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tv   DW News Africa  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2023 12:30am-1:01am CET

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a gender gap in space exploration. germany's 1st female astronaut, it has been waiting for years to get her turn of private initiative is pushing to make it happen in me personally. it's just a dream of who was sad. i've always wanted to see the us from la, destined for space starts more changed on d, w versus d, w, news, africa coming up on the program one year of the war in ukraine and what it has done to africa. queen, for example, has been in short supply across africa. you to the wall country, start to way dependents on it, like kenya, now struggling to get by fertilizer prices. i've also gone off since the components come mainly from russia and ukraine. but some farmers have found
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a way around that the i using coll, my kneel as an alternative. and these students may be smiling in this feature about many like them, how to need the studies behind in ukraine. now back home, they are struggling to continue job education. meanwhile, as a war, rages on south africa has chosen alignments. and is odin military drills with russia and china? how do they justify that? a i, i'm eddie mike, a junior welcome to the program. it's been one year since russia begun its invasion of ukraine. now, while a war in europe may seem far away from africa, the impact has been felt by many across the continent of africa. we asked some in
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kenya and nigeria, how the war has affected them. is ours affected me emotional? cause i have a friend over the other from nevada when we talked last joe's last 2 weeks. this is not an address i did that are. so for you to warn you that your voice was mid list, it's needless or is it senseless war? foot crazy is have really good. now i'm looking back from there factor laser praises. they have gone up making for it becomes such as cost would be because of leaving us become very high. ah, you'd see at the, for example, this year it has high level. it isn't going to be put off any it had to offer this . it does become very tough for most of what our drivers, the taxi drivers, several students over of niger on our region as well, their school in and out to
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a get their schooling journey out to be caught her. i mean caught shots, it's a loss for them. we'll be looking at all the issues raised in a bit, starting with the impact of the war on wheat consumers in africa. now, in 2020 alone, some african countries imported up to 80 percent of the wheat from either ukraine or russia. kenya, for example, used to import a 3rd of its total wheat supply from the 2 war in nations. but now which producers and consumers are feeling the effects of war are correspondent for alex. marina filed this report from kenya. this is jim flor because in col, gladly one of the rubies informal settlements before the war. they used to bake up to 7000 mendez, his bread rolls and bands he had daily, but with the ukraine wolf which praises doubled deliveries. what delayed quantities
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decrease, and the baked attempts while he booster sides. the bakery and it's tough, had to make drastic changes to stay afloat. i. we had to go several days without working. so you who are working for sick. these. are you fighting? you are working for the for the. yeah. so units of yesterday they had to reduce and a, some employee are not that up human because we do do we do date of events that we did? we did as part of payment for wheat from a michael, just 3 hours to the rest of nairobi. the which shortage combined with higher prices would normally have meant increase in canada. but that was not the case. as he depended on fat elisa supply from ukraine and russia. apple, believe me, they f a t initially will use to buy a 50 kilogram bag of fertilizer at $2800.00 shillings. but in the recent past, we have been buying the same 50 kilogram back at 6300 shootings. so even if the buyers are coming in plenty, the cost of production is too high and as
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a result of the profit margins have become very little trouble by now. my will not let this own up at a coaching with about 40 percent of width supply in africa coming from russia and ukraine. experts say it's time africa stopped relying on food from outside the continents. and found alternative means to feed have most vulnerable people. economist x n, iraqi says that african countries should land lessons from this crisis we and make changes. we would want the government to do more. but have things like strategic already solves relatives like statistic, good stuff to get green results. would also want the countries in the country and future. good issac don't. i diversify the social therefore, that we don't just get quit from creek, we can get we from identity. we must also make fleming court so that people are proud of it. and on the way to do that is to give it support or that is banks, whether the government was, if the such as you choose to keep support from us over the past year,
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africans have had to fit the high price of their dependence on wheat from ukraine and trasha, i wake up call to how far away wall can heat close to home. and it has hit close to home. indeed, many analysts say that geopolitically, that war in ukraine has spread into a cold, warlike scenario. a global power struggle between ration and western powers plain out on the continent, the pressure is on to take aside. in a case, you see justice and injustice and aggression and the victim neutrality is not an option because then you are standing on the side of the aggression. but some african governments would rather seek a political position that works with them at home. and i brought in the latest boat, the un general assembly 15 african nations abstained from a resolution that calls for russia and hostilities in ukraine and redraw its forces . that's nearly half of all the up spencer. so why is that our correspondence,
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mario meta looks at some of the possible reasons to choose on alignment to one africa as a continent has experienced more than enough invasion itself. so why, what so many countries refused to condemn russia on this? let's look at some potential factors. money is not a major factor. russia accounts for less than one percent of the foreign direct investment going to the continent about one area where russian involvement in africa really stands out weapons. russia was the largest army dina, to african countries in these past years supplying 44 percent of all arms in ports to the continent. a combination of friendship and military support with historical roots, which run deep is relations will formed, agree, perfect. so historical moments will the consonants, when many countries will emerge and over. you know, the colonial aust as each must hold the former soviet union. i was agree supports
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with the portal to many african states. many liberation. more importantly, the soviet union provided offs the crime in length, mercenary growth wagner. in spite of the countries across the continent, the u. s. called it a proxy force of russia's defense ministry carrying out missions strategic to moscow. this was most recently seen in money. the money and military john to invite the wagner group into the country to on islamist militants. the mercenaries replaced unpopular french troops. but has since been accused of carrying out massacres, killing hundreds of civilians. oh breton, nothing. we could be heading to bettina. ha. so next france says it's pulling out its soup from there to and wagner, allianz offices have already reported they've been seen in the country. looking at fossil wasn't even in the room for that un vote. rising public opinion against western prisons has been swayed by targeted russian disinformation. the u. s. state
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department says brushes intensify publication of this information and the use of the walk in a group across africa has spread a trail of lice and human rights abuses. these actors continue operating in africa, exploiting turbulent situations through disinformation to sway public support for the russian government to expand its influence. russian foreign minister segue lever off toward africa 3 times in the last 8 months, taking with him a strong message record here. we know that american, british and other european delegations regularly appear in africa and demand african countries not to cooperate with the russian delegation. by which the west understands the restoration by an lodge of colonial dependencies in a new form. that idea of the west having colonialist designs times with unease and
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many african capitalists, feelings that their subjects of double standards and a patronizing attitude south africa is currently hosting russia in china for joint naval exercises. the u. s. has criticized the timing of the anniversary of russia invading ukraine, but the south african defense minister told npr that south africa wanted respect for its physicians and its wishes. it also abstained in the un, against russia. ukraine war shows how african countries are on a tightrope between acting independently, while at the same time, keeping the allies they want and need to help us understand the position of some african countries who abstained from condemning russia for its boy in ukraine. i am now joined by feet, my bearer foreign policy on geo politics aspects based in pretoria, south africa. hello faith. thanks for joining us now. africa did not condemn russia . how do you justify that?
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thank you. any, let us festivals can see that as you are marking the one year of the russia ukraine wall. so that because position on the conflict can be designed through a range of developments. and i think the, the most important starting point in this regard was the word that we saw shortly after the russian began what it called it special military operation. in march 22, a native nations general assembly in which we sort of africa then standing in the vote to condemn risk as the gratian. interesting and when you look at the comments that are that because permanent representative to the un in hurry mux highlighted the fact that so that because position was informed by a largely that the fact that the russia ukraine were the kind of oversize the attention that had been given to russia, ukraine will extend some prices,
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situations across the world that sees the united security council. so luckily it was coiling out on that fact of what one can quality focus in double standard. but also on the other hand, it was urging more or a civic sentiment to dispute. so this idea of where has is going, in fact, in the bigger key moines in the, in then folding of conversation. so attention away from the, from the because rhetoric that surrounded the media on that took the ok. ok so so i hear you all that is understood but some are just thinking why is it so difficult? we're talking about one country using force to invade another country to clean territory. this is, i guess, the un charter. so why make excuses? why is it so difficult to say russia, you did the wrong thing by reading your green? i can turn the question back to you. the same question can be asked of the
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coalitions of the willing in the was in iraq and afghanistan, which also amounted to a contribution of international law. so stemming from that to where, if you want to label some, some interventions equal in others, not. then we begin to now get into the, the, to your standard. this is particularly the issue that has been raised by a number of countries in the global south who have questioned the kind of electrical rendering that has surrounded the rushing war. so this double standard issue is one that in a sense has a weakened the principle of nana line as a continental then meant banana alignment movement was particularly present during the cold war years. does this idea of the global some countries over a 100 countries saying they don't want to be point in the cold war between the it's
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10 block in the western block. ok, i think as a matter of verification so that because position is not primarily neutrality, i think it's better friend using the term of strategic command alignment. i mean that the end of the day that there were 2 sides. you can either condemn russia for invading ukraine or you can stay on the fans or you can see no, russia did not for us to be clean, which will be a very interesting side. let me bring you to this point that germany's foreign minister on another book recently made this statement and i quote, a case, you see, justice and injustice and aggressor and a victim neutrality is not an option because then you are standing on the side of the aggressor is that a fair statement? it seems to suggest with this statement that said, africa is support in russia invasion of ukraine. what do you say to that?
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again brings me back to the various levels of analysis that one can apply to the war. so in one sense, there's been a great sense of a position by country like south africa to this idea of being pressured into taking a tense. they deal of an alignment by its very nature is a justifiable foreign policy stance by all accounts. so when countries in the collective west, through such statements seem to suggest that the, the, the, almost one to use that members to push countries into taking stance, it's sort of begins to identify the question of foreign policy independence. and i think that we a lot of levels of countries less of africa pushing back against the extension you don't want to be lectured at when it comes to a ticket relating some of the positions on such b on b wait t political matters such as the russia korean war, so it's a matter of us,
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i think your point at least positioning and, and letting the actors and international, you know, take your word for it. ok, so to rub salt in the wound, south africa is holding joins military drills in the indian ocean. where russia and china isn't that a bit insensitive us? as you said earlier, you creams mark in a year of the war with russia. i mean how insensitive i made you entered considerate insensitive toilet. in fact, it's part of the normal routine of diplomatic activities. when you look at military diplomacy in the kind of multi sector corporation that we see across base countries. so bye bye. it's the land you back of my tick engagements in the same way that a lot of countries in the collective is also choose to conduct their 1000000 to be to exercise is when i think that should be given according to the same sense
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of freedom of choice. in determining only 22 to conduct militate diplomacy with sensitivity. so question was who is a viewpoint too? and it was ok. the military diplomacy is part of the all trust building and forging strong corporation to that strategic as, as the same as any of the country would look to, to terms of using the various instruments of its weight policy. ok, you're clearly looking at it from a point of view as a sovereign nation can make a decision on its own. so you don't feel like you need to be coerced into making a decision. some still what i do that at the end of the day, this is something bad that has happened. why not condemn it anyway? so africa is, you know, has different relations with russia because of that sort of a close ally ship. if i can see a close alliance with russia,
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how come south africa help and the war in your opinion? so i think i was drawn only the values that i'm sending this constitution. linda key principle between policy, right from the beginning with government officials coiling or a settlement through dialogue through diplomacy. at some point, we know that you've been president of the good offices of mediation in terms of meeting that. so in a sense of africa, as i did to the messaging value, our piece being opened as a, as an offer in russia, ukraine was opposed to what we've seen happening in recent weeks, which has been an escalation of the baby in the us now is the correct is entered at the beginning, what center the conflict seem to be getting their heels. and so you know, it's not that because of this condition. it's a return to dialogue entering tend to talk. and that is very much in line with
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viewpoint about pushing for dialogue. rather than, than blandly seeking a military solution to the conflict. ok for foreign policy on june politics expert in pretoria africa. thank you very much for your insights. thank you, lou. you're watching the w news africa still to come. we meet foreigners in ghana who have learned a lesson from the war in ukraine, and i'll successfully re thinking the way the best. the war in ukraine built a heavy blow to thousands of african students were there and were forced to flee a year later. many are still struggling to re adjust to life for study sparkle. did abuse isaac ology met to medical students in gunners capital, a cra,
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friends done. so can acquire live in his dream study to become a doctor at the prestigious cave medical university. not to rush an invasion of you, crean changed every thin tin aqua hot to flee back home to ghana. one year later, he still find it hard to react. asked a very tedious and stressful assa at a point. because emotionally, in, if you're not, if you hadn't treated yourself emotionally, you end up crying each and every b because, isn't it, or is it something you never anticipate that that will help it? the gun in government or fred to read to greet the students who left ukraine into local medical schools. but to be all for hasn't been taken up by many in our courses. it would have been too much of
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a 6 back us. it didn't recognize the course which he had already completed. so he's taking part in courses the ukraine online. no, as an integration. but i mean, literally, i would say it's more, it was more traumatizing. that even though itself, because i'm certain categories you could be your clinic, i ain and after i read it, are you like you can only us at the i $32.00 newton. that was a fine. i saw that in the family. no. not what she edgy mind. is also study to become a doctor. he's one of those who did take up it please at medical school in ghana. before that, he springs, sponsored him through 5 years of studies at their book or vimeo state medical university in chin. if to see he says he enjoyed his time in ukraine and was close to finishing his degree, opting to continue his studies in ghana has cost him time and money,
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or to give up the fact that and we're not complete school this year. and no, i mean, complete school next year. so i was taking a year back, slamming level $500.00 now. so i'm with them and us, what i had to do, do we need to sacrifice our to which i had plans or my parents had plans and this was taking us as the buck mugs. i think it's got and it's when i'm embracing it from the positive side of side of you. so i'm not thinking too much into the negative so that i don't get too affected in not to lose focus. but this is why said grace, that they were lucky to escape the fightin. but both students also have the i regrets about retaining to ghana to knock or hopes that war will end soon. so he can retain to ukraine to graduate. and that's practicing. i said dr. farmers across africa, i've suffered hikes in fred eliza prizes as their components come mainly from
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russia and ukraine. and this has affected their crop yields. rather is a way out in ghana, most farmers. and i'll turn in to my niel as an alternative. the rush for the dung is that proving profitable, did abuse maxwell souk report from gardeners northeast in town of bon political. manuel has become the proverbial cash cow for cattle brita immortal also. mano, he used to have more down than he knew what to do it by russia's war in ukraine, created a shortage of crystallizes. saw the death day pauses. his head leaves behind announced sailin like hot cakes, learned a bad there's a rush on my manure. i can't even meet the demand from the farmer's summer already ordering now well ahead of the season rested during the ploughing period. if you don't manage things well, you can easily go wrong and then not yield the results. ganna, like min african countries, usually impulse large quantities of ingredients for chemical fertilizers from
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russia. how river is ward disrupted supplies, and farmers are forced to sake for whom gruen solutions steep robs, like miss, depend, heavily on catalyzes and they have suffered a decline in yields. a large number of small world of high missing gonna announce 10 into animal manuel produced by livestock bridges. us and we're tentative. dis farmer says it is a viable substitute for chemical fertilizers which are become unaffordable. arossi i greenwood alpha when a war and ukraine is not our yet ana inorganic fertilizer, it will remain this gary sadness. that's why i have to be prepared by applying the manure. now he laughed while we're waiting for the rail line. even if i don't get chemical fertilizers, i won't be bothered to half the cook with cook. i'm bill cut, mcarthur lays out guns. agricultural policy is yet to optimize the integration of livestock and crops. and experts, one that man, one can only be
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a stop gap measure for widespread fertilizer use. if you're one of them, more likely, more expensive than november from november, cause 1st the quantities and on the and then secondly, the way it will require to be able to set the lies live tax of land is just not possible. so is a long damped, and man, as well as currently going on is a copies strategy. but cattle brita, immortals money isn't just coping his hoping to increase the size of his head looking to make more money from the constant reach. supply did deliver every day and that's how we wrap it up from all of our stories. go to d, w dot com slash africa, or visit us on facebook and twitter. all eyes our nigeria, that's the country, the sides, the pool. it's next lead. i will be. stay tuned to our programming house. we bring
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you the latest on the ground. i am glad you, mike. a junior, thanks for your time. with with
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my car is made in germany for decades. they were a symbol of excellence and reliability with what their glamorous image is, getting its blemishes are cost cutting measures and a focus on efficiency affecting quality german cars. when will they lose their
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sterling reputation? read in 30 minutes on d, w to the point in strong opinions, clear positions international perspectives in speeches marketing, the 1st anniversary of russia invasion of ukraine. both flattery protein and joe biden sought to prepare their listeners for a protective conflict without end war without a winner to the point with on d w. o. o, what people have to say matters to us or me. that's why
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we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d w. hey guys, it's avalanche. are my welcome to my podcast to love the matter by and by celebrities influences and experts to talk about all playing loud thanks from day to day. nothing less the fast, all these things and more and then you know, season off the plot can make sure to tune and wherever you get your pot path and join the conversation. because you know it who love matters with people in trucks injured when trying to feed city center more and more refugees are being turned away. and the border families play tags in syria to lease credit owners with people lean extreme around
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getting $200.00 people from the agency around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind, w. made for mines. ah, ah, 50 doubt, your news and these are our top story of the, on the 1st anniversary of russia invasion of ukraine will order me the length he had paid tribute to his armed forces in queue. the ukraine and president presented medals to serving troops and packed families of those who died in combat.


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