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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2023 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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oh, for the time being mouse, protests appear to have slowed down in iran, but the anger is still mounting in collapsed protest. us stood their ground despite gunshots being fired. and they vowed to be back chanting until the molars are gone. our homeland won't be free. you are watching dw news coming up next. and d, w, there's asia aid organizations are calling on afghanistan's taliban rulers to make their work easier. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching with ah, ah,
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in the money. oh and i i you because i'm a cool cool b u i. it was just me in the min hello. ah ah, ah, you're watching dw news asia coming up to day. the shattering fall out from the ban on female workers imposed by the taliban agencies are pleading with afghanistan's rule is to be more flexible. they say the bands are paralyzing their work and putting millions of women at risk plus hogs and tiers. as china reopened it
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voted, dropping a key part of its strict 0 convent policy. but the virus is still spreading rapidly, causing warri overseas. get the latest from hong kong. ah, i'm jared rate. thanks for your company today. when the taliban retook power in afghanistan, they promised a more moderate form of rule there that hasn't happened. women have largely been removed from society with restrictions on their rights and freedoms. and i'd groups have been told not to employ women at all. they say it's leaving them unable to carry out their work. the head of the norwegian refugee council has gone to cobble this week to try and convince the taliban to change their minds. we cannot wake with mailings only we do that in no other part of the world. we will not do it here
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. won't be a horrible precedence if we did it. i would want any cist organizations to go down that road. they would also undermine o ability to resume work as a principled humanitarian group. i think that will be a united front tear. and, and of course the consequences are horrific if they then do not. if they oppose the ban, because it will go long time without 8 to millions. young eagle on there, he is more now on what exactly he's talking about the situation facing women in afghanistan and lawyers trying to help them. yeah, i'm say we even distributing 8 women issue for many. this is now a thing of the past. as the taliban prohibits females from working for angie earth, thousands of women losing their jobs. many more people will be cut off from their
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life support. the international rescue committee is one of several, and she owes out that i suspended their operations awfully inaccessible. our stance remains that it is impossible for us to, you know, deliver services and continue our activities. if we do not have our female staff group, young among some 1200 and she owes across the country, women workers have provided services in health care education in water and sanitation. there are vital for on the ground operations and conservative afghanistan, it is considered inappropriate for women to speak to a man who is not a close relative to the without female staff and g o care says lee would not have reached half a 1000000 women and children last year or twice every hoyt is a very important that of free men. should doctor fee mean a where the beneficiary also feels more comfortable talking with the female. but
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the taliban exists. 8 can still reach to needy. if it gets delivered to men in the family, instead, they say the band was necessary because women were not wearing that he job for being accompanied by a male relative while traveling. this further restriction of women and girls freedom will bring a disaster to the country. according to the aisle seat last winter, it was humanitarian aid that prevented a famine in this country. if we are not able to deliver humanitarian aid in the same way, if not more than what we did last year, we're going to be faced with a, a very horrific situation across the country. as winters sets in and g, o say 18000000 afghan acutely in need of 8, and it's often the fragile will have to bear the brunt. sarcasm good. we can speak now to journalist ali latifah, and kabul. welcome to d,
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w. news asia. as we've just heard in that report, aid organizations are saying that the ban on female staff in ngos will be devastating. do you think that's a fair assessment and, and what impact is this likely to have on ordinary afghans? ah, it is a fair assessment because you have to think about, you know, i've been talking to different n g o's, an especially female run and geo. and the last couple weeks since that order 1st came out and they were talking about how so much of their work would be stopped in doing this and so many different facets. it's not just a matter of handing out like bread or flour, or rice to a needy woman who's the head of her householder. you know, the only person who can make some money or represent her household to, you know, an outside organization. it's also a matter of, i was talking to health and yos that deal with female health and you know,
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they do things like educate gynecologists and other doctors on how to treat women on, you know, different treatment practices on self diagnoses and things like breast cancer on ah, how to a try and reduce lacerations and things like that in the process of giving birth. and even those kinds of organized nations are now being stopped from their work. so it's really affecting every aspect of assistance and i'm honest on it's not just simply a matter of handing a bag of flour or rice to a woman eats, you know, effecting educate. it's going to affect education. it has affected health care i. it will affect literacy, will affect all kinds of other programs. then you need to think about polio vaccination programs. a lot of times those volunteer or paid vaccine eaters are young women. i've so, you know, it will have sort of
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a lasting impact on various different sectors. and at ali, the head of the norwegian refugee council, yon edgarland is talking to the taliban this week to try and get them to reverse the ban. what are his chances of success given that the taliban don't seem to seem to paying much attention to pressure from abroad? i mean, i can imagine that he would have much i obviously norway has a long relationship with the peace process in up honest on they've always been trying to make inroads with the taliban, dating back to 2010, 2011. when obama 1st added to create an office for peace negotiations with the tall bon, you know, norway was very much directly and indirectly been part of that process since then. ah, so there is that factor that could play a role. but in reality,
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the fact is that if you look at the last year and a half, 2 year since atalla bon returned to power, if you look at these sanctions, these 8 cut backs these banking restrictions, none of them affect the tall upon leadership. i mean, we're still seeing taliban representatives and ministers traveling abroad, even in cases that may be breaking a travel that ends, you know? so they're living in other people's houses. they're driving other people's cars. they still have salaries, they're still able to, you know, employ their family and friends and so on. so they're not seeing any actual effect of this devastation. the devastation is on the average person and i will, honest on. and as we've seen over the last year and a half, 2 years, the taliban really hasn't been swayed by that to make any changes. because you know, a lot of, if you look at the messaging coming from the rest of the world, even if the tall upon do, you know, rather obvious simple things like re opening high schools for all girls across the
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country. like reopening universities for women like god allowing women back into i n g o work there. there's a chance that a lot of these sanctions are, are these restrictions are, you know, these cutbacks could be reversed, but at the top on does not re, seemed to be swayed by that or really amenable to those kinds of options. ok ali la tiffy, we'd like to thank you for your time and your insights today. ality fi there in cobble ah, well as we've been reporting here on t w, china opened its borders for the 1st time on sunday. since the start of the pandemic, 3 years ago, hong kong also reopen crossing points to the mainland. tens of thousands of people with prior online bookings can now travel across the border each day. many haven't seen their families for years. with the reopening hong kong is hoping for a much needed boost in tourism and retail,
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despite the risk of new infections. let's go now to hong kong and speak with dw correspondent. phoebe cong phoebe. it's great to see you. this is a big deal to so many people tell us about what you've been seeing and hearing since the border to mainland china reopened. well, there are certainly a lot of excitement on the 1st today seems to be opened especially between hong coleman, china. that border was also effectively sued for almost 3 years. so on the very 1st i have heard people like gathering to at the gate of one of the major railway station, baldwin and china lake, basically at 5 or 6 am in early morning and just to wait the gates to be open and rushed through the board. and to with hurt many people saying that they have a want to be re unite with the families some like they want to, to,
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to visit elderly parent. and also wives and children who haven't seen for nearly 3 years. so it's really like like like a massive joy like among the chaplain that, that we have seen yesterday at the point that so this is like the situation. so a lot of excitement there and then it is like, finally they don't have to quarantine. so it's radia huge news, a huge good news for, for them. lots of joy g, as you said, phoebe. now the board is, as we understand, are being gradually reopened. could you just explain the exact rules and how they're being implemented? so initially, the authorities allows $60000.00 people per se from each side to across the board. and with we're seeing that the data from the government saying that like tens of thousands have already register on the 1st few days in the platform,
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a launched. and then some time slots leading up to lunar new year already fully booked. and on the 1st day of the board, the reopening of 45000 people have close the border and over 70 percent of them were outbound travelers from hong kong to china. so very few of them coming from china to hong kong. so that's mainly because china just resume the, the visa applications like on on today. and then. so it would take some time for the authorities to issue the 2 or 3 so and also to renew pop out of the mainland chinese before they can travel. i brought again so apart from that, like travelers also have to carry a negative co test result before that the part and then so that's one of the requirements that they, when they want to have put in hong kong and also vice versa. hong kong travelers
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have to carry an active cuz it tests out before the end to china as well. okay. do you use phoebe. com? thanks so much phoebe. that's it for today. be sure to check out our how the stories on d. w dot com. forward slash asia, or on facebook and twitter at dw news. you can also get more by downloading our d w news off, which you can find on google play all the apple app store. i'm jared rate in berlin . thanks for watching dw news asia. see you again tomorrow. hey. oh, i hate to say it works of compose edition proctor, adult hitler's obsession. oh,
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has ever been better background music for megalomania, ferguson, von arts. 21 on d. w. o. rearing to read. ah, everyone who loves books has to go insane. ah, the dw literature list 100, the german must reads oh adult hitler, a murderous dictator, driven by hatred and megalomania. ah, but he could be soothed by the chad wagner. the german composer was famous for revolutionizing opera.


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