegal migration cubans, nicaraguans and haitians will be sent back to mexico if they crossed the frontier illegally. officials are also extending an existing program to stop venezuelans entering the united states. migrants crossed the rio grande river that separates mexico from the united states. all these people in
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search of a new start and a new life. some prepared to do what ever it takes to live the american dream. loyalty. i went on the fly injured cold and hunger it and ended up taking me legal route through the narrow paths while afterwards, most of them don't want to do it most want to cross him to the u. s. legally bizarre lego say of tiny people, so their houses to take this journey. there was how can you go back if you don't have a place to return to local? since i couldn't cross legally, i had to cross legally illegal in the 12 months to october 2022, around 2 and a half 1000000 undocumented migrants cross the us mexico border in november alone, migrant from venezuela, cuba, nicaragua, and haiti was start from entering the united states more than 82000 times
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was i was favoring a softer approach to migration. hoped biden would scrap the hard line policies of his predecessor donald trump. but that doesn't seem to be the case. our washington correspondent mckayla cooper told me why. well, that was partly also due to court decision, and that kept the ask or 42 in place introduced by donald trump. that was also reasoned because of covert that there could be as simple reactions at the border to simply sending people back. this is what the u. s. continues to do. that's what joe biden actually vowed to move away from. but he is having a very hard time actually finding a way to do that humanely without having a huge numbers of people entering through the us border. because this is not just the us mexican borders we heard in that report there. this is pretty much the gateway to latin america. a record to point 2000000 people were arrested and sent
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back. many people cross the border several times. they find a way to get into the us, they get sent back again, and then they try again and again. and this is causing terrible humanitarian scenes . this is causing great anguish to the communities living there. and dubai needs to find a way to not be the man who continues trump like policies, but at the same time is tough on illegal immigration. he is trying to square the circle right now. well, mikaela campaigners for migrant rights have claimed that expelling migrants who crossed the border illegally will actually worsen the situation there. so why is that? because they are trapped in limbo and privacy to donald trump coming in. there was the possibility for migrants to once they had made it whichever way across the us border. they were able to state a claim for asylum,
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they were able to make their case. now, with this simple pushback, continuing migrants being sent back and they have no way to go if they have to leave the us again, and they have no system to go into at once. they are here. so this is really creating a terrible situation. and now joe biden says his new initiative, which he launched on thursday he introduced, would now allow quotas, that number of migrants to enter legally from those states of venezuela, nicaragua, also haiti, also cuba. but only if they arrive via air in a bid to try and take the pos pressure off that border. well, look at these people. they're often, they're incredibly poor. they're coming from a desperate situation. if there's one way they will not arrive, that is by buying a plane ticket to the united states. and that alone finding a way to re enroll through an app that is being introduced. so this is complicating
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things at the border and light, right? and to cause people to simply turn away and go back. thanks. makella dw, washington correspondent, mechanic. now let's have a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. please here in germany, have arrested 2 men on suspicion of plotting an islamist chemical attack. prosecutors have identified the suspects as iranian citizens. investigators search to home in the western rural district, following a tip off from u. s. officials, senegal presidents has announced 3 days of morning after a bus crash, killed at least 40 people and injured many more. authorities say 2 vehicles collided when a burst tire caused one to swerve into oncoming traffic. hundreds of members of india's l. g b t q. community of march for equal married rights. it's the 1st prize parade in delhi. since the pandemic, the indian supreme court, the criminalized same sex relations 5 years ago. but the government has yet to
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recognize same sex marriage. while the winter sports season here in europe is off to a disastrous start. record high temperatures mean some ski resorts have not been able to open it all. others are relying on artificial snow. some snow as now started falling in the outs, and skiers and snow borders can only hope the white stuff is not arriving too late . this is what winter looks like in the swiss alps this year. remnants of artificial snow and temperatures well above freezing are not the usual scenes here in january and for visitors. skiing is out of the question. yeah, sure. and it's quite special. she and direct line. i'm skis will be much nicer in january of this hotel would normally have around $500.00 guests. everything was prepared for the season. but now the place is near empty. thanks to the lack of
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snow. this rainbows hertz when it makes your hot cry. when you see this is stylish, you actually work for half a year for the winter season by making preparations. and the employees are all highly motivated and want to work and be there for i guess for them. and in the end of nature goes against you. it is not a straightening buses. loosely in research is said that in future skiing will only be possible at high altitudes is never going south in the heights in the last 100 years. let's say the snow line has moved up about 400 meters. so that means you can just imagine the entire sky area been lifted before. and even in the best case with climate protections, it will rise another 400 meters since to get a lot. while workers here still hoping for a ski season to return many fear, but it could be gone for good novak jack of it continued his perfect preparation
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for the australian open after overcoming sebastian quarter in 3 sets to win the adelaide international. the serb looked in danger of slipping to a surprise defeat, but he turned the matter round to extend his winning streak in australia to 34 matches. no. okay. everything was set up for yet another tidal on australian soil for nova joke of ich, but things didn't go to plan at 1st. his unseeded opponent sebastian, florida took the 1st set $76.00 and joke of it showed his frustration. the serbs, impressive winning run in australia, almost came to an end in the 2nd set. but on the brink of 2 feet, the work number 5 short nerves of steel met scorn saved. and then joke of it's leveled the match on another tie breaker. the game turned on
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a handful of points in the decider. but the service experience eventually shown through and after a grueling 3 hours of 9 minutes. joke of it's plenty 30 full straight. when in australia the support that i've been getting in the last 10 days was something that i don't think i've experienced too many times in my life. so thank you so much for everyone for coming out. a joke of it. just aiming to eat the rougher and adults men's record is $22.00 grand slim victories at the australian open later this month. alright, well before we go, a recap of the new still unfolding in brazil. hundreds of supporters of the ousted former president john bolton, auto have stormed the national congress in the capital priscilla. they've been protesting since the inauguration a week ago of his successor. we see nasty o lula,
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the silver one november's election run off. both scenarios, followers broke through police barricades, and they've also invaded the presidential palace and the supreme court new law as described. the protesters as fascist fanatics. well that's all for now. coming up next on reporter the ecological threat posed by the ranks of world war 2, ships across the baltic sea floor. and you can say up to date on all that developing news in brazil on our website dw, dot com and follows on our social media accounts for me team here take care they want to know with love on banning thing that way. i'm not going to have to watch my own car and everyone.


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