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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2023 8:00am-8:16am CET

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ah, the great debate this week on t w ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, nigeria, head to the polls, africa most populous democracy, gets to choose a new president. today, nearly 90000000 people are eligible to vote in the national elections beltway. take a look at the candidates hoping to leave the country. also coming up one year on from russia's invasion of ukraine, president lance he remains defiant. wages leave our territory.
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withdraw. stop shelling us, stop killing civilians, stop destroying our infrastructure for stroke doors, a clear message as the honor of the countries armed forces and the families of those killed in the war. and olaf shoulds is greeted by india's prime minister and render mowdy on his 1st visit to india. as germany's chancellor is there for it talks on strengthening economic ties and co operation between the 2 countries. ah, i'm marrying a evans dean. it's good to have you with us. on the 1st anniversary of russia's invasion of ukraine, vladimir zalinski paid tribute to his armed forces and key if the ukrainian president presented metals to serving troops and thanked families of those who died
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in combat. it was a somber interlude in a war that claimed thousands of lives and displaced millions the beat ever single drum and a minute of silence. outside key of saint sophia cathedral, ukrainian president followed him. his lensky, marked one year of war and his country. by honoring many of the fallen soldiers with postuma medals. as the anniversary approached, zelinski paid tribute to the people of ukraine. he had jagow assumed the door oh i think every one boy who persevered through that february vedic through that whole year a year and who made ukraine unbreakable. and islam used slobo. she a glory to every one who is currently in combat. throwing them syllable great glory
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to the ukrainian armed forces, or was it the national guard of it was but the intelligence services felicia border guards a and scamper and every one in the defense and security forces law, nation cielo oberon, name bought it at a lengthy news conference in key if president zalinski had a clear message for russia about what needs to happen for the war to end course away is now. so they didn't leave our land when withdraw. only stop shelling us singing stop killing civilians. not so stop destroying our infrastructure at the energy sector for potable water and then again to stop the airstrikes. but if we need, boom, boom, boom, boom will whine yet. missed. keith is far from the front line, but has often been targeted by russian shelling people here are tired of the war and many have become desensitized to the dangers of it. and i'm sure we have learned to survive to live and work. but it's a lot. rush,
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i'm already used to it is we're used to it in which us, but we don't want this any more. so even after a year of war in ukraine, the fighting continues. the scars, both physical and emotional, will take much longer to heal. and we can now speak to d. w correspond mathias brinninger, who is in harkey of ukraine, 2nd largest city summit. he has we just heard in that report. president zalinski speaking on the 1st anniversary of the war. how were his remarks received by ukrainians? well zalinski has really become a national leader in this war during this war, and he's widely respected throughout the country. that doesn't mean that his without criticism, but many ukrainians really value him for his leadership in this war, which was not the case before. he wasn't a especially popular president,
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and one of the means that we saw yesterday on social media was a picture of him in january, 2022 and one reason. so where they compared how much he had aged her. so he's really respected and his, his, his, her deeds i really respected in the country and that's why his remarks also were perceived as a yeah, worthy of, of, of the occasion. and how much? yes, we know that you are in harker, which is one of the cities that's close to the front line. just how dire is the situation there? well, in september, the region around hark, if the russian troops used to stand right at the board of the city and then in may, they were driven away. just a few kilometers, may be 5 kilometers outside the cities borders. so in september they were driven
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quite, quite a bit away. they were driven back to russia to the north, to russian borders, just 40 kilometers from here, and a 100 kilometers to the east. so the city have been sighing a sigh of relief since then. and you can see that life is returning to the city. however, the closeness to russia also means that it's within reach of a range of a messiah that can be fired at the city. and it happens regularly. so it's still a city at war city, close to the front line, but the city where life is returning to and i went years, we know that you've been covering the wine ukraine since it began. can you tell us a bit more how ordinary life continues near the front line? the closer you get to the front line and that wouldn't be a surprise or the job more, more difficult it become. so we've been traveling a few times to one of the towns that are really, really close to the front line,
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just a few kilometers less than 10 at the moment. and these places are constantly showed . most people have left these cities. that's all along the front line because it's very difficult to live, of course, with the constant threat of shelling. the destruction is immense and her life is pretty much dictated by her surviving all this destruction and the hospital is shelled. so we have only few parts of the hospital, but i still functioning schools or shelves. schools are closed because many of the pupils have left so it's really survival. it's not life did have easement, he has been anger and harker mathias. we appreciate your reporting. germany as chance, earl of schultz as making his 1st official visit to india could be accompanied by a high ranking business delegation on arrival scholes was met by indian prime
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minister nor under moody. the today talks are expected to focus on economic ties, defense cooperation, and the global impact of russia's born ukraine. india is one of only a few nations that has refused to condemn russia for its invasion. goes up to them, that is other chi dw south asia bureau chief emory de chima is in delhi for us falling chancellor shelters visit. and she told me more about the timing and the priorities of the trip. well this is a chance to all the shows is 1st visit to india as a chancellor. though he and prime minister more the med several times last year. now india horse, the g 20 presidency. so that's one of the reasons why he is here at this point. but also because he promised a bilateral meeting with prime and in must a prime minister more the last year as well as priorities. now of course, at the heart of this relationship is our economic ties and they have good economic ties. but people feel this should be much better. so then i expect ations that they
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will be some business to business deals. there's even talk that there might be a discussion on german submarines being sold and built in india, but no official confirmation of that is yet. the other priorities like climate change, the journey expects a lot from india. they say india has a lot of challenges, but also has to be creative and smart solutions to deal with climate change. so hor, range of issues that the 2 sides will be discussing in, at the garden state as not be far from here toward where chancellor shoals and not in the movie are sitting down for talks as we speak. all right, so economic ties and climate. but m rita, of course, the war in ukraine is also likely to be a major topic of their talks as is india's a relationship with russia. what more can you tell us about that? why, there was certainly some amount of disappointment in german circus when india abstained from the un resolution on russia. and there was great hopes that india might be
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persuaded to support that resolution. the german ambassador also spoke to officials . yes, but that did not happen. having said that, there's also a reluctant but growing acceptance of indisposition on russia. indian maintains what it cause. a neutral stance. neutral stands in germany and other western nations. are hoping that perhaps it can use the so called neutral stance to reach out to russia, perhaps through unofficial, china's, and maybe had de escalate the situation. but at the moment in desk of the position for itself on the diplomatic died prove that its walking and a position which has gained reluctance, reluctant acceptance. everybody doesn't like it, but they accept. it. didn't use them or into cima in delhi, for us, i'm ready to, thanks for your reporting. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news. this our, the number of people killed an earthquake along the turkey syria border is now more
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than 50000 aged continues to pour into both countries as humanitarian needs intensify. more than half a 1000000 people have been evacuated from disaster areas in turkey alone. california is in the grips of an unusual winter storm with areas around los angeles seeing snow for the 1st time in 3 decades. the blizzards swept in from the north of the state causing hazardous conditions for drivers. nigerians are voting today to decide on a new president, the outgoing president, mohammedan will hurry, is stepping down after serving the maximum to terms the raise to succeed him and lead africa. the most popular country is the most open signs, area became a democracy in 1999. the next president will have to deal with a troubled economy, multiple security threats and rising poverty. 93000000 people have registered to vote, and they'll also be electing state governors and members of the national assembly
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or correspondent america acoya has more from nigeria, 2nd largest city cano. so marco, who do you think is the favorite to win? marianne thank you so very much. i think that's a very interesting tough question. i know it's difficult to really say who is going to win because this is one election i mean by history where it's difficult to think that surely this candidate is the one always have a candidate once a week. what we do know what they're seeing is an avalanche, a sense of people wanting to participate in this election. i'm big voices heard and that's why they're coming out. you know, my, to be able to cut, for instance, i'm kind of looking at supposed to begin by, is that the i'm, i tell you before, several way here. and there were lots of people already, you know, in the police station waiting for the officials to bring them back. 0 booked into
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commence. so it's only the night there and both the day that was the family who becomes, you know, the next president of the country, maria and well, whoever does become nigeria is new president will of course have to deal with a wide range of challenges. what are the most important ones for the country? absolutely right. what you said, i mean the myriads of felons is whoever becomes the president would need to fix them head on one of the most biggest son. and we have now is insecure with the even, you know, in kind of, just through this, that election, there was also, you know, some on read and classes which, which claimed the lives of quote people. so insecurity is still a huge challenge. it will be the number one for the new president. the economy also is going to have time feel well aware of the cash crunch that most people don't have access to the iraq has, which is their money. they've had the issues that the new president will be facing . and of course the rise in case of you on the line and you talk about poverty in
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your into introductions. these are all the issues that the common niger ram is based on a daily basis. and these are the issues that they are hoping that you know, with this election with this uni that she should be, it change that translates, wanted to apply for the august every niger and maria. well, you mentioned security and the deadly classes that took place just a few days before this vote. will nigerians then trust this election as being free and fair? i suppose that there is also in the place of desperation where we practically need things to change. and so one of the things that we are seeing is the, the, she says, the timing nation come, what's me that people wants to come out in the days leading to the election people during that time period for the same a lot of classes like that is security here, and that's what people are determined. this is one electrons that everybody determines to make. and i think that it's not going to change that mind whatever
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the situation of people are coming out. i will come out as we are monetary and i'm hoping that that's the sufficient. yeah. and kind of, i have already seen for sure that a lot of people, i believe is the hope is that that's translated because we, we felt the part of the people over the week that this is what is going to be an idea as we go into the election today that was d, w is acoya in kind of nice area. thank you so much and you're up to date on the w news for me and the team, thanks for watching. ah, every journey furnace surprises. we've got an all out use one day and in the footsteps of the people i'm in europe northern most count the police.


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