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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2023 7:15am-7:31am CET

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i crisp raquel welch has died at the age of 82 after a short illness well shot to fame as a global sex symbol after appearing in a furry bikini in the 966 film, 1000000 years b. c. she went on to become one of the most sought after actresses in hollywood, in the 19 sixties and seventies, appearing alongside legendary actors including james stewart, frank sinatra, and burt reynolds. her multi decade career included a global golden globe, winning performance in the 3 musketeers in 18. 73, and she is update at this hour. stay tuned for this headlines coming up next. ah, ah ah sh justin is warm again, but a good push to me to day was yes,
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pursued this is to consequence was settled for trying to find out. because shackleton, well, i'd like to still willing would conflict in ukraine. the european war and 10 voices rushes war in ukraine. one here since the invasion began. we take away the back and into the future. in the new 1000000 flow green. in february on d, w. ah, ah, american shoppers had a big january retail sales, jumping from the previous month, leading to more head scratching over the world's largest economy. also on our show, our some chinese phone model sending back a bit too much data. we'll look at
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a new study on 3 models with dangerously leaky operating systems. i'm see if there's the in berlin. welcome to our show. an unexpected bounce and retail spinning in january is adding to the puzzling picture that is the u. s. economy. sales jumping 3 percent from december as auto dealers, department stores and restaurants all recorded strong turnover. it's the largest month to month game for us retail since 2021. and it's expected to add a pressure on the u. s. federal reserve to continue raising interest rates as it fights inflation of the court in new york for more. now yes, correct me if i'm wrong, but i thought the point of all these interest rate hikes we've seen was to dampen demand. what's going on here? well, it's even, but the timing is sir king. right. i mean, the problem is sir, was the interest rates and increase it, it's, it has to the lagging effect to take some time so that those higher interest rates work as through the economy. i mean,
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we also see that was the labor markets. i mean the interest rate increases were supposed to cool down the labor market. but the last reading that we got was actually the best since may of 1960 in hot. and so obviously that hasn't done the trick quite yet, but it's definitely interesting to see a december was such a disappointment when actually sales in the retail sector dropped by more than one percent. and now this 3 percent increase in pricing, it pretty much all categories and saw in increase. so a definitely very as strong a numbers of from a consumer's at that one little we mark on to that. so those figures are not adjusted for inflation for inflation. so part of the story is also things got more expensive and therefore also that had an effect on higher retail sales. un speaking of demand, we talked about travel demand being so high. now we're seeing that air b and b has some surprisingly strong numbers working to us there. well,
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i'm in it for, for the entire year of 2022. it was actually a record profit of a good $2000000000.00 sir. and that term air b and be achieved. no wonder that the stock by the way, was up by about and 13 percent here on the wednesday as session. i mean what abby and b a did for incentives so that price is increased on average. and the 4th quarter, the booking per day was at a $152.00. there was a price jump of 36 percent in comparison to the year a prior, so strong booking. so with the air b and b and to what is also happening. and i guess it, a lot of our view hurts will see that to a city travel is a back in a big way. and that is also helping companies like air b and b, but also tripadvisor, for example, came out or was their earning. so also they're a very strong a showing, so a bids in travel in general, definitely as
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a back and air b and b as one of the companies that profiting from that ryan's court in new york. thank you. or some chinese phones gathering too much personal information. researchers in edinburgh found several handsets doing just that. the report this month found a pre installed apps on phones from 3 chinese companies asked for a large number of access permissions to phone features such as the camera. they were also sending larger than normal amounts of personal data to their makers. even if the sim card was removed, is what the report said. it said, combined this information poses serious risks of user d, animal zation and extensive tracking, particularly since in china. every phone number is registered under a citizen id. moreover, the data collection behaviors do not change when the devices move outside china. a poll, patrice is a researcher and professor at the university of edinburgh, and he's one of the 3 authors of that study earlier i asked him what information is
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being disclosed? right, so there are broadly 4 types of information. ready that are being disclosed. we categorize these as the voice specific geo location, specific user profile and socialization shape. so some of the things make sense for, you know, a big. ready spikes system updates, for instance the i m a o s was shown. sometimes you need application that really depend on the information such as tps already. so it's mops. but if you kind of combine all these information together, new collect all at the same time, that kind of believe so much about the maybe more than, than what's necessary about the use of the app. and then you probably don't need a way that obligation to kind of share the information about s. m. s. marshal called his study. and the information is being sent and being sent to that is said, but across china we identified those being managed in beijing hun joe,
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one chunk bunch of other places. but in general, there are basic, all sorts of 3rd party package that sandy c formation. and that includes, for instance, china, china, you and call me as the k, which would font a bit strange because in the end, you might have a phone that doesn't really kind of, you know, have a subscription, which i know you. and how does this compare to, to other privacy leaks that you've seen elsewhere, including in european for models? yes, actually, i had to the study, we looked at the andre, you know, asked the distributions that are available in europe. and we see the extent of the information leakage or collection in the chinese for what is probably 3 to 4 times more extensive than what we've seen in europe. and so what, you know, what 3rd party packages are granted permissions, and some of these are dangerous,
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but missions and button ties defined by google. so, you know, there are things to do with camera and so on, which an order will require user consent. terms of dangerous permissions, we premise the approximate be twice as many day us permission in the chinese forward as compared to the, the flood rate available in europe. so $3.00 to $4.00 times the kind of privacy leakage that we would see in europe. more dangerous permissions. a lot of us going to chinese telecom companies. what does your study mean for users of chinese phones? so i think it's important to make a distinction here. so the phones that the chinese phones that are commercializing you have different settings. so here we looked, stick viet folders that are available on the chinese market. and that's important because the number of android users in china is by far the largest in the world. and what's interesting that even if those use this endif, china, for instance,
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would be the source study, but sees these practices continue despite the fact that you know, they might be in europe. but g, d, p articulation is expected to be applied to the so on. but it does, you know, individuals might, you know, might be subject to some degree of surveillance outside mainland china, right ballpark for us from the university of edinburgh. talking about his study with 2 other authors into chinese, some chinese phone models. thank you very much. thank you. it was a chaotic day for air travelers in germany after the country's biggest airline. lufthansa was forced to cancel or delay hundreds of flights. of carriers, computer systems were shut down after construction workers at frankfurt airport, accidentally cut through a data cable with tons of shares dipped on the news for recovery. once the problem was lifted or poorer, a kang shirt sucked santa was in frankfort earlier and sent us this update. when's
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this failure comes 2 days before blind stikes at 7 german airport, that expected to lead to major disruption. again, including potentially add them unit security conference where world leaders, i'd expect it to gather all the flights have now to zoom the outage, but many domestic and international passengers across germany in a difficult position. frankfurt is the country's biggest airport and a major international transit time for flight to the us and asia. the outage also grab the attention of investors. they pushed in the fans or shares down 1.5 percent by mid morning before the stock rebounded. the airline fed behind the id disruption was damaged to the glass fiber cable, as in frankfort. that happened during that in construction work. even if it is an isolated incident, it's just the latest problem plaguing an industry. eager to return to its sleep endemic leveled a conscious oksana there in frankfort. shifting gears in norway,
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the discovery of rare earth minerals, recently prompted a great deal of excitement. now the country wants to move closer to extraction with mining to, to start next year. not everyone approves a front end loader tips 25 tons of rock into this dumped truck in all him in western norway, since 1948 olivine has been mined. here the mineral is rich and magnesium and important for the production of steel. among other things, norway now wants to mind the countries many other natural resources. for libya, it convey list, we don't have a big industry yet, but we have many deposits. probably the largest deposits from metals and rare earth in europe. these are building blocks that are important for the green transition of industry, also via hilt, orvin ya, of either get on the shifter. currently, china is dominating the market for rare earth. europe does not want to be reliant on china any more, and has been ramping up its search for domestic resources. titanium you dinner
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folly. but in motive, it's dangerous that china has a quasi monopoly on the production of some raw materials. and it has used these to monopolize entire supply chains, shita. but if norway wants to mind more raw materials at home, this will lead to conflicts with locals. for years, residents of no stall had been fighting a major mining project on fed a fjord all the time group project that we oppose this project because they want to cut off the top of angular mountain and plan to dump 250000000 tons of mining, sludge, chemicals, heavy metals and micro plastics, straight into one of the regions most fish, rich fjords. if you would have nordic mining has now received approval to start mining the raw materials on the fjord in 2024 or a whole fiddle. i hope that politicians and others understand that we both in norway and in the nordic countries, you must help provide important minerals for europe and the rest of the world's
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middle. we cannot wait for 3rd world countries need to provide us with all the mineral supplies that we need. i also often said that by the scuffle sheet, no small to the minute. all anything in europe wants to free itself from its dependency on the world market. and increasingly mind its own raw materials. the green revolution is still seeing this classic conflict between the environment and industry or that's it for me and the dw business team for more about these and other stories checks out a line d, w dot com slash business. i've seen beardsley, thanks watching this gadget for a measuring methane makes the invisible visible methods impact on climate change has long been underestimated. many emissions are avoidable,
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but how exactly can they be stopped and how can the economy benefit from these reductions made in germany next, on d, w. in turkey, people are not only morning, they're dead. they're in shock, the said fail to prevent the catastrophe. ah, the cause of shoddy construction, everything lies in ruins. for syrian refugees who have come here seeking safety, the future looks equally. bleed focus more in europe. in 60 minutes on d, w, ah, in mind is with
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getting ahead, using tech. as our documentary series and founders valley foliage africa to meet the founders empowering their continent through digital innovation, transforming work and health, and living conditions in their country, and inspiring the world with their ideas, ah, valley africa watch now w documentary with ah, observed from the edge of space in.


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