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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 10, 2023 12:00am-12:16am CET

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with slowing in february t w ah, ah ah, thursday'll be news line from berlin, more than $20000.00 to killed in the earthquakes and turkey and syria hopes of finding war survivors of fading as turkey's government is forced to defend the handling of the disaster. also on the program, the cranes president renews his appeal for membership of the european union army as
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events he tells leaders in brussels that they can be only peace in europe once russia is defeated. ah, i'm here the bahamas, welcome to the program. the death toll from the earthquakes and turkey and syria has reached 20000 turkeys government has defended its handling of the disaster and the face of growing criticism. president treasure type murder. one says it's impossible for catastrophe on the scale. international rescue teams have joined local emergency crews in the worst affected areas, but hopes of finding more survivors are fading. a united nations aid convoy has arrived in northwest syria is the 1st since the earthquake struck. 8 organizations have struggled to bring supplies into rebel held, northern syria,
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which is blockaded by the government. burdened with grief and living in harsh conditions. holly, my mood is staying at this makeshift camp and aleppo province. he says he lost many of his family members to the earthquake. his surviving daughter is now a widow with 2 children. he led the it'll hold, my kids died under the rubble. we'll lock the situation is horrible. working on it . we're here in a camp. the foreigner turned scream, there's nothing. the situation is bad. i wish i'd also died with my kids. it would have been better now. jojo molded when of organizations in the country are stretching their resources over a decade of war. had already left millions dependent on aid, especially in the rebel control northwest. in the aftermath of the earthquake, there is even less assistance to go round. local aid worker say they are unable to secure the basic needs of all survivors. i'm not just sort of odds in duncan,
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we're finding it difficult to secure trans food water, mia and even mattresses financially. and in this winter it was minus 6 degrees celsius day over gone. it's very cold. this disaster meets the support of nations. yanine ha, that individual initiative alone, and not enough, i'm getting on thought of him. i have hardly ever done that in ed live, the situation is equally grim. many have had to brave poor weather conditions. lemme and him now when we how as loud gave, how can we sleep? they the honest ob, it's very cold, while alex out things are bad and it's raining on us and here, oh, would know us that we want help is that we want someone to help us men of our lives . we have only god. there's a lot of call did and but we didn't feel warm yesterday and the children were freezing that will let them know that he thought that allegedly, as the demand for eat skyrockets, the pressure is mounting on damascus. which is said to be obstructing aid. while
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international agencies are criticized for not acting fast enough, syrians feel they have no choice but to wait. while the earthquakes have caused more than 6000 buildings to collapse in turkey alone in the city of gauzy untapped nettie, one in 6 buildings was destroyed. countess more r damage leaving hundreds of thousands of people harmless. turkey has earthquake building codes, but the damage raises questions about how strictly the rules are enforced. jasmine did an ox r as an engineer from the university college london. and we asked her whether building codes brought in after an earthquake 2 decades ago are tough enough. but i don't think the issue here is the billing cause that they weren't in 1999. they are not now. is building in line with
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a very long time and you're good engineering training is pretty high quality. the scientific now has their boss, the enforcements, and regulations a compliance requires an inspection practices what's lacking. in science, president started me, zalinski has renewed his appeal for ukraine to join the european union. he told you leaders meeting in brussels, that europe will only be at peace once russia is defeated and ukraine becomes a full member of the block. lensky is also called on european allies to keep military and economic aid flowing to cave images for the history books. president zalinski and the parliaments president met sola, standing side by side to demonstrate that ukraine is part of the european family. it is this family and its value cylinder ski emphasized in his address the did
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people of ukraine defend every day on the battlefield. san marcia, you've all bo, this is our europe. much. these are our rules. this is our way of life. a little grain him for ukraine. it's a way wholly away to its home slash this whole dormer zalinski praised the chamber for its early backing of you. kennedy status will ukraine, pointing out that this support motivated his country to be strong and to stay the course? president salons, he speech was a powerful mom. it was moving the fact that he spoke with such character and passion for joining our family. here in the european union, we have been walking this path for the past year, and there's only so much who can add on except for solidarity and our feeling that we belong together. and this is the feeling that we all felt today. solidarity with
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ukraine, that was what you opinion leaders wanted to demonstrate as well when they came together in brussels for they were meeting with the ukranian president tougher sanctions on russia and further arms deliveries were at the top of their agenda. would zalinski once again asking for western made fighter jets for his pilots numb shibel visiting numbers for us to survive? we need these weapons ward, that is what i'm talking about actually was that are positive signals concerning the respect of weapons. roy, we've got positive signals that we heat each other. awesome, we all know can i really want these signals to become concrete words, certain ali, but a torrijos concret and his all hello. and she made clear that his country also needs a concrete date for the start of accession talks with the eel. of course we needed . and this year and this year child, when i see this year i'm in this year. i mean there's ah, 2202 to 3. i feel i feel really, really responsibility at that uni,
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within the repair, jostle with, with the other. but despite all the laughs and a lighter tone, ukraine is likely to have a long way to go to join the block. it's a merit base process. the commission president, funder lion said not one set to rigid timelines for the lensky however, ukraine's e. u membership is not a distant dream, but a future that is certain. his visit to brussels has seen a lot of good will, and promises to provide more military support. but the ukraine and leader made it clear that what his country needs right now is not promises, but swift action. these are please brussels correspondent, jack barrack, says lensky commands, strong support within the european union. both there's been a warm welcome for him, both in the european parliament, whether it cheers and clapping for his speech. he was clapped as he arrived here at
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this summit of leaders. it's been a clear symbolism of such a show of support for the ukrainians. and it's important to remember that this ton from ukraine, away from the kremlin, that you know that the people of ukraine and the government of ukraine is desiring isn't just to become independent. they want to be an e u member state, and that's why we heard him say they want the beginning of the talks. they became a candidate country and rapid fire time. but they want the beginning of the tools to actually become a fully fledged member of the european union to start before the end of the year. that is a very, very quick time frame in the, in the sort of mechanisms of brussels that would allow a country to join us on the line. the european commission president, she did say that she's about to propose a temp freind of sanctions against russia. so that was some progress as well, so that from a ukrainian point of view, they want the, the screw to be turned on the kremlin. and especially the economic pressure to be put on putin in a way that they see could effect uprooted in order to bring an end to the invasion in the wall. now to some or other stories making headlines around the world. the
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leaders of the philippines and japan have been holding talks in tokyo. the 2 nations are looking to strengthen ties and responds to growing military pressure from china. and new agreements should allow japanese troops to join training exercises in the philippines. declaring north korea has staged a lavish parade to mark the 75th anniversary of its army. the show of strength included a display of young young's newest intercontinental ballistic missiles. among the dignitaries was the daughter of leader, kim jong ern fueling speculation that she is being groom to groomed to take over though the oscar and grammy award winning american composer burt bacharach has died at age 94, he was one of the most prolific authors in music history back rock produced dozens of heads including walk on by him. i say
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a little prayer and raindrops keep keep falling on my head. he composed works of for a string of stars from thy own warrick and aretha franklin to dusty springfield and tom jones. back rock was best known for his the logic balance. thou, art lovers are gearing up for one of this year's biggest global cultural attractions . works by the 17th century dutch painter. vermeer is going on show in amsterdam, the collection brings together his best known masterpieces, including the go with a pull airing. $28.00 out of around $37.00 known works are on display at amsterdam rags museum among them. the milkmaid girl reading a letter at an open window and perhaps the most famous of them. all girl with a pearl earring painted in 1665,
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the common thread that brings them altogether. our depictions of real life in the 17th century. keep it up on firm as in family, as paintings. don't tell a story in the sense that there's a lot going on. goes no running around, horses galloping or something falling on the ground or people fighting. his paintings are always very quiet, very introverted. and this introversion, of course, allows the viewer to enter into a new world of the media to him. yon for mir lived and worked in the dutch city of delft. he was only 43 years old at the time of his death, and it was only posthumously that both he and his paintings gained worldwide recognition. especially for the use of light. the amendment of the mia uses natural light as it naturally enters a room and as it highlights certain objects and not others. and on girl with
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a pearl earring was fictionalized on the silver screen in 2003 with american actress scarlett johansson bearing a striking resemblance to farmers famous subject. ah sir. your master is a fine hey treat. the exhibition in amsterdam has been years in the making with the paintings, arriving from various museums around the world. it's an extremely rare chance for a brief encounter with most of vermeer works. and that let's go back to north korea, which has staged a lavish military parade to mock the 75th anniversary of the army. ah, an imposing display of military might. on the 7 5th anniversary of the founding of
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north korea's armed forces is top brass put on the show for the country's leader came young own front and sent off the parade in the capital piano young a growing awesome love, intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the united states experts say that the number an increasing sophistication of these missiles present a challenge for us efforts to fend of potential attacks. other prove of military prowess will be of less concern to north korea, as adversary's like this promotional video featuring soldiers, training and ice conditions. both come from brick screens to mark the occasion. but observe, as did note the prominent role kim's daughter identified as you a, played in the official coverage, kim known as a ruthless dictator, seen here displaying genuine tenderness. a simple case of parental affection, or sign that un, it's being groomed for leadership role. whatever the answer,
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the intended message of the event was clear, north korean regime is here to stay here, what she ended up being is live from berlin coming up. next is all the latest business news with my colleague, steven beardsley. and reminder, you can also find much more news analysis and video on our website that is d w dot com. i'm reading the bahamas. i'm still watching. i'll see if i leave nor do davinci. mysterious masterpiece is perhaps the greatest leonardo masterpiece in the collection of the louvre. it is the virgin of the rocks. was there another symbolic meaning to this beautiful painting that.


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