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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  February 7, 2023 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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because i'm tired and tired, physically untied, morally, it's too much on my shoulders, but i have to hold the swayed because i'm responsible for the future of our country for the people find behind the past. so guardians of truth starts february 18th on d. w. with this is did other news asia coming up to date, india soundtracks of hate. how right being hindu singers are using their songs as a dog whistle against minorities and a nod to the politics of the day. we ask, what will this hate do to the world's largest democracy? ah, irish manager, welcome to did up their news asia,
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glad you could join us. the past decade in india has seemed the rise of the hindu to a movement. the movement refers to political hinder wisdom, which seeks to place the hindu religion at the center of political and social life in india. for many, it also means making india in the nation. and providing the soundtrack to this movement is hindus for pop songs, filled with hate and bigotry, primarily against muslims. songs which thanks to social media, are very popular in india hinterland and with some experts blame for inflaming religious tensions across the country. ben, nevada. oh jill or nicole hummer took her believe i beat science with anti muslim cio. ah, this is the heat we worried of ended my music sunday patch id is of abilene browser
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. oh, and one of the genres most famous voice is to night. he's the star attraction in drug lunch. a village in northern india. ah fans have travel far to hear him. the authorities still stood by as the heat speech board 4th. oh, ok me gone? i have a song with lyrics which says, i'm deluxe. good. you are destined in this country. why should we don't retail presence minds? why do you think muslims are tenants in india? the moody of me? so it's my thinking is when india was divided on religious lines and 1947, then i don't think muslim should have anything here during the world. they've been allowed to live here, but they're now increasing their population. want to divide india again and are sitting on our head. opera. singers like some deep and dead radical songs have consequences. in 2022, a communal ride broke out after
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a hindu religious procession turned violent in central india hindered pop op and slogan hearing was heard on loud speakers before them inside did mall brand riot. many muslim homes will burned down and chop. so lou did a fail town going up, thought of it was around 7 pm. in fact, our thought of it is 60 people came running it down. we just lifted our children and ran to save our lives. golden eagle. but don't let them do that. if they don't, they will also burn us of our medical law. we're law, nevada and the police are houses and shops were burnt. oh no, i guess get back all my savings. gone up. tom on de la dead one. well, the one was, is that these murder kids would even they were playing the songs on the d. j system on gal. what other, when they saw the mosque in the crowds stopped there, played the songs and started dancing like that. a lot of me long and then get the lighting. they had swords in their hands on it's an id. no, no,
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we'll say half am i will do you take responsibility when an untoward incident like that i, it breaks out after your songs update responsibility, munsey avenue of wood daughters. the law gave him, the era has ended when hindus could be fool out of naval been yours. whoever does not accept this, india can leave the country off. if you attack us on it, we will attack back it up. it is an eye for an eye block developer put if said dangerous message which hinds an impressionable audience but do so. new alan logan lulu had been a hindu. listen to the song. there's a new energy and excitement that develops this egg. you see again, like if you watch something for hours up, you go into a trance. i prima dition of and she is another popular hinder blessing got in her hindustani. most most famous song calls on muslims to go to pakistan to nancy. he says he was inspired by some deep deep but the yeah. basically,
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medi sandeep is like my brother, but im high and my guru among the whole the him that the come before i met him, i did not know the meaning of hindu twra all side of the meaning of being a hindu except that a ha, i had muslim friends, but then i saw things clearly cubby menace, cheese burrito had gotten me. one journalist who has observed the scene for years says it's boiling over the engine is in the environment. it has reached it, leave it. it is manifested in schools and universities in campuses. among you worst part is that the government is ignoring it and kinda adobe, the laws to preventive their loss to check it. but a, if you leave it, then tomorrow we are sitting on a, you know, kind of, it is like a tinderbox. even if the authorities do cracked down on him to heat music, it may not be enough to comfort of entries. minority muslim population increasingly
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under threat from he knew nationalism. and that was a small part of a documentary that you can watch on the dw documentary channel on youtube. my colleague account shows like santa was behind the documentary and she joins me now . for more account. you're a very compelling report there from you. can you tell us a bit about who these singers are and where they come from? i thank you for having me the dish. these singers come from what can be called the hinterlands of india. um, you know, small villages are small towns and i went to meet some of these people are in the state are called with the for the ish, which is the most popular state in india. and it is also very crucial for me to political parties because it sends the largest number of lawmakers to the parliament are now the singers are hugely popular because they will have stuck big by tapping into door right wing him the way you ology are,
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which has become immensely popular and hordes political capital, so united speak to the ones in northern india. but this phenomenon, i also think is not limited to only one region or one state hindered up or is also getting popular in the villages and or in small towns of other states like a sam or not to gain different languages as well. ah, so these songs are shared on whatsapp are they're played at political rallies and you know, they're treated or these people are treated as bob stars in these bar up arts because they really a lot of power and they're very popular. but other members of political parties as well well, some of them are in some of them are not, but the ones that i featured in this documentary are members offer vigilante group, which is, um, you know, basically was founded by your gather tonight, who's a chief minister of the british are they are pictures of these thing has with,
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you know, these ad government functions at political rallies and also the chief minister. so, you know, single like them have direct or indirect affiliation to political parties or even larger groups like the artist says, aud vh b. and so there are connections. there are political patronage that some of the singers enjoy sort in awareness and reverse running b durbin is, in a sense fermenting this kind of music. well, i mean, if the singers are singing during election campaigning, ah, and it's normalizing heat and division in the society which is useful political gains. i'm not saying it, but this is, this is, this is a reality off of this ecosystem. i'm the seller as a means to reach to the masses. ah, you know, so the political parties use them, are they not, you know, may be reaching out to people who read election manifesto, but they're reaching out to park. will you know who,
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who are helping build or you know, public opinion. so i just think that apart from heed songs they're also singing um you know, on other issues which are unit important all in, in defining policies of the, of the b j. b. and you know, some of these are implemented by them, legacy and r c, the uniform civil court. so they're singing on all these things as well. let's talk about this. i handled for barbara business because you also spoke to obediently spokesperson, i'd like to play that sound bite right now, but he didn't. that body doesn't have any space for any sort of hate and we do not in good eat it. so if for sad songs has been sung, why sudden singers and dirt, some people think that they're already dead ogletree, and they are very harmful for the peace and harmony of the society. they should go ahead and they shouldn't do file f y r aggies. those things over there refers to
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a 1st information report, essentially of police complained, but a gunshot in these politically charged times. how safe is it to find or hate speech complaint it is not ready safe and not many people actually come out and report on these instances because they're all so very scared they pink that they are. they could be an appraisal against them on one pretext or the other. you know, they might not be directly linked to, you know, because, you know, often action against them because of the complaint it could be on, on something like, you know, get sending a bulldozer to their home. oh and calling the the home has are, you know, illegal construction. but one thing i just want to point point out here that it's not only the complaint made by individuals, organizations that are important, the police, the authorities can actually take our school more dog organisms, which is basically, ah, that be,
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are not required of people are not quite in person to make official complaint. ah, police can take active organisms. ah, you know, and dick and report and charge people. but this doesn't really happen because a, you know, you saw in the documentary also you, the police and authorities were like a mule then, and we're not really, you know, a did were here the heat, the songs, but nothing was like really are taking place are. so there is some level of a, it seems like institutional acceptance to this phenomenon or what, when this atmosphere of hate and institutional backing due to the world's largest democracy. i mean, it's a, it's a difficult question. there is a lot of division. there is a lot of polarization right now in the country and it is solving a lot of political again, i just feel that you know the childhood where when i grew up, oh you know where in the schools we had songs about secularism. some of these songs
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and these, these, these words like you know, sex secularism, which is enshrined in the constitution of india. have now become words that are very loosely used to define leg the liberal left are and, and are, you know, are there, there is a constant attack on, on, you know, when, when reports like these come out. obviously that happened uh with me as well on, on the twitter space. ah, but i just feel that our in, in this context of the division is going to empower us, you know, that elected it. and the, this is, this is the electorate that goes to vote. and the, and the right wing ideology is here to city are going to us on santa, thanks so much for bringing us that her report on thank you so much for that context. thanks so much. thank you. and you can head over to our website, d deborah dot com, forward slash asia where there's other stories from india on the rise of knowledge
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tend to pop, but in the politics as well. remember, as ever, you can always follow us on facebook and twitter that does it for today, we're back tomorrow at the same time. so you then goodbye. as you've got any issues to thought, see what grade he will be for you that you should be doing. interesting, you math, right? yeah. the end of a superpower. the collapse of the soviet union rushes
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more in ukraine. one years since the envision began, we take a look back and into the future. in the slow, in february on d, w. a . computer hackers hold the world to ransom. a hacking attack shuts down hospitals and suicide prevention hard lines as cyber terminals extort you reserve by encrypting their data will ask an expert if the problem is likely to get to worse. meanwhile, computers are getting more consumer oriented than ever. google and china is by do announce they're working on chat bots that are increasingly hard distinguish from people. i'm critical of the program. operators of computer servers around the world
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are assessing the damage following a massive assault by hackers. the ransomware attack began in italy, their internet and mobile phone operators report that their servers have failed over a large area. now the organisation net blocks has calculated that the activity on some online servers was only 26 percent of the normal level. the incident comes the same day as known as safer intern a day which aims to draw global attention to the dangers of inadequate internet security. now for more, let's bring in, we'll ask under a project available, a technical tech, a non profit based here in berlin. welcome back to the program. will house of the nig, how significant is it that italy says it wasn't a state entity that launched these attacks. i think this is a very signal.


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