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ah ah ah, this is the w slide from berlin. the battle full back moved in easton, ukraine has become the longest stand off in the world. each side is determined to take the city despite heavy casualties. little street dense stove back says member countries have made new pledges for ukraine, including heavy weapons and military training. the also called on states to ramp up
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production of ammunition as the ongoing war deplete stockpile. and the un says the earthquakes in turkey and syria, others, the regions worse, natural disaster in a century. more than a week on the focus now turns to meeting the needs of the home homeless and germany is flat carrier. lufthansa is grounding a large number of flights because of a major. 1 problem traffic controllers are diverting all planes away from its main hub, a friend for that. ah, i'm glad else as well come to the program. russia is intensifying its efforts to take the area of a buck moods in easton, ukraine report say russian troops relentlessly. shelling more than 20 villages and
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towns in the area is become the sight of the longest running battle in the war. analysts say any victory would be symbolic, as the city is not strategically vital. however, both ukraine and russia say they determined to prevail. choice complaining of some difficulty was unlocked to draw up again. this is the glimpse according to russian state td into what's become known as the meat grinder. in the city of blackmore has been a claim to such because neither the russians nor the ukrainians have been able to make much progress here. resulting in the breach of stalemate that's produced the longest battle of the war. and one of the bloodiest for old site involved the budget of, of if everyone can see that we're having a hard time on this section of the front of the enemy are constantly attacking and small and big groups of one day. it's their artillery. on the next day they're
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infantry attacked, so it's a difficult time at the moment with our boys keep standing there. ground with the battle full back moat is now in its 7th month. russian officials recently claimed that its full says have almost encircled the city. not se, says the head of the walk in a masonry grape which has spearheaded the russian offensive. oh, it's a bad boy pushing forward house by house me a square meter by square meter. it's hard work. it's not clear at all where the stories about some kind of encirclement are coming from really issue i have killed the large box. moot will not be taken to morrow, but because there is heavy resistance. it's grinding. the meat grinder is working on new battle. despite the ferocity of fighting back mode isn't
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considered a game changer in the small military. analysts say the city hold small symbolic then strategic importance. but it's important nonetheless, it's capture would give the kremlin and much needed victory. after months of setbacks ant give its troops and youth are told in the don best region, which the russians partially occupy, but one full control off for keith and it's trips back moved, hold emotional value was done. what the bottle mifflin and nobody will give a battle to mobile ski will fight for as long as we can. venmo baffled. we consider back loot or fortran national for the day. we consider people who died their hero's little vicki, them follow mazda roy. of course the city is more than just a prize and battle for back most people. it was home. yet you husband the hood. dear god, our town used to be so beautiful. there were roses everywhere,
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flowers it. oh, but it was clean. everything was kept in order. it's a memory that stands in stark contrast to scenes like this, and the bloody battles that of aunt beck mode it's gruesome name. an earlier i spoke to w correspondent, nix calmly and keith, and asked him to tell us more about why bob mood is so important for both sides. i think you have this is about similar. listen, 1st of all we heard there are you thank president zalinski talking about it as a kind of ukrainian fortress or something that would not up. similarly, the russians are desperate for anything that they can spin, sell outside the contribution to their own domestic audience. as a victory, after all those setbacks and ukraine with like, had a song, when you look at the actual strategic importance though,
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and the kind of advance is this would give russia's troops in the region for less in the web content there for military expert, some even say that is actually easier for the ukrainians to retreat a bit and then defend bigger, more important is like come autodesk nearby from the positions from the geography but of boot. because we understand the americans alone, we pushing the ukrainians to give up. but more to not waste, not risk more ukrainian lives there. the task they imply has already been achieved . they've bound russian forces that have caused huge losses to the russian army in terms of human lives, but also technology equipment on the ground and out. yet the suggestion seems to be it's time to cut ukraine's losses. now, there are reports that russian shelly is intensifying and, but also that ukrainian forces or have a blown up a bridge, or that it would need to retreat is ukraine losing babbled? i think it's really important stress here that we have very little real time information coming out of but more that is the situation all along front lines.
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yeah. there is now no more access for journalists, buttonwood as a recent thing. oh, civilian volunteers, angeles are no longer allowed in the reason being that you're protecting them, looking after them, treating them with the ability medical sources is just too much distractions. ukrainian army, we've definitely seen. no civilian volunteers, try to bring supplies to the local population. coming to quite a lot of harm in recent days and often of the ukrainian army, when things are going badly, will only release information quite late. but i think, you know, the fact that it has been closed off already says a lot. and there's a sense here and key of that me, people are brown effect. the butt might have to be abandoned in the weeks and you know, months come. now there has been lots of talk recently that ukraine needs fighter jets from, from the west, in this particular battle. the battle urban for bar mood, wood fighter jets make any difference. and it's important. see what those planes allow ukraine to do. thought about the planes as such about the prestige. it's about fact that they firstly would enable ukraine to protect their troops with
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their, from rockets from missiles. it's kind of further part of the kind of anti air defense system and it would allow that project power for it to attack russian positions far behind the front lines to next new kind of thing. they can't do right now, but they don't have long range land based missile systems. the west just isn't handing those over to ukraine. but there is also the emotional component of sits about getting the west to kind of, you know, be more whole hearted. it's board of ukraine to kinda nail its colors to the mass and say we are on your side and not somehow on the one hand say we're in sold out with ukraine, but then keep stuff back in the view here from care of is most of europe is under that nato american nuclear umbrella. you don't really need this kit we do. if you're not gonna give us any shooting guarantees, then hurry up and send us his equipment. oh, correspondent, calmly there in a cave. thank you very much. me. battle is chief against stoughton back, says member states have made new pledges to ukraine for heavy weapons and military
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training. he said they've agreed to ramp up production of artillery rounds as well . so mac was speaking on the 2nd day of a meeting with nato defense ministers in brussels. as they discussed the defense of easton ukraine. he said members had yet to agree on a new pledge for defense spending. but south mac said things were finally starting to move in the right direction. the face from a to germany, no way holders a. she's not a huge difference with a z. oh. but also with it has tv and stalked back. speaking there earlier, and d,
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w correspondent, shoals has been following that summit. and jones is now from there from brussels. terry, what is nitro, promising in order to speed up military aid for ukraine? well that in fact is its promise that it will speed up the military aid because we've seen a fairly slow, sluggish delivery of some of the weapons that, that ukraine wants most including tanks. and in fact, even defense minister pastorius said that, you know, he had expected other allies to start sending their tanks more quickly, once germany agreed to send their own end to allow other countries to exports. so this has really been a problem that things are promised and, and that they don't show up in, in ukraine as quickly as they should. and as secretary general st oldenburg said that was going to be a big focus of this meeting. and of the ramstein defense contact route yesterday was how to get the pledges that have been made delivered to ukraine. now terry, one of the big problems for natal seems to be supplying ukraine with military
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equipment while keeping the ability to defend its own territory. how's the block handling vision this issue? yes, that's the reason that some countries were initially reluctant to send equipment to ukraine, including ammunition, which we've been discussing is, is in such short supply in that is that they said, well, then we won't be able to keep up that nato standard of stock piles of of equipment of ammunition and even of, of, of uniforms. things like this. but secretary general seldom berg has come out at time. and again and told countries, if that's really what you're worried about, i say send it to ukraine. so nato has agreed to drop the levels of stockpiles that it feels are necessary right now in order to make sure that countries can send to ukraine. and the baltic states, for example, have sent sometimes their entire contingents of certain weapons to ukraine because they very much feel that it's ukraine who is fighting to keep them out of nato territory. so they deserve all the equipment that they can get right now. now
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ukraine has also been asking for fighter jets is the worst going to deliver those plans. there is very little if any appetite among countries who possess these plains to send them to ukraine, added nato allies. just don't feel that this is the most efficient use of planes. they feel like yeah, russia would shoot them down over the russian occupied areas. they're very, very expensive, and they think that it is much more important to, to bolster ukraine's air defense systems. so they can shoot down russian missile so that they can protect themselves this way. ukraine has explained to quite rationally why it thinks the jets would be useful. and so far. yeah, no one, no one who possesses that these kind of planes have expressed a willingness to send them to ukraine quite the opposite. in fact, co chauffeur reporting from the nato's defense minister meeting in brussels. thank you. now let's have a look at some of the other stories making headlines today. scotlands 1st minister
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nicholas sturgeon has announced her intention to resign. the scottish national party leader took office in november 2014 just after the referendum independence referendum, in which people voted to remain part of the united kingdom sturgeon i, scotland to lead by scotland. longest serving leader they killed in the water. a service has been held in parkland florida to mark the 5 year anniversary of a school shooting that left 17 people dead. the memorial comes just a day after 3 people were killed in the latest mos shooting at the university in michigan. u. s. president joe biden again demanded that lawmakers take action against what he called americas gun violence epidemic nat direction. again the forum, usm bassa to the united nations, nikki haley, as and as she's running for the republican presidential nomination for next year. she's the 2nd tendency join the race after a former boss,
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ex president. for today, a 42 year old woman has been told from the rubble in the turkish city of car, among morris alive a week and a half after the region was hit by a devastating earthquake. the woman had been trapped under a collapse building for more than 200 hours before rescues managed to dislodge her . from the rubble of turkish president arrived type adam ad vowed that miss care if it's will continue. while the death toll from the earthquakes in turkey and syria has risen above at 40000, the focus of the united nations operation has shifted from a rescue and recovery emission, to caring for the millions of people made homeless in syria moines. it is only now just getting through help is finally on its way within hours of the you and negotiating
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a deal with the government and damascus to open to border crossings between turkey and northwest and syria. this international 8 convoy is heading straight on through the earthquake devastated parts of the opposition held legion in syria, and also damaged the road to the only border crossing that had been approved for un, a deliveries 8 workers can now deliver more shelter materials, blanket and medical supplies i am now jani addison in senior order. just log into fax with reproductive magazine, license transaction parking. now we're not, we're here yet. and they will deliberately slice $170.00. perceiving little d u. n is also launching a 397000000 dollar appeal to help nearly 5000000 people affected by the earthquake and syria. as the hope of finding people trapped alive under rubble in turkey and
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syria is dimming, rescue efforts are shifting their focus on to helping survivors. this will ship docked on the south coast of turkey has been turned into a floating hospital. there is no available hospital in my neighbourhood. the closest one is the hat. i thought y'all hospital, but it's full of people injured by the quaker. that's why they can't provide help to people like me, with slight injuries. instead at that hospital, we prefer this makes shift one tens of thousands of people have been injured by the earthquake in turkey. many requiring medical treatment with only 300 beds. the war ship hospital can any relieve a small part of the current huge strain on the turkish health care system. and our correspond julio hahn is standing by outside the tent camp in the turkish city of
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atlanta. a julia, what have you been observing? have the authorities at rescue workers in turkey shifted their focus and i'm afraid we are having technical difficulties there with our line from julia there in turkey, and also major technical difficulties at germany, slack carrier lufthansa. i have stranded thousands of passengers worldwide. the company has delayed and grounded flights on fruits. i. t systems were hit by a glitch affecting checking and holding or plains are being directed away from landing at low santas main hub friend for the airport in order to prevent a backflow on the ground. gala vessel is innovation expert and runs ab and consulting in hamburg, and he told me more about the disruption earlier several fiber optic cables in
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frankfurt were delis today during the civil engineering work by a construction company. so for this reason, they may currently busy the destruction of the great job of frankfort area, including tons at quarter slip tons of main up as well as a main douglas center. so this led to white i t o t h that affected all kinds of companies. so not only look times airlines, but also for example your wings and look to the cargo. so since operational and very important operation systems such as those for grant handling of passengers and baggage preparation, execution flights and dispatch of echo from cru affected numbers, flights had to begin so today now. so you describe that it's a pretty wide ranging these disruptions. how severe is this? there's no doubt that systems at allies just as it bang, for example, is highly critical infrastructure. that is why redundant systems and a high level of security exist for sure. what like other companies' listings also
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depends on public life, especially since one of the largest internet notes in germany existed for in the event of a failure of such lines. what we saw today, we're still seeing today. yes, you redundancy can no longer help and failure korea. so in the consequence, flights must be 1st delayed and ultimately it cancelled. of course a flight operations can no longer guarantee. so in franklin alone, this could effect more than 100000 passengers. now you mentioned 100000 passengers, a stranded really. what can they do right now? ok, 1st domestic trouble us should in any case switch to train today and maybe tomorrow, especially in the morning as well. basically today and tomorrow, all of tens of passengers should check the status of their flight on the web page or before they go to the airport. so it is expected that the complete for clearance will continue on. so this is this afternoon,
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but i assume that they will be 1st cancellations. today particular s, some arriving acts have been what you all already mentioned and will, will be still. there were 2 other efforts by the judge at traffic control. so these will have to be form back to frank with 1st before they can use again. so i think it's quite possible that some flights will still effective tomorrow as well, assuming that the disruption is solved today. hopefully. thank you very much. a vision expert, good visser, that joining us. thank you. i'm we can now go once again to all correspondence. julia han was standing by outside the tent camp of the turkish city. of all that, i want to talk about the plight of the millions of displaced people after the earthquake in turkey and syria. after what you've been observing, have authorities and rescue workers into the now shifted the focus. what we're seeing now,
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all the final hours of the rescue efforts. although turkish tv channels are still broadcasting, images of people being pulled from the rebel alive. these are very few cases. at the same time, tens of thousands of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands are now homeless. and yes, the focus is now on this massive humanitarian crisis. according to the turkish authorities, more than 270000 people have been evacuated from this earthquake hid region. everyone else has been staying intense like these one here. you can see right behind me for the cost to week a here and i don't know in this, can people tell me that they're getting everything they need right now? but the situation is so much worse in cities like are among mirage is kendra on or on takia, where we were yesterday that city has been almost entirely flattened. many people still have to sleep outside in the open. they need heating, they need shelter,
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they need sanitation, i jenny products because they have been left with absolutely everything with absolutely nothing. now you leave those people that you described will now live in this, these trends behind you, any indication of how long they will have to stay there. well, if you look at the figures provided by the authorities, here, tens of thousands of buildings have either collapsed or they have been so badly damaged that they have to be demolished. they are no longer inhabitable. at the same time, the government, the authorities are telling people that if they can, they should go back to their homes. the authority say there are they have already started inspecting buildings, writing reports, confirming whether the buildings are safe or not. but many people here, including in this 10 can tell me that they are to
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a freight to return to their homes. one men even showed me a report and said, look, they have written down at my house is now safe. but it isn't. it's been so badly damaged, i can see that damage and he also doesn't want to go back at the same time. the government has promised to build new homes within one year. but one of the questions is, where's the money for that? going to come from an n g o, a business association has estimates the damage the financial damage here in turkey alone and more than 84000000000 dollars. the damage caused by the quakes are correspondent julia honda. thank you. we don't origin era now, which is gearing up for its 1st full scale carnival since the pandemic, while some celebrations went ahead last year in brazil rios for the most st parties were cancelled now organized. reckon these festivities are going to be the biggest
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party on the planet. ah, it's been described as a reaper thin rio. ah, i did neighbourhood rides across the city. oh, the sounds and colors of carnival ah back. ah! there she has seized the full return of the world's biggest posse, including the cities, epic, st. glucose, them off. the unofficial launch of carnival. hundreds have been authorized after being bans due to the coded pandemic in 2022. and there is much to celebrate. allow in this carnival, what we need is to be happy. throw yourself in happiness. huck. people at the stake, lay down some by lot. i actually, i think that politically this year is special. not only because of the pandemic,
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but also because we've had the victory of a left wing governments. i keep asking myself, what would become of this carnival if it were not to they speak to the left when government foot 3. i was world famous, sam, bas goes. there's no time for dancing just yet for months now. artisans well doesn't. so as i've been working long hours to have everything ready for the main parade, i kissed kirk legitimacy, lucy believe in this romantic carnival. he as he that they see on television the greatest show on asked buckler. it's all about passion, where oh, app. ashwin. nice to see, but it's also a lot of hard work and bay mood of all than a year or by lou. he had the gabriella, my hu, one and for re i shop owners, they hope the cities passion for cannibal. we'll also see, revel is spend big and help them to make up for the loss of tourism. during the
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pandemic, m, i have everything you need to, sam, by the night away is on sale. here with retail is expected to earn more than $970000000.00 us dollars during the celebrations and ass, another party going on here in berlin. the red carpet is being rolled out ahead of the opening of one of the wells biggest public film festivals. the 73rd bellin olive kicks off thursday with 90 movies, buying for the golden and silver bass. this is event will focus on the recent anti government protests in iran and the war in ukraine. among the headline as sean penn's documentary of laws ukrainian president vladimir lensky filmed, just as russia invaded you cried almost a year ago history. oh sure. it was indeed of
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a new still to come. the offices of the b, b. c. in india, a search for a 2nd day or the asian states also tightening the screws on independent media. and why pakistanis decided to tighten. it's already stringent blasphemy loops. all that and all coming next on news asia with my colleague berrish advantage. i'm gabrielle 1st in berlin. phill gail will be here at the top of the next hour for your next news roundup. for me and the team with
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that the mary hugh poll a story of resilience rushes more in ukraine. one years since the invasion began, we take a look back and into the future. in the slow rain. in february on d, w. ah 50 dr. news a show coming up today. democratic freedoms under attack from governments in asia. beginning in india where government officers such the premises of the b b. c weeks after a documentary question, 5 minutes or more. these role income, you know, riots in 2002 plus the press freedom under threat and cambodia as well as.


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