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what are some of them breeding these disasters on themselves? nature's survivors. the adaptability of wild life. in 30 minutes on d w. they want to know what makes with love and batting thing away from them, but i'm not even know how to work my own car and everyone with later holes and every day getting you ready to meet the german and i me right, just do it on d w a gets me every single tie
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we are living during the most extraordinary time in history of transport. we'll go for the electric motor. rev the auto and mobility show lou is the bentley continental g t speed, the best high performance luxury car on offer? if you press down the gas pedal it will shoot for can this mobility start up eas, nairobi air pollution problems. we can no longer than a blind eye to that contribution of chance. what based coupling emission is diabetes really no barrier to one's dakar? dreams and i will need a lot more to him. i'll pick it up and then we'll know what i'm going to get. of course i can watch automotive tails begins small right now on red.
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for any time i passed a car for you guys, i 1st asked myself what is special about it? what would be interesting for you and sometimes but only sometimes the car itself is the special thing then you badly continental gt; speed and would that well come to the raft check with me the continental o g t speed always feels like some crazy scientist made a hybrid out of young arnold schwartzenegger and the roadrunner.
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ah, the chorus gets such a wide and muscular body, which would make you think it's not fast. but then if you press down the gas pedal it will shoot for what, leaving the co yodi and everyone else bite the dust. and that's simply impressive, especially if you consider the weight of more than $2.00 tons ah ha, gets me every single tie. the car is equipped with a w 12 engine delivering $659.00 horse power regular continental g t is also available with the w 12 engine. but there it will only have $635.00
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horsepower self, and they gave the speed version a little more. i mean, of course, you got to differ from those regular w 12 version. speed version makes the dash from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in 3.6 seconds. and this sound is really nice. i really like it. but i have to say, if i had to choose i prefer the v 8. be curious to me, it's somewhat sounds a little more little more aggressive a little more. i don't, i don't know, i can't, can't describe it, but i prefer it. w 12. very nice. very powerful. no question. but the v 8, the sound is even better though it is of course less powerful. the 60 to
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engine is able to propel because we were tough speed of 335 kilometers an hour. every time i drive the high performance car like this, part of me is having a fiesta. ah, and another part of me is silently dying inside me. why is that? of course i know cars with combustion engines with that much power. it also consume that much fuel and stuff are slowly dying out. the british comic is now focusing on hybrid versions and from 2030, every new bentley model, the pill electric,
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the interior of the bentley continental gt. speed is not that different from other continental g t models. you have a speed lettering somewhere here on the seeds and over there. of course you see right away everything is super high quality. nice material. it's very nice teaching and everything is. yeah, very luxurious. just a good expected from a badly ah, what i do notice though is there is a lot of chrome and i'm talking about a lot of chrome. i mean, the car on the outside has a lot of chrome as well, but in the interior it's even worth what i do like though, if the fact that bentley has still some buttons for the most important functions right here and even better for the climate control down here and for seed heating and the ventilation because that's,
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that's not normal nowadays. often got carswell are no buttons at all. and bent, they decided to keep those. and i really like that the soon. ah, the continental g t. s officially for cedar, as you can tell, but to be honest, the feed back here, they are not made for anyone to fit it if. okay, from the width. but if you put the feed back, then there will be no space that, ah, i'm impressed every single time i drive openly because the difference between, for example or comfort mode. and then this more mode is so huge right now with driving and comfort and it feels like you're driving your grandfather's car. that
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is keeping everything smooth and is really relaxed. but then you can switch to sport mode. you will instantly hear that by the sound and also feel that once you press the gas pedal and the car becomes yeah, it becomes your cool uncle call reckless. he's the one always having fun and being crazy in, in, in the instance the car fee, it's completely different. then i really like that the seed is equipped with an electronic limited flip differential and i took all wheel drive. as an option, you can get ceramic brakes for the continental g t speed. and those are the world's largest brakes, and a series of production cost $440.00 millimeters at the front. and bentley says, these are virtually fade prove, even after 10 heavy stops,
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the maximum additional distance the breaks will need are around one meter. and that's virtually nothing shifting is done via an ac. feel such transmission. that's it. my time with the new badly, continental g t speed is over the car itself. i really enjoyed it. things we should definitely not talk about is the price and the fuel consumption because otherwise, people all around the world will start to cry. i'm sad as well. get a leaf. you thought i left, but i'm going to tell you about the price. this car has a base price of 251300 years in germany. and if you add some options like this car hairs, you will be very close 230-0000 cal. this is making me sad. never going to be able to afford such a car. the newest version of the bentley continental g
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t speed might be the last one of its kind. it is an incredibly sporty car with an extremely luxurious, comfortable ride, and a powerful sound. unfortunately the price you have to pay to own $1.00 of these is prohibitive for almost every one every day. the same and kenya's capital nairobi tens of thousands of diesel fuel public transport vehicle supply different routes through the city. emitting poisonous, exhaust gases and loss of noise. it's bad for the environment and it's bad for people's lungs. 20000 people die from air pollution in nairobi every year. but liners per series boss is different. after 20 years of driving diesel vehicles,
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linus was able to make the switch to electric thanks to a local electron mobility starter. and he already appreciate the difference from a driver's point of view. these know, are a lot of expenses in this bus like a diesel bus. for example, i used to do a, a service every month. this one knew you, you don't do any service. ah, the driving is also different. as you can see there's no glass on her. yeah. yeah. so it's a very small driving on page to be a vehicle. the company providing linus with the bus is bus. he go. it launched operations in nairobi and late 2021 and hopes to expand and transport public transport across east africa in the near future. i think we had that time
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where we can no longer than a blind eye to the contribution of transport based carbon emissions tool that environment. and it's definitely a great time for bussey. good to take the leads in providing alternative solutions to ensure that for at least public transportation ships from the use of fossil fuels to clean energy. the company is operating to chinese, made b y, d electric buses. as the fleet expands pi amos to assemble the next vehicles in kenya, each bus can cover a total of 250 kilometers on a full battery, which takes up to 4 hours to charge. the company buys each bus for about $39000.00 euros. it then sells them 2 operators for the same price as the diesel bus and charges a use based subscription fee. this covers cause such as b thing, the battery nightly charging,
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as well as service and maintenance. so with regards to, if they are gone out for sabbath and maintenance, no by think or has all that bland, what would like our drivers and the different operators to do is come pick the buses and just drive and enjoy the drive and leave the maintenance to but they go, but they go, has currently trained at tim. oh, well, but engineers that know how to handle high voltage systems that know how to handle that different mechanical system where the electric buses. so, but the goal currently is that the only provider of sabbath and maintenance for these buses in, in partnership with you id the idea is that operates his concludes profitability through the reduced fuel expenses and maintenance costs of electric classes. anthony bus is not a smoother to drive and less tiring for the drivers, nairobi passengers who i used his smoking,
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noisy my taxes as they're known locally. really notice the difference with a new clean bus beyond the free, why fi and cell phone charging claim anymore? i got was that one. this is the 1st time i've ordered the spotlights and it's a bust that provides so many services that others cannot provide. but, ya, some you feel relaxed inside one, and there is no noise. it's a nice bus, not gillilan. regarding him, jordan passengers are paying the same level affairs from now, but this is hope to go down when operators get a clearer idea of the new running cars. class he go hooks to increase its police of electric basses to 1000 in the next 5 years. crossing the finish line at the de carr rally was always
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a dream for daniel alberto. but as the 1st diabetic to compete in the event, the journey was harder than usual and his path was strewn with obstacles. didn't every day i crossed the finish line is dedicated to old diabetics. daniel is a complete motorhead, but at the age of 8 he was diagnosed with type one diabetes. a condition that was misunderstood at the time. i ha, ha ha, my parents wouldn't let me go out of do sports in school. i sat in a chair because they told me sport. good for people with diabetes thought well the day we know better, but it's very important to play sports or if you start walking, you'll end up running. many people in the world have diabetes. we can do anything but just with more effort and work we can achieve anything that we want to pursue on. on the mark, lou john the last one, montgomery and bought a yeoman over a long yeah. ramos in 2007, the financial crisis and
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a personal tragedy pulled the rug out from under daniel's feet, a turning point in his life. he also for the winter, i suffered a lot for that. he thought i had a restaurant and i lost everything. i got the restaurant, my house, so we lost our son to go be or i think losing a child is the worst thing that happened to you. i mean, i the overall that's when i began to see life differently to consider another future. it changes your life. i mean, i either will color annual every year. i sat down to watch the doco rally, but when one, yes, someone asked on a tv show. but if someone with diabetes could participate in the race, i quickly called a friend and i said, hey, look what i've seen on tv. ripple, he said, you're crazy. i'm like, how are you going to race the dachau? i'm, if i'm in the app, actually the deca help both me and my family to get out of that hole. i think when something like this happens to you, you need a reason to live, to get up every morning and to fight for what you want to ask. going for the about of a little john the what i me over to when daniels wife matter support it is
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a car dream even when it seemed impossible. nbc been 1st we thought it was crazy that we could never make a. but after everything that happened, we needed to hold on to something to him. yvonne, it was, it was a challenge. you know, we had to convince people to see that it can be done. but a good luck in the viet, cuz he gets it with a daniel hope to be the 1st diabetic motorcycle rider to compete in the da car. but the organizers believe the event too dangerous for diabetic. daniel needed to fight hard to realize his dream were the thing boy, north, even after 5 years and many races all over the world, we showed them that i could be in the dock. our rally with diabetes. i raced in the room, lena in 2019 and was the 1st diabetic. and finally, i became the 1st in the dark out in the toughest race in the world. daniel but in 2019 we couldn't finish in 2020 we're back on it but couldn't finish either. but in 2021, when we finally managed to cross the finish line. and now in 2022, i want to be the 1st person with diabetes type want to cross the finish line in
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a car, one them into the bono. and with alameda and watch it before leaving for saudi arabia. daniel train hard at valencia in order to be ready for the race. he was guided by a rougher old siena who has trained some of the world's best motor sport, athens labrador, my most demanding res. so we have to focus a lot on nutrition and energy expenditure because the same food doesn't work for diabetics. but from the i think i see was, is that all if employ that on these project helps us because there's not much research about how to manage diabetes in high performance sport law. yeah. but you want to spread this data. so all diabetic athletes have the information just preparing for it, cars and mammoth task, which takes a whole year, daniel needed to find funding for the car dreams and get the car competition ready . or they were thought he is in the budget for the last year. and it's crazy
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cartooning. international licenses. what a return trip to marcell driver registrations. yeah, it's 22000 euros. then the spare parts and tuning was that more than a $150000.00 euros per year. when the project started. no one gave us a penny or, and no one believed that a person diabetes could be in the top is right in the world. williams has thought a lot of them. i love it. finally, daniel made it happen. he travelled a saudi arabia with his co pilot and his wife. i. oh, horrible. yeah. yet, um for the agenda now appeal after 4 days we got through all the administrative and technical checks, but everything has to be perfect. many people ask me what you do when your sugar level goes down in the car. yeah, i can't let it get to that point with all i need to control it all day in a little apart from driving pilots,
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im jumping june and stones dodging everything that comes towards us such as camels . we have to pay special attention to our travelling companion diaby here. yeah. why allow the other than me then it was time for a 1st taste of the de cars. many challenges after a year of prep nerves and tension. daniel and his co driver, jorge who are at the prologue and raring to go today we have nothing special. we go up and test litigation, 5 kilometers. then we arrive here at the beginning of the exit button there. okay. okay, so everything's clear and kind of state where you come on that's go for it. okay, fair on both of them. now i just have to check the pump because it's hiding here. i want to see that everything is okay, but you want us to launch the sweat lodge takes a lot of luck on so we have to keep an eye on it while it okay. blood glucose is perfect. we have to charge the battery to not do that. all righty. lets go. ah
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ah. well my very important my wife very important. um she knows my diabetes inside out. i mean i'm having her by my side gives me a lot of security. she checks the insulin while traveling or repairing the car. she refreshes, everything changes. my pattern gives me fresh insulin. she's amazing. the highly recommend them is that we get a lot of messages that children are doing things that they didn't dream of for him . yeah, that's very flattering to see that he's helping other people that out a hinder. mm hm. all of them all this year, we have a fairly large fridge. it's also very important to protect it from heat and cold. that's the insulin for the entire race. whenever we travel to countries where it's
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complicated to get this type of medicine, different i always take 2 or 3 times more than i need a mental health company go for showing him before you either log onto that portal or from a portrait. after a 900 kilometer transport stage between jetta and how you the competitive stages of that a car rally were finally set to begin. i daniel is his own mechanic and painstakingly ensured that his car was completely ready for the challenges that way. when you're on the can refuel, so that to morrow everything will be okay for the next stage. for laboratory went up again and bundled together diesel and insulin time you have to be filled every day. the. he destroys the hormones and it loses its properties and then the insulin stops working. so you see that the glucose rises and you don't know why they're
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above it. i have a type one diabetes tattoo my right arm with a blue circle. and then if we have an accident of 4 and becoming conscious, it's important that the person who picks up knows that we're diabetics. so we can be treated properly, although our lives can depend on this sunday are both still young enough to go over a stuff a little thought. well, nobody will get it. everybody asked, why do you die? your head blue, you look like a smooth for them. i know i don't look like a smooth, it's something else. you know, it's a way of showing the whole world. the blue is our color. it and blue is the color of hope. the hope that all people with diabetes have that day it can be cured. when we can stop being diabetics, you know, here i carry the insulin pump, which marks my records from the glucose meter that have installed here on my arm. it's our telemetry injectors with more or less insulin come. for example, if i'm going to eat 5 servings for dinner, we would insert 50 grandma and it calculates directly the amount of insulin we need
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to have a little bit longer than ever elijah, they're not going to see them. it's this is the navigation board that i use. i have to get this graph in the yellow field, just like my blood glucose. i must always keep it completely flat. i can see it on my mobile, that a my co pilot has it on his watch. if i get distracted, he also pays attention. so we can control it perfectly easy way that mr. your boss is dameion la la will always monitor drug both in our professional and daily library. follow them though, and got another one. arthur hill deanna with
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what are the i was morning, it's 6 in the morning. can you hear that of an engine right next to was run all night back. hello me. you need to get used to sleeping in to night. some trucks were there to repairing all night. if you don't manage to dallas and you can't sleep well, then it can change a lot. and you often get into arguments about things that don't make sense. and you realize that it's just the sleep deprivation. you have to realize that this can happen a while, but then it was time to take on the jews. daniel proudly flew his diabetes flag at the ceremonial start and launched himself into the desert. he at 12 stage is to prove to himself and to the world that limits as they are to be broken.
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every day i crossed the finish line is dedicated to old diabetics. after more than 8000 kilometers, daniel made it the 1st diabetic car driver to finish dec hawk. it's amazing. i have no words to express what i feel. after a year of intense work, it's an explosion of feelings. i just want to say to all diabetic, we can do anything. we dream out a lot more mad machines and the people who pilot them next time i ran ah, with
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ah, ah, son are prepared to evacuate to safety. others just let the situation unfold. but are some of them bringing these disasters
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on themselves? major survivors. the adaptability of wild life coming up on dw, dancing to get the current coiling. this club. i'm glad go to make parties sustainable. by using a unique technology that converts body heat into energy with scott, show us how it works. the hot or the dancers, the smaller the electricity bill, euro max, even 90 minutes on d. w. o . many pollution. so now in the world right now, the climate change. if any, off the story,
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this is life less the way home just one week. how much was going to really get we still have time to go. i'm going all with his subscriber all morning was like what our sport all about in winning fighting scoring. we say there about never giving up the most exciting sport stories about people, their passion and their dr. sports life every weekend on d. w. and torture into the unknown. today, this means flying to a foreign planet. in the 16th century, it meant being
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a captain and setting sale to discover a route. a race linked to military interests, a race linked to political and military proceed. but also linked to my financial adventure full of hardships, dangers and death. magellan journey around the world, starts in january 19 on ah, it says dw news and these are our top stories. ukraine says at least 5 people have been killed in the central city of new pro. after russia launched its 1st major wave of air strikes this year, dozens more were wounded in the strike on an apartment.


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