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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2023 11:00am-11:16am CET

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so a we will see whether the ukranian president is going to get some i concrete commitments with regards to weapons a deliveries. i think that for him it's also important to make clear hit that the situation is urgent. that because of the expected russian offensive, and in the spring, the ukrainian armed forces really needs advance weapons as quickly as possible. on the bat we're seeing again why pictures from the, from the you parliament in brussels. we're any moment now we are expecting a lot of me as a landscape to enter the room there. he comes together with the u. r. parliament president robert up met sola. ah, let's listen in a
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pause there from the members of the european parliament who are welcoming the ukrainian president with a standing ovation with news. lensky is on his 2nd trip outside of his country since the russian invasion began in full on february 24th of last year. his 1st trip was to the united states, where he addressed the joint a joint session of the u. s. congress. that was in december today. let's listen to the story occasion to welcome you parliament president, roberto,
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mental and follow the matter so lensky to the european parliament. this is an extraordinary moment. in extraordinary times, it has been almost one year. this is the brutal, illegal invasion of sovereign ukraine by russia. in all that time, mister president's, your leadership has inspired your people and inspired every corner of the globe. when the worst thinks of ukraine, they think of zeroes fighting the odds of david beating goliath. they think of the icons of snake island, the warriors of mar yukon, deliberate, as of so many occupied towns and villages. their names will be spoken of for generations. notwithstanding the bombs that fall every day,
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your grain continues to feed the world. when a devastating earthquake hits turkey and syria, you stood up and sent rescuers, equipment and expertise that israel solidarity. i am proud to say that this house of european democracy, its members, our european union, has always stood with you. we understand that you are fighting not only for your values, but for hours, for those ideas that bind us. our sisters and brothers, they make us all european. because ukraine is europe,
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and your nature nation's future is in the european union. we know the sacrifice that your people have endured for europe, and we must honor it not only bit with words, but with action, with the political when to ensure easier trade and with the fastest possible accession process with funds for your people with health in reconstruction which training for your troops with military equipment and defense systems, you will need to win. and now state must consider quickly as a next step, providing long range systems and the jets that you need to protect a response
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must be proportional to the threat. and the threat is existential. i grew up hearing my grandparent stories of my country's last clear fighter planes. when all seemed lost when they had no ammunition, no food, and no hope. all that remained were there 3 barely functioning planes that they called faith hope and charity named after what they were fighting for. after what was at stake. the plains meant one more day of liberty just long enough for help to arrive. they meant peace. you did not need to convince anyone here of how essentially it is to support ukraine to back all those giving their lives to support the value was with reach with concrete measures to ensure
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victory, real peace based on your 10 point plan, accountability for those who committed war crimes, and for the protection of freedom for all ukrainians. hey. i want to repeat the promise that i made to you when we met in keith last april. we have your back. we were with you, then. we are with you now. we will be with you for as long as it takes freedom will prevail, peace will reign. you will win slab mccraney. ah
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all graham and my new president, missus, president dear, are aware about or about. yeah, yeah. i think you see button is these powerful words. are nice, thank you for your patrol. show more very important to you. thank
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you for your is up to you and yours principally and energetic approach to call us that. we seen me and i'll change during this struggle for europe is here i was we had a combination of those. there is a precondition for progress along europe is lucky. george. he's on that. and this is emily. wholly your biggest parliament of euro. why did they repeat parliament? principles approach me approach an absolute majority enjoy absolute majority. thank you. dear. by even represented of europe, cheerleaders to europe, all of us yearly each and every one, hundreds of millions of people in our consumers can buy the most to status is
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representative of europe and even leaders of europe. this combination reflects what, how europe, or modern europe peaceful europe gives to the world willy european way of life. european, your life, standard, european rules of life when each and every once much. when have all matter when de la rules the lawyer, when the states strive to be so sure and societies golly, strive to be open. when fail, diversity is of value and the values of different people are united by fair college. when back borders are not violated. and,
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but when you don't feel that you cross borders when people trust and have faith in tomorrow, and they're ready to go to squares to fight for their tomorrow when the line. mm hm . it's in protest. us and the president president, there's only one barrier and that is honest elections. and not the rule. this is our europe, national brownell, these are ruins way of life. this is our way of life. media again and for ukraine way, whole, it's way home. those hold on a way to it's home. no, yes, i'm here in order to defend our people's way home of all ukrainians of all ages and various political convictions,
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various social stages of various religious conviction and the result, convictions and different histories. but all of us enjoy this common european history. we live the ukrainian european wildlife, and they tried to draw the now lated with through total lawyer half to why? because after european, you, ukraine, you, european way of life, they want to destroy the european way as such out of we had are all 27 elements of the european way of life. you have 27 countries of the european union. we will not allow that many, this total war now that was waged by russia is not only for the cherry tree d in, she kissed me for a territory in this, of that part of europe. the threat of it is that there is
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a dictator with massive supplies and reserves of soviet weapons and weapons from pick to try to regime iran in particular in order to be able to fight. like there's a kremlin cynically and deliberately year after year step after step was trying to eliminate and destroy what we see as our value in europe. the value of human lives has been destroyed in russia for the authorities. there. nobody is of value apart from those who are in the kremlin and have their own wallets. as i taught 140000000 of russian citizens for the leaders of russia are just bodies are that are capable of carry weapons to russia. the weapons that would be on the battlefield and to keep everybody in obedience so they could become the supremacy
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of violence and obedience. these are the rules instead of still there, the russian region accommodates not only hates. would you any social justice and diversity they invest in xenophobia and try are trying to make a part of non mallet. she on our continent and trying to make the inhumane relatives of the searches and the fort as the 20th century, a relative today. but this is the answer to that for us is no, no, europe, we are defending the where defending from the anti repeat most frontier pin for so the more than what we are defending ourselves, we ukrainians on the battlefield together with u.
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e at yahoo one and i thank you of that with that. we're defending it together and we must defend ourselves. and it's important not only for the state of europe, not only for the communities and society in europe, no matter who we are and what we are. we're always in a fight against disrespect. what role and neglect wherever we live. we always menilli, put our faith in integrity, keep forever for whatever we dream for our children and grandchildren the year. and the precondition for these dreams is peace and security. and that is going to be the set sandwich and whether it's going to be possible. if we do not overcome the enter european force that is trying to steal from all of us,
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how, you know, only our victory and the demand will guarantee all a scene of our, your values for your school, our more our victory that is going to be the key will open, that should mean should happily that you will be mandatory. now, dear leaders of europe. dear president places gentlemen. gm's that are to deal with in parliament here. and all your tennessee, shortly their journalists and them. yeah. dear, i guess was baking security service work is, did military and army personnel policeman on your policy and the rescue workers, beer workers of municipalities to traverse tailspin. professors scientists study my dear doctrines, drivers to workers are some only simple farmers to industrious dear workers at the industrial enterprise. here, business owners small business with.


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