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tv   Gandhis Legacy  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2023 12:02pm-1:01pm CET

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ah, stories that most people the world over information they provide the opinions they want to express. d, w on facebook and twitter, up to date and in touch. follow us with imagine how many portion of lunch are thrown out in the world. climate change very hot. the story. this is my left the way from just one week. how much was going to really get we still have time to go. i'm going all with
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a with a ah, through india a country steep tin ritual. west. spirituality is an integral part of life to
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day politically charged. so good. and so the narrative in which nationalism and hindu is em. rules supreme and where hate speech and violence towards non hindus are on the rise. a nation plagued by poverty and inequality. but with soaring ambitions, including the conquest about his space, a old, this is india 75 years after independence. a country often called the world's largest democracy, now home to almost 1400000000 people like a pivotal figure in the birth of modern india was mohandas. karen chand gandy known
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as mahatma, or great sold a man whose campaign of non violent resistance helped free the country in 1947 from british colonial rule. when gandhi had to fight the cotton empire of british, he did not take out camel. he pulled out a spinning and when he was asked, how do you think a few pieces of wood can bring you freedom? is it the only thing that can, because any one can make a spinning wheel, the poorest woman in the porous hut can spin her freedom. so the spinning wheel became not just the symbol, but the methodology of getting freedom in the colonialism and globalization of that time. gandy. so the spinning wheel as a symbol of national identity and economic independence,
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a country where ordinary men and women would spin their own class. brandon, as shiva is one of gandhi's most prominent intellectual heirs and a vocal critic of modern globalization, she continues the fight for his ideals of freedom, equality, and non violent change. ideals that paved the way to india's independence on the 15th of august, 1947 at the midnight hour when the room sleep well, when are we laden freedom? ah, i lose.
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ira gandy was born in 1934. he's a grandson of mahatma gandhi, and spent time with his grandfather as a child. the most important, bradley, i think, would be true. he always insisted that true is the s and separate life. we have to be able to speak the truth and, and find the truth, pursued the truck he, along with political contemporary such as jo, holla, nehru, and b, m. baker gandy envisioned in india in which everyone enjoyed equal rights irrespective of religion, an india that would vanquish poverty and hunger. but what remains today of gandhi's vision of freedom equality and peaceful coexistence.
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i didn't know rent removed. he became prime minister in 2014 his right wing hindu nationalist party has been reshaping the country, the b, j. p actively champions hindu with them. instrumental lising it for political gain recent years have seen a rise in hatred and incitement to violence towards non hindus, especially muslims. government. good, and this is a gun. the philosophy lead, obvious the you didn't believe in this philosophy has no respect and you know he does everything possible. oh, emily, eliminate the image of god. the premier gandhi's sayings continue to provide inspiration the world over. but do his ideals still have
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meaning in the india of today? ah for millions of indian men and women, poverty is a trap with no prospect of escape. thanks to the ancient cast systems. it dates back some 3000 years and divides people from bus in a social hierarchy of forecasts, priests warriors, and rulers, merchants, and labourers. one group has so low in the hierarchy that they're not even deemed worthy of a cost doll. it's have no other choice than to do the jobs. nobody else wants,
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such as cleanings, sewers, and latrines by hand. nana left the family but i went over $30.00 to $50.00 rupees per month. per house. human got they have whatever little i get paid. i try to make do that. but i thought 5 been doing this for 50 or 60 years now on you to would have been a while. don, it's the scene is unclean and have long been deemed societies untouchables. they endure many hardships and discrimination and all too often violence best mother wilson is a crusader for the rights of dar let's. he also comes from a darling family and his parents and brothers work to collecting human waste. to
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day wilson leads a nation wide movement to eradicate what is known as manual. scavenging constitution says, the pupils are all free and we are all equal. and we do have an invite to life with the dignity but content that the practice off the manual. scavenging forcing that another human being to clean the human, it's lisa, which is good to me, almost there goes there. i don't please come in when you my dog. i take a seat there. dealt birdsall beaverton. well, gaudy. i don't, it's make up a round to 18 percent of india's population. more than 250000000 people working as uncle dana india did on almost a do one leg and 1000 people are did, leaving the human excreta majority off. there might have you meant because it is
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being in a individual, brian and, and guinea that latina clark. i'm debbie admitted i'm di gab you started with your mother lot. yes. said the d lab by you or by 10 years old. had yes. about 10 or 12 this wide us alga that's by the uh huh. and when is you to put a film basket on my head for me to go off and empty it in a monsoon ball, but lord, what is on need? it was and really hard work. not even that you have your face covered the stench of someone else's excrement is difficult to bear a year or 2. you cooled glamourai all that work and they'd get me chosen one rotate one piece of bread butter and they'd keep their distance handing it to me. ah, no, lou lou ah yes . so that of the people
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that think that that built that or somebody was up. well, you'd then brad to somebody as an apple. yeah. i'm such people are saying that don't key that polluted things. ah, i mean that is no one wants them exercising. you're going to know you must do, you must. but they're made that doesn't institutionalize nobody calls since, nobody asked why it does happen. this is that there is no cost is to mean indiana. constitutions is optical, 7 been ability and banished. but when it is there banished, ah, i don't believe that one
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sometimes done it madness, climbed down through the drains and into the sewage system with no protective gear . they went to allow this to be filmed since this kind of work is officially prohibited with just getting a gun. the bless and i'm like, well we get cold to people's houses because a lot drain was younger this. hm. so 1st they moved to format and curtains. aside, others hated our hands, mustn't touch anything regularly, then we go inside and get to work. go a lot. if we ask to pick something up, they say i come, no, no, no, not that is global. nobody has met him yet. but still positive. name. humbled, hang. it up, and if we do touch it, they'll say now you've ruined william about a month and good luck to be uploading alive. that's on touch ability
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i you want the ability want campus again to confident pending will i will. what do you want the best try that has not been got visibility means that best buy the human either human beings, confidence level and did it didn't. it didn't sell for us back into the break into the business like and they would say that balance that you come and conflict with me with this is one of the careful with this one. good. keep your distance digital it down to the bottom. yes. little blue and the other drain to oh, we didn't realize he inhaled the gas. that wasn't, it wasn't,
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it was only when he started choking. he died soon afterwards. don, it's have been killed cleaning sewers and septic tanks, usually due to toxic gases like me saying, and hydrogen, so fight goldman buffer india in 1993 fostered there. how enacted to prohibit the man who has coverage in india. after 10 years we all seen what happened that isn't a law which prohibits why the back to still time did in. oh, in 2013 new legislation consolidated the ban on manual scavenging without protective equipment. the modi government has introduced many social programs such as the construction of toilets. but the discrimination and injustice faced by doll it's persists. it went to the supreme court long struggling. any hardness never punished even a single bud. all day when he its act after the act,
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a man meant after the man meant what the law but never punished even a single. what's my name? oh, i forgot. what are some movie for papa started feeling unwell? as soon as the gas hit him? guys looked thing or look going again the moment we opened the lid of the gutter, both he got restless and started sweating. garage over his whole body was drench. it's any sort of it was he non electrical bonnie on and i got put his internet. me on medical nick as a medical denied when we were taking him to the hospital, he inhaled a lot of really awful gas craving also lit up, the drain jammed for a long time. hope there's no one had any idea. one was down there. on the middle and everyone's out trying to earn a few rupees, but who knows what awaits them re long to narrow medical georgia. i wanted them to johnny with the 2000 to 14. the supreme court has given
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a gentleman did that mentioned that, that the man should not any human being should not entered into the man who left us you would like. and if something happens in accidentally, in case of him, what he did in saddle insist they're out to go away. then let's bump a dish and lay them only. we started counting a home. many people died in the country club plaza. our lilies surprised that we got almost like a $1600.00 and odd the debts, our people with the biggy out of the collecting that we submitted to the government . but the debt says not stopped. the early in last year in duluth sin we how was seen, witnessed, almost like get my death within a one month about 9 deaths. so we are saying
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that to why can't the government make such missions and give it to them? let them all put in such missions and stop dis killings in that. see what i've got . that's so that is the demand which we are taking forward across the country and my grandfather and vision in india when everybody would be known as hydrogen to every hindu would be known as hydrogen, or which is the word that being described for the low cost untouchable people were being oppressed, he called them hydrogen, which means children are growing and he said the day everybody at dawn, or the sense that they have commented in the gosh system.
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then all the hindus were to have the right to be known as our regions. and by doing that to you as eliminating the whole cast system a. ringback in best moder, wilson's eyes mahatma gandhi should have done more. gandhi also said that my mother has clean my and scanning women. he's also cleaning this. she's like my mother. if i have any chance um, but the one at the next. but, and i want to become it i want to bottom into the family of this candidate. so you good if i the system. you said that until i come as in a next but you people in london, you do the stan, lindsey. so you body 5 that and of my mother did them, do you actually never want to say, but did this is that wrong? which is the mean?
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you go man, this is a lot c s which is not accepted by any human validity. sin bond was mon bascom, kim gandy never said with every human life is equal using all human rights are the same richness and poverty. don't make you unequal in your humanity. good over to look it over. stand over the stand and pour the water. there's a homeowner part of the park, i can't read or write any something. i don't want my child. my uneducated to, i'm the source. i want my child to move forward in life. what am i being on to be known as the illiterate man? but if i was able to get his child educator, someone idea ah,
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ah, lou, lou, lou, while gandy held truce to be the highest virtue, the pursuit of truth is increasingly difficult in today's india. in 2022, the countries global press freedom rankings slipped to a 150 out of a 180 countries. 22 year old for him is a reporter with the marijuana community radio.
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it takes a lot of courage to become a journalist here, especially as a women in a patriarchal society. more than 40 journalists have been murdered in india since 2014, making it one of the most dangerous countries in the world for reporters. whose shade rushing their am radio may what will this morning for? he has come to meet a young woman with calling sandita. she didn't want her real name to be made public . i thought it was a salon for lapierre lauder, please at delilah, run jenoma. many of the women for hain interviews have to remain anonymous for their own safety. madison. my problem is i've been married for 3 years, so i was beaten up in law. then i wasn't allowed back inside on another i spent the
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whole night outside of the bud buddy. but to let him let you in the house so he somehow pay them right to left, then her matchmaker tried to intervene. will they ignored him? and wouldn't let me in? i was out there all night lose out of about 30. then what happening in tara? so they were weeks away in the morning. i called my mother home go, but what could she do? li golf. she thought i should just carry on living with my husband. his daughters are meant to do god and he beat me up a lot. no one protected me will gladly will, gladly men allajay in the dear to sound like you one after one and a half years they said they'd only take me back with the dowry and then it's about the diary. yes, dan mc, how high a diary bellotta 500000 rubies and a bell? laura car only then what do you take me back and they threatened to poison me
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to death. there are countless cases like songy does across india. many thousands of them in both hindu communities and in predominantly muslim areas like here in may. what mary lou lou john has windmill. my daughter was married into a home where she is and how we brought. it makes me desperate to know. my child is so unhappy or murdered. i've been wrong and my children have been wronged. noodle they broke my wife's hand and her leg or a broken innocent child's hand to me is the pickup, this is darcy and knows. i'm truly desperate and will you miss willis? don't cry or raise a delay to pause my daughter, but doesn't pay alimony?
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val, don't cry about what's happened is happening at all. it's a difficult situation if the hey, can you do not on need a rental cleanup anyhow. my offer is governed, gavin arch in a kapoor launched the award winning merit community radio station in 2010. it serves this local area 70 kilometer south of the indian capital in new delhi, a change can i get harvey a one back in may. why every 2nd house has a case a while since domestic violence or sexual violins or any other kind of violence. i registered or reported, or somebody's daughter sitting at home waiting for the husband or though in laws to come and take the girl away. and when we started interacting in the village, realized that this was a huge problem and nobody was top about it. even when we talked to the
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administration, did all of your door programs on health and sanitation, but you know, domestic violence is not such a big issue. this is part of the culture. this is a bit yup. and society. but then what about the rights of these girls? gilded only like it had gone? gone as i think the best that i'm get. walk a hon. yeah. nick, a job of the press is to record on stories of exploitation and suffering. though people who are being denied there, right, i got him by, if we keep giving the head of the village council, the platform, we're following the same mindset is that only people with power can be heard to pass by. they will see then how can we give the powerless voice meals? if we don't change the mindset, how will we change our fate of nicolas michael ghetto, battling his ability, but yet. okay, now that similarly back together have nobody trust that because of the strict guidelines of community radios. we do not have the right to report on protest. we do not have the right to report on descent. we do not have the right to talk about, got into phase. if that is a rape in me lot and there are plenty to report about. we cannot talk about it. so
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we have to walk about the wall incident in already round about mana, so we talk about dig that. but then we talk about rights of a woman, we dorn back about the violation of the rights of a woman by somebody who was in power. it's an uncomfortable truth, some prefer to avoid india is a dangerous country for women and girls. many victims of domestic violence. so wary of going to the police out of fear of social stigma, it's hoped that more female police officers will foster greater trust. gisela girl, do you run to highest charges? i will have the village council decide. again, i'm going to press charges either will help you unless you have any objections. good to know. ah
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ah. may now be a lady guilty of the situation of women and girls. here is such that if the village school only has classes through 8th grade and then the girls were any study through 8th grade the loose at a at, at back, they won't be sent to any other village to continue their schooling. right. people here feel there's no point in the goals studying at she's only going to end up doing housework that have i and being able to run one household as more than enough because i was a car in my village. the school only went to 8th grade, only. i was too scared to go outside my village until you would have dropped me off and picked me up. today i was always scared of going anywhere by myself. and that's why i didn't continue my school and high because ah
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journalists like for haine and radio stations, light melt, take their message directly to that audience. for many women it's the only way to learn about their rights. more than 30 percent of women in india are illiterate with power i i didn't. how long have you been listening to the show though? 2 years? 02 year old son. so what's the name of the program? it's about domestic violence that he learned. domestic violence covers a lot of things. finance abuse. ah. right. so, and what else? psychological violence, psychological violence,
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that's right. i was not even his that not any my my mom, my dog joe, isn't dad. when we broadcast our show on domestic violence, there on may a listening to somebody and they accuse us of making they wives rebellious. i mean because i had them if they realized that were not allowed to beat them, they'll seek legal help. don't mahoney i they don't let, there was listen to the program. is that against it? they say you're turning our wives against us and now they're going to go to the police and file a complaint and they'll stop obeying us any that when a sucker not do it on come over here east . this is the script. then what's it about going for line? yeah, pull up a chair unit program. the program is called him 2nd. no was say no to violence. so i, we've made 144 episodes in the 3 years since we started to radio. malott is on air
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for 17 hours a day with broadcasts, created and produced together by men and women. it's such a backward community and in, in such an obscure dentist outlook. they have that. they also told us that if a woman come so on the radio and she's heard them will maria, because women are to be seen not to be hard. and you know, if a woman was into a village unknown, then you know, you don't know what will happen, a woman can go to school. a woman can go and bring wood from the jungle. a woman can go and collect water from the very richest bodily, but a woman cannot go to school. a woman cannot speak, andre, to a woman, cannot dwell program, and a woman cannot bore and speak to power. this ad life, many people in your village have had the kindly vaccine, ugly mother gone. we're both. gov, we want a shot. if we were reluctant because we were scared,
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we might die from it. let an egg, you know what? there were 2 kinds of vaccines and people were afraid of us and la won't glare nor glad that that ah, how many women have been vaccinated? may he land the medicaid around 40 to 50 percent of the way along the la guardia and 80 percent of the men? ah, yes. as coils safe surveillance mechanisms will become the way of governing in the future. we will have to learn gandhi's supp there, glare. the power of truth, the power of being truthful to yourself and free within yourself. whose finance had you died? her name is sadder you. this is the name we've given her because we can't reveal any one's real. i mean the her fatty death. so now we're going to hear such a dad tell us about how she was subjected to violence on and then had to get divorced. it, but the journal is not,
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we should have complete freedom of speech because this is not just about one individual's voice. it's the people's voice, elijah, because not everyone can speak for themselves. when eternal as it be a speaker. they voice is heard by over a 1000000 people on milton day. oh, i with hulu. reno, i be and submit the news. thank you. back on and it wasn't just her husband who abused her was get but the net, those guessed that it was every one else in the family to pick one sub nebulous guess atkins? lucky i was a why can the poor girl do this? i the question, every girl has been the victim of domestic violence spaces. nick in vain aarp on
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covered on a visa. don't be afraid, sister, asking the law is on your side, are you can find legal assistance to punish the person who was violent toward you. now you suck in psyche ah, ah. preserving nature's creations and conserving resources was intrinsic to mahatma gandhi's philosophy. a message that is all the more important in light of the
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climate crisis for the planets and especially for india, where drought and heat have devastated entire regions. just a century ago, the bundle country region in central india was home to a tropical rain forest. my dear bonnie: the letter stella, meghan. we did have rainfall here, but the water would flow out of the drains and quickly dry. and so the ground water levels were really low. i don't believe it is got bought the wells in the village were dry up apart from one or 2, which supply drinking water to the entire village. little dog little boy will read it. finding water to drink is so difficult. what's left to irrigate, the crop of eleanor geoff climate change has seen temperatures in parts of india saw to 50 degrees celsius.
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people. a dying crops destroyed the global food crisis unleashed in 2022 by the war in ukraine. has been exacerbated by the heath lighting india's harvests, the government, his band, with exports grandfather, stella's fear, was violence against anything was wrong. her ivan, against nature and violence against the environment. i was just as bad as violence against human beings. that global violence against nature is having a tangible impact on the people of bundle can't. they depend on farming and prolonged drought is a threat to their survival. think
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this in lieu domains, eating. he had the up to working the fields from voluminous and the villages usually had to look for jobs elsewhere. yeah, jaime, with how else could they feed their children when farming was impossible for so many months i've been going to somebody the children would stay behind with one adult to take care of the household and the cattle, the rest of the family would migrate during the drought to find work to daily or somewhere else. thought ali annual allison i were gone mad if there's even last rain fall in the future or to manager, we need to collect the water about i'll delete it, cut back on that. we have to build an alaska reservoir and dial example and soak pet soak for it. a banana got up naked. if we build soak bits above our farms,
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it will get water can be stored. aline, though, deal said by the liberal rocker that neither. ah, today no family here is forced to my great for work, thanks to a relatively simple solution of reservoirs and the basins called soap pets. they're the most practical way to collect rainwater during the monsoon season. xena nancy works for developmental turner tips and n g o that uses smart water management to support village communities efforts to cushion the impact of drought without duncan pick up a check them is nothing but a small barrier that you are good that you are constructing on her root of that water to slow it down, allow it to percolate in the growl, and to, oh,
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go into the aquifer to recharge the aquifer. and when the aquifer gets recharged on the ground, their wells all around you and the water rises up there. so that's what we were seeing. and so i had multiple places in the lot that we saw the water flowing. we would break the speed of water and allow the water to recharge the ground more than a 100. if these reservoirs have already been built in the region, soon, there should be 4 times as many that built and maintained by the village communities. putting on it in every village i had to contribute up on by either paying 2 percent of the cost or with their labor funding in this group. so everyone had the chance to help those who didn't have the money donated their labor, my head a booster. i'm not
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a group, not on the benefits are clear. these wells used to have water for at most, 2 months a year. now it's 3 months or more months . we tube compared to 5 or 10 years ago. what changes have you seen in farming a kid beaman is? i mean, i guess what i got. yeah. with that thought it bonded, you know, you thought bill 10 years ago there was no water. so practically no profit for my hobbies. i live now. the water level has risen and we've started making a profit. ludmilla going? i love madonna, ludmilla, the up allergic. i'm you. are you promise profits of double driving and the training programs have helped on the same acre of land. we now i only need to so 50 kilos of seeds and we end up with $1700.00 kilos approaches. so i'll half as much seed and 50 percent will yield yet. these are
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instead of a single harvest, there are now 3 vegetable, all wheat harvests the year. good news in light of the global food crisis. farmers here can grow enough to feed themselves and sell whatever's left over and to make their farms even more sustainable. waste water is treated, said that it can be used to irrigate the fields gatling, not until the dive by phone to die. if a tap or a pipe is broken or the pump stops working, we might not have enough money to send me any type of out of it. but if we save up enough together, we can call the plumber and get things prepared in time. not to the valuable none now. so we collect a bit of money from everyone in the group at the summit, the macomber
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insulation funding leave i oh, money buy. are you getting water? i don't. yes. a lot. everyone's getting water. i don't know enough to feel your tank. thank you. yes, everything. so i feel, i don't know, but heat, drought, and water shortages are not the only threats facing india's farmers. ah, the mono culture of the militaristic mind, assaulted by diversity, wiped out the forests and our waters wiped out our food security. our swords are water vanden achievers now, danya movement is fighting the powerful transnational corporations that threatened the livelihoods of small independent farmers. she's one of the most prominent voices calling for the preservation of biodiversity and healthy soil. and the
12:44 pm
protection of farmers writes. and her ban on seed patents, 5 companies control the food and health of the world. and i took a decision to save seats. i said seat is not your property, you're going to dispossess peasants who are going to force them to buy your seat. you will push them into poverty and denton suicide. exactly. what has happened? $400000.00 indian peasants have committed suicide since globalization and the taking control of the seed and the market. this is corporately. ah, ah. 0.
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4310. mm hm. in september 2019 india's high hopes were dashed. the chandra on 2 missions moon lanta crashed on to the lunar surface. mm. begin ready bills, but the be need to cover all of their own and i'm struck up every indian it did with us, but he to right as well,
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edge confidence when it comes to what a space program the bears yet gone. the moon is just the beginning. india's aerospace program is an integral part of its geopolitical strategy in a future way. geo political might will also be decided by the control of out a space like many other nations. india has set it sites on a new extra terrestrial goldrush asteroid mining. and power is also determined by control over the satellites used for global communications systems. without them modern life on us would come to a standstill to
12:47 pm
not get there, but yeah, those surveys for who refurbish me. timo hunter is. one of the leading space ship design, as in india and the world. yo, yo will, grandmother. she also designs housing modules for long trips into outer space and space city. i grew up in this confluence of space and science, technology, and architecture and design. so i think my formative years, this kind of her dual influence got me interested in space architecture. there was no such discipline as space architecture and it's an invented discipline. the idea that really got smitten with in high school was how do i design things for living and working in microgravity?
12:48 pm
so in law i thought it no space journey started in the sixty's and the initial focus off the in space program was to shore house space technology gan directly impact lives on earth. how can we improve life on earth? so while the only experiments, that's our job i did to demonstrate to the government. but space can be a very powerful tool for development in collaboration with naso. he used uh, communication satellite and broadcast educational programs do thousands of villages across india. in 2013 india celebrated it's successful. mars orbit her mission to international a claim. and it soon plans to launch its own astronauts into space. in an indian
12:49 pm
belt spacecraft, scientist entrepreneurs like should meet her more hand t r at the forefront of innovation. her work is top secret since she consults for the indian space research organization, the ice sorrow which his cane not to tip its hand. ah, it is easily along the top. why will 6 space very nations in the world both in terms of technological capabilities and also budget. and we are one of 7 countries in the world that have the rockets ah, that we need to launch satellites. bang, the lou is india's aerospace start up capital in 2020
12:50 pm
a government decision gave the industry a massive boost opening the market to more private sector companies. another impetus for innovation alongside the i, sol road. i'm good long sheesh me, tim will hunt. he also advise is young entrepreneurs like a ways, much of the space tech company pixel, and space x launch will be with an aggregator or are you directly dealing with space? it's an aggregated but it's there. i you to share program. i think it would be fun for you guys to me in this room in florida, i guess so the clean room check out test and then you will be there for the longer to have. you'll be seeing the rocket going yeah. i should be seeing you go up. yeah . i always. so people who are bought in the space world or part of the space for the see a launch in real life. because you know, the, the sound boom that you hear when
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a rocket goes out. nothing quite like a big zillow's, a space data company. there's 2 political, would this be sandita? what we do is we build our own constellation of hyper, spectral earth imaging satellites. and the software blues that required to be that the median expect new school insights out of that the constellation of satellites is essentially start later cameras on doing that. the photographs of the and i perspective means that did able to capture data or the 50 dames and eternity deal than any existing satellite that currently no need them space. hyper spectral cameras capture the full spectrum of light. the cameras. look back at the earth and capture a far broader range of colors than the human eye,
12:52 pm
including ultra violet and infrared wavelengths. particular features crop. so materials each have their own spectral signature, which is displayed in a 3 d t. ah. until now. hi, this natural images have only been available to governments pixel now, plans to offer its data to private sector customers. for example, in the agricultural industry. customers with deep pockets with one capture of a pacific limited from space. when able to fuzz yeah, i didn't. if i, for example, if i knew trends that i presented and not lacking so that was it for the lasers can be used in business. it was in like in use and i didn't put laser this phosphate as like in use a laser. how
12:53 pm
do we use something for the betterment of humanity at the grassroots level for our farmers, for our fisher, for you know, saving people when it comes to psych loans or earthquake? no one gone in angle to how should technology make a difference to a nation and to human lives we've been, we've been able to accomplish it quite well. i'm personally a lavish space program. i think we're spending a lot of money on something that is not really very necessary right now. that money could better be spent on eliminating poverty in the country in the water
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than that and that all of the world in the end i'm i don't work mission. yeah. no matter what if he were deleting it, come from to work with it and utilize the best of humanity to keep moving forward. that was done as a few things here to the official . india is nowhere near ground. these values are our beliefs. they pay a lot of respect to him, put his photographs everywhere and, and call him to father of the nation and so on. but they don't believe we're paul or his principal is her last. but at the grassroots level, i think he is still alive and still doing really well. many young
12:55 pm
people have been inspired by him and they have continued to do some work to change society and bring about to change. and i me ah, i ah, ah, ah ah
12:56 pm
ah ah, ah, ah, with libya is tearing apart. the fighting has lasted 10 long years. it's a war pitting east against west driven by outside interest. this fought with sophisticated weapons entering the country despite an embargo background of
12:57 pm
a civil war. libya destruction of a nation in 15 minutes on d. w. ready to travel, germany's most beautiful train route. d w reporter had a homo, takes you on a journey along the ride, between old castles impressive rock formations and the beautiful old town. she captures the rhymes, romantic spirit you, he's 90 minutes on d. w. o. in what secrets lie behind these will discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating
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imagine the impact you and your friends can have. together we can end global hunger . please download the app. ah ah, this is deed of you use live from berlin. the pentagon says its detective, a 2nd suspected chinese surveillance balloon over latin america. the 1st one floating over the u. s. hard land ignited a diplomatic storm that's kept a secretary of state from visiting china. clos, more u. s. military aid for ukraine. the la.


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