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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2023 3:00pm-3:31pm CET

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ah, because no one should have to flee. ah! make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah ah, this is dw news live from bel air raid sirens sound out across ukraine. top you officials hold a summits on ukraine, mtv ukrainian leaders want to speed up you membership talks about the block says it cannot fast track the process by balloon over the u. s. senate
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authorities scrambling, nobody knows who launched it, but the pentagon suspects china, canada says it also detected the high altitude surveillance balloon. and poland says dozens of countries could jointly boycott next year's olympics. unless athletes from russia and fellow roost of bad ah, i'm glad out us welcome to the program. a john, you ukraine summit is underway and the ukranian capital keith. earlier today, you commission president over the phone. the line visited a post office with ukraine's prime minister dennis rio. they were promoting a scheme where ukrainians can get hold of energy efficient light bulbs. the use providing 35000000 bulbs as part of efforts to help you crane save energy. amid
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repeated russian, the tax on critical infrastructure fund, the line arrived in keys yesterday, heading up the largest the u. delegation to visit ukraine. since russia's invasion there is the steel of a family get together. this members of the you commission gathered in cave for a historic joint meeting with the ukranian government. he, you commission president wants to live on the lion said they were there to show you up stands as firmly as ever, with ukraine in its war with russia. our presence in chief today gives a very clear signal. the whole of the european union is in this with ukraine for the long haul. and we will stand up for ukraine as we stand up for the fundamental rights and the respect of the international law. but amidst all the smiles in solidarity sits another issue, i guess, for you, uh huh. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski once she craned to become
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a fully fledged member of the e. u. family and quickly you prepared your application for the european union membership brilliantly. i know it by experience you became a candid at country while fighting an invasion. you continue to make impressive progress to meet the 7 steps of the commissions opinion. part of that progress is renewed crackdown on corruption, including this rate at the home of one of your cranes most prominent billionaires. just a day before the e. u. teams arrival in cave that timely demonstration of the landscape determination to prove to doubt as in europe, that he and his government can be trusted. not only as a future e u member states, but also with billions in aid as him when the country starts to rebuild visible door level. but regarding for reconstruction, there were
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a lot of discussions on various levels in europe recently regarding the rebuilding of our country after the war. concret. now it is time, i think, for more concrete details, luasa both the fast reconstruction and for fast financing of his process for our important operate, process he in the here and now the e. u has promised to continue its support for ukraine by hitting russia with a fresh wave of sanctions who when it comes to e e. e membership, it looks like president the landscape would just have to wasted bocce or european commission president found a line, the president of the, a rehab in council and ukraine's president of miss ellensby have just held a joint press conference or corresponded. mathias a. bellinger was there and listen to it, but he has the main topic at the summit is the potential you membership of ukraine . what was said about that at the press conference. so they were very encouraging
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words by fondling and char michelle or the president of the european council edge that her ukraine is really moving forward on the tasks that members aspiring members have to fulfill arms and or both sides have reiterated that the goal is to be in europe, the goal is for ukraine to be part of the european union that ukraine belongs to europe. and this would also be in defiance of russia, if underlying her stress that she was impressed, that ukraine was undertaking these measures that are necessarily there lot of legal reforms to be done there also, some are implementation of measures against corruption. for example, there to be done that it's undertaking this during the time of war. however, this is the beginning of such a process. and we know that there arcs quite a few steps that had for ukraine to become really eligible for membership or so. the process will go its way,
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there will not be any time frame ukraine will have to fulfill all the. all the steps that are member aspiring members have to fulfill. there's just one exception . ukraine will gain faster access to the european market. then candidates usually do that's due to the war as means of supporting ukraine's economy. there is already a waiver on import tariffs from ukraine in many industries, and that will be extended under steps to was an integration into the opium market. might be faster than the membership process. now from the land also announced that there will be a new round of sanctions against russia. has she given any more details? was she can not give more details because it's there member states there will have to agree on the sanctions. it's not she and the lansky who are negotiating these sanctions. lensky has given is input what ukraine expects. ukraine expects
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a are ban on the russian nuclear industry. that something that seems to be a little bit unlikely at the moment in europe, but this is something that member states are discussing with the only hint she has given at where the sanctions i had in. is that what they were focus heavily on the technology sector? because what has been found out is that russia was able to continue producing weapons, including arm drones, iraq, that the, the jones are produced by iran, but are the components or for some of the weapons. ah, just often ordinary electronics components that you can buy on the market. so in order to a researcher, to stop russia from being able to produce more rockets and more weapons, and there needs to be a better control of these components that are you,
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jewel use that are consumer goods, but also are used in the weapons in history. and there's also an effort to add that there will be an effort to or prevent so convention of the sanctions, not, no details are given on how to do this. we know that many of the inputs go via 3rd countries and things like that. but are they, these is, these are the goals to stop russia from obtaining or technology components that they use in their or military production. but how they're going to do this, what specifically will be under sanctions, is something that the e u member states will have to discuss and, and they will announce it in brussels or wherever they are meeting rather than here . were there any more robust aid commitments to ukraine? yes, during the 2 days there was a lot of, there were a lot of announcement, you mentioned the 35000000 light bulb. so there was a lot of very specific um,
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a measures are there. there is also going to be another 8 package, a military aid package of a half a 1000000000, and also another package of well, that was something that was pledged before, but it's something they keep stressing. there will be direct budget aid this year of $18000000000.00 euros are all over all the european union so far has pledged, partly, already paid and partly is going to a transfer this year. a 50000000000 euros of financial age to ukraine without mucous bonnet. mathias at berlin, or they're reporting from a key of their and a top e and ukraine. and officials have been holding a summit in keith to discuss your crimes push for membership in the you and a represent as have been addressing reporters after the talks. i think we could
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maybe listen in ah, no, not yet, but we will have that press conference for you a late in the later program. now here's of an escalation of ukraine. a was a key reason why germany was reluctant to allow it's tanks to be sent to ukraine. but now that berlin has given the green light. what'll germans think of their government's response to the war? now according to the results of the latest info, as deem a pol only a very small percentage of respondents say they're very satisfied. over a 3rd are satisfied with what's being done in their name, but even more or less satisfies 22 percent of germans in the end are not satisfied at all. now let's sir, talk about this with our a political corresponded hands, but auntie can talk us through these figures hands. what do you make of this? well, what's clear is that there is about a 3rd of the german population that stands firmly behind or off shows. the
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chancellor and his government and other 20 percent are firmly against him and the rest are somewhere in between. and there's this somewhere in between sector is really of concern to all of charles. it's the people that swing one way or the other depending on what is under discussion or possibly also depending how the situation and ukraine is developing. and that to some extent, explains the reticence, the care with which short of shorts has been taking his decisions. the reason that he has often been accused of being too timid in his decisions it's got to do with the fact that he is concerned that he wants to take along his electorate, the german population, that they agree to his decisions. so even the decision on the tags, which took months, it was a reflection of that care, care with which the mood and the population is being watched by the chancellor.
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that's the poll says also asked about sending weapons to ukraine, and he had to opinion, seems divided 44 percent. say germany is providing enough weapons. following that decision to send the leopard tanks to ukraine, of course, but about a 3rd se bullied is doing too much. so, and what's going on there? are germans becoming less supporters that supportive for ukraine? they're i think what you can say is that the decision to send tanks, which took such a long time to take, has changed some of the opinions amongst the german population. there is a significant swing away from people who used to say that they're not enough. what's being done towards the people that are saying it is enough now a 10 percent swing between this month and the previous month we're talking here about a monthly poll. so there is a period parentally, a feeling amongst the german populace amongst the electorate, that the amount of weapons and the kinds of weapons that have been sent to ukraine
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so far have reached a point where further deliveries further increases might become more difficult to support in the german electorate, and we already are having a discussion, obviously about fighter jets. so the tanks are being followed by a discussion about fighter jets. that's something that appears not to see much support in the general populace. now as it looks as if some germans are still hoping for diplomatic solution here, the a 3rd saint or germany is doing enough to try and end the war by diplomatic means. but as many as 58 percent say not enough, is been done diplomatically. we have also gathered some views on the streets of berlin. let's just listen to that diploma diplomacy. okay. but if only one side doesn't diplomacy and the other doesn't play a lot, just pretends and nothing happens, then it's of no use india. there's feel again lisa,
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very difficult decisions. one should never forget that it's super difficult to weigh all of that. um, but i think overall it's fine. that's good. that's really they are very hesitant and reserved. everything should have happened much faster in the man on the street . them hans or german chance are all a short says he'll keep talking to vladimir putin by phone. is there any prospect of success there doesn't seem to be much prospect of those kind of talk succeeding at the moment. the last time that we know. busy that the 2 leaders spoke to each other directly on the phone is 2 months ago and early december and nothing followed on from that. they simply exchanged positions and were basically not able to find any common grounds that's also been shown by the way putin has presented himself and talked in the last couple of days on the occasion of the anniversary of the
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battle of styling garage, which was seen as a turning point in the 2nd world war there put in emphasized, to what extent germany had at that time devastated russia or the soviet union. and this was in the offing again, at the same time in the german population. there is a lot of concern that this kind of war between germany and russia could be happening again. and that's why there is such a lot of support in german population for diplomatic initiatives to trying to in this war that corresponded hands a plant there. thank you very much. ton of a brief look at some of the other stories making headlines. pope frances has wrapped up his visit to the democratic republic of congo and is heading for self sadhana. the head of the catholic church is expected to bring a message of peace and reconciliation into communal violence still play south saddam. despite the end of a civil war in 2018,
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with 27 people killed in classes just this thursday. prime ministers of the baltic states have met in estonia, capital talon, to discuss more ways to support ukraine. the lead is also holding talks on european security. the baltic states and poland have called for a ban on russian and better reason. athletes from next year's olympic games. ukraine has pressed criminal charges against the head of russia's wagner. group gift gainey previously has been charged with waging a war of aggression against ukraine. encroaching on its territorial integrity, the back non mercenary group has been fighting fierce battle with ukrainian force. beulah says it's tracking a surveillance balloon that's been spotted high over the state of montana. the pentagon says it's suspect that is chinese but has not confirmed its origin. meanwhile, china has warned against speculation and what it called, a hype until the facts are established. when
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a montana resident spotted this object hovering over 30 minutes in the skies above his home, he had no idea what it was. i was actually at work and i was getting ready to leave for the day and just a few minutes earlier i had seen some news reports and some aerospace restrictions here in billings. and so i thought that was a little suspicious. and i, i was looking out the window like i normally do, and i just happened to spotted out of the corner of my eye. yes, defense official say a suspect, a chinese surveillance balloon has been traveling over the country for several days, including over sensitive military sites. not deeming it to be particularly dangerous and not wanting to harm people on the ground. they chose not to shoot it down. you as secretary of state anthony blank, and he said to make a re, a visit to china. and a few days, responding to the incident,
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beijing warned against speculation are going to go through china as a responsible country and has always strictly abided by international laws. and china has no intention to violate the territory and ass space of any sovereign countries. as for the balloon, were looking into and verifying the situation and hoped that both sites can handle this together calmly and carefully. meanwhile, canada says it is also tracking the balloon and monitoring what he calls a potential 2nd incident. and have some more news headlines for you. as trillion tennis player nick curious has pleaded guilty to assaulting his ex girlfriend. but he won't face a criminal conviction off recording. cambro dismissed the charges, he admitted pushing over his ex girlfriend. you are an argument in 2021, for the judge said it wasn't for mediated and that the risk of re offending was low . yeah, these are for 7 fishing nets, plastic bags, tramps, floats,
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and other debris have been discovered inside the stomach of a sperm while that washed ashore. recently in hawaii, san to said the waste was enough to block the 17 meta long creatures, intestines, abandoned fishing, give as one of the deadliest forms of marine plastic, produce the award winning iranian filmmaker, jaffar. but now he has begun hunger strike and he was jailed last july after protesting the arrests of 2 fellow filmmakers who were demanding the government end . it's violent cracked down on the mass protests in the country. but now he is currently being held at the country's notorious v in prison with which houses political prisoners in a statement released by his wife. for now he said he was protesting the quote, illegal and inhumane behavior of the judicial and security apparatus. and from on that story, we are joined now by the w's. scott roxborough, who filed a report on this story earlier. scott,
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why exactly is judge of harper and i in prison in the 1st place? yes, it's a bit of actually, of a mystery because of high, as you said in july, went to actually inquire about the arrest of 2 of his of filmmaking. colleagues, and instead of giving them any information, the authorities arrested him, claiming that they were just in acting a sentence that was handed down in 2010 when up and i was given a 6 year prison sentence. but that sentence was actually never carried out, and so he was never actually put in jail. so the authorities say that they are now actually keeping him in jail because of an original arrest back in 2010. but since they are incarcerated him in july, we had of course, this huge uprising in a september after a young woman died in a while she was after she'd been arrested by the religious authorities in iran. and
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that, of course, cause these incredible street protests that have really rocked the iranian government. and so now the reigning regime is in the position where they definitely do not want to release. and he was one of the great dissident directors of iran has become sort of a symbol for resistance to their government. now he says that and i quote, i will refuse to eat and drink any food and medicine until the time of my release. that particular wording, what does it mean by that? yet he's referring specifically to the court system. the legal system in ran because his a conviction was in 2010. and because it wasn't enacted is because the statute limitations in iran, he should be allowed to appeal the conviction the supreme court of rand as agreed with that and under iranian law that he should be released on bail until his appeal . that just hasn't happened. and can i, he is saying, the iranians,
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the justice system works incredibly quickly when it comes to arresting and convicting. and then executing, protesters are which a few of which have been executed a since the protests in the september. but when it comes to enacting the supreme court, the rulings in his case, other just taking their time. now do you think the iranian saudis will back down? it's very difficult to see. is he them doing it? i mean, the under incredible pressure, obviously, from the ongoing protests in iran and outside iran denies is, is a huge symbol of, of resistance. he's incredibly well known filmmaker, internationally, he's want awards in at the canton vessel in venice many times in berlin because he's such a symbol of the resistance in such a distant symbol for the entire world. really, it becomes very difficult, i think, for the reigning government to conceit and in this case. but having spoken to a number of a ring until makers outside of the country who, who know him and,
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and know that those situation, they're actually quite helpful. they think that the situation has gone so far and his is, his legal case is so strong that them they might be away for the reigning government to back down and, and actually be lisa to the scott rocks for that. thank you very much, scott, to russia now where censorship has only arisen since moscow launched its invasion of ukraine. and that's not stopping some artist from express, expressing their opinion to the war and exhibition and st. petersburg has gone ahead, despite the dangers of a wide eyed child tubs of peace and the words love against hate, all displayed on me to long cardboard posters. these are the works of 77 year old st. petersburg artists, elaina, or sipp, over 2 dozen of these posters, created from 2014, to the present day were on display here at the local headquarters of the russian
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political party. yep. local. the exhibition opened on the last day of january the very next day it was rated by police and the works confiscated. organizers had anticipated such a reaction there decided not to feature or supervise most critical work, fearing it could fall under new laws, restricting freedom of expression in russia, another new new, new fuel of wood. with mowgli. unfortunately, we were not able to exhibit all the works here publicly because we need to comply with the new laws. and we wouldn't want to put alaina, also pover and the party at risk. but if you don't believe the young lady, some of her work is you are very striking when vision absolutely accurately from the thought they contain words that one would have to pay a fine for a couple of more. who is of what need for the voice. it's elena, i suppose her has studied and taught art all her life work. she created her 1st
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political poster in 2002 more days after the seizure of moscow theater by chechen rebels see go. yes. since then, she's taken part in countless protests is often being detained after russia invaded ukraine or supervised joined anti war rallies. she says she was not afraid then, and she isn't now despite the new repressive laws, both the hues of the world but one could be worse and what is happening to her. nothing is scary. you never know what scary, but this is my country, my homeland. why can't i say or do something peacefully without weapons? daily knew bit bit her several dozen people came to the opening of the exhibition in saint petersburg visit. his also wrote letters to russian political prisoners with events like this inspire hope in
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a bright future career. because there are many people who think the same and it's necessary for us to be close to one another. to know, appreciate and love each other with. police seized a total of 19 paintings by alaina asi prover. later, the artist told reporters that she also got a visit from the police that night, but she says she will keep protesting. she is known in the city as the conscience of saint petersburg. it wasn't he w. c, as a reminder of our top stories, european and ukrainian officials have been began a joint summit in keys. the crane wants to speed up, membership towards the block says it cannot fast track the process. and china has claimed that one of its high altitude balloons, county flying over the u. s. is for civilian purposes,
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and that it regrets the balloon sales into us aspects of officials have to drive the ash it's as an intelligence gathering below. and a reminder, you can always get the w news on the go. just download our app from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from us. well, as well as push notifications for any breaking news we might and i said to up to date, there's a lot more news. all websites, of course d, w dot com. i'm gabrielle 1st in berlin. i've been updated for you at the top of the base board with with
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describe now t d w documentary, blue, no da vinci's, mysterious masterpiece was perhaps the greatest leonardo masterpiece and the collection of the louvre. and no, it is not them on a lease. it is the virgin of the rocks. was there another symbolic meaning to this beautiful painting that perhaps we just don't understand? the search for answers starts february 10th on d, w. ah, ah, this is did other news a shack coming up to date, goals for accountability? 3 months on from south korea's national tragedy. more than a $150.00 people died in a crowded crush in seal last year, but received a foot dragging from the parties has hated.


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