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tv   The Longest Voyage  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2023 8:15pm-9:00pm CET

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tina watson with forget you can always get d w. news on the god. just download our app from google plays all from the apple app. just of the look at magellan journey around the world state june for that, don't forget there's more news and analysis on our website to be found at d. w dot com. we can also follow some social media. at date of the news is the handled unique back in 45 with any issues with all se we'll credit, you know
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as they reached the wide south sea, which i believe no other vessels have sailed across before they entered it. and magellan. seeing that dry land was north changed course towards that large and
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unknown sea. ah, they sailed with favourable winds, but they never saw any land. only water and sky everywhere. ah ah, ah. somebody gland. sylvia. a little over the circumnavigation men saw the world in a completely different way because it was a smaller world. at the seas were regarded as very dangerous places inhabited alone by monsters. and they were surrounded by land type that they were places to avoid. ferdinand magellan is a figure in the history of a local circum navigation. as he was
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a formidable officer. we performed our crucial services for the portuguese crime and the media data. campers are great explorer who gained a huge amount of expediency. expeditions on the other side of the world with you and i called you today. hello de la. he'd be regarded as a successful entrepreneur in the us. it said yes, but i'm in, but in the middle no mega danish burden on magellan was a classic representative of the portuguese minor gentry. old you do not. but he came from northern portugal, woodville, and lived at a time of increasing portuguese presence in the indian ocean. which bus going? so he was a nobleman and an officer of usa and a person of his time in a time of evolution year, a time of change to tim too. and he adapted himself to that change twice. and generally speaking in the 16th century, the challenge for explorers was to find out what the world was like 3 months and it is well the spring or jiggle in st. were basically competing with each other up to see the treaty of tour to see us. you set down the rules of the game. this was one
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of the 1st time that a diplomatic treaty was time to avoid the war with gear, rather than after a violent conflict. those items equal dislike in the in store leaving sea level had the okay will cut out portugal and his name. vince wanted to open a maritime route to india. i'm the spice island now. part of indiana at $29.00 is a lot more. i'm a lack of we're a veritable paradise for spices. if you it was the only place to find clothes, but the rarest him was expensive. spice of all robin last is 50 years in a moment. vices were the most profitable commodity of the transition from medieval times to the modern age. so much if you wanted to make a fortune yolando you had to trade in spices of anthony while i was just as soon as i did. he goes to gales a meal gives you the portuguese had already reached malacca, and today's malaysia shand advanced as far as them a lucas position in 15
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o 9 mule magellan was already in this part of the world. josh valesh the about, do i told l i p as in money and i said that you're going the spanish maritime expeditions setting sail, westwood, sing, senate chima, spice islands in boys encountered an impossible continental land mass. no, america would add a glen table to find a passage linking the atlantic ocean with the pacific and olympic oval in atlanta. if you go down the man again a that magellan clan to look, he's a passage between the oceans was the same as that of columbus to reach in lamar by sailing west santos, that after more than 20 years, they still hadn't signed. it will be in the portuguese for bringing pepper a spanish had to hurry up and find a new more efficient trading. routed glock of portuguese monopoly on the spice trade or the portuguese king. this project made no sense firstly, because the regions had already been reached by the eastern cape route was used. and secondly is go cuz he didn't want to compromise the treaty toward the c,
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a village i. c. k. so magellan went to spain and became a subject of carlos the 1st aid aid on wilmington, is he not yet time vill was evolving into a cosmopolitan city, when many foreigners came to make money? it was the city of maternity, drapes, mana, and my farris, e. r, my magellan found a cause mother a i'm one who can supply his project with the necessary scientific conti. graphical knowledge i was. he will approve magellan and his navigator roo, if i lay arrow offered to provide proof that the ma lucas were within the castilian demarcation as agreed at the treaty of tore to see us and that they would find a route to get there other than the one used by the portuguese, through a straight that they knew for m a gauge adena. magellan had already traveled to india during these trips law by studied cartography. with francisco, alameda, and alfonso, albuquerque. did he gained crucial new argument by which he basically handed over to portugal, arch rival spain?
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portugal tried to stop the expedition lodge, please. so severe. ill he said ill and elizabeth were the control centers of the seafaring race between spain and portugal. it would go or bunions could do. obviously, any information obtained by either side was a closely guarded secret. what about that global zeal? climate were by farrah's. cash were presented. let him lead to his to put out of the contract. it's astonishing to see the similarities with the arms race and the space race between the former soviet union and the united states and canada brother . and that is really done in both cases. it was about military dominance, you political and military prestige. and of course, financial interests, and i'm getting to visit with by the time we get to the 20th century with a mass knowledge about the world, it's matt, we know it's land in water masses, you know,
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and the new frontier it is face of premier for the 1st milestone has attained in 1957 when the soviet union launched as it but one. it became the 1st artificial satellite hood in the space to orbit the earth vienna. that was a crushing blow for the united states social change up there were several more milestones after that. the 1st human being to travel to space another so beat union success story in the form of astronaut you regard, jeremy and further humiliation for the us that your foot is actually it was a president kennedy who set a deadline of less than a decade to get to the lonely pope was a fair reco shop that meant doing things faster before the other superpower got there, shouted on, doesn't address, will be able to view it with me. so it was a risky mission where the youngest magellan was at 500 years ago. but we felt that when in many dangerous, unexpected events, events, english,
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but at that it popular during the cold war and audio the space race was one of the major conflicts between the 2 superpowers, the united states and the former soviet union. i saw them in the case of magellan, n o cono tune ferry. also there were 2 superpowers that divided the world up between themselves. anya, one of them in spain, dealer was even planning to compete against the other naval superpower. portugal went up to le identical shahida cuz you can go to jail and managed to hire many supporters, relatives and acquaintances. yours bought the spanish crown, also made sure would have sufficient loyal followers on board. among them, officers like one they kind of diana jojo was one to come in, but it couldn't you to ensure that all orders would be followed norbish forsooth was over you. he was her cousin, a javelin was the only captain general. so there had to be some one on hand to control him to a certain extent, one of many, little bro, one, the katerina was appointed co commander. both men had to reach agreement over every
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important decision whenever they acquitted. although magellan retained slightly more authority as sole carrollton general, any of this was a source of friction. you've got to go to copy down canada. yes, it will go frito. and as we know the relationship between magellan and caught the haine, it wasn't easy interest to brandon, bosco's brothers alice, among the bask spanish section of the crew, hired for the expedition. we find ones, they must dan o'connell. he, he was the master of one of the 5 expedition ships. lincoln concepcion, as soon as ship master. he was responsible for navigation and maintenance. on the maximum too. he was the most senior person on board with his it was often said that as gonna was a fugitive from justice, that he'd only joined the expedition to escape, punish medical. he'd sold a ship to a foreign country, which was a legal, at the time of his downhill. eliano is member of the red tunnel was descended from a family of maritime traders who sailed the seas in search of riches for glory.
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cumberland ana, eleanor edelman, of his hebrew. mister, the spanish people didn't want to work his crude titles and many foreigners signed up. hope to put all to despite that tooth, is it the entire thing? we're spaniards. that is the remaining 3rd made up of foreigners, mainly from italy in portugal, able to wish no, i don't know what to do it um, as well as sailor elizabeth is magellan slee, and we get my key of malacca was also on board my dummy. he spoke malay language spoken across the entire region. melody was a he was years as a translator, b c l i c. i don't have toys with love to buy the reparations for the trip began immediately after the signing of the expedition contract in via the lead. on the 22nd of march, 1518, the came instructed his treasurer as to quit, keep a few or 5 vessels for a clear expedition. yes, i don't know if he's young,
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it'll hang. let any that flap the flagship trinidad with ferdinand magellan as captain. that's on the san antonio with captain lundy, cut to hyena. luckily concepcion, captain flag hispanic asada. like the victoria left civilian captain by louise damon doretha. on the santiago her captain was one santano. ah! on the 10th of august 1519, the fleet with everything necessary on board, announced its departure from the port of seville with a salvo. on the 20th of september, we left san lucas sailing southwest and on the 26th, we reached one of the canary islands called 10 aretha. we stopped there for 3 days to take on meet water and firewood.
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marian as he yo. after leaving the canary islands, magellan followed an unexpected route, hugging the coast of africa. the strange route when the tensions again, the spanish captain's and magellan newly married. let to fears that magellan was heading for a portuguese colony and an african my yosemite to hit out when i call only a port, police hang africa reluctant to remind you initially the relationship between magellan and al cannel seemed cordial, but it became more difficult once they set sail, if you don't know if k, marilyn is the get that magellan should have given the other full captains, advanced warning of the plan to route that route because it but he didn't issue normally 3. have a has yet a hand asked. why have you changed course weirder. we had animals with full nigger, then. sure. vehicle magellan knew how to avoid the home conditions and find the
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winds to take him to the coast of brazil means so it was clear that open at this point janet caught the hannah didn't always agree with magellan again g as in girl, a caught a hannah accused him of taking the wrong route. little delightful neglect, magellan asserted his authority and overall command. good as well to the volume of dish was auto orleans will die. the king's orders were also unequivocal at the end of the day, but the captains had to salute magellan and oak be danny it's not obvious. yeah. so that void from the canary islands to brazil took around $75.00 day authority. they reached a paradise like bay with calm waters maurier with intensely green plants. here we stocked up on many hens, potatoes, sugar, term, and meat. we bartered things to our advantage for a hook or a knife. they gave us 5 or 6 hens for a comb to geese for a small mirror,
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enough fish for 10 people to eat. the really lights, brazil see. but they sailed on towards the side of each month, had passed since they had left seville on dean wydone crossed the handle to la monica to see if they followed the coastline of south america, which had already been explored by the expedition led by juan the as this elisa until they reached the rio that atlanta, that coffee from that point on the coastline hadn't been mapped. they were quite literally sailing into the unknown of young. every bay and inlet had to be thoroughly explored in case it was the passage they were looking for a boat. she said, what are they in basho gamelon with gunmen? and you must have way out it whether got worse and worse. if the winter was setting in on the magellan decided to make a stop and a bay and a natural harbour,
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what he named it's on holly on a m. all portal is unclean. realizing they were in for the long haul, magellan issued orders that the food be distributed carefully so it would last longer. it was very cold and there was no hope of finding the end of that dry land, nor the passage to the other. see, they were seeking it in an orderly. magellan remained in san holy on harbor for $148.00 days. no one understood why he stayed there for so long or guessed on idea that logic had been some me, doubts began to mount over. magellan ability was to lead such a long voyage. 08 louise. i don't reject all the captains of the other 4 ships plotted to assassinate captain magellan. the plot was uncovered. one man was dismember,
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and another stabbed to death. it actually got o janos. fortunately, magellan wanted to hang along with 40 others, but he decided again what ended up workers would ago because he needed the manpower to look at it. no, to leave without a magellan, didn't have the authority or social status to have that one day caught. the hannah killed is the only the king could order his execution. but magellan could no longer trust him beach carter. hannah and the ships bishop were arrested eco. and abandon on the island, and when the pros another misfortune befell us there. the santiago which had sailed ahead to shore to scout the area, was wrecked and the shoal, however, all the crew miraculously survived. the crew remained at the site for 2 months
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to salvage the wreckage and the goods that the seat tossed up on the beach from time to time low to plunder than announcement the crew of the santiago was distributed among the remaining foreshadow saddle now which then sail diana jo on yom, which of yes from there it took them just 2 days to reach a cape and they named it the case of the $11000.00 the virgin. grandma told us all they needed that us on fe milliken as they would later discover. okay. this kate marked the start of the strait of magellan. it not knowing what it was we were entering, we sailed 5 leagues up it until nightfall. the crew firmly believed that the strait had no exit to the west. and in a spiritual flash on the currants were extremely strong in the straight in, and there were many islands and channel as they got. it was very difficult to navigate the mind when it started it. also the weather was
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very volatile, with strong winds, wind up very quickly. i'm done muscle and halfway through the strait, they encountered a floor with no indication which was the right path to choose. or viaz. magellan sent an advance party of 2 ships. it'll be from the san antonio and the concept. so now san antonio eagles, if you the helmsman of the san antonio took advantage of the dark night to turn back the crew overpowered the captain, put him in chains, and sailed back to spain. then captain general magellan gave orders to look for them everywhere. and all money on us about the san antonio was too far ahead. he. they had no choice but to say along without letting me yoga. proceed noon.
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ah, the sailors on the recognizance boat came back on the 3rd day and told us that they had seen the cape where the street ended and that a great sea could be seen. the ocean. we all burst into tears of joy and very soon we named it the pacific ocean. was yen, fussy, through and all the pacific ocean was uncharted territory. that is, that's why magellan had been seeking a manure, maritime roots, their addition so high mary, undertaken for financial reasons, became ethical i in tiffany expedition for because mainly you just deliveries when amazed during the general you turned out to be as great to bang chat, love into it and re
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to the phone with you, let them know. it was a pleasing coincidentally, that centuries later if one of the astronauts who made the 1st ever moonlight splashed down into the pacific on their return to earth through august was of the 4 days earlier for mankind, had succeeded in setting foot on another world, be shout humans on the mount open, she'll be hit, wasn't historical milestone only 3 story is what the united states ahead in its space race against the soviet union, yet i but if he goes in, if you will, they exited the magellan straight free and entered the open waters of the pacific either behind the magellan quickly set sail to the north in
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a bid to leave this cold and rugged latitude behind and seek out areas with more favourable weather on glee, ma ma spreading, don't look at this point. they were already short on food or get land. this is because the san antonio antonio ship that had deserted lot latin that was on its way back to spain by java was the larger ship supplying the fleet to best buy. now what was left most strictly ration we had the fuel and i can find the water we were forced to drink was putrid, and stank. very often, the only food we had to eat was sawdust. even rats so disgusting for men. became such an expensive delicacy that each one went for half a do caught we sailed for 3 months and 20 days with no fresh food to eat. i do not think any person in the future will venture to set off on a similar journey. and then
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a man on the top sail cried land land. we were all so happy. we thought those who concealed their joy must be mad. awesome mo, longer they eventually reached alarm. i did well, which they named island of theodore. we did slowish. magellan wanted to take on provisions, but it wasn't possible because the islanders would come on board our ships to rob us and we were unable to stop them. campbell, who put his aaliyah fair to non magellan felt compelled to show his lord was the sold it to do furious. the captain went ashore with a group of armed men. they burned down 40 or 50 houses,
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as well as many canoes. 7 men were killed in to get us to feel co situation and guam was so tense that they decided to sail on it, although they could have started up on fresh food don't unless you know, a little bit of what happens. i sailing from guam, the fleet made huge detours in the direction of the mac os. mean off yet, our moral gad, he bid it looked as though magellan might have intended for sale through regions with undiscovered islands in the later claimed them for himself or his descendants, as a way of boosting his profit daily battle. if and anthea, i won't be blair, and if it is done not then they hear about a city called c bu and had their english list, and you learn how you use it when the wheel and chillin was enthralled by
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the islands lush vegetation which went on and when he saw the natives wheel, especially the kings were thick gold chains are and their negatives he said, were wished this is the place where i want to staves. he to the leo mchuga. mm. magellan sent one of his assistance with enrique, the interpreter as ambassador to talk to the king of c boone. when they arrived in the village, they found a king surrounded by a crowd. frightened by the sound of the barrage, the interpreter began by coming down the king, telling him that it was our custom. and the din was nothing but a friendly salutation of peace. to honor the king as well as the island. that put every one at ease is settled, kill him, but you should night. we're at the point of transition between the middle ladies
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and a modern ale, shalumi and the lead and the magellan himself. it was the perfect embodiment of this generation. old mc nathan gotten wound to play. i kill him though he was a military man at 1st and foremost, i won't kill you all. he was also hugely curious about all aspects of maritime travel and trade. nicolette goggles young will add it. at this time, old religion was the last resort that every one could claim to wrench winter. consequently, religious rituals were often part of the daily routine on these long trips. twice from the shores. colossal bristle nieces here our people were very joyful. the people of cebu also seemed happy. the king of the island and his wife became christians after only a little persuasion. and in less than a fortnight, over $10000.00 people on this island became christians. recalling to
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jewish all law magellan, it was important to convert a future pardoner to christianity y'all. lord king home up on me. and he wanted to strengthen a bond of loyalty friendship and alliance with a powerful ally littles leo. marianna. how ye woe magellan wanted to develop a good relationship with king whom robin, with a view to perhaps sealing an alliance with the king of castiel and claiming sea blue for spain. guy o, 4, mar, up out of it. a magellan had agreed with king carlos the 1st johnny that he'd be the governor of all the islands he might find on his journey they last year last. ready a boy yet i hadn't gone up. okay. okay my any much evelyn wanted to be a traditional noble and lumpy what very wealthy with servants and subordinates for universal use. it comes putting it back in the end where natalie gained an ally on to the boy a treating partner to exchange its products for their seems. but they also inherited a new partners in old enemies moliere. the king of c,
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boone was quite happy to be converted to christianity without gaining any thing in return. what he did gain was the obedience of lords on the surrounding islands. the captain ordered the lords to be brought before him. he told them that if they did not obey the king of cebu, he would order their execution and confiscate their properties. based with this threat, all the lords promised to recognize his authority, vedo vin, on him pro i am one lord on a nearby island, continues to cause problems refusing to obey magellan orders without de la last india. imagine only one law had the arrogance not to come when he was summoned, his name was lap who laputa, and he lived on a small island north of c booth called mac time. insulted, magellan made a public announcement that the offense would be avenged. a man who ran an
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enterprise of such importance had no need to prove his power. the mission of his fleet was more important. magellan assembled 40 men and headed for mach ton on small boats. the king of c boob warned him not to fight the king of c bu went with 2000 armed men just to watch the battle. the captain general had ordered them to be spectators and watch us fight wagon. his magellan disembarked his to look at his legs, were unprotected sex union, the spaniards body armor didn't you on the legs? no, i'm glad that our modems it would not be if there were 1500 islanders as soon as they sauce, they charged us making a terrible noise. 2 battalions attacked on a blank and a 3rd from the front. feeling confident that they outnumbered us. they threw swarms
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of spears at us, sticks stones, even soil, and we struggle to defend ourselves. when the natives realised that their blows to our heads and bodies did not hurt us because of the armour, but our legs were unprotected. they threw arrows, spears, and stones at our legs as they knew our captain magellan, most of the attacks were directed at him. ah, with that's how our guiding might. our pillar died. mm hm. mm.
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that was the only that got his medical the weight on my and his dad of a charismatic leader such as magellan in a moment. okay. jeopardize the entire expedition to somebody else was used for emily. one as soon as he was gone to the point that the crew didn't know what to do now, so they know how to be in a coma quintinella. to lambert the after mcellen's death, a group of men who had been loyal to magellan took over the leadership of the expedition. it must be the king of sabrina, invited them to a banquet. the king of mac tan rallied other local rulers and issued a threat to the king of said, bu will you don't get rid of the spaniards? no, we'll get rid of you anymore. the deal. i will 2 captains and 25 crewmen attended the banquet on 1st. they were assassinated. massage
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and got on a flat panel. the set can didn't goofy. that's how i think a feta was wounded and didn't go either which but most who did attend died. yes, you get the amazon right. i mean, and that's when the terror sent in, as usual, they'd already lost their captain general my or yeah, most of the expeditions he leaders were dead. they were afraid of being killed with an arrow. they're suffering a shipwreck during the night or in or being betrayed over a bit of a hearing. i don't need a gun at the moment on, i guess allen, they they, if they will, as they flood see booth following this treachery. also, they realised there weren't enough sailors for their 3 ships, if not. so they had to get rid of one. they sat there say they were here, it was common practice to sacrifice the ship in the worst condition. but other provisions could then be distributed and the voyage continued to get a so just gave them the concepcion so it wouldn't fall into the hands of the portuguese or any other seafaring nation. crew members with m re assigned to the
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remaining 2 ships, trinidad and the victoria 930 ah ah, if you are, i am glad from that point on confusion ranged a little short. they were headed for some islands on the equator. his last, last all the new while are just up. no, some in is at the, but they don't even know their exact position. when didn't look at it, they decided to set sail for them. a lucas, whichever way he about me this momento, they would board any ship they encountered on the high side to ask how to get there
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. if there was any one who knew the route, he would be taken along on board along that alarm. and that's how they managed to reach them, a lucas within a mile in his plan. they mean, i knew that our moral guessing was gentlemen. let me explain it. and in victoria, with the only shadow that realised the expeditions goal, yet i reached my lockers 2 years after leaving seville. eat, gabriella? once they got there, they looted the 2 vessels, up with spices part of the car who was for the king. and part of it for the crew that will about it. we were well received. we did everything we could to do business with them. and we spent many days loading the ship anyhow, luxury. what under orders to fill the whole eggs? emily appears it. i haven't had immediately to spam in they are going to pass on saturday,
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december 21st 1521. everything was ready for us to leave the monarchs of them, a lucas came to say good bye. the sales of the victoria were unfurled burst, and she sailed off shore, where she waited for the trinidad, which raised anchor with difficulty. the sailors realised there was a leak. they could hear water flowing in faster and faster as if through a pipe. we couldn't see where it was coming in at the yesterday on last, trinidad was sinking in thought of his latest. i get deleted shit, behind. i didn't sale to slain with jealousy. le victoria, to report that to the king. and you said they had to reagan, the spy, silence. i may enter the city that he did. humble, that friend was to sail back in a westerly direction. what else? sure. that was the portuguese roots. if they were caught, than that, that would be the end. if the bumper thinking mm, see the privacy of a few people. it took 3 months to cross the pacific ceiling across the indian ocean
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to cape verde, through the atlantic ocean, where it took almost 5 people, 5 months without going through orders, his clothes and commissions. dorothea seattle, they wanted to go ashore, but they couldn't because the cliffs for to see up in the windows, driving them against the rocks. if a ship is crushed against the shore line, for the wind is usually the end unit up with a very dangerous situation with gussie, but it is dramatically good. we sailed for months and months with no rest. during that time we lost $21.00 men, erected israel guilford, horseshoe rusty under the gun captain by one sebastian o'kahn who i was to victoria undertook a 6 month voyage through partially uncharted waters. i'm looking for finally arriving back at seneca. that was the greatest nautical achievement of this
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expedition. never before had any one seals such a huge distance up over 3 different oceans without stopping and it was truly a ruin law. is that i'm clear. on saturday, the 6th of september we entered the bay of san luke od ah, of the 60 men that made up the crew. when we left the ma lucas, only 18 survived and most of them were sick. ah ah, well next he took them only, it was a tremendous success. almost as many unknown ladies had been discovered info from 2nd, but the death toll was huge. and if you think about it, when you do wonder, wasn't it? well then and there's so many dazel murder,
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that's the history to say, leslie olivia, a little in the 5 here had a different story to tell. as we know, only one managed to sail around the world and make it to saying that when the victoria knock, illinois is say, september they on the 6th of september of $1522.00, they finally arrived and saw look oddly about of me that you are very that when elk gun all wrote to the king to report his arrival that we want a day more, it's a wonderful short letter let briefly lists all the achievements of the expedition to yield. all of those i am most outstanding was to have completed the 1st circum
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navigation of the globe, and one of your greatest success at this boy. it was perhaps that it provided the 1st actual proof that the earth is round. yal look here. so for the remains oo baldwin was in the wake of this coiled funeral lapse and maritime roots underwent a drastic change owner. the uncles were you look at the columbus expedition, had enabled the mapping of america's atlantic coast. but he hadn't sailed south towards brazil was yogurt or magellan expedition allowed. the mapping of large areas of the pacific new countries were also discovered which greatly expanded our perception of the world on leo nor amendment i. you'll get what else in the seasons and i'm jealous. no cannuck can't be understated squawk, not only for future additions, but also the challenges facing scientific exploration deutschen prudential calling scarce espinoza, asked the v, as in pretty glad on this voyage of scientific knowledge and exploration were
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a paramount important. if you go, you seals without this knowledge of progress isn't possible. phineas green cements, and without scientific progress, we can't understand the world, feared old to the far too much. to overcome. the middle, the family that i began in the mediterranean social, then we cross the oceans and now we're exploring space. i can see a human constant, there were perpetually searching for new horizons, new experiences, new fields of expansion. come with you here could i'd say that 500 years ago magellan opened a gateway, a gateway to a new world and exploration. put us on another gateways been open ever since we scrooge. it's motivated us to keep exploring, to launch satellite hymns, place, pray, daily to map the mouth and the moon. he adams along that was the starting point for
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us gateways open here and well, never cleanout cannuck m i sure. is she me or the number one in my view, magellan was voyage can be come out of here with a content teacher event dimple. here i would, for example, when i was traveling through a warm head board all. now imagine that one day the president of the united states is not a russian scientists. leaders who proves the folding universe doesn't buy and warm whole feelings for the present on the scientists shows the president, the location of a worm holes i was, i was on the president of n orders, nasa to send 5 spi ships with the best astronauts to fly into the worm, holland awesome. and if they disappear without a trace, and one day after 3 years, one of the species returns with just a few muster, vipers on board. when the east survivors tell of a world what is a far cry from how we might have imagined it, this would change our perception of the universe eloquence and precisely the same way as el condos return changed. our perception of the world is the same story. 5 ships, a $239.00 total on board set sail on an adventure that i might not survive the up
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you lose the did changed humanities view the world. yo money. my distinguished highness. you need to know that only 18 men made it back. and only one of the 5 vessels that your highness sent out to discover the spice islands with captain fed. anon, magellan god rest his soul as your highness knows, sailing, westbound, and coming back east bound we have discovered and gone around the whole world. ah ah
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ah ah blue haze o d g? yeah, pint of this south african arch, collective uses play to convey a message our design philosophy is about celebrating our cultural heritage is proud of who we are and shedding that with a well every max in 30 minutes on t w. o.
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in she up to date, don't miss our highlights. the d w program on line d, w dot com highlights india a lend of contrasts of ambitions of inequality. 75 years ago, mahatma gandhi peacefully led the country to independence. what has remained of his vision? where does the world so call to largest democracy stand? where is india headed with this is the moment to unleash on violet bars. gandhi's legacy starts january 28th on d, w. ah
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ah, this is the w news live for dozens of injured in peruse capitalists. protesters clash with the police. and the government protest spreading across the country demonstrate as are demanding fresh elections after the same bas, asking of president pittsville casteel.


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