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tv   Made for Oligarchs and Millionaires  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2023 1:15pm-2:01pm CET

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thought it was i'm, it's your of the by isn't the wish. once the more cottage of irons in then does either. one thing is very important. there was absolutely no voter fraud in this last election. yet berlin us are now counting on election officials to get the 2nd election. right. lesson is update at this hour coming up next. we have talked them or you the story on millionaires and the luxury yacht business statement for that coming up after a short break. i'm claire richardson in for atlanta. thank you so much for watching with imagine how many portion of lunch are thrown out in the world. climate change can be very comp, the story. this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much work can really get we still have time to go. i'm going with
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what 5th? blue. in the south west, a turkey tucked away in a bay near budrum lies a super yacht. almost 80 meters long. that titan sales under the flank of bermuda. but it belongs to a russian oligarch, alexander after him, off the king of steel. he is one of a dozen kremlin confidence who have brought a yard see it. since russia launched its wall on ukraine to avoid international sanctions. local journalist jasa unter tracked down some of the world's most luxurious yards to capture his subjects on film, he no longer needs to leave his corner of the mediterranean. this order that roost
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media if russian billionaires are coming here. because turkey doesn't want to get involved in the war between ukraine and russia. i nod esl the kid. so asha would, i'd all much is the media yet. love it though in march and april, the 1st year started coming and anchoring in the area code that they didn't want to live in france, italy, the united states, as well as here in spain. dozens of yachts belonging to russian oligarchs have already been seized in palm adam a yorker, the guardia severe national police force worked with american authorities and the f . b. i to seize tango, the 78 meter long yacht, belonging to a close ally of vladimir putin. many of the oligarchs who were able to leave russia have set course pataki or them like on hold in the yard. you seal rivera was so loris it belongs to roman abramoff,
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which that it has been here since march and hasn't moved from the bay that no one knows what will happen next in the salary says 140 meters long and cost over $400000000.00 euros it's owner roman abramoff, which is russia's most famous billionaire. his impressive boat is a closely guarded fortress. the yacht is difficult to approach the inner la music that a good element checks. this whole mazin a ship has a whole of armored steel and is equipped with jammers that use ultrasound, disable the cameras and mobile phones of journalists within a radius of 300 to 400 meters. a lot of them will limit is at capacity on board. the salarous, there's even a special security unit, a team of 20 to 25 who received military training. alaska is them all miss oscar that despite the curity measures,
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a group of ukrainian activists managed to protest the arrival of the salaries in budrum. ah, a handful of protesters will not change the situation in turkey. the owners of russian yachts have nothing to fear yet as symbols of wealth and untouchable power . super york's a coming under unprecedented public scrutiny. monica, the super york capital of the globe for the annual international yorkshire over a 100 of the worlds most spectacular yachts dock. here some 530 exhibitors are invited to showcase the industry's innovations including this small support submarine which costs over a 1000000 years. greg obama, the melissa will that with his up, all of the above. all aspects of the soupy ot industry are represented here,
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including interior design, sabrina monte or, or, you know, he's one of the most important designers in monica. we accompany her to the mischief, to take a closer look at one of her latest creations, atlanta some time. but we're on a yard that we've just finished work on. we gave it a general refitting and a fresh look. we're lucky that we are allowed to view at davis, as you know, our customers are very private heavy. there's a really nice bar and lounge here. we went with blue and white colors like the customer wanted, and we had a lot of fun designing the cabins with the customer can. yeah. and the cabins are very simple. this is a very understated book. i mean, so chris sampson stiletto to profess these yards all have one thing in common. they consume large amounts of fuel. a super yat, like this one consumes about 500 liters of diesel our and there is some 5000 of them worldwide. their carbon footprint is disproportionately but alternatives do
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exist. we leave the sunshine for poland to meet fancies lap. the frenchman is pioneering. a new trailed electric yachts. his boats are powered by solar energy. said this. we have incorporated solar cells into the hull of the ship. but you could hit it with a hammer, it's unbreakable, come people no longer want to be seen on a yacht that gobbles up thousands of leaders of fuel. what she calls from delivery da. his latest model of the marty joseph will undergo its final test phase in dubai . it is expected to be a sensation, graduate gunbar, no noise, no smell of fuel solar technology promises to revolutionize the yachting sector. so each of the boat charged like a knife, nobody will talk about it today. your sales are booming and not just in due by the
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entire array beehan peninsula seems to have caught luxury sailing fever. saudi arabia is one of the sectors most promising countries. thought that i got my legacy in jetta that countries, 2nd largest city, a marina for hundreds of boats was built in just 6 months. i believe is gonna be their future warner going well. dave's fin bye. at this phase more and more super yachts, like the serenity will be cruising the red sea in hong kong, french businessman eric noel, has been working in the industry for 10 years. he buys and sells your chance for the alicia central of all to put it simply. this is a yacht, the cost around $6000000.00. the all split 3 ways. a 2000000 on that reveal in order to keep his business going. eric is constantly on the lookout for interesting
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opportunities. and this is an incredible yard. it's 65 meters long. the biggest and hong kong gall. i'm trying to get in touch with the owner because i have an interested buyer, lester. you market cutting edge technology and innovation. the super yacht industry is trying to transform its image. ah, saudi arabia is home to one of the most popular destinations. the yacht lovers, king abdulla economic city, built in a very short time. this place revolves around 2 things. business and save the imposing serenity is moored in the marina. the 72 meter long vessel belongs to a suit, the rich greek, lebanese businessman with room for 30 guests. the boat has 4 decks, 15 luxury cabins, private salons, and even
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a cinema. to call the yard st. sound to day gregory. inspect it closely. one last time. now, did you check the garbage? the open closet? yes. last night. originally from greece, gregory has been serenity. is metro hotel since 2017. now he insures every things in order. the boss mustang, the sea to august of this hour. don? yes. i'm going to maneuver the yacht safely out of the harbor. the captain receives assistance from a local, saudi arabian pilot. a laser with means allowance from the tool its own use. i've been with us
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and we're fussing on the limits for that is always on the bus exactly in the middle of the canal. me sort of my look here is where the experience to do that as his or . ringback his job on this, but i think a lot of them on this area. thank you very much captain. a. thank you very much. one and one brioche. my mission accomplished. the serenity is headed for the open sea. the captain stats cost, but jetta saudi arabia, 2nd largest city. the crossing will only take 5 hours, but these days, navigating on the red sea can be risky. don't forget that today is a goal. they had the withdrawn from yemen in i'm go
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sort out here and there's many, you know, if you have them kind of danger today, we will be, go to the, let's say if you are mostly the crew is out and passing from these area. wasn't the gun faces name situation? the captain has no choice but to face the danger. before leaving he felt the yachts tanks with 22000 liters of diesel. on dakota 0, this would have cost him some $40000.00 euros, super yards our gas guzzlers. but now there are alternatives perhaps surprisingly it's in poland on the shores of the baltic sea that the future of yachting has already launch go. dance came home to the former lennon shipyard.
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this was the cradle of lack for when so solidarity trade union instrumental in bringing down the communist regime 30 years later, a technological revolution is taking place in the cities shipyards at the forefront is forces lat, born in alsace lab, left his homeland after the fall of the war and earned a fortune in the construction industry. 19 years ago, he got into the yacht business. over 20 years ago, poland was not exactly known to the luxury. could you fully luke's fancies? lap is a success story. his shipyard can hardly keep up with orders, with 36 ships currently under construction and 10 nearing completion.
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clean energy and environmentally friendly materials are his selling points. nissan of chris torture more it will no longer want to be seen on your, their consumer, thousands of leaders of fuel collision. it's just not eco friendly. or fortunately, you even have kids say to their parents, have you seen how much fuel we used? it is a tour forces lab employ some 2000 people. lou, his farm relies heavily on research and development to keep up with cutting edge technologies. ah, the syllabus, this is the model will show you in production. we can show all the detail of october more clearly they are they secret? yes, many secret her lateral sucker, the self sal strength. it sunroof is that we do everything in house developed. we develop everything on site from the hall to the carbon mass, mac and new technology. so everything is done here to stats our strength. safety shot many engineering firms have such
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a large research and development department in the public did their job go to the c one on ccs sun, nikolai overseas technological innovations to power the boats. electric motors, he developed these unique solar panels ah, made on site. and by hand, the solar panels can be adapted to any surface solar. so this is what it looks like. so food santiago schuler, the extra flexible panels will later be attached to the whole of a chevy funnel, excuse super ultra light and can be made into any shape. my pleasure will move the key skull cap up the atlantic layer cuz he won. now, in that book, a form of the plates are practically invisible and extremely robust. is household in awe. in his workshop fantasies lab shows as his pride
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and joy, a yacht designed to be completely eco friendly. ala, there it is. an exclusive price is 24 meter catamaran will be powered solely by wind and solar energy. it should launch in a week said this up as the solar panels are part of the hollow cook. this is our in house, payton. it's got 5 foot level, the advantage is that they are not simply glued on at your side. we have incorporated solar cells into the hall of the ship that is east off in terms of resistance. you could hit it with a hammer, it's unbreakable after the she sank, us. this allows us to recharge the batteries that supply the 2 engines with clean electricity. a caller hit my go motel if
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we are going to visit the heart of the void curve to better then hopefully i'll go 1st alone. ok. we are here in the heart of the boy mental. this room has a ceiling height of 70 to 85 centimeters who are not to cleave housed all the electric elements here, but it's the control center of the ship, so to speak. here, you know, we've housed a huge battery pack here altogether. the batteries weigh 3 tons we could fit even more of them in, but it's perfectly adequate for our purposes. the only exception to the rule of environmental sustainability is this emergency generator, which provides extra power in case the sun doesn't shine or the system fails. soon the yard will be cruising the warm waters of the arab emares, her name marguerite, joseph for mother. why marie? joseph? my mother is marie marie luis and my father is joseph. i wanted to thank them for the life they gave me. so i named the boat marie joseph,
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about some of the catamaran. price is estimated at 7000000 euros, but lamp has no intention of selling. he wants to keep it for his own use and to advertise his revolutionary technology. a week later, the boat is ready to leave the icy baltic seas, but warm waters. the marquis joseph will begin its journey to the emeralds on board a yacht carrier. the crossing is expected to take a month and will cost fancies, lap $300000.00 euros. the catamaran is set to be unveiled at the annual to buy boat show in march, but as we'll see, not everything goes as planned. blue. first to another continent. welcome to hong kong, a dense metropolis of 7500000 people. part of china,
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this trading harp on the south china sea has several ports. one is aberdeen harbor, on hong kong island. to get there, you can take a local taxi or junk. i won't be like god, he don't want to be the one. what it would be eric noel, who his french has lived in hong kong since 2013. he made his fortune in toilet brushes before getting into the big business of yours. rebecca, we judge i thought the shower was on the load is on its way. it was shipped to the yard today and should be here by the end of january. i can show it to you in early february. it could be the 1st week of february. okay, perfect. got it on there. thanks cedric and see you soon at see. so they can anthem around it was that i see and best turnkey rush down that dog else dog. there
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was a customer who would like to buy one of the boats. i have a new boat suncoast credit via see someone i've known for 10 years. yet he lost his boat in a typhoon recently with thank eh, he loves both sides. he's a french entrepreneur who owns a big factory nearby. yeah, he wants to see the boat again before sending the check. he says the money is ready to we should all work out, but you never know. so i fell off as of air. eric offers different services to his clients. hi. was yonce, but he also office yacht sharing something quite trendy at the moment. several owners shared by the costs and the use of about but the season all i said is the, this is the one we have for sale at the moment. it's an incredible bow truck job and it's owned by the same person as that yacht over there. not in that gut aberdeen. marina club is the largest marina in hong kong. and there are plenty of luxury yachts here. the cities 20,
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richest families more. they're both here. don't go well by 3. see but i say this is my beautiful office, only. we become partners with a company that is one of the world leaders in super york, all that don't listen, all polish, all normal, all know, normal clients. we have normal boats that we ran out all, for example, in thailand, hong kong or indonesia, i guess your or a fellow ashanti launder? oh, how gong on had an easy, a sassy to school in these are the odds we offer for sale. well, we have new ones from turkey, poland, or great britain, poland, and used ones lay sorted by toys or casual. the 50 year old entrepreneur leads a team of 15 employees from 6 different countries, bozo, missouri. okay, so eric is meeting with a potential client today. we have to listen,
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i understand what he wants 1st. yep. so he has up to long before the family had a honda twitter and he presley had a 50 use. children at salt is $58.00. i was always a little. he's always had boats at the moment. he still owns a 21 meter yacht, which is already quite a big boat jordy, but what's up in his family always had 30 meter long ones. on the last time we spoke on the phone, he wanted to get rid of his family's boat and buy a 40 meter model and i will think count, hey eric is meeting the customer for the 1st time. the 40 year old prospective buyer comes from a family of hong kong restaurant. ers, he knows eric by reputation. we know eric has a very good professional in this industry. so we decided just to have a drink. and he like to know what is our priorities,
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and that's how we were together for that today. how old is the moment? it was a 2013 predator 6 and 8 a gauge. is that so on? yeah. is it with the chemistry seems good, but eric doesn't want to say to match. so you know, when we go and it's quite confidential, so i can't talk too much, but definitely again, that belongs to type of family that can, that we always as always had more than we always have a lot in this part of the world. and it's so, so it's very important that there we stick though that i understand what they need, what fallen the encounter with the boats and to try to be as helpful as possible. very cool, right? no deal to day, but they will stay in touch. when eric isn't working, he likes to spend his free time on yours. we'll meet up with him again later in pu
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cat tyler do so. thank you very much. bye bye. now we're off to the united arab emirates, to, to buy a city built from petro dollars in the desert sand that place if skyscrapers, beaches and excess far from the tourist hotspots. a new revolution is underway. the move from black gold to green energy. and i was i from the city center lies, the mohammed been rashid, so le park, the world's largest single site. so the park at the wheel of his off road vehicle. we meet forties lab again. this desert is where it all began. far from the freezing temperatures of poland, samples you needed, it was here that i 1st had the idea of integrating solar panels into boats and
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building environmentally friendly yard. like almost her field is more than 3 years ago. i bought the 1st solar panels and, and we started testing for shonda. today we have a market ready product and offer fully autonomous bug and on demand. no. well the demand has grown a 15 years ago. customers, we're mainly interested in owning fast boys. nowadays, speed hardly matters, for example, there's an increasing demand for sustainable alternatives with electric motors, which i would really think is lisa. now he just needs to win over new customers. the alsatian entrepreneur is on his way to the dubai international boat show which takes place every year in march. that doesn't. exhibitors have traveled from all over the world to present their latest products. luxury items for a clientele with limit list budgets,
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policies labs spare no expense for his trade fast that he had a dozen employees flown in from poland to greet his customers. but there is one small problem. the marty joseph has still not arrived. i recognize her. thank you. yes i was just asking which one are you displaying day is telling me they go hula, but the sale of the bulging been due by the end of the may. i suggest any time you can open a so he wanted to know when the boat will be here, but of course he wants to see it and touch it. the boat is coming, so i gave him my contact and he will be in touch. then we will organize a private viewing or what's happening with a boat since covered, there have been many problems with pulling up. everything is delayed and no one
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knows why. oh, sip of our la barto with this app, i can easily find the yard. so i tap on it and i could see the yard, carry it. sure. for sure, it's off the coast of omen and travelling at a speed of 13 know, i love the woman says hipaa nobody got because no cut a lug, it will arrive tomorrow at 2 pm. local time to scott. i know that we are here in dubai, and the ship is currently in this area. it's just setting course for the bonus. children by the delay of over a month is banned for business. still that does seem to be quite a lot of interest in solar powered young. i didn't honestly, i didn't know that it exists in this way. all right. i caught my eye because i'm what i would say i will not feel
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good. i think he seemed seriously interested. i think that he wants a 2nd boat or business. if he comes from the entertainment industry, he can definitely afford it. as the electric motor convinced him, it's definitely a, it's a novelty on the market. but i think in 5 years it will be the standard everyone else will be offering it to, to actually vote for families. i got him off with his electric yard on his lap is a pioneer in the industry. however, he had to postpone the big reveal the marty joseph, his yacht powered entirely by green electricity will only make its long awaited public appearance in a few days. ah! on the red sea, on the other side of the arabian peninsula, the serenity is approaching its port of destination. after a peaceful crossing,
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jetta gradually appears on the horizon. on the bridge, the captain is preparing to enter the port. ah, yeah, to where she's around and i see that her and on fiscal year, families are sitting the agenda. marina was opened only recently after a construction period of just 6 months home to restaurants, boutiques and sailing clubs. the marina's construction is not quite finished, but there is already space for 100 at the world's most luxurious yachts. valerie, for example, an 85 meter long yard belonging to a russian oligarch. it has since been confiscated in spain. people are jostling on the key to witness the batteries arrival after the boat as docked. it's time for the captain to greet the next passengers said i've him. we mill and i
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got off a foot of it for a man of uncovered thump leg all probably is on the upper leg but his leg. okay. let's go to today's client, a rich saudi family, specializing in event management. oh hi. how are you? are welcome one word with my father, bob. yes, i remember my daddy carter. well, come on board. oh, it's nice to see you again. during the next formula, one grand prix mohammed and his father want to use the yacht for a few days without even leaving the harbor down there where we're located, the road that won't go over there, just the one that's right next to them. oh, sorry. okay. you want me to be there? yes. okay, exactly. again. are you on the board of us on that? oh other. hm. okay. well, you're going to have a nice,
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a couple of nice events. today we have something at night. so there's another, another that can lovely evening happening. the best thing about it is the desk spaces. you gotta get another 70 meter, i think with the same. yeah, this is the number of carbons and run by the prior of a number. one is the growing, the parties quickly agree on a right. the family will rent the yacht for $500000.00 heroes per week. if there's an investment, we don't. well, so obviously some people dig it for pleasure. we do business here. so we charge the board to do hospitality. f one, hospitality. you can watch the race from the board to do catering. 5 start catering, you know, you have screens all over the boards. you can watch the, the race itself. so there's, we do have a business behind that,
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the smart just for pleasure. but after we're done brows 2 days where we, you know, take her, think the board for our own pleasure. we are friends, family, and we have a good time in saudi arabia. care is taken to ensure that private gatherings are shielded from both cameras and the public for the people here, however, yachts are a big attraction onlookers try to catch a glimpse between the moorings when i'm wishing and only in my dreams to see this boat's leg that so it's like got cut, everybody love it, and i have to have one for ordinary people, this dream is probably out of reach. but some get a chance to spend a few stolen moments on a yacht. in thailand, on the shores of the adam and see who cats, long beach is had crowded with tourists.
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eric noel, the french entrepreneur from whom comb. he's about to board a luxury yacht that don't shahita the 33 meter vessel that can cruise at his feet of up to 30 knots. the crew of 5 is busy with a final preparations every is okay in a row, under control waiting for the guests. we here shortly. less than an hour later, eric noel arrives with a few friends accompanied by his wife. you me. cope with you so much for being a lot. to day is you me coast birthday to celebrate. eric has taken a week off and organized a small private cruise. yep. john, is this your 1st time here? eric, the co owner of 3 yachts has chosen the don't you beat her today for a reason, sir,
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back to her. the limit his yacht will be sold soon. we wanted to enjoy it one last time. the consumer kos birthday to day. so she's happy that she can enjoy it with her friend and copy. now the president, the experienced businessman shows off the yacht to his gas. he demonstrates the latest gadget this on here. don't dress your finger if it doesn't really like that. that's a good one moment. yeah. control. now you price. oh ha. i was to talk with that said i left the room well same. this is brandy maker, pretty sleep. boat is no, not the old age, full of food and heavy and full of mistake. this is the opposite. it's why it is
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slight sir. you know, it's a, he just get to enjoy the view, which is really what you want after the tour time for a bit of relaxation on the back deck with a drink or 2 with a gas. with now eric and finally let the thing eat, pull him on his paddle board. but even though the boat trips are primarily for pleasure, business is never far from his thoughts. 0 look, we have a neighbor coming thicker mom, after all, super yards are my profession. i know everything that's going on when a boat comes, i look what's a cold and who's is it? where are they from? how many passengers are on board? the derrick is well aware that super yas are only for the super rich. i'm was sure
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that felicia, maybe if i had a lot of money. yeah. but above a certain size, it's no longer financially possible for me. i can't afford something that big, so i don't have the money for that. what are yard is a manageable size and you but beyond that it becomes too expensive. this is even on this yacht. you need a crew of 5 that's already a pretty big both of these have you a window. for the past 2 years, eric has been one of the biggest sellers of york, and the asian region is most lucrative deal so far involved a 50 meter long boat. but the frenchman does not intend to rest on his laurels. yacht saw his great passion. his wife's nurse is almost within dead if you thought of this stuff, but that's yet. so i'm glad that he has a business that the what he's genetically he's designed
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though it's not, it's not just the heed light is in the right business in french at that, but i didn't, i hadn't even though he was made to be in this business. he does have business, t o t v gov's. here with him up there you go. many french lesson. what you seen those colors, the orange with the little thing wrong. despite all the beautiful moments that don't j. beecher will no longer be his in a few weeks. barsky entrepreneur will soon be sailing on other boats, one of the upsides of his job. back in dubai, we are welcomed by fancies lap the alsatian entrepreneur. he has settled on the island of palm jemirah on are the cities most upscale areas. he lives here with his
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wife munoz. we will. i only live here part title is she, but i have to take care of my 2000 employees in poland. i usually spend one waiting to buy and 3 weeks in poland for no foreign at last and foresees can breathe a sigh of relief. his yacht has just arrived in less than 10 minutes by car, he has reached the marina, the marty joseph forces, his pride and joy left poland over 2 months ago. i. the catamaran is due to arrive at the marina, at any moment for foresees. it's a special moment. the boat powered entirely by solar energy makes it spectacular, entry in the marina. how does it feel?
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my shackleton? well, i'm happy. so it's completely new technology and we the 1st to offer it. it's great fit of him. ah, it's a big channel. oh yeah. it really is. it's bigger than i'd imagined. yes. all his son who works with him in poland has travelled all the way over. it's named off the old grandmother and grandfather marie joseph his year. so of the real marie and jill, so that i would have never dreamed of that. but grandma can do it by herself with with
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the whole family is moved as a tribute to their homeland. the company logo shows an alsatian pretzel. tavia cantoya fabric assured that she said this had you tell her is it? oh, i love it. i had no wow. oh wow. is everything, all right, did it withstand the journey? well, everything looks good, doesn't it? you think? yes, definitely. looks very different in dance. here is the dressing. rosa. i go in the room. is that do you like the color? yeah it yes. oh yes, very much. oh no, i won't say i didn't think i would find it. so touching
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with it's an emotional moment. you know, i never took it too seriously. but now it is real close to live with me before the yard sales policies awaits an important ghast. ah. so she'd shake rashid alma to him, the ruler of to buy it. well yeah, he would dock and come to visit us this. dustin, if you shake rashid, i'll mock to miss one of the united arab emirates highest dignitaries. and you are welcome back. let's come back and i wanted to find
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find the ins. hello ma'am. how. busy you are thank you. thank you. congratulations . go graduation for this bill to will go with every one on board. the crew of 5 chance to work. it's time to set sail the futuristic yard leaves the harbour. this maiden voyage could be opening a new chapter in the history of sailing in the steering cabin, the atmosphere is relaxed. the 2 electric motors are working well. it's nice when you're not here, nothing. know the version, nothing. yes, the fil is dish. i'm figure i'm now next to you. yeah. just to see what is this your 1st? oh, good of people. good. all right. yeah. everybody will talk about it today. isn't
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receive mode, this new signal. yes. what to figure out. yeah. as everybody will talk about it as a tool do this, the 1st one to come and do 8 the 1st so a lot of sales bought an 80 feet, not small one. ah, it's a dream come true for fancies. tomatti shows aft is a success. the yacht sale smoothly without using a drop of fuel last to so this is what we appreciate. this is luxury at the end of the day until the boat is one thing. but the great luxury is the silence. no by ration is nothing. we're not going back with no one will want to buy another diesel engine, but clearly the ticket luxury sailing may be heading into the future and away from its highly pollutant present. and electric motors are only one of many alternatives
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when it comes to leaving behind environmentally harmful fuels. indeed, fantasies, lap and other manufacturers are already working on the next energy alternative hydrogen technologies. ah, how do i st me by knocking, knocking provocative or embarrassing?
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yeah. all right, when we clarify barnes 21. 30. 0 w. oh. she's up to date. don't miss our highlights. the d w program online. d, w dot com highlights night you can then kick snap, swish at 1st, nick, a consortium manager, meaner frisch, like on the 16th. i witnessed his report, but she still does go to set the i said that the mary, you pull a story of resilience rushes more in ukraine. one years since the invasion began. we take
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a look back and into the future in slow brain. in february on d, w ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is dw news live from berlin, after the devastation in turkey, arrests are being made. officials detained, those allegedly involved in faulty construction of buildings that have crushed


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