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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2023 2:45am-3:01am CET

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was settled and foot under fun that he could cynical those in a still willing emergency conflict in ukraine. the european war and 10 voices rushes, warri new cray one here since the invasion began. we take the lead back and into the future in the union slowly in february on d. w with ah, do those competing there was this compliment that i got, oh you're pretty for a jew, newton escaped from there are a lot more anti semitic incidents than you might think ending. that's anna cancer research, a in munich, and dora judge in berlin, what most people only see when it hits the headlines they've experienced in
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everyday life discrimination because that juice is active and it's real and it never went away. it can be subtle, it can be in your face. sometimes antisemitism can be hard to recognize, even in yourself. but no, no, no. i run away. most missed on what you don't necessarily have to have a malicious intention to say something anti semitic long. should i describe myself as a liberal jail with fear we have a tradition oriented community. there was one bad incident where some one drove by the synagogue on a motorbike and shouted heil hitler had he doesn't. this was during drop off time for the can't the day care when a lot of parents bring their children the can nothing ons, onward. and then at a party someone said to me, how did hitler forget one or something more? i was out of hitler was the dictator of nazi germany,
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responsible for the systematic murder of $6000000.00 jews or the man and bona as a jew, what do you do in a situation like that? it's um, amazon pretty hot, dont, catherine. i was interviewing. it was supposed to be for a feature and a major german magazine, the door just like got afterward and we had a coffee and we were sitting together. and then out of nowhere came, the question is what come on, let's be honest with juice. it's always about the money, right, and you get so little and you just think wait a minute and i hear that right. i just have to go home. and that's just one trip that's been doing the rounds for centuries. in fact, anticipating traits on nothing new. they've been passed down and reappear in every era repackaged and seemingly shiny and new for the next generation. all on says an anti semitism comes in many different forms. miriam venza director
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of frankfurt jewish museum, germany. so let's look at that example about wealth and money. as a source is the same to the rule. historically, jews will exclude it from many professions in europe. few from oscars. and among the jobs they were allowed to do was traditionally dealing with her coins either or exchanging money that gave vixen the thought that was the case in the early modern period. and that led to the idea that jews have something to do with money. go for tune, home times of crisis provide particularly fertile ground for spreading anti semitic tropes and conspiracies. an age old and murky myth that he didn't hand you can't see it, it's not there. but there is an assumption that there is some something sinister or he does not history professor george washington university. we saw it even in cases like the coven pandemic. right. all these questions of who exactly benefits from
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the covert and then implying that actually it's a conspiracy of a jewish, you know, ah, are businessmen and peer and the companies that are producing door on, on the vaccine and so on. it's a convenient idea that there's a small group of people secretly controlling the world. in reality, it's an ungrounded conspiracy theory that's really old. this is natalie's, that of course is absolutely the coal antisemitic narrative. absolutely, and it's a christian one of these and costly. so this hidden hand is a baseless anti semitic trope, date him back as far as the middle ages, when christianity strove to become the dominant religion in europe, and began to persecute juice as i can for school. and that means that the conspiracy theory that jews are doing something in secret is always part of the mobilization of feelings, which in turn leads to acts of violence from provide humdrum through your mother. and i often wonder what the germans actually say over a family christmas dinner,
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for example, if anti semitic conspiracy theories come up at the table, do you stay silent or do you speak up madame or does like monmouth, he should say something. because ignoring antisemitism, what make it magically go away? let's say in germany for a while. so why does it seem like it's so difficult for a lot of germans to confront antisemitism today? maybe because they see it as something gone and overcome java does what i think a lot of people associate anti semitism only with world war 2 that hitler created anti semitism and it was all over 945. and that's just completely a historical hers. so that's another thing, antisemitism isn't just a nazi thing. but although jews were long subjected to violence, expulsions, false conversions, and systematic prosecution,
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the nazi era was undoubtedly without parallel. starting in 1933, the nazis used antisemitic legislation and propaganda to create a culture of segregation and hostility all over nazi occupied europe. jews were eventually detained in ghettos and deported to concentration or death camps where they were subjected to force labor atrocities and mass murder. by the time nazi germany surrendered 6000000 jews had been met at the minute. we automatically think that the step next after on some it isn't, is already holocaust. we find that problematic to identify the more sinister ah, demo, mundane the discriminatory practices, the tropes, a de trafficking of of stereotypes that is not to move to magically tomorrow is living. god forbid, for a complete nihilism and genocidal practices underneath the. so you're an anti semite only if you say you should go to the gas chambers that wouldn't anything
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else is a legitimate criticism of another thing in the home. so don't be mistaken. the ball for anti semitism isn't set up, murder. it can also sound like this order with our if you look pretty for a do that. what does that do to a person? my math. does van minor or ma? notice it when my grandmother gives me. mazda crocker is on passover, and i put them in the car and she says, no, never leave them lying around, hide them. i don't want my neighbor to see that were jewish, and there are a lot of jews and my circle of friends who aren't open about being jewish because they've had bad experiences with anti semitism. it's just stressful for me to pretend 247. so i'm open about being jewish. if someone has a problem with that, they should just come and sorted out with me. i'm learning, i'm mcclellan. if that was good before she knew, i don't think there are many different reactions because it's quite distinct. and even in the same person, there's the feeling of i know that i'll get my suitcase out because i have to be better prepared for what's happening. you perfume,
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can i really permanently belong to society here? and though am i sufficiently protected? where do i move to live in for some jeez, that one place they can feel safe. is israel, the world's only jewish state? since 1950 jews from all over the world and gentle convert to judaism, are entitled to settle in israel and receive full israeli citizenship. if they wanting from me ask for me as a practicing jew, it's meaningful when i can celebrate jewish holidays there and. and it's a safe haven, i know there's also the feelings or there's a country does that. there's a place on to simply b, m. and to maybe not handle the feeling of being in the minority language to skip through to. hm. and, and i'm in the hopes as i, this has his 2 cushion launched and that, that historically been of great importance to jews. mom dad, walking down the street wearing my star of david and knowing that nothing will happen is an incredible feeling and situ unblocked, which is good food. i've fewer nights,
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urine. but the decades since the founding of the state of israel, i have seen a new facet of antisemitism in much israel related antisemitism. more often than not political events linked to israel also prompt rise in anticipated attacks way beyond israel's borders. especially when there's a flare up in these railey palestinian conflict the by that and conflicting as soon as there is conflict in israel, the atmosphere here immediately becomes tougher. how far more uncomfortable for some i from resume missing. what's your, what's always been irritating for me is when i say i'm jewish and then people criticize me for israel's policy is blame me for them. i don't have an israeli passport, i can't vote there. i don't have the right to vote there and i don't have a say in the political situation and i'm not israeli or, and it's been kinase quaylon. went hard when someone asked me that, what do you think about what's going on in israel right now and, and without an accusatory under tone. and without, i know,
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like what are you and i people doing there again. but simply, what do you make of it? and then of course i answer them normally, but it's not what you say. it's how you say it. how about the tool? nothing was he so choose all over the world are not responsible for israeli policy . of course, the israeli government can be criticized. but why do you draw the line between anti semitism and political debate? i would draw the line up in several cases, demonstrating not in front of the israeli embassy, but in front of a synagogue that's already starting to blurred the lie laundry. she lies anita from han leila. there you already see in one of the central problems in criticism of these reli government's policy. this very often notation of questioning the right to exist harvest learning was ever since life combined with, from which, forcing jews to, ah, whether day we talk about the israel or not automatically when they enter into
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a room, state your position on regarding israel or your pro or again, you have to state it very clearly upfront. this is also, you know, if not borderline and feminism it's, it's upfront and this isn't it to medically assume that every would you purpose definition by them being jewish are in a way, agents of the government and so on and full and so forth. ready so how to handle this political hot potato, not talk about it at all. the thing being from different forms. that's why i am a bit cautious about this idea that you mustn't talk about israel at all. and now that of course is real close to us. and of course it means more to us than many other countries. but yes, you can just talk about it normally even though mile to leverage breaking cycle, criticizing israeli policy, fine. conflating israeli state policy and jewish life. not fine and elton
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antisemitic, the weld over jews experience anti semitism, no matter when or where. and ultimately it boils down to the same traits, the same prejudices, the same hatred battling it, is arduous. and yet there's so much more to being jewish than fighting this hatred . that the thing on death, vincent that's perhaps something i'd wish for continuing to take a look at active jewish life and showing what's actually happening to that. i saw that because there's always a great danger on the jewish side to there that you only think within these dimensions of anti semitism. and you actually forget the positive sides of bed with his upper what i can't identify with that victim role at all, cause i always wear my star of david openly. i walked through the streets of hellenic as a proud jewish woman. ah
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ah eco. india asks how to reduce the ecological footprint of footwear. when a bad thing to the doctor stated, i feel good myself. so yeah, that's, that's a win win for me please. the new when this is driving forward sustainable production mom, this guy politically from dials to dial, that is, that usually ends up in the land on d, w ah, in good shape. diabetes. 2 types, same threat. technical gadgets have improved life with time one, but treatments for type 2, which is more common in affluent countries need improvement. what those affected
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can do, and what they should pay attention to. in good shape. in 30 minutes on the w o. blue not just another day. so much is happening all at once. we take time to understand this is the day and in depth look at current news. events was analyzed by experts and critical thinkers. not just another new show. this is the weekdays on d, w. a war being fought him real time on social media. and they had sent his instrument toward the people shaping public
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opinion. the key word share is the word fate. where are the right magical battle lines being drawn? the propaganda war for ukraine. russia's war in ukraine one year since the invasion began to take a look back and into the future. in the new building. slowly in february on d, w. a . this is d w. news, and these are top stories. the munich security conference has wrapped up with a call for the european union to speed up delivery of military supplies to ukraine . china's top diplomat, when he says paging is to present a piece proposal for a political.


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