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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2023 4:00pm-4:30pm CET

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ah, ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, ukraine's president renews his appeal for e u membership. lamesa lansky tells officials in brussels, they'll only be p in europe when russia is defeated and ukraine becomes a member of the block in turkey and syria rescue workers scramble to find more earthquakes. a band aid continues to arrive in the hottest areas, but after 3 cold nights, oaks paid fast. and the u. s. accuses china of a huge surveillance program of a several years. the pentagon says china had
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a whole fleet of balloons flying over 5 continents. aging denies the object shot down over american skies was being used for spying. ah, i've been fizzle and welcome. lot of missile lensky is in brussels with leaders of the used 20 said member states at their special summit on the situation. and you before the discussions, the prime ministers, presidents, and blogs, most senior representatives formerly welcome the ukranian president on his 2nd trip outside his country. since the start of russia's full scale invasion before the summit, mister zalinski addressed the european parliament. you, graham, you're a piano, we off lives and they should be. the russians are trying to distort ukrainian and european way of life. ok, with total war was mostly just for what you would please to destroy ukrainian in
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european way of life. of course, no will not allow for each of all $27.00 elements of the european way of life. 27 countries of the european union. this total waterfall, which rushes unleashed is not only for territory and one that we're not a partner or a he. one it's threat lies only in the fact that there's a dictator with a massive stock pile of soviet weapons, iraq, and supporting weapons or from other dictatorships that there was a loose shift on, in particular data from the rain in machine or against was void that did good was bro, to be able to wait this war or the kremlin absolutely cynically. what is consistently no step by step said, year by year, mostly destroy what we seen as the basis of far your position with you mean by actually over to our brussels correspond jetpack jack. what stood out for you in
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that speech? by the ukranian president? well, it was an impassioned speech in the european parliament. we went on extremely well . there was huge cheers actually, even as he was walking in, the ham is cycle of the european parliament. but that was expected. i think the members of the european parliament, we knew that they would respond to him in that way. but what's happened since is that he's moved here to the european council, where on the same day, the 27 leaders of the european union are meeting and he gave a joint press conference with us on the lion. and we shall michel, the european council president and she being the european commission president, demanding that actually talks for ukraine's membership of the european union begin before the end of this year. president zalinski being here is very symbolic, but also he wanted action during this visit. what about what ukraine needs in his war against russia? what it, what about the sticking point of fighter jets? well, this has been the big talking point,
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especially over the last couple of weeks since european partners allowed leopard to another tanks to be exported or re exported into ukraine. the germans had a block on re exportation of times that were made in germany, and i released that ever since that's been opens to discussion and the pressure from keith, the government is asking for a fight to just like that as he comes here of the back of a visit to the united kingdom, where the brit said that they would accept that they would train fights of pilots, but what they need, as well as those fight to jazz. obviously that door having been opened with the tanks is one thing, but there is reluctance among in the big a you capital, specifically for france and germany, him in berlin and paris to send a more fight to jesse for over a number of concerns firstly. and what that will mean, the escalation of the war, but also what it means for their own domestic national security. let's have a listen to the message the european commission president had. i want to ask you about that in a say. we all heard the urgency of your call to support ukraine. now you
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spoke in a very moving manner about and praising a european way of life and you added that ukrainians. want to come home to this european way of life. and indeed today you see we are one families, we have one vision and family members help each other. you can count on us. we will continue to provide our full support now to sustain your people, so this atrocious war and for the future. so all the right signals being sent there. when i went, when we look at what you find needs that can keep, rely on brussels for what it does actually need. at the end of the day when it comes to munitions and, and, and weapons. well, the european union would say is yes, they say that they're providing lots and lots of money that the process for ukraine
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to join. the european union is underway and moving quicker than possible. but the decision on the weapons is done with the individual member states of the european union as i was saying, france and germany being probably the biggest players in that. what was interesting is that a sort of underlying a nice that they will put now forward as 10th round of sanctions that they will sanction senior political and military leadership. that they will also look at other exports to try and hit the russian economy further to try and twist the arm of vladimir putin to bring the invasion to an end. but so far, the 9 lines, the sanctions that have been imposed haven't worked. i think what's interesting is this, this process in 3 you exception. the symbolism of this meeting is really, really important. zalinski is visit here because ukraine isn't only fighting to become independent of russian russia. the vision of the ukrainian government and the ukrainian authority is not just to turn away from the kremlin, but a turn towards brussels, a turn towards the european union. they want to be
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a member of this club. so jack, what else can we expect from today? some well, an interesting thing that is this february summit that we're him right now was meant to be all about the european union. sorting out it's migration working out how it can deal with additional flows of, of, of, of migrants coming in across the mediterranean and through the western balkan routes. zalinski visit has really hard thrown it in a different direction, but the lead is a resume in their meetings as we speak. and we'll be talking about that very thoughtfully thorny internal you issue of migration abbas correspond jack path. thank you very much. now some other stories making use from around the world. north korea has her taste several intercontinental ballistic missiles during the night time parade, marking the 75th anniversary of the founding of its military of korean leader kim jong on attended the event with his daughter, kill gang claims. the missiles are designed to reach the united states mainland.
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the philippine president has met with the japanese prime minister in tokyo as the 2 nations look to strengthen ties in response to china's growing military pressure. the 2 leaders are expected to sign a key defense agreement later that would allow japanese troops to join more training exercises and respond to natural disasters. in the philippines, julian, president gabrielle bore re kaz asked for international assistance to come back. wildfires across the center and south of the country. 24 people have died of the fight in recent days. authorities of warned you heat wave could worse and the situation to turkey and syria, where the death toll from monday's earthquakes has now reached more than 17 and a half 1000 to he's president rich of ty, a bad one, has defended his country's response. saying that preparing for a disaster of this scale is practically impossible. international rescue teams have
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joined local emergency crews in the worst effected areas. but hope of finding more survivors is faded. and in many places like turkey's had a province residency, they've seen little outside help. for days these residents have spent the night here can amongst the ruins of homes in hats. how you province. one of the hardest hit by mondays quakes, they say they can still hear voices coming from under the rubble of mamma, but have been left without any help to save their loved ones. rescue teams, equipment and emergency support is now starting to arrive here. that many fear it's come to light and their frustrations. and now turning to anger. we have 30 dead in there. is our state really incapable? i think so incapable. i have no words. 30 bodies have been lying. have until the
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morning we should the middle 0. 0 to for the for the whole or you'll feel it a little turkeys president is acutely aware of the fingers now being pointed at him and his government's response to the disaster. and while visiting some of the worst effected areas on wednesday, he did admit that they had encountered some problems elevator. certainly, there have been shortfalls. far as the conditions have become clear, it is impossible to prepare to face a disaster like this. all of you mc, mentioned in the opposition leader sees things differently though, blaming the president for the destruction. with that there is only one person responsible for this catastrophe, and that is the one for 20 years. he has failed to prepare the country for earthquakes with our international emergency and rescue teams are now up and running with crew. so more than 2 dozen countries taking part in the rescue mission
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. and despite fear that the window to find more survivors is closing, there is still hope that more people may be found alive. with moments like this, providing emergency teams with all the motivation they need to carry on the search for signs of life. in syria, international aid has reached a rebel held enclave despite complications caused by a 12 years civil war. and official at the baba ha ha. border crossing between turkey and syria has confirmed that a un 8 convoy has entered the region where millions rely on humanitarian aid. a dw team is there and sent this exclusive report. digging through the rubble in the syrian town of harrow, just one of hundreds in the region that have been flattened by the quake rescue as often just using their bare hands for the most basic of tools. rafa is one of the locals,
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frustrated by the lack of proper digging machinery that's compounded by exhaustion after working 2 days without sleep oil. hm. and we need help from other countries. we're getting some equipment, but we have people under the rubble and we're trying to pull them out. we have malice, but what good are mallet got this little? what we really need is heavy equipment to rescue people and they've been on to the rubble for 48 hours and we need heavy equipment to get them out. she on about olive some bulldozers have arrived, but they're not nearly enough. given the widespread scale of destruction and hopes of finding more, survivors are diminishing by the hour while the able bodied assist with rescue efforts, others are left to ponder. what's next for them? louder, anela. miss willa. dont have any clothes or any possessions any more than other than the streets and the rain without socks or anything man. they don't have anyone
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to stay with us. my siblings died and the leper lola had a hot inspection in the hannon. rafa and the other helpers in her, him who continued to hammer away until their mission is complete. and after that, they'll have another massive task rebuilding their village. heidi said he gets deputy syria director at action against hunger and joins us from by root. a you managing to get 8 into serial right now. yes. are managing we have existing operations inside sewer. yeah. so what we're doing now is actually scaling off our fault. we're mobilizing additional funds and also increasing our human resource capacity to meet announcing significantly, increasingly affected areas by here. how challenging is it setting up a line of communication with the right person in the right place to no way to get that. i'd so actually action against however many other international 8
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organizations already have existing offices and he is on the ground for action against hunger. we have a team based in the past direct access, the survivors of the earthquake. and actually, many of our staff are affected themselves and working around the clock to do needs assessment to go with people who are displaced, the now living in connected shelters. so we go to them directly and establish the need. and based on that we, we mobilize funds to be able to support them with them. and at the same time what sort of aid is coming from the assad government. and so there's a lot of coordination. and so for example, inside on the phone. c the fears for the last of the building that is all being coordinated with luck and fort evacuations of existing buildings and assessments of the structural plan of soundness of the building and people are being moved into.
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so people who are displayed a temporary shelters and any, even the medical aid water aid that we're trying to provide is all coordinated with local authorities and other partners and take home that we normally would. how much of a juggle is that working both with, with rebels and working with the government? so as to monitor and age organization, we are bound vices and principles that mean that we have to negotiate important 8th with any relevant active on the ground. and this is no difference or whoever is available to coordinate with. we do so to make sure that aids deliver to whoever needs it, wherever they are and how much aid is needed right now. can you give us more of an idea of the scale of the need? i to can you hear me? how much 8 is needed right now?
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they seem to have lost the line to heidi said deek diarrhea deputy director of action against hunger. joining us there from a route talking to us about the needs in syria following the quite germany is home to the largest turkish community outside of turkey. and here in berlin. many who have friends and loved ones in the disaster zones are doing what they can to help t w's. anna hern reports. i did in japan. we'll take those 2 because i get out of medical and has been organizing donations for days. she posted about the campaign on social media, asking friends and colleagues to spread the word. helpers and 8 supplies have kept on coming since day one by the the i slept with 3 hours last night, but we will continue it. and we are doing this for the people who cannot believe that now we are sleepless with it. very gladly, even danziger alquon works for the just tele senior citizens home and berlin. right
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after they heard about the earthquake, they offered their bureaus, bruise a storage for the donations. after a few hours, the rooms were so full for the packing had to be done on the street in miss and i just have to help we are doing well here. we had a roof over our head. we are full. we have something to where we still have our families, and that is exactly why we are able to help in canada thing. what boys in germany is home to the biggest turkish yes bra, from day one facility start to collecting donations here. what has eaten spread outside the community. them oak are going to grow up. i'm not a turks, but i am doing this from the hardships that are giving us human to human mother. turkish are not sure, it doesn't matter where all human being russellville is. melina mentioned hygiene products and warm clothing. these volunteers collect what is needed most
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because on every one can go to turkey to help on the ground. many of the people are distributing and collecting donations. some of them have been doing this for 3 days in a row. they also told me that is their way of battling the feeling of helplessness that overcomes them when they see images of the devastated areas. some volunteers have family in the affected region. there isn't any, we don't know anything. we have one or 2 relative who we've heard of fine. but there are hundreds whom we have not been able to reach. the whole family is over there, and many people here are in the same position, began to familiarize when to sketch he in years or the donations are now being brought to the airport and 2 flights to turkey as scheduled to leave to day. china says america is waging and information war against it by accusing beijing of spying with high altitude balloons. the pentagon says the balloon it jot down saturday over the carolina coast was part of a lodge surveillance program. china contains,
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it was just a weather balloon, but us officials say it belonged to an aerial observation network spanning 5 continents. these are the soggy remains of what is alleged to be a powerful chinese spy. craft u. s. defense teams here pulling the remnants from the sea off the south carolina coast for further inspection in the pentagon. doesn't believe this balloon was an isolated incident. us and nato officials have meet to discuss what comes next. china engaged in this irresponsible action. violation of our, our sovereignty and turtle integrity and international law. and as we noted as well, we're not alone in this countries across 5 continents have also had surveillance balloons over fly. other territory, which is why we're sharing this information with others. we're also seeing
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increased chinese intelligence activities in europe or again, different platforms. hm. um, they use the south florida, so they, they, they cyber analysis in order not to say it's also volumes. the discovery of the balloon and at subsequent shooting down have wilson washington's already, teens. relations with china. the u. s. has briefed 40 countries on the situation with a stray li are responding by pulling chinese made security cameras from some government buildings like this war memorial to ensure that they are completely secure. china insist, the balloon was simply monitoring the weaver before veering off. course. it is unacceptable for the us to attack china. civilian is ships and it is irresponsible . sensationalizing, the phone call. china threat doesn't help improve bilateral just nor does it make
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the us more secure as the united states mops up from the balloon fallout. president joe biden is tracing relations between the 2 countries, have not taken a hit amid growing global tensions. the white house seemingly still hopeful of salvaging ties with beijing, north korea's liter qindzhong and has appeared at a big military parade in the capital pyongyang, the presence of his daughter alongside him, has raised eyebrows. nighttime event mark the military 75th anniversary, showcased up to 11 inter continental missiles as seen as a major challenge to the west as they're designed to reach the united states. mainland qindzhong on attended the event with his young daughter, kim, jo, ann fueling speculation. she's being primed as the countries future leader concert has been growing in the region and the u. wes over the threat posed by a nuclear north korea north korea. 1 once the world to
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see it's military, might you go? yes. in 2022, the country launched to dozens of miss isles. more than any other year on record. they included long range crews and ballistic weapons. north korea's leader kim jong own is the military supreme commander. his country may be poor, but on his watch it spends almost a quarter of its g. d. p on the military, according to the us state department. despite being 75 years old, the korean people's army, the k. p a is still shrouded in secrecy. it's made up of an estimated 1200000 personnel. in september 2017. kim signed off on north korea 6 and lost no nuclear test. i'm young at yahoo!
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that was quickly followed by pyongyang, claiming a new intercontinental ballistic missile. the while song 15 had been tested. you want to join in the entire united states is within range of our nuclear weapons. and nuclear button is always on my desk. this is reality not a threat or i am know. the exact size and strength of north korea's nuclear arsenal is unclear, but it's believed to possess up to 13 nuclear heads. with state tv, promising more. shuns helen, the garden situation highlights the importance and necessity of mass production of tactical nuclear weapons and calls for an exponential increase of the country's nuclear. oftener work with that one is more than threats concerning washington and its allies. last week,
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the u. s. and japan held joint and drills all of this sparking fears of an asian arms race. no one quite sure what kim and his generals felt a planning next to me. i didn't tell you, i'm good. i believe you are. lovers in amsterdam are gearing up for one of the biggest ever exhibitions works my dont mazda yon from you. many of his most famous works will be on display, including the whoa famous go. with the poll, eerie, $28.00 out of around $37.00 known works are on display at amsterdam rags museum. among them, the milkmaid girl reading a letter and an open window. and perhaps the most famous of them, all girl with a pearl earring painted in 1665, the common thread that brings them altogether. our depictions of real life in the 17th century. he bit of confirm as infamy as paintings. don't tell a story in the sense that there's a lot going on,
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goes no running around horses galloping or something falling on the ground or people fighting. his paintings are always very quiet, very introverted. and this introversion, of course, allows the viewer to enter into a new world of the media to him. yon for mir lived and worked in the dutch city of delft. he was only 43 years old at the time of his death, and it was only posthumously that both he and his paintings gained worldwide recognition. especially for the use of light. the amendment of the man uses natural light as it naturally enters a room and as it highlights certain objects and not others. and on this girl with a pearl earring was fictionalized on the silver screen in 2003 with american actress scarlett johansson bearing a striking resemblance to farmers famous subject. ah
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sir, your master is a fine hey treat. the exhibition in amsterdam has been years in the making with the paintings, arriving from various museums around the world. it's an extremely rare chance for a brief encounter with most of vermeer works. this is the w and use a reminder of the main stories we're following. foy ukrainian president thought of mister lensky has renewed his appeal for his country to join the youth in brussels . he said that long term peace in europe will only happen when you create defeat russia and becomes an thank you man. but european commission president also left on the line that there was no rigid timeline on ukraine joining the block and the death toll from the recent earthquakes in turkey and syria has top 19000
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international rescue teams have joined local emergency crews in the boys defected areas but hope of finding most of my business fight. i'm next a report on the cross people repairing the fire ravaged cathedral, if not for dom impacts. i've been fizzle and thanks for watching. we'll see you next down with
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you. ah. oh, in times of war. oh, in ukraine, people are getting married malden ever the soon in view of the existential threats, marriage promises a modicum of safety that for many relationships more in flies are a difficult test. focus on your me next on d, w. o
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much was going to really get we still have time to work. i'm doing with his subscriber a movie, news like ah, this is focus on europe. i'm labriola. welcome to the show. life in a war zone, people in parts of ukraine are adjusting to daily life in cities and towns scarred by war near the front lines. access to clean water is an arduous task pipes.


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