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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2023 2:00am-2:16am CET

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ah ah ah, ah ah, you got your news live cumberland. tonight, one your russian and region of ukraine, ukraine's president sending a clear message. boy is, does leave our territory withdraw. stop selling us, stop killing civilians, stop destroying our infrastructure today. president polanski are not the countries
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armed forces and the families of fallen soldiers. and the anniversary is marked by anti war protests and cities around the world in berlin activists parked a russian tank that was trapped in new train outside that option empathy. ah no massage as far. welcome to the program on the 1st anniversary of russia invasion of ukraine for larger means lansky has a tribute to his armed forces and killed the ukraine. and president presented medals to serving chokes and packed families of those who died in combat. it was a sombre and to load an award that exclaimed, thousands of lives and displeased millions the beat of a single drum and a minute,
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a silence outside key of saint sophia cathedral, ukrainian president followed him. his lensky mocked one year of war and his country . by honoring many of the fallen soldiers with posthumous metals. as the anniversary approached, sir lensky paid tribute to the people of ukraine. he had jagow ashamed with dog weight. i thank everyone boy who persevered through that february lady through that whole year a year. and who made ukraine unbreakable islam used slobber. was she glory to every one who is currently in combat? throwing them syllable great glory to the ukrainian armed forces or was it the national guard has been was but the intelligence services. felicia border guards and scamper and every one in the defense and security forces law. nation cielo oberon name bought it at a lengthy news conference in key. if president zalinski had
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a clear message for russia about what needs to happen for the war to end quote away is now. so it didn't leave our land when withdraw bumbling. stop shelling, hustling you stop killing civilians. not so stop destroying our infrastructure of the energy sector for potable water. and then again that stop the airstrikes. but if we need bumbled, bumble wine yet missed keith is far from the front line, but has often been targeted by russian shelling people here are tired of the war, and many have become desensitized to the dangers of it. when i'm sure we have learned to survive, to live and work, it's a lot stress. i'm already used to it. we're used to it in which us, but we don't want this anymore. so after a year of war in ukraine, the fighting continues. the scars, both physical and emotional will take much longer to heal
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did up there is correspondence finding such r as in cave and was at that press conference listening to the ukraine president. we asked her for her take on the landscape message and don't on the day of the anniversary. we have experienced a press conference that usually do not expect in a country at war was more than 2 hours during which he took on all these questions . a by journalist from the rural a. basically the road was in that room represented by various journalists. and it was very important to him that actually he's not just a cat, it's trucks, this voice of being approachable to all of these questions. but oftentimes even struck a very colloquial tone that he's so one that in despite distress, despite the pressure that he's a facing, being a president during war times is somewhat it is actually reaching out, at least that was his message today that he wants to make sure it's not just like the speak, for example, a representatives from europe,
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for example. the prime minister of italy was here, ah, the spanish prime minister today out the prime minister from poland. and of course, only these to be president biden from the united states. he wants to make sure that he brings more more countries on board, specifically those countries, for example, african countries and southern american countries. but also india and china. the so far i didn't signal much support a be it's actively or just rhetorically, even if you look at the vote in the general assembly, for example, in new york. and as a result, you really tried to use this platform, this international media gathering, basically to spread this message that he's the one was to reach out, but on the, the terms of ukraine. he's the one who says, who's going to have a piece plan and he's the one who wants to invite china and the chinese president, she jumping to talk about that. so he is very much determined to a, to actually be in control. obviously how things go forward. the question is,
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if these countries that he just mentioned are going to be a part of that and participate in a, in a r p summit that he is up. he's is, is planning to have at some point get up his hiding photographer. the un security council in new york also held a special session to mock one year since joshua's invasion of ukraine. germany's foreign minister and now bare balk, addressed the council, calling the warden ukraine. futons for that's listenin. this war is not the world's war. this war is not the war of the russian people. this war is put in school. the russian president is risking the future of his own country, of his own soldiers, his own children. that's why a just peace, a peace plan presented yesterday by the 141 states at the general assembly is also
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in the interest of the people of russia. i asked, he got this carry nazi more in washington dc. if this condemnation of russia was the key method from the united nations security council session. well, this was definitely the main message from the leaders from the west minister bear brooks. the main message was that this is put in, swore as we just heard, and that he is the only one who can end it. her message aligned a very much so with the us message from secretary lincoln, who said that this war can end any minute if put in, decides to withdraw his troops from ukraine territory. it is evident that the western world has a common and indeed a united message in this conflict. they defend ukraine, they provide military and humanitarian and economic help. and they clearly condemn the war and the atrocities that are being cause. the division is similar to that. what, what can you just mentioned?
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the challenge is there between the west and the rest of the world specially the emergent economies. the global south, like for example, india, china, south africa, but also brazil. let's not forget that despite the fact that the 141 countries voted in favor of the resolution condemning the war yesterday, only 33 nations have really imposed sanctions against russia. but you mentioned the differences in reactions. 3rd, an bevells, china's proposed piece plan that was just brought out. what are the thoughts on that? yes, well, china call today for this urgent piece talks and release a plan with 12 points to end the war in ukraine. but several western powers are not really convinced about this proposal because they fear beijing. a vision has a very close ties to, to moscow, to russia. so this is why the un expressed a cautious optimism, i would say, or perhaps even skepticism over the chinese proposal. nato she sultan burks it for
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example, that being doesn't have much credibility because they have not been able to condemn the legal invasion of ukraine. i'm also president biden's national security advisor . take a sullivan said that the chinese proposal could stop at a point a to point one of the proposal, which is to respect the summary of all nations. and also the german president form by josh time maya, he said that whether global power china once really to play such a constructive role is really doubtful. so as you can see, it's really it's skepticism. a rating about this proposal coming from china dw corresponded carter, not sure more, it's reporting from washington, but thank you. and our role protests around the world have mocked analysts. 3 people have come together to hold vigils tributes and rallies, demanding russian patrol. i'm the stalks asked the conflict and does it 2nd, do a destroyed russian tank,
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placed in the heart of berlin, a symbol of ukrainian resistance in brussels. teddy bears and toys, recall children of doctor during the war. in belgrade, it's a bloody cake left in front of the russian embassy. how do i live? i live commemorations of a grim year for ukraine. have spread across the globe, drawing people to peace rallies in asia, australia, europe, and the middle east. i cannot find any words to describe me and every single ukrainian field today is absolutely rational. who will be more than happy to rod through our line on the eve of the conflict anniversary,
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the public squares and landmarks of major cities around the world were covered in ukraine's national colors. hundreds of people gathered at a vigil in london. many hoping for more arm support from the west in the coming months. there's a lot of words, but not enough actions. we need to foster actions. we need to pause delivery because people are, di and every day. earlier, a group of activists for it, 100 of leaders of yellow and blue paint onto the road outside the russian embassy and then spread it out to paint an enormous ukrainian flag in russia. authorities arrested several people for bringing flowers to statues of ukrainian poets during the 1st week of the invasion. thousands of russians protested the war one year on. it's just solitary demonstration like these. and the tensions as
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the conflict enters its 2nd year, the world has neither forgotten nor given up on ukraine, yet till 30 deval. on saturday evening, the jury at the berlin film festival of the desired vis firms are worthy of the corvette at golden and silver beds. or the bath 9 days 19 funds from around the world have been competing for the prices are correspond, holiday borrow has made her own predictions. here is a boston round up. there is a word in korean law in young. it means providence or faith. this year's competition films put young people center stage, very many of the strongest contenders are coming of age tales, past lives, celine songs, touching 1st feature is set over 24 years old. it was inspired by her own immigrant experience as a korean canadian. it was a big hit at the sundance festival, but will the burden al a jury be similarly impressed? why bother?
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a fire from germany's tristan pets. old aims to make audiences laugh. and cringe and at large delivers in the psychological tragic comedy hall. young people on the sea side break trying to rain in their emotions while forest fires rage around them. oh, acts as you may from makoto, shanghai features stunning visuals perfectly executed. the japanese animator has spared no expense in his sy fi fantasy blockbuster about to her ruin school girl who faces up to natural and personal disasters. in the acting category. now gender neutral, and called best leading performance. there are several stand outs germany's marlena bureau for her mature portrayal of
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a teenager in luft in someday we'll telling her that every thing the film could also bag emily ar test the best director gong austria's thomas schubert as uptight writer lay on who finds fault with everything in case daniel had sold a fire, the phil might also win the screenplay award winning. but the biggest surprise is our 2 child actors, one of whom could become the youngest performer ever to win in the category. sophia auto subtle embodiment of an 8 year old undergoing a gender identity crisis in spanish entry $20000.00 species of bees. and night, ye may st. ts. at the little go in tatum for mexico's leader abbey les his only wishes who had terminally ill father not to die, but other than her love is prosper. and that is my personal short less for the
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golden and silver bow when, as for the berlin are let 2023, it won't be long now before we find out whether the judge's agree with me, that's all for now. coming up next, kate ferguson has your business update for the look at the can nomic fall out. come the war in your trend. and as always, more for you on the w dot com and of did up your social media, atlanta, the hand is unique. there is acted up your news. i'm no such as while thank you for watching you become pre crimea reading news. welcome to tech told me about occurs realism, turner, societies, computers that out.


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